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February 24, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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February 24, 1923

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THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1923 PAGE TItREE DIOCESAN NOTES bers of tle organization earn money C, K. OF A. NOTES CABLED FROM ROME ' MINISTERS ATTmI00 ACTIVITIES II to help in payment of the regular ex- CATHOUC ,_. penses of 00'he 00ree Catholic 00chool. - TO BLOCK i BLAINE Now tlmt the School has been made Branch 102, Fort Smith, has initi-I N.C.W.C. Special Cable) ] St. Joseph Academy News a possibility, it is the earnest hope of ated a new nvember on Feb• llth, Cas- I hWFTAINMFST FALLS COUNCIL NO. 8121 We have bad happenings of' every Hot Springs' Catholics to make it per- per McCluskey, age 17. This is the Rome, Feb. 17.--A reception and 0ffieial Notes I (leription this month, ed I manent; to have a modern up-to-date beginning for taking in new meber:i b;ealmeb s :.eld]:i:(ttlafteNofln (By N C Wews Service) llflar Meeting 1  irst of all those much dread school building and home for the in this branch and also there wl I b I  . .' r  ...... , " " ' " " 'imeeting of Little Rock semi-annual examinations. B:L llC:i-I teaclfing staff.  lot least two more iitiated o:::hl ::7:'fth:::ti :fztleat:m:t spie:sthYe Cui:Y,entN'pJro, teFt:" lo': e 2 was held ruesdav 1) some passed them with g e' t " - t MENA I 4th, aud some morc applicat'o s p "1 " -- - • , - ..... '' . ,  . I :__ T  ......  c.  ...... ,.. n f, ,et- I pope. Tne ana]r was nero m 1;ne ms- Protestant ministers the annual en- ....  .^  ie   ,h ^ comm^rcial  ,. ,,,,,, ,, ,, .............. , , . ,v young ,an . o  v   I toric amrtment of Julius IlI, wluch • • , , - ., (]lotion Date I Miss Lucille Rapillard of North Iat-] ,. ....  ....... i,:.. '. ting a large number of young mem-I , .1 .............. • tertamment of St. Mmhael s Cathohc ided at this "meeting to l tle Rock came out first, with the gen-1 b:a:sKzi:c:::YizPtl::e:d(itorX::m :faSt bers for the Pioneer Catholic Insur- l i::d:t:t: :)::s:tl::tNobl:n(u:::t Church was given on SUnrd?Y Tglzt2 three degrees Sunday, l eral average of 97 1-4 per cent. Shq Joseph,s Academy. Be.mtifully staged once Society in the United States,/It was formall: dedicated by Plus XI the Majestm I heater, he. P - and two teams with was closely followed by Miss Yuanita , ..... . ... ...........  s].ccess ! which is offe/-ing the most modern/ .... :  ,. ,  ......  ....  gram was carrma ˘nrougn, regarmess i ....  , ........  ,  ..... p,a, wa a s ........  ....... e " ms lviay, tar(unms ,sp,,'r, a ..... " " e attem-t to check it, which is wrzht ana Bernard Hager oz ,ort mtn, wren an ave] •- 1 , • , ,_ , ........ ;..0 !plans of protectmn, ol um mgn s ........... . oz T.n p , - o .,   . [ LII(I enjoyefl oy a mrs€ a,,,,,,c. [ - ' " ' .... i vanuteui, numerous nlgn ecciesrasYl-, . .., .-_ , ...... 1 ^. appointed to stir up en- age oz ,'r per cent.  ph,,,. .t-; ..... , ,,0,, as; .... XZ;ni quality at the lowest aaequae raes, ...... _, _..., ...... , ,.^ ) ,part oz sne campaign o u,,p: ,,, • - . . ....s a.a,,s ,.. w..,. ,.,oo.o ,,. - • cat Ul hi,aries anu pz-lllt: ot Ht x'*u" • . . ,, • to obtain candidates for All the other pupils did well also,| fred Mont,ome, Ruth Me,,er Gene giving at the same tram the advan- g .... Pince[ phance wzth the blue law, closing i • s ", a , - man nooiliy, were present. : . . , ' [ but these two made the hghest aver- va Warren, Flossye SLips, Mae Gools- tags of loan and surrender values, i Aldobrandini Commander of the No-  theaters in thin czty on Sunday: .. oaort Talks " age Our playgroumi has been con- ,.. f, .n.. .;. .un Eliz beth Me-, p'fid-up protection, extended protec-I .... ' ............ The Rev. James Parer, pastor oz ..... , . , . ,,y, ,,,a,,ys • r,=,, ,, ,, " " .,- " " - ...... , me t, uaru. an(t memDers oz u18 saI': ....... Tobin graced smeramy emarge(t, ]or we are making ( 1) u (in,, folloued lilt entertain tion, term protection, total disamu|es i . , ....... the Second Umtea x-resoyermn ;'. z '" g "  - - ' receive(l cue guests, xne pope S211L at this meeting preparations for a "Tennis Court" as ment, excellent music being furnished and cash ohl ae benefits. Boost your church; the Rev. Frank S. Ritter of talk, which was as. well as for a "Giant Stride." Our by tim Happy "1 m',) Orchestra. Order at every opportunity.  anwithautographedan expressionPh°t°graplLof his decpt°gether;re- the Waverly Congregational church, are, interesting and Basket-ball team, the "Stars," came Miss Mary loehmer, who has been Branch No. 1125 (ladies) Paris,' health is improving : out victorious in a game with the cmph)yed at St. Anne's Academy,. Ft. have the promi;e of several ladies gard. On Monday morning, solenm and the Rev. Harvey L. Wyatt of it will continue to do so. I Prairie View team. Tbe score heing Smith, is visiting bcr parents ira Mena. that will make application in tire near pontifiCalSistine Chapel,high MaSS,was celehratedattended byin tbea Westministervisited Chief ofPresbyterianpolice RichardChUrCh'Bat Hedges, who trans- 15 to 7 in our favor. Mrs. Peter litLlebrun, who was future, and before long the applies- number of distinguished personages, tersby and urged him to stop the. Council No. 616 The Misses Hagers did well as called u) I,iberty, Kansas, by the ill- tions will be presented. : These included Crown Prince Cbarles performance. Battersby stid the af- present at the meet- goalers, while Miss Mary Sloan and ness of her mother, has returued Branch 79 is getting a move on and Princess Hele4], of Roumania, aud  fair was a benefit for a church and called on him for a Miss I,ucille Rapillard, as center jump home. themselves for the big initiation on Archduchesses Blanche and Immacu- "he would not stop it, Iicidoatally and he responded with amt center runner, made the victory Mrs. E. R. Bizer of Heavener. is the Marcia 18th several applications were ' . . , lata, of the House of Hapsburg. the play, "Dulcy" was produced :'- as a Knight possible. The two guards, Miss Exie guest of her niece, Mrs. Jos. For- received in the past wee, ana omy a I Horn and Miss Angeline Stipsky, de- few more days are left to complete I Reception for Cardinal Ehrte fore a full house. sythe. Kurtz of New Or- .erve a great deal of credit for thelz Mrs. Fred Fried was taken to St. the class of 50, so all together with A reception in honor of Cardinal what New Or- guarding. Edward's Infirmary, let. Smith, on tbe one pull and we will go over the top.: Ehrle was held on Tuesday, at the LATEST BIGOTRY BILL and how they are Trip to Paris early Sunday morning traio accom- Speak to that prospect right away, as Pontifical Oriental Institute. Cardi- RECEIVED FROM HOUSE " ] On Feb. 8Lh the whole student-body panied by her mother, Mrs. J. Thiones this prospect may be waiting for you' nal Ehrle was formerly a professor at Portland, Ore., Feb. 19.--The Ore- Sunday was permittcd to go to Paris, Ark. and her husband. Encouraging re- to ask to join. this in]struts, son Legislature's latest manifesta- tion of bigotry was the passage by next Sunday is Corn- Rev. Father 'Athanasius had invited ports have been received by relatives ....... Maronite Prelate Comiag Here thelower house of the bill introduced you are xpected at us to perform our play, "A Southern aml it is hoped m] operation will not l)eath of William Kavanaugh Most Rev. Chocrallah Khouri, Mar- by Representative Keeney to tax all s Hall, Ninth ad Sher- Cinderella," a dranm-comedy, in his be necessary. William Kavanaugh, aged 61, of onite Archbishop of Tire, is in Rome. literary, benevolent, charitable, and 6:45 a.m. i parish. It was a pleasure to do so. On February 18th a wee lassie who 1009 Centcr :treet• died Feb. 9th. He en route to the United SLates• He ha scientific organizations which receive Members Especially since we had a full house, will be known as Amra Marie Eliza- was z, native of l,it˘le Rock and is been delegated by his patriarch °'compensation for services rendered. English, one of the and what was more, an appreciative beth Forsythe, came to bless the ,urvived by his wife and by four sons, visit adherents of the Marouite riW  The author of the bill admitted that of this Council, is ill audience. . home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph For- William Jr., of Tulsa, Okla., Guy of in America. it was aimed at the Mercy Hospital West Third street.] Every one oC the performers did sythe. This is the second child of the Pine Bluff, Neill of Little Rock, and Lent at St. Sasanna at Eugene, Oregon. and especially thos:! their best, and permit me to say, tire happy parents, and the first grand- Wendel Britt of I,ittle Rock, also by Lenten sermons started yesterday[ When the purpose of the bill was acquainted with Brothe  eutire program was a success, d:|ughter on tim maternal de.  a daughter, Mrs. l)uun Campbel. Fun- in the Church of St. Susanna, the discovered, the State Senate indefi- al'e requested to pay him a I The cast of characters included the Molter-Yahl Nuptiah  eral services witb Requiem mass were [ fol!owing students: Tim first wed(lil]g to take place in held at St• Andrew's Cathedral, Sev- new Paulist church here. Tbe morn- nitely postponed consideration of the ght for the Week Helen Wiededkehr, Luiclle Rapil- the new St. Agnes church was that] enth and l,ouisiana streets, at 10' ins sermon was delivered by a mere-" measure. It is believed that the bill rewarded, lard, Angeline SLipsky, Cecilia Hager, of Emil Yahl of Wilhehnina, Me., and ] o'clock Saturday, 10eb. 10th, by Rev. bet of the Paulist Order" from New is doomed to defeat. J.B. Jeanette Helm, Mary Sloan and Yu- Miss Cecilia Molter, daughler of Mr. James P. Moran. Burial was in Oak- York, while that iu the afternoon was t anita Hager. by Father Lepicier, Prior General of BISHOP FILES PROTEST n ,, . land cemetery. Pallbearers were Tom aud Mrs. J. l). Molte|', of Me a [hrs I AGAINST APPOITTMENT WOMEN On Feb. 10th the *Freshnen sur- is the second occasion of the kind in Donahue, J. H. DeClerk, George Bu- the Servants of Mary. FAVOR HUBER BILL prised tbe students of the Academy,, the Molter family since the first of jarski, John Kirspel, Ed Kleuser, and Celebration at Catholic University By Rev. Dr. Wilhelm Baron yon with a banquet. The room was artis- the ,ear. The wedding was charm- J• B• Dickinson. The annivel'sary of the coronati!n Capitaine Cologne, Ieb. 5.--A protest against C, W. News Service) tically decorated with ferns and co- ingly simple in its appoi,tments, the,. .......................... . ........ : . ................. l of Pop.e.l-msx 'as (emua.e(l on-lthe appointent of Conrad Hanisch ", Feb. 17.--The Milwau-J ors, white and blue; these being the only attendants being a brother and' nouse received lngh score mines prme, say a ne waumac n).verszyYLii?: ! as President of Wiesbaden, has ben Council of the Na-i class colors. -" " ........ '--'-- Ra- "r   .... * an embroidered dresser arf Thur-, dinals 'Iosi an(l baurenu, ant]  g " sister (n the urine, y a ,u g,c: .... , .......... filed ly the Rt. Rev. Augustin Ki- Catholic Women has We all enjoyed the evening and Molter The nu,,tial mass was cele I man Scbade, getleman's prize, linen Cavazzoni, Mmmter of 'umzc worzs, lion, Bishop of Limbourg. legislative committee wish to express our thanks to the , . ,', .. :. , . ' -I handkerchiefs; Mrs Fay V Johnson, I were present Cardinal Laurenti and urae( oy very teveren( ean tu- ....... . - ,, Hanisch, who is a Socialist, "was • consolation, a bottle of Garden Glo Msgr. Grammatico, wno succee(e(, • Huber bill providing  young ladies giving the banquet, lagber at eight o'clock, on the morn- insurance f°r i | LNGELBERG ing of February 12th, and in spite of :   " talcum. Tbe hostesses served a most the present pope in the A mbrosian formerly Minister of Public Worship. , wlich is now beforethe On Jan. 31 there was a pretty wed- the inclement weather, the, ceremony J deliciou:; salad course and hot coffee. I Library, delivered short addresses of Another former Socialist Cabinet The Archdio-] ' homage to the Sovereign Pontift.  member, who has been taken care of ding took place at St. John's church was witnessed b_v many friends of the Sodality with a consolation appointment, is now engaged on a' " Msgr. Coppo l,eaves Rome constitution. I in which Miss Nethburga Sparber be- young couple. A wedding breakfast At the last regular meeting of the • e Msgr. Ernest Coppo, S. S. F. S., tim Dr. Scheidemann, who is now Lord i came the bride of Henry N. Z sse. was served a the home of the bride Sodality the following officers were of Mayor of Cassel. Both of these young people arc from on l)ethe.'da Road. and followed by installed: Miss Ruth Cwshaw, pre- newly appointed Vicar-Apostolic FIGHT I highly respected families of this par- the good wishes of all present, Mr. fect; Berlin Yates, assistant prefect; Kimberly, Australia, has left Rome "LUSKISM" IN N.Y. FOR NEW UNIVERSITY ]ish. The young couple will make and Mrs. YaM left on number 3 to Miss Adelaide Stack, secretary; Miss for his new station. He will go by SPAIN ENTHUSIASTIC , V/. C. News Service) their home at Chillicothe, Me., where spend their honeymoon with friends Amy Corns, treasurer; Misses Louise way of the United States. , Feb. 17.A national tbe groom is engaged in the occupa- and relatives in Missouri. Heckle, Katherine Staudt and Messrs. i (By N. C. W. C. News Service) "Luskism and Edu- lion of plmnbing. St. Agnes Auxiliary Jack Murray, Raymond Dupwe, con- PANAMA TO BE SCENE Madrid, Feb. 10.--The Spanish was launched at On Monday, Feb. 12, the Sisters On account of his intended trip to suitors. The Sodality is preparing to I OF GREAT CATHOLIC press has commented favorably upon of the Teachers' presented a pleasing entertainment at Egger, Sunday afternoon, Father Gal- i present a play shortly after Easter. DEFENSE CONVENTION the plans for the foundation of a on Wednesday even- St. John's ball, whk:h was well at- lagher changed the hour for Bcnedic-' School Girls' Olub 1, Spanish-American University. These , • [  °e Avenue Restaurant, tended. All report a very enjoy, able tion of the Most Blessed Sacrament The School Girls' Club gave a very (By N. C, W. C. News Servz e) plans have now received the approval : ] time. from 7:30 p. m. to 2:'30 o'clock, hn-', successful supper last Thursday night t Panama, Feb. 12.--This city is to of the government, the king and the Ryan, director of the Four of our congregation imve un- mediately after the services, a meet-! for the schoifl children. With thel be the scene of a great Catholic Con-' various American association of 'i' of the No- dergone operations at St. Bernard's ing of the ladies of St, Agnes Auxili- help of Misses Eva and Katherine Welfare Council; Dr. Hospital at Jonesboro, Ark., this win- ary was held at the convelfient and S taudt, GenevieVe Mason and Katie vention during the coming year. This Spain. ' of Columbia University, ter. Miss Annie Weisenbach, Mrs. hospitable home of Mrs. J. L. Alvey. Grossman, the club realized a neat] will be an event of more than ordi- Seville, Valladolid and Saragossa Nepraann, of the Jolm Brodel, Mrs. Joseph Dachs and i The chairman, Mrs: J. Thinues, being sun] toward defraying the expensesl nary significance, ince only a few are anxious to be the home of the new Cultui-e Society, Miss Anna Haeringer; all are doing I un'voidably absent, the treasurer pre- of their camp next summer, years ago Panama was the meeting university. as well as can t)e expected. Some oth- i sided. Definite plans for a food sale The club also has committees ap-t place of the Protestant Church Con- ...___ ers of our people have been taking!to take place during lent were made, pointed to visit the sick at the hos- yen]ion at which plans were laid for GET RID OF THAT COLD : GIFT treatments at the hospital and seem I with St. I'aLrick's day as ]be proba- pital, especially such of the sick who the vast work of propaganda and Cleanse your system of the poison- :,: $30,000 FROM AFAR very much improved. This certainly ble date. are from out of town. They are also proselytism which has been carried on ous Germs which cause Cold, Influ- makes a good showing for the good I The card social aud (lance given by planning on doing other "corpora] by the Protestant sects throughout ews Service) Sisters of St. Bernard's. I I Latin.America during the last few enza, La Grippe, Fevers, et., with the ladies of the parish on the even-i w°rks of mercy about 3onesboro. BOND'S LIVER PILLS. One Pill Y., Feb. 19.Rev. I Quite a bit of improveinent of par- / ing of February 12th was a pro- " Mrs. Augusta Zell [ years, with such grave results, at bedtime' always brings prompt re- newly appointed I ish property has been going on re- nouuced success, over forty dollars; Mrs. Augusta Zell died at St. Bern- I The coming Catholic Convention'is lief. Only 25e at tl drat. R church here, in  cent]y. The old priest liou has been I clear, being realized. i ard's hospital about midnight of Feb- intended to offset the harm done by fuse substitute.'Adv. appeal which he moved over to the hall, where it will I  Joe Connell spent several days in' ruary the fi st. She eame to the hos- the Protestant sects. a new church, be used in connection with the hall, It. Smith recently, with his brother, I pital on a isit,r and while here con-  ' -] °fferof$30,OOOfrom[affordingmaterialf°rakitchenand[PhilipConnell. It isrulnored that tractedpneumonia. Mrs. Zcllwas84 Bank T ust Co , a mine owner of Den- a s'tage. ]he moving of this buihting t Philipis so well pleased with the Bet- years of age. She is survived by two is a native of Fa-'has greatly improved the appearance der City, for sundry reasons, that he sons, Very Rev. Bernard M. Zell, O. ers r . s. B., of New Subiaco Abbey, but sta- has decided to locate parmanently. I tioned at Lindsay, Texas, and by Dec- of the new parsonage. MAIN AT SECOND ltOT SPRINGS JONESBORO LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Knights of Columbus tor M. Zell, of Little Rock. Her re- lty NUN AMONG POOR The CatbolicSCh°°lDaughtersRcp°rlof .me" tics  Jonesboro CouncL entertained with mains were shipped to Lindsay for We are agents for practically all the important eamship ews Service) gave an informal (lance at the Elk a card part, on the night of January burial. Companies. 5.Sixty-two years of Club I:'':.:,,:" night. February 9th, 31st for the pu'pose of raising funds I WEINER --If you are contemplating a trip abroad for business reasons, or if the poor and outcast from 9 until 12. Many visiting Catho- to send "Our Sunday Visitor" for a I The nmnth of January was a very you desire to,undertake a pleasure trip, make use of the many excellent Sister Mary Ale- lics were present, year to a selected number of mc in happy mouth for St. Anthony's par- Winter Cruises, do not fail to call on us for information, which will The Jonesboro. The parish hall was beau- ! ish. The parish school hall was en- be cheerfully given, without charge. for many years was The first semi-annual report of Providence Row Night Catholic School Board was published tifully decorated with potted plants, i larged to ust double its original size. We wish to remind you also of our Foreign Exchange Department. Provides food and shel- and reddy for distribution Sunday. Five hundred was played, Miss Ruth With the aid of the bazaar in De which is in position to effect money transfers to foreign countries by Cable, Draft, or Bank Money Orders at prevailing market prices. in the East At the meeting of the Catholic School Crawshaw received ladies prize, silk ccmber, and a spper last Monday We both buy and sell Foreign Exchange, getting quotations hourly. Association in August the Catholics hose, L. W, Rogers gentleman's prize, night, the debt incurred by the new who died in her of St. Mary's and St. John's voted to a large pie. The committee served addition has been entirely liquidated. BANKERS TRUST COMPANY professed as a Sister establisl] a free Catholic School, using sandwiches, pickles, hot coffee and The rectory was also refurnished MAIN AT SECOND ago. She was a no- the family asses.ment plan. A layi cake. . , and made commodious for the Sisters FORIIGN DEPARTMENT and was one of the board was elected to work with our The first and second degree team who opened the school about the mid- , •  of this Council put on the worl of the S of religious who coop- pastor, Father Carroll, and hm as- ! die of the month. Sister M. Cecilia, good work founded by sistant, Father McCallion. In addi- I first and second degrees at the in- O. S. B., and Sister M. Salesia, O. • Gilbert in opening his lion to the two school rooms already I stitution of ne K. of C. Council at B., of the Olivetan Benedictine Sisters built, St. John's parish hall was parLi- I Pocahontas on the fourth of Eebru-iof Jonesboro, are in charge of th a end' r the homeless of Lon- I tioned into rooms, and extra desks' ary. The degree team from Pine Bluff school. - t "-"'- land equipment installed. Dr, and put on the third degree. The first The first entertainment in the en- I NOTICE " Mrs. W, V. Laws generously supplied and second degree teams were corn-l larged hall' was given by Phil Roth given that the reg- 1 Bible History and Catechism charts, ! posed of Brothers J. P, Hopkins, John  and' his 'bride on January 3rd, whol sting of The Catholic up to date maps and a beautiful dic-! L. Mason, A. F. Carville, T. English, I was Mms Sehna Walters, of Evans- of the Diocese of tionary. The teaching staff is from E. J. Weber, B. Yates and L. Bauer•'ville, Ill, The largest crowd ever I be held Monday Mt. St. Mary's, Little Rock, Arkansas. Father Strassner accompanied them. present, at any social event in Weiner' attest- 923, at 8 o'clock There is an enrollment of 118 child- Eleven young men from Jonesboro attended their wedding dance, office, 307 W. ren. Sergeant Heffran of the Army were initiated at that time. ing the popularity which Mr. from R°th/ ! Little Rock, Arkanaa.' and Navy Hospital, gives the children Auxiliary enjoys in Weiner. His friends is for the purpose of military drill during the week. and he St. Roman's Auxiliary entertained Jonesboro, Otwell Waldenburg of Directors and makes no charge for his instruction, with a card party last Wednesday Harrisburg were present. other business as At the request of Father Carroll, .venjng at the parish hall. Hostesses, The beautiful embroidereddonatedfancYlitl 'BSk]CIPROIE--C ?i IARKTORY IIROUTEIIN°" i ' !i IIRBtIJ/ the meeting, the Catholic Daughters make the Mrs. R. H. Willett and Mrs. Tom luncheon set, worked and by Miss Cecilia FyUie, of Pocahontas H. McDermott, school their especial charge. Card Btack. There was a good attendance Secretary. parties, food sales, and fancy work nd a nice sum was realized. Five was won by'Miss Viola Lehr, of WeN raffles given by the different mere-hundred was played. Mrs. Fritz Holt- ner. i