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February 24, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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February 24, 1923

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iS lllor e good read- and the Chris- [CTUS, pp., XV. ............................................ Offi;iai-- -; eese of Little Rock Arkansas .A .......................................... Little Rock, Arkansas, Saturday, February 24, 1923 IS A STEP Cable decree, all- brought out into tile cause of Sister Theresa esus, the Carlelite Liseux, France, in the Consisto- Folh)win g the decree, by Verde. Secretary of the Order, e l)l'e:s- ;for tile honor that to a ln,lnbor ()" this :,d- ,great(los:; Y appeared order. Divine itself in Smallest,,' the "so, in the su- n prodiv, ious itself in well as Who spend .Lheir a silent cloister. Sister There- through her which dearest Pen- recommending asking her on behalf of Prefect of the Rites, and other ; the French era- and a large and prelates at- OF SEE/( OI00ON LAW Protestan L ;he forenmst non- the country lnu.t or what is perhaps condemnation of tile bigotry that has Discussing '.'Af- in the February American Re- Fletcher Johnson ES fla exam- has been important activities. At, ltinent, in New lnaPassioned cam- 'freedom of permit offi- ancl even in- to teach all s.tte, Bolshevistic doctrines, in- Children to enmity RePublic and its Principles in Oregon, we actually legislation, to Of all children and thus the aboli- and homo to choose their sheer un- in the American SUch a thing was lags furthest from of tile Ore- is a significant the two. The Ore- remove and of the State, man-handled as of the politi- .and that is pro- and Bolshev- r will be held con- inconceivable. If it should be, Urgent need of the Constitu- ve often hitherto ) , ST. \\;qNCENT'S INFIRMARY, HTTI.E IOCK ARK ]EDUCATION DEPT. /-1 nnual 00eport Gives Story BISHOP MURRAY PLAN IS OUTLINED FOR COMMISSION GJ utent Humanitarian (By N. G. W. C. News Service) Washington, D. C., Feb. t8.--A Federal Department of Education and Labor under which would be coordi- nated all of the educational and wel- fare activities of the govermnent, is recommended in a chart of reorgani- zation sent yesterday to the joint Congressional Commission on Reef ganization. The report is signed by Walter F. Brown personal represen- tat/re of President Harding and is ac- companied by a letter from the Presi- dent expressing his approval of the plan outlined. Four major sub-divisions of the . suggested Department of .Education and Welfare are provided for in the chart, each sub-division to be under the immediate supervision of an As- sistant Secretary. The divisions are: education, health, social service and veterans' relief. Submitted Plan Outstanding features of the plan submitted by Mr. Brown. aside from the creation of the new Dep,rtmept mentioned, are: . 1. The coordination of the military and naval establishments under a sin- gle cabinet officer as the Department of National Defense. 2. The transfer of all non-mili- tary functions from the War and Na- vy l)epari, lnenLs t.. vivili n (i,.,mr,.- ments, chiefly to those of the Inrior and Commerce. 3. The elimination of all non-fis- cal functions from the Treasury De- partment. 4. Cimnge of the name of the l'(st Office Department to the Departmmnt of Communications. 5. Attachment to the several de- partments of all independent estab- lishments except those which perform quasi-judicial functions or act as agencies for all of the Departments. sT) SULP1CE RENTE1) (N. C. W. C. Special Cable) Paris, Feb. 19.--The committee on foreign affairs for the French cham- ber has chargc(l Deputy Enge:'and to make a favorable report on the pro- p0sal to rent the seminary of St.! oy a llicture of Bishop Morris of Lit- Sulpice, the traditional home of the le Pock, under whose administration, Sulpician Society, to the Archbishop St. Vincent's has made its pronounced (,f I'aris progress. GIVES CHALLENGE TO MRS. SANGER Work By St. Vincent's Corps 1 Sisters, Infirmary Staff" and Nurses Co-operate to Make Most St ccessful Their Treatment and Care of Our Afflicted Ones Results Prove St. Vincent's First Place Among Our Benefi- cent Institutions of Arkansas. The Annual Report of St. Vincent's = Infirmary, conducted by the Sisters of Charity of N'tzareth, Tenth "rod ttih streets, lAttle Rock. came from the press last week and is now of public reeor(I, with an interesting presenta- . tion of indubitable facts and figures. St. Viaeent's Infirnmry was the first of our hospital institutions in Arkansas to lmve acquired the Class A r,gstr'ttion l roll the ilneriean t College of Surgeon,% arid in confnrm- mg 1;o the requisitions of this national ase('iation for tim promotion of hos- pit:al efficiency the hffirmary pub- : lishes its firsl: annual report. ,: Contents of Report It is exhaustive of the detailed ef- forts of the Sisters. lhe lnfirnmry * staff of surgeons slid physicians, :uxd tile nurses m their .',ervice year of' 1922, and presents the reader with an adequate knowle(lge of the place, the plan of "Mministration and the resultafft of one yeqr's work at St. Vincent's. The report is the acme of the l)rinter's are and skill in @pe and il- lustratious, and is especially pleang with its indexed and ready reference to the statistics relating to the sever- al departments of service. The 64 pages of this 10 by 7 inches pamphletreport covers what may be': termed an introductory, with its his- torical sketch, the staff and its. co- operative relations and its persomlel. Then follows descriptive articles on the clinical ]aborat.ory, the roentgen. ological department, the deep X-Ray thcral)Y, the raidum therapy, the pharmacy, the surgical del)artment, t]e nurset'y, the record room, and St. Vincent's Training School for Nurses, with its recent addition, the Nurses Home. Appreciation Tim fore-t)ages carry u word of all precis(ion from the Sisters. flanked A Catholic Paper is a Perpetual Mission.-- Pope Leo XllI. "The Guardian" in revery h'ome--4mr Motto. Number 37 - HOLY FATHER WANTS ALL SERMONS HAVE CERTAIN QUALITIES -It (N. C. W. C. Special Cable) Rome, I'eh. IS.--On the eve of Ash Wednes(lay, the pope received the Lenten preachers of cimrches and convents of Rome in special audience. Addressing tt:em on tile duties of C, atholic preacters he a(hnonished %hem to remember St, Paul's precept: "Speal heore God in Christ, all 1"6r your edification." The ltoly Father explained that there are four qualities rcqaisite to Christian 1)t'eacllHl, as follows: Sermons must be delivered a'; be fore God; they must be given ,':itb the spirit: of Ciarist; simple words shouhl be u,ed, rather than aLt[ml)tL; at aril'ieial recitation; and sermons should lmve the one object of bevefiting souls. Before ihe au(tence wi:ll the pope, the ])relcher:; in%de i1 profe3sion of faiLh in the pre.,encc (ff tile Vice- RegenL. Cardinal lhlmlfilj and parish priests of Rome atended. CARDINAL BgNZANO WILL CONSECRATE BISHOP FLOERSCH Rome, Feb. I8---llishop Floersch, former secretary of tile Apostolic Delegation in Washington, who las been named Coadjutor Bishop of Louisville, will be consecrated by Cardinal Bonzano. The (late of consecration an& the church in which it will take place have hog yet been selected. ORDERS FASCISTI TO RESIGN FROM MASONIC LODGES Appreciation * The Sisters of Charity wish ' to express their sincere appre- ciation to the Rt. Rev. Bishop  ,Ino. B. Morris for his ever- rca(ty encouragement; to the Medical and Surgical Staffs for the support el their whole hearted cooperation; to the Alunmae A.:sociation; to St. Vincent's Aid and to all other friends and I)enefactors whose good will, expressed either by word or deed. has assisted and 1)romotod the work of tile in- stitution. ous opposition to the bill introduced in the State Legislature here at the instance of the State branch of the Birth Control 1,eague, was w)iced by the Rt. Rev. Jolm G. Murray, Auxili" ary Bishop of Hartford. The bill would amend exist, inK laws ,o as to permit l,hysicians and nurses to dis- eminato iuformation on Lhe subject of tBy N. C. W. C. News Service) (By N. .. W. C. News Service) Rome, Feb. 19.--Italian Freemasons Hartford, Conn., Feb. 16.--StrenU- who are members of the Faseisti are called upon to make choice of givtng up their membership in the Fascisti National Party or abandoning Free- birth control. Mrs. Margaret San- , ger, national i)resiaent of tim Ameri- ,, can Birth Control League, appeared before the Judiciary Committee at a hearing to argue on beh:df of the . proposed legislation. Conditions in Holland * Bishop Murray challenged the ac- * curacy Of a ntnllt)er of Mrs. Sangel- .,statements. particularly with refer- enee to lmr description of conditions * in I-llland and concerning the at(i- .... , tu(le o:f British nledical authorities lle declared that the pr:wtice of bil%h A F.rc-Word control is a violation of natural law The hffirmary occupies a gently and charged that advocates of the sloping, ,picturesque eminence " I0ih measure were asking for a perversion and lligh Streets, l,ittle Rock, Ark.: of a "God-given function." a location desirably distant from the husiness set;lion of' the city to assure (he (luiet st) es:ent.ial in the (lUC.% for health. Tle Infirmary comprises two con- nected, substantially built brick build- ings of four stories and a basement. Electricity arid gas ,Ul)ply the light- ink sysl,em: while stemn heat is used throttghout. The capacity for patients ia one hun(Ired and fifty beds. Each fhlor is provided with linen, utili%' and chart rooms: tile several diet kitchens are coonected with the main kitchen by elevator. A modern sig- nal anti ticker system s used. The services of the Infirma:y in- clude surgical, medical, obstetrical *trial l)cdiatrics. ]"-tliets of every religious denonli-; fation are received without distinc- tion as to creed or nationality. A resident chaplain attends to the spir- itual wants of the Catholic patients, I though il no way infringing on the , privilege of all patients whose clergy- men are welcome to minister to any (Continued on'Page 7) Mrs. Sanger Minus Facts ]naccurate statements regarding tho status of Birth Control in Itolland trove been made frequently in the Oust by proponents of this practice. Two years ago Mrs. Sanger intimated that birth control clinics were oper- ated in Holland wil.h the authoriza- (iol and approval of 'lho g(JverlllY:ellt An invest/ffation eonducte(l by the Rev. J, Van der Hayden, at the re- (lue.';t of the National C,a.'holic Wel- far( Coun(:il brought out, the ract that Holland hns st rinent laws against the dissemimttion of t)irth conl, rnl information, and that many of the, henefits, claimed by Mrs. Sanger to have re- sulted from limitation of families in that comltry are not based on fact. In 1911 the charter which had been ohtained several years earlier by the Nieuw Malthusiasnsche Bond expired and it has not been renewed. In fact the organization realizing that it ob- tained its original charter because of lack of understanding of its real "meaning, has not e,en applied for a renewal of its corporation, Masonry as the result of a resolution proposed by Premier MUSsolini and passed by the Fascistt Grand Council, over which he presides. lts OWn Dmcipline "Considering that late political events and certain resolution passed by Italian Freemasonry give reason to believe that the Free Masons are following a program and are adopt- ing methods in antagonism to those which absorb the entire activity of Fascismo," says the resolution, "the Grand Fascisti Council invites all Fas= cisti who are also Freemasons to choose between belonging to the Fas- cista National Party otto Rreemason- ry, because the Fiscista can only ree- ognlze a discipline which is the Fas- cista discipline; can only recognize one hierarchy, whicli is the Fascista hierarchy; can only owe one obedi- ence. which is absolute, devoted and daily obedience to the heads of Fas- cismo." Must Give Up Affiliations , The decision of the Council is ex- pected to have profound effect upon I the national life of Italy and as a r sult of it many of the members of the Italian Chamber of Deputies are expected to be obliged to renounce I t:heir secret society affiliations or give ! up their seats. The action is considered as a direct blow against the political activities of the Freemasons, who for years have considered themselves as an of anization within organizations and '' i who lmve given strenuous support to previous Italian political parties and previous Italian cabinets, because of their Masonic affiliations. It is at the door of these parties and cabinet that the Fascisti lay the chief blame for the demoralized condition into which Italy had fallen three rears after the World War. Regarded Enemies Premier Mussolini made it plain that if the Masons did not submit to the national will they would be re- garded as enemies to the fatherlarid and as such should not be permitted to retain their membe'ship in the i party,