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February 22, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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February 22, 1930

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PAGE FOUR THE GUARDIAN, FEBRUARY 22,1930 The Right of Way said she didn't, grasp the significance pulled out those little red shoes. Ill of. Peace. I meetin-g was attended by t~he enure ........... ~I'IAKESPEARE A of the thing even then, her sleep had beats the Dutch how she could tell' "Christiani i " ' Emvire ~'~'e-Express~ pulled been too heavy, but instinct made " ] ty, f truly and unlver-Icommxttee and after all reports had NO CERTAIN ni mjust where they were and how sally accepted, could put an end tO Ibeen made, it was indicated that the The slowly out of the city. She was ten her jump out of bed and she ran to he Could find them in that smoke, lwar. Its great twofold command-Icampaign was going over strong. Ex- "Was Shakespeare a minutes ]ate and the conductor scowl- the nan uoor anu openeu it. bmoKe DU. , suppose ne was used !o doingI meat of the love of God, and the tartly one-fourth of the amount de- formed the subject of an ~-J ..... his watch while Brady the was pouring up so thickthat it things dke that, excePt that is was love of our net hbor for i .... ......... , ~, . i g the love of, ~n'ed had been ralsed m just two Dr Edward Somers to the engineer, swore softly at the drag of caught at her throat, and she had to .pcpie.. not shoes he usually wentik God, can. leave no place for mortal . day~ of cam, paigning, of the branch of the CathQ :~ ~ .... l~-~1 With a shriek theclose the door m a hurry and get to oac,~Ior. ........ [combats m the hearts of men. Its! One of the best features of the ]en's League at Manchester, hi-'* IL~v~v u~ .... t'e tunnel and slid tho window for air ~oms llKe ~o clear ~ne way 1or sublime doctrine of the universal/m('eting of the Association, was the]recently. ~ram enverea n ~ ,, " She had a pretty level head,' nay younger men and dirty pohhcs mix I Fatherhood of God, maplymg of)~nterest of the Alumni members inIDr. Somers said that i through rote the. open country be- - "" m n's Crossin la Bess, and when she had filled her yeas. a no pso g Y " ' ~b:'r s/f y~nb:c~aSi~:tl;::na :;C~n?:t.Ys:::ldUh:~er~a1 brotherhood the prcject. Practically every mem-lspeare was a Catholic, he wa~ ...... a~ded Curing" the lungs full of the nights freshness, .... . . ~l '" 'p 1;o make aH war lber had something worth while to heroine one. At the same time, aneaa. ,L was gu u ~,,,:~" ~,~ .... ~ ~...~ ..... _ ~,,~,~,...~, ~_.~_ ,,~-;,~l~ ...... ~'~rm- she caught Effie up and went again now quick the worm xorgets, memo- impossible and be an inspiration for ,ay, and all said it with a feeling ances should b made for th ..... wh held to the hall It was no use, she rles are short for a kindness done, those who labor in the cause of ar-]and the unanimity of opinion on the that he lived ata time when P er employe oi the roaa, o ,, ,. , " ......... coumn ~ breathe in thesuffocation even xor a lke saved. But I feltbitration and of peace, as the Vicar ~ J ..... ~ ...... ~ ....... ao~ his posltlOn as a sort oI pension anti I i parL ot a~t presenL, was permq~ ~,e autism was xoree~ ov law ** ........ -- ......... of that smoke and she had hard work differently about those things and, ; of Christ so urgently desires us to do ~ , ~..~. , ~_.. ~ ~ ......... ~ ......... ." -'e Ielt llttl6 responsibility In the exe- , , . ....... : ,mvsu .ul, e~u~ ~g. t,~ ~.c Suu~e.s u~ enroats oI t~ae ~nffllSfl nee ~, ...... T" w ll clear getting Duck ~o the window you can laugh a~ you want to, out according to our means. . ~ ~ - .P cu~ton ox hiS worK. ne e - - " " I've canted those little red shoe~ I ......... I the campmgn whmh was launchedas Shakespeare was but six Y ................ As soon as she found her voice, ea ~lelas eliminates much o~ ~ne ~1 flti:ne but_: ~anger, ............ ou~ t~ra(~y always nero his she. called and. called and it must with me on every run I've mad: poorly :bl::/v~Yd ~innUg: s r:e?]~tofo;h:~ehteilp~tllO:hgge~sP~:k: :og~mmW:enaQdeenHEl~:betmha~i ...... il "h crossin was nave seemed to her hours before she They are in my pocket now and I cepts and do~ctrines, has neverthe-lwere "he Rev ~'r Thomas L Kean'-': cordin " "" .... ri~ ~ram well in ant t e g .. ....... i " -~ n th throt coum arouse anyone Of course, it ' c . u . y, g to the rro~estan~ had my hand on them when I heldless done much to improve the ' d passes, wl~n n s nanu o e - . " " ............ . t v~ce presulent and dean of the col- children were Protestant, an ...... was only a moment Neighbors came tle, he settles ,mmselI more com- up f**~ty-se.ven ~o,glve tn~.rlgn~ oi.- world's atti~u.detowards war. Evenllege; the Rev, Dr James P. Gaffney death he was buried in tbe] ......... running in their night clothes but, as w~y ~u ~.e ~me~. ~ne ~ortnwest in war itsel~ i~ has really ameliorat ] .......' ............ ior~anly. Ten minutes was no~ g " " ' " r .... " wn ade to the end luck would have it, there wasn't a u ................ - . . . i o~ ~t. ~onn s ~emmary; ~ne ve y church a~ ~trat~ora. much w~n a ~o -gr ladder .... ~'~" e~ ~ne treatment o~ the vanqumne~ as, , ' e~ ......... I Rev. Msgr. James P. Moran, LL. D., There was httl~ positive ot" the" run anywhere: anu sue oegan to,.u,,,~,.,.,.,,.,. .............. compare~ With ~nelr ~a~e unaer pa-'l n'esident of the college;Messrs one way or the other frets . .... wonder what could happen if she ~.~,,,~**~,~,~ A~ wA~ 'ganism. - ~, ,, . " , . . The coum, ryroa~ ran parallel ....... threw Effie out on the snow; with URGED BY FR HUSSLEIN IN 1 ,, .......... t Sport Grahhm, Fmncm Jackson, speare s private hfe as to whe with the right, ox way .anal it swung that m" m'nd,1 she pulled the sheets TALK ON SUMERIAN STRIFE I nut ~nere ~ much s:lll to be ac-V. H. Kleiber, Morris mhrenberg, was a practicing Catholic, b~ eompllsnea De~ore the world can ~ his la s or oe~ over and up rote the. hills on the oth- , ......... . , , , i John Sullivan, Grand Knight of the where "n " p y p " 0II tne ~e(1 an(t began t;o Knot then] er rode. of the track. Brady suddenly, together (Continued--'-~rom -a-el) I ;h::e'eo~:U:fdg:ri:aK:o ~ heart I Little Rock Council K. of C., Gregory there any evidenceof ho~~, reached for the brakes and the tram ,, " .............. An alarm had been turned in, throu ........ P g ., I . ,, t s Apos-IEmbree, Bernard Heinze, Dr. Joseph Catholi,cism, whilst there ~v~ s~m. ,ta ............ grm~Hng ~s~P~_._wl~n ,~tne ,~._en" .the ....... engine house was near, nut the gravesgn ~ne toga man grass upon ~ne tl::si~leh~hr::e:m d~d~e:~lnkT:d ~Tn Roe, William S. Allen, James Horni- played a remarkable familiari~ gme s .o.~e pre~e~ cm~e ~u ~.v ...... ,,~,. " ............. I p ., . " ..... i brook, "Pete" Hedges, and Mauriee Catholic beliefs and practiceS ..... ,. _ (/rifts were so Da(~ the horses could ~u~ the s~gm~cant point to winch tram aria in reauw emorac~ that .... With onl'" few exc--~ions,~ crossing. '~ne ~lagman, hiS stop ....... . . . .., shmld ...... dropping against his wooden nar(lly ........ crag their heavy loau. we I allude is the evidence that by far final man-date of Divine Love" "Be ~Htz. y ep~ "~i ......... nau a new cruet, ne was young aml the most favorite of all children's ,hold a new comnmnd~r~ent }I giv~e Another. meeting of thin comnuttee spearels works were extra01~ leg, star~e(l up (~umotounoea as afull of e .... to"s was the wm ~'----'-" ~,re fin~ ..... ' .. ,wilt be held at the Hotel ~arayette sympathetic ~o t~amoncmm. :: small funeral, its passage left free, P p' an(~ ne orove a norsea ca~rm~, vv u unto you, that you love one another' . . . g ' ;that knew more than most humans it here two wheelea ^r ^,.r ,-heeled ................. ! on Wednesday of th~s present week Dr. Somers d~d not h~mse crossed the tracks and ran on towara .~ . . ' , - ~ .... -.. ,l as x nave mvea you, ~aat you also a............ an-- definite o-talonas to~ ~he cemetery wb'c,h n s~ e tled peaceful ~omehoW,broker..he got ....... through those an- :l~:ays mr:d; ;: fbla~ed :l:y tosoth:l lmO:: k:::th:her; B~ thy ;h:llp :ls,I d!tmen returns wm oe ma(~e, lne y p 1 ........... ~ oa(ls an(1 m less ~lme than n r v u 1 e:::ntd:f~ln~:~'g ::t thffr C;h~P;:gst speare's rehglous behef. an(1 alooI, on one oI the fllll$ DO" . it takes to tell it openings for the reins in the front if you have love one for another ...... ~Y .... ~ yond Brady, his cap erusne(~ in one .... " " ' " ateh " uur house stood on a bank and, shield and to the quiver for arrows (John viii, 34, 35) uay o~ ~uarcn. from presen~ into- ~ ,.,~, ~ ~mr,-r. hand and his heaa oowea, w ea e h ..... even with the snow, the drop would moulded by hand as if lashed to the " l eations the campaign is destined to A man who has been on:~ the cars pass, th n e smrtea his . si " .......... nave been bad But Bes~ was afraid side. The seat for ,the driver is not L R C ALUMNI I be successful, des of ,the fence, so to sp~ ~ram ana, as it gatnerea neauway, to w ' '" - " .... . - - " " " I erally has a petter view ~ ai~ any longer, so she started to ~:dtlng and a ste.p is atta~he~d ~e-I BEGIN CAMPAIGN FOR ICONVERTS' LEAGUE ma nwho has seen only o~e: looked back, hm eyes resting for an . , . .................. zie sheets around the kiddie The w:rrlor o mstan~ on .... the nmsmei ..... With its nea~- Chief- saw her and called out" ,to chart:t:" G*i:h o.~,.__tt2 :a~ed nil: ATHLETIC FUND MERITS PRAISE OF RCY C::h:lti:Sco:h:n:~h= alirt:ler~i stones glistening wn te agalns~ ~ne ..... .' .... wait. The porch ran half-way across the Sumerian tongue tContinued from -,a~. ~" i CATHOLIC HIERA Y P ; brilliant, green oI me zrees. -. ........ the front of the house and he started "So ........ " ..... I , *" ~e ~ I and intolerant without cau~, A~ ~ne ena or ~n~ run, ~ne con- _ . m these m~me cnar~o~s oi at- easily care for football at least for l .... testants wbo know littl~ oboU~ .... i ,, .... , .. .. up one of the posts like an alley cat ......... f ~ " ;them into clos ..... ~o.~ ..~ r,,~,,~;~ olics protess ~o see in ~he auctor came to n m: what s the Dig , most .three thousand years before the next four years . (Continued rrom page t) , . . ~ " nut, when he tried to get a grip on t~nrmt we see ~ne war psychology o~ The Doctor never minces words ,.. . ~ ...................... . .. ..... ~ idea of hoding up Fifty-seven for a: ....... ....... , " " ~lite and environmen~ ' only ~he manifestations o~ ,.,, .... ,,~. . i the roof to pull himself over the .~ms gl~te~ people, WhO it ts thought He ~alks r~ght straxght out from the~ " " s i i" xuneral-ne,emanaea, louKnew beam ~~w~)~i~i:~wt~i~;i!i ~hia:ifltS,:i~dr~n dh~:him::Sli!!nahv:fciiiii!iil;~ii!ii:iii~~ioi:!!~?c~!i! ~t~eVi~ili!:y:ui~V~~.ihi:!! ......... ends, he slipped and went "~ve were t, en minutes late: . .... . . ..... ,, . ~(*own.l~es~ sal(1 snOtreaa to "'~ure, an(~ I puueu you inon . e g Y .... ,_. ,,.. . .. ~ump then but he was upagain in- tm~e, ~i~n ~ ,? ~raay asKe{l, i sta ,, ......... , ntly and this time he got his pick xes, Dut---wna~ gotyou any- thr ............ q" I ougn ~ne ~ce ano rote the shingles The Docto~ ~ ,~ugge~tmn which ~as ~ wa,Y~ ....... . ... and pulled himself over the top The War of Kin~doms ~'- On t " s .~" " " ities of the Converts Leaguc in their " (511mo aooar(1, answerea ~raoy, s" , , ,. s ,~o t his words deserve serious ,, _., ....... I~lope was so steep it was like stick- aria t II teJt you, ~ ' the obligation of a life-time. But I "A " " " had such a chance today It all goes ll the time, the kiddie had been back to the birthday party, the third crying sort of soft and broken like. birthday of my little girl Effie. ,Bess thinking she was frightened, She'd been begging-for some red'tried to comfort her, but it seems ~shoes and I got them on one of my she was breaking her little heart trips. Man, you never saw a kid so t over the red shoes left behind; Bess ickled as she was when she opened!weald have gone for them but the that p~ckage. I eth:a:p oSwhenddid:h~ da:d "Last thing, when I went away to comfort her with the promise of that night, she thanked me over and another pair. But you know how over for them and showed me how kiddies are about such things. she had put them on the chair by her "The Chief kept cal~ing out to bed where her doll had always been hearten her and she answered back before, with what courage she could. The "It was bitter cold with heaps of roof did not reach the window but snow. I had a hard time getting when he got to the ledge he held my train through and a worse one'out his arms and she, leaning way coming back ~The next night. When'over, got Effie to him. He cuddled "There does not always come a ing on the side of a wall, while the fe wdays ago at a ice and snow kept sliding away be- in Richmond, he said, among chance," he said later, "to return neath him. things: "Knowing as we do created great dynasties which ruled hundred dollars to be made avaffab]e The subcommittees 9f the Con~erts' `that exist in this country the entire country. Yet they still this coming fall, and the remainder League chapters include in every Catholics, what have we remained primarily the kings of to be set aside to care for bhe pro- city a Pamphlet Committee, to foster sipate that feeling, to their own local town.The great gram through the coming three,years, the distribution of li~erature~ On dec- one of respect and Oriental monarchies which thusl arose were in all reality only city l As an evidence of his sincerity, Dr. trinal, apologetics and devotional claim and we know that Smith immediately offered to be one subjects; the Library Commitee, to the true Faith. Sacrame~t~ kingdoms controlling numerous sub-f "~,1' the first team organized, and to t lend free of charge, Catholic books lished by our Divine ject or allied city states under local start immediately to the work of (biography, fiction, history, refer- we stand out pre-eminently paresis of governors, grouping these raising the required amount, ence, fundamentals of religion, etc.) our fellow men as observers law, for individual piety, for together, and thus building up theDr, Joseph Roe immediately prof- to Catholics and non-Catholics; En- dealings in our business, in (word and deed) in speech, abstinence from and unclean speech? The only way we can feelings of our separated citizens is by doing the things. And we must I pulled in at the station, Bess, my her close and then motioned Bess to or take for granted that our* wife, was waiting for me. get out on the sill and be ready when could be employed in the construc- campaign, just one thousand, two sible, ed fellow ci,tizens ar~ natwa "I knew something was wrong; he came back. tive work which was likely to be as- hundred dollars, which speaks vol- Information concerning the Con-judiced. They can not u~d she had never met me that way be- " i fore, but I didn't ask any questions, I Qu te a tcrowd had gathered by sumed at once with an almos~ fever- ames for their enthusiasm and sin- verts' League of the Catholic Dough- why every Catholic is not $ this time, and one of the men climb- ish intensity. Occasional wars of cerity of purpose. ~ters of'America will be promptly fur- man than he is. It is a knowing she would tell in her owned up on the railing and took Effie ---i conquest might bring in new labor The first meeting of the commit- nished upon request to the order's they pay `to ourFaith g'ooa ~ me. . from the Chief. She had stopped forces Thus the buildin of ira- tee which is to have charge of the National--Headquarters, No. 10 West Church." "We started home with thesnow cr-:i .... ~ ~-- ~-~ ........ " g : ng ant* net oauy mugn xioatea meuse ziggurats, rising stage onraising of the athletic fund for the 71st Street, New York City. , . . Pinldd h~ghe:t ;h:ng~dng of:h: w::k; ;~; ht:rrgol;donfest~:~:~;ngt,SB:;g:alid stage,, of. spacious temples adorned college, and of which Dr. Smith is -- Due to the weather last: ........ there " with the trophies of victory, of great chairman, was held at a noon-day ! Rabies were knowp even in AVis- female flowers on England's ~wa::e"ng'; ::;::t:Yo~l::eth::e days. intugmbV:nhdr:hd 2u:hgewtas,g:h:n::~I' pal~ees,.mighty city walls, or gigan-luncheon at the Hotel LaFayette on!totle's time, he having written an art-bushes blossomed before th , ' _ ~ m. J P tic canals went on apace Commerce, ~h:l:e:e:rld?as ShCdde:n:hiet: 'bii ttr:h~h:OOfTh:S chlm;stsb:~;:d h:: ~id::tf~You;nd agr,culture would all Wednesday of the past week. The icle about the disease, flowers, resulting ins croP h:;th:::d:~oftughSmU:d::lY, sBnu~gP:g g:dh:rh;~:rtar;::dd::hi:h::::.P;r::"Such, for instance, wasthecase LITILE ROCK C(ILL[6 ....... '-e~ alert- the - when in the forty-second year of his . it aown znto my poc~ ~ ~ the cold as best he could Below ..... ,-. .. .... " ... most prosperous reign ~ungnl as slae vz mine. , . she could hear the crackling of the ~,,me~ ~.. ~aai~i.. ~^ ~.;~ ,.,~ ~ ~:..[: " Effie is all right, Brady, she ....... " ..............." .... ~,~ o~ ~m~ ~. ~lames ana the smoke curies up of Ur that of Kin- of the Four said. _ !around them so thick it was hard to -- i ' "" " " ~ .... "I looked at her and then,my _ . _ . , " . I r~eg ons, these Demg ~umer aria AK- glance followed hers, ahead to our k~:~t ::d ~lelndh: ~e~'%~i~a:o ~:?eadg' [kad ~together, Elam, Subartu, and L|ttle Rock, Arkansas .............. ~:--" 'eft but a " Y g Y]Amurru -Even Syria and Cappado- nouse xnere wa~ .u~m,,~ ~ her until they had come safel,~ " For Boarding and Day Students " ' ..... it f the ' " ~ cla were probably under his rule His part of ~he cmmney aria a D o through I " " moke stiI| curled u~ and ' l father, `the founder of the great porch, S *" "The A four year College offering courses leading to the Degr the burned out embers lay ~black and~ .. y made the edge of the roofI Third Ur Dynasty, had contended desolate .... againstthe smotherin-g ........ all rign~ and ~riends caught and himself with Sumer and Akkad when Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Phfloso ~,o..t.~ of --~)r~v. lowerea her to the ground, wrappxng, by an act of revolt .he gained the Also offers Pre-Medieal, Pre-Legal and Commercial ~"~For~ a moment, I couldn't say a her m blankets as they put Effie in throne and built an empire. But re- word. A man's home is what his h~r arms. She supposed the Chief, bellion of subject governors, kings was coming, too, ,but when she look-I of peoples was almost certain to wife makes it and mine had been a ed up, he was swinging in at the break lout anew at the first sign of bit of Heaven, but after all, that wa~ Bess and her love, and ~o her the open window. She ~alled to him weakening on the part of a previous- home meant a thousand things all that everyone was out, but'~: he ly powerful dynasty. (Three Year Course leading to the Degree, Ph. G. rolled into one. We had bought and couldn't hear, for just then the Warlike Immigrations flames broke through th~ kitchen"There were besides, especially in Modern and well-equipped buildings, very trong Faculty, location unsurpassed paid for it, installment on install- wall, smashing with a roar the silence the later periods, the ,constantly re- meat, but there was none of that in venience, healthfulness and beauty, her face, just pity for me and the of the night and the snow. People peated assaults of warlike immigra- splendid courage that is so much a tried to pull her away but she wait- tions that poured over the country Rates Very Reasonable part of very good woman's love. , ed, clasping Effie close as she watch- and dashed wave on wave against "'There is some insural~ce,' I e dthe uppper window, whatever established power might For Catalogue Apply to the Dean said, at last, knowing what small "I don't suppose it was over a exist. As in the case of the early ~omfort that was. minute but, to her, it seemed an Guti, or .the later Kassides, they ~'Standing there in the snow, our I eternity before the Chief crawled might even overthrow everything be- hands snuggled together, she ~old out, and he was mighty quick about fore them and establish their own me of it and through her eyes, I it too, jumping over to the roof and barbaric dynasty subjecting to itself (Under Direction of {he College.) :saw ~t all---the bitter cold, the stove sliding down .like an overdue ex- the land for generations or centur- ,over-loaded, and th~ heavy snow press. Effie had been watching and ies `to come, only to be in turn cul- A standard (Class A) High School offering a four year ~hutting close over the little home in when he dropped ~o the ground sho rurally and religiously subdued by the lonely darkness of an empty held vat her hands, laughing and the mighty Sumerian influence which Courses: Classical, Scientific, Commercial 7alght. calling and calling to him as though still continued intellectually to sway "She was asleep and she dreamed it was all part of som~ happy play; the ~and from the grave of a then Modern equipment and strong faculty Very Reasonable that some one was trying to suffo- h~ was laughing, too, though tongues long dead, buried and forgotten race. cite her. As she sat up, the feeling of flame were shooting upinside the "So, through all these thousands Apply to the Principal remained and she began to cough, open window. One hand was in his of years, ~he god of war went march- then sh~ realized that the street light pocket and when he reached the ing on, and there was none to stay shone dim through the room. She kiddie, .he made a deep bow and then him, until the coming of the Prince