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February 19, 1943     Arkansas Catholic
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February 19, 1943

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THE GUARDIAN, FEBRUARY 19, [irns And Ends Ot Seminary Training Is Not /hat Might 8e Ordinarily Understood In The 00pular Notion Of'Fools For ChriSt's Sake' |o. some people out in the world nary life appears to be of P sacrifice, a drab and color- [thing. The Semiflarian they t adraire, but would not wa'tt itate, and deep down in their S.they may even pity him. fnelr eyes he has given up all ]legitimate pleasures which the |ld holds. With this superficial igraent they finally conclude :. they must be "fools for Eist's sake." But to those who entered within her gates and eorae to know the "real soul" Seminary, the painting has ged' its colors entirely. They buoyant enthusiasm and T YOuth. They find that the s filled to the grim with many esting activities. They may |*_go so far as to call it a lit- Orld all to itself, where hap- .Jt, friendship, and true love r "u reign supreme. l principal aim in any true tional system is to enduce i_God given qualities or po- es in order that man may r,attain his end, which is tie has duties in life toward elf, his neighbor and God. .*uon is a means to an end. end of Seminary training is ve birth to an "alter Chris!us" Other Christ. The whole be- ot the Seminary revolves ,d this uivot Variety in any I s. truly'necessary, and at St. i R is found to be provided :aately during the long years : lnlng prior to Ordination. the three phases of Semi- ,uxte, let us first consider the 0Us. St. Bernard often ask- "nSelf. when he felt the need IOurJ- W ,gement and strength to , Without faltering, the rug- path to holiness upon which STACY  Y o u r IOae Town Grocer Saves Y0u Money on Quality Foods! STACY'S FINE FOODS ?th amd Battery 319 Ms&n, N. L. It. he had so generously entered, af- ter giving up earthly possessions and honors: "Bernard, wherefore didst thou come hither, and where- fore didst thou leave the world?" He, like all aspirants to the priesthood, was called by the Eternal High Priest to a protected and secluded life that he might become a Shepherd of Souls. The Seminary Chapel is, as it were, the "core" of the institution, for it is here that the disciples sits at the Feet of the Master. In the flickering glow of the Sanctuary Lamp, the occasional visitor to the Seminary sees the warm glow of true happiness that shines forth from the hearts and souls of those youths in black, as they make their visits to the "Prince of Peace". Here dwells their Master for Whom they will later go out into the world to labor. He tenderly instucts them as He did the first twelve, that they faithfully fulfill their mission. So it is that the bells toll to call the Seminarian from his sleep or his work or play, that he may walk along the "Sea Shore of Galilee" with Jesus, to catch the words of Eternal Life. The Seminarians, besides hearing Mass, daily meditate and pray, that they may become more like the Divine Model, and prepare for the day when they shall be called to take His place, in caring for the spiritual needs of their fellow men. Then, turn to the student life of the Seminarian. "Scientia" knowledge. A Vocation to the priesthood demands that the as- pirant be a man of learning, since he is to be "all things to'all men". Hence he is a student, such as you would expect to find in any college, faithfully acquir- ing that knowledge which is neces- sary for his state in life. He is made to realize that his mental powers are, in the natural order, the greatest gifts which he has received from God. The object of his daily effort is to exercise these faculties and to. bring them to that state of relative perfection intended by God, so that he may more faithfully carry out fits duties as a priest. There is a final phase of Semi- nary life about which many har- bor erroneous opinions. It is that of extracurrlcula activities. Some people think that Seminarians are perpetually dow on their knees praying or else laboriously study- ing. But there is a lighter side to Seminary life, a hearty and happy side concerned with extracur- ricular activities. It complements prayer and study, and is very necessary for the healthy and sound development of the priest of tomorrow. In the field of sports the keen spirit of competi- tion at the Seminary could often bear a comparison with profes- sional and college fields. Some of the best played games of bask- etball, football, and baseball may be viewed at our own St. John's. The fine spirit of fair play, which is exemplified in their athletic tussles, is an asset to any char- aeter. Those competent men, in whose hands the development of the future priest is entrusted, wisely set aside a period each day for exercises, in order that in the student there may be a sound mind and a sound body. Well, known over the Diocese among the clergy are the Semi- nary theatrical productions. Our priests come from far and near to be present at the "Little Theat- er" at eurtai time. The Genesian Society, a student activity, pre- sents well enacted plays and min- strels. The enthusiasm and fine spirit of the players make for memorable productions and hap- py nights of entertainment. Besides athletics and dramatics, the Seminary abounds in other extra-curricular activities, such as the student Societies, which pro- vide training, recreation and wholesome change for the future riest. You may pass through the recreation halls during any free period and see the happy smiling faces of friends among friends in a mutual sharing of their pleasures and simple joys. "FQols for Christ's safe"? PerhapsL--as the world judges. But when has the world judged Christ and judged wisely? Fordham =,00lumnus, Safe After 39 Days Adrift New York. (E)Ensign Phillip G. Nolan, U.S.N., who was grad- uated from Fordham University in 1932, was back home today af- ter a war experience of spending 39 days on a raft and in a life boat on the open sea following the sinking of a merchant ship by a German submarine. Ensign Nolan observed Christ- mas Day by singing carols in the open life boat and celebrated the New Year by drinking a carefully rationed cup of water. He was in charge of the gun c'cw on the merchant vessel, which was struck without warn- ing midway between South Amer- ica and Africa in late November. The crew put off in two lifeboats and several .rafts and headed for the South American coast over 1,600 miles away. During the entire trip, Ensign Nolan said, they did not sight a ship. For five days, the party was becalmed and the men spent the time in swimming and trying to catch dolphins. The survivors landed at daybreak one January morning in a mangrove swamp off tim South American coast. 1943 :[HE 'PASTOR Congratulations Congratulations J. R. GROBMEYER LUMBER CO. to Bishop Morris q . Little Rock, Arkansas ToNY MASSA'S WE EXTEND OUR HEARTY Congratulations to The 1943 Ordination Class M. O. BRANTON PLACE 119-121 East Markham A FINE PRAYER BOOK General Contractors Little Rock, Arkansas Gems Of Prayer Congratulations Scott-Mayer Commission Co. 810 E. Markham LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 464 pages 2 3-4x4 3-4 A popular, handy size prayer- book with the New Translation of the Epistles and Gospels. A fine manual of prayers and de- votional exercises for the Ca- tholic laity: Six Litanies, of the Cross. All bindings round corners, red under edges, bookmark, boxed. No. 1.-- Morrokette, flexible, gold IH8 on cover, each Sl.O0 No. --Amedean Seal Graln Leather, very flexible, Italia- tlon leather lined,, gold eross on cover, each ............ $$.00 No. &--Moreeco Leather, very flexible, gold roll inside cover, each ............. $3.00 The Guardian $09 West 2nd Little Reek Ark. PAGE THREE ANGELICUS' IN VARIED ....... MOODS ............................. His Holiness Pope Plus XII is depicted In various moods during the public audiences which he holds every Wednesday. The views are from the new motion nicture, "Pastor Angelicus," which portrays the life and activities of the Holy. Father. The film was given its. pre.- miere showing in Rome recently. (N.C.W.C.) Former Altar Boy Wins Citations, Ran Japanese Sea Gauntlet Duluth. (E} Corporal Robert Prudhomme, who not so very many years ago was an altar boy at St. John's Church and now is on duty with the Army in the Pacific war theater, revealed in a letter to his father, W. C. Prud- homme, that he has received a !decoration and qite a few cita- an Australian coast. We reached Thursday Island and we were giv- en our orders there, which were none too pleasant. Then we head- ed north to New Guinea and along the western coast af it. We pass- ed through the Molucca straits, which was the only passage open- ed to the North. We were inform- tions for bravery, ed by radio that the Japanese had One of the citations was in a I full control of this strait and there letter from President Franklin D. !was very little chance of getting Roosevelt, another in a letter from l throug h. ongress arid still others in leRers [ "We successfully passed through from "the commanding generals lthe strait on a moonless night af- of American forces,, in the U.S. [ter crchng' " all day to avoid being and Austrialia. The award and seen from shore by any Japanese citation went to Prudhomme and ocstions. In a few days we at- eight other soldiers, who volun- teered as gunners on a boat, which was the first of any nation to run the Japanese blockade before the fall of the Philippines. The letter stated: "Dear Dad: Well I am hoping that this particular letter will reach you, as it contains all the information I can give you con- cerning my award of the Purple Heart. "Nine of us men volunteered as gunners on a boat which was de- stined for an unknown port. We were told that our chances were' about 100 to 1 of coming out alive and it was a suicide trip. We left Congratulations A.&J. Electric Shop Electrical Contractors 1023 West 3rd St. LITTLE ROCK, ARK. rived at the Philippine Islands with a cargo for General MacAr- :hur." The letter continued that after spending seven days unloading the Congratulations C. G. (Crip) Hall SEC'Y, STATE LITTLE ROCK, ARK. cargo, the return trip was under- taken with the additional hazard of having been sighted in the Philippines by two Japanese bombers and a troop transport. Corporal Prudhomme related "I said many a prayer" on both trips, which were made "with God's pro- tection." He said when the boat docked again in Australia, the crew was met by high ranking officers and the various letters of citations were read to them. The captain of the vessel, he, said', was given the Distinguished Service Congratulations HOGUE PHOTOS PORTRAITS 320 West Capitol LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Phone 2-1645 t Cross and he with several others, was awarded the "Purple Heart." The poor we have with us al- ways. Remember the poor, Christ's poor. It is better to give than to re- ceive. Read and give Catholic books. There are many good books. Get the habit of reading part of the New Testament every day. Some spiritual reading each night be- fore you retire. CongFatulations and Best Wishes PHONE 7123 PHONE 7124 C.J. SNYDER COMPANY WE SERVICE. FORD--PLYMOUTH--CHEVROLET ! 14 Arch Street Little Rock, Arkansas Congratulations and Best Wishes to His xcellency The Most Rev. John B. Morris, D.D. and to : His Ordination Class of 1943 KREBS BROS. SUPPLY COMPANY Camaplete Equipment For Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Hospitals And Institutions 413-15 W. Capitol Ave. , Little Rock,