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February 19, 1943     Arkansas Catholic
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February 19, 1943

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PAGE TWO THE GUARDIAN, FEBRUARY 19, 1943 / Realizing the many advantages of a local seminary for the training eL the diocesan clergy, His Excel- lency the Most Rev. John B. Mor- ris, D.D., soon after succeeding to the Little Rock See, formulated plans for an institution to educate priests. Seminary Opens Saint John's Seminary was opened on September 19, 111, in Fitzgerald Hall of Little Rock Col- lege at Twenty-fifth and State Streets, Little Rock. It was placed by the Bishop under the patron- age of John the Baptist. Ten semi- narians, who had been studying for the Little Rock Diocese in var- ious seminaries, comprised the first student body. Thus, in accord with the recommendations of the Council of Trent, which so stren- uously favored Diocesan semi- naries, His lxcellency's dream, so characteristically Apostolic, be- came a reality. Through succeed- ing years his interest and his cheerfully given assistance have been the life stream of the semi- nary. The realization of the local seminary has been one of his greatest consolations. As he has so frequently said the seminary is his "joy and his crown." Monsignor Aretz, Rector The Rt. Rev. Msgr. W. H. Aretz, who was the first priest ordained by Bishop Morris, became the first rector of Saint John's Seminary. The course consisted of prepara- Seminary History Begins 32 Years Ago., 1911; Founded By Bishop Morris, Named By Pius XI, Institution Does Its Important Work Well Congratulations to Bishop Morris and the Ordination of Class of 1943 Hegarty Drug Co. Little Rock, Ark. tory, philosophical, and theologi- cal departments. Under the lead- ership of Monsignor Aretz the Seminary grew in strength and numbers. Each year brought an increase in the enrollment and the Bishop ever solicitous for its wel- fare steadily increased the faculty with learned and capable men. Moves to Pulaski Heights Only nineteen years after the establishment, it became neces- sary to seek more commodious quarters. The State Street build- ings were overcrowded and iqsuf- ficiently equipped for the ex- tended course of training. As a consequence, in the fall of 1930, the seminary was moved to its present location on Pulaski Heights. Here in an unsurpassed setting and fine buildings the seminary is established for years to come. Mop'signor Gaffney, Rector After the death of Monsignor Aretz in 1929, Msgr. S. J. Peoples succeeded him as acting Rector. Forced to retire because of ill health, he, in turn, was succeeded by Msgr. James P. Gaffney, Ph.D. Worth While Gifts No. 27S--Exceptional value in All Sterling Silver rosary, sub- stantlally made, beautiful finish, soldered link chain, round beads ................ $5.00 No. 292---A11 Sterling Silver ros- ary, length 18 inches, oval beads ...................... $4.00 No. 29f--All Sterling Silver ros- ary, round beads, length 16 inches ........................ $3.00 Special No. 300---AI! Sterling Silver ros- ary, beautiful crucifix, length 18 inches ............. $7.50 No. 301. A I 1 Sterling Silver, drooping Head Carpus, 20 Inches in length, Lee-Link pearl beads .............. $7.50 The Guardian Congratulations MOORE'S SOUTHERN CAFETERIA 204 West 2nd Street LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS I II 1 Congratulations INDEPENDENT LINEN SERVICE CO. 817 West Seventh Street Phone 9119 LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Congratulations Wm. 7". Stooer Co., Inc. Iiiiiiiii i HOSPITAL AND PHYSICIANS SUPPLIES 716 Mn Phone 4-3533 It, 1933 after serving two years as acting Rector, Monsignor Gaffney was made Rector and Msgr. Joseph A. Gvllagher, Vice-rector. ) Pope Honors Seninary uring his "ad limina" visit in 1934 His Excellency spoke exten- sively with His Holiness Pope Plus XI about the seminary. The ipope was deeply interested and asked many questions evincing his wide- ly known reputation as "Pope of Seminaries." As a result of this audience His Holiness bestowed a signal honor on the seminary by proclaiming it a seminary de- voted to the American Mission field and granted it the zmme, St. John's Home Missions Seminary. The only one of its kind in this country. A sixth year was added to the Preparatory department in 1936. increasing the training period to 12 years. Those students who ful- fill the requirements are eligible to receive the dgree of Bachelor of Arts. Twenty-eight years after its founding, the 'Seminary had an enrollment of 66 for the scholastic Seminary's Rector and Vice-Rector happy world. Perform every day one corporal and one spiritual work of mercy. Texas, Rapid City, S. Dakota and others. Pray daily for peace. Peace will not come just for the wishing of it, or your working in defense plants. We must pray for peace and beg God's mercy for an un- the customary garb.., the black cassock. For there are times when they temporarily take off the cas- sock and put on the garb fitting for athletic endeavors. Since any applicant for Holy Orders must be fit not only spiritually and intel- lectually but also physically, it fllows that recreation and re- laxation must be considdred im- portant items in the training of a priest. lives according to a rule.., that certain afternoons are designated as "play days" and on these days the Seminarians delves into the sport world... And be assured that he enjoys this time! In- variably during a contest, what- ever it may be there will be good natured jeers and cheers, as the teams lose themselves in the game of the hour, to be forgotten how- ever at the final out or whistle. families of the parish ea| c which has 10 or more li, d :children. The 63 families .,s :634 children living, of W s ,104 are married with chil ta i of their own. Fifty-four ]ai , dren of these families are sm t ling in the Canadian ar / forces. The special 'eelebr 0 was organized by the i Ubald Villeneuve, O.M.I., c, honor family life in Qul , Province. I Families of Servicemen Throng To Mass On Saturdays in Wichita Wichita, Kan. (El  Mothers, vice Masses, virtually the entire wives, sweethearts, relatives and friends of servicemen are attend- ing in large numbers a Service Mass celebrated each Saturday at 6:30 a.m., in St. Patrick's Church here. The Rev. Thomas M. Ryan, as- sistant pastor, conceived the idea for the service. He wrote a Form- ulary of Prayer and Petition, which has received the official imprimatur of the Most Hey. Christian H. Winkelmann, Bishop of Wichita, and the prayers are recited by priest and people be- fore the Mass. In the rear of the church, a small basket holds the petitions and intentions of those who attend the Mass. The open- ing prayer, composed by Father Ryan, follows: "O Almighty and Eternal God, giver of light and consolation, lov- er of justice and goodness, so- licitous and beneficient to those who seek Thy blessing and in- tercession with a pure and sincere heart, grant we humbly beseech Thee to hear our prayers and peti- tions. "Grant, if it be Thy holy will, that those of our loved ones (here mlse silently call to mind those )ersons for whom you are making his petition) now serving in the service of our glorious country, may always be kept within the shelter of Thy divine protection, and that they be mindful always that they are the sons of God and heirs of heaven. Grant that they may be kept safe from all physi- cal harm, and return to us safely after this terrible conflict is over. If however, it be decreed by Di- vine Providence that they shall not return, then, O merciful God, grant that they may be always prepared to die a holy and happy death. "Help me, O God, help me I pray, but always, not my will, but Tbine be done." At the close of the Mass, a pray- er for peace is recited. Father Ryan has been the celebrant of the Masses, assisted at Communion by the Rev. Thomas W. Green !pastor of the church. At the Ser- Congratulations congregation receives Communion. Archbishop Sympathizes With Sullivan Family Dubuque. (E)--The Most HeY. Francis J. L. Beckman, Archbish- op of Dubuque, has sent a letter of sympathy to the Sullivan fam- ily, of Waterloo, Ia., Consoling with them over the loss of their five sons in the U. S. Navy. "As your deeply concerned Shep- herd and Spiritual Fathcr" His Excel|ency wrote, "I wish you to know that my. heart and prayers are with you m your hour of an- guish. The entire Archdiocese ;oins with me in this expression of heartfelt sympathy over your tragic bereavement. We wish you to know that your heroic resigna- tion, brave hope, signal courage and Christian fortitude have stir- red the unqualified admiration of the whole country. I am satis- fied that such a spirit derives from tie deep well-spring of your Ca- tholic Faith. In your admirable example for 'God and country,' I see but a reflection of that noble spirit which moved your $ive here-sons to make the supreme sacrifice, undaunted, unafraid. 'Patriotism and religion' arc twin virtues, and we may be sure that your boys were rich in both of these." Force Children To Supply Blood For Germans Lisbon. (E)--Latest reports of Nazi practices prevailing in Po- land to reach here are to the effect that the Germans are forcing Polish children, by the housands, to provide blood for transfusions to aid wounded German soldiers. Famed War Chaplain Dies Dedham, Mass. (E)  The Rev. George P. O'Connor, 62, pastor of St. Mary's Church for the last 12 years, who has died' here, won fame as a chaplain overseas in World War I. He was chaplain of the 301st Field Artillery Regi- ment, one of the first New England priests to enter the service dur- ing the conflict, and after the war numerous of the former soldiers, to whom he was endeared, includ- ing, Governor Leverett Saltonstall who was a young officer in the regiment, journeyed once a year to St. Mary's Church for the 301st's Memorial Mass. FREIDERICA HOTEL Congratulations John R. Hampton & Co. 5th and Gaines Ph. 964 General Agents Little Rock, Arkas Little Rock, Ark. With the cycle of seasons, works the cycle of sports. .rom the opening of the school year in Sep- tember to the closing in June, there is found some sport which is in harmony with the particular season. In the fall.., football takes the limelight. For it is at this time that the pigskin is run, tossed, kicked and fumbled. In the winter, the seminarians pop- ularize basketball as they move indoors to the gymnasium. And for those who prefer the wintry winds, Volley Ball is equally en- joyed. In the spring: the time when a young man's fancy turns to love, the Seminarian's turns to bsseball. "Play Ball" . . "Strike Three" . . . "Foul Ball" resound from building to building. And for those who appreciate tennis the Seminary offers a playable, fast court. At the Seminary there are found many fine athletes who keep phy- sically fit by their active parti- cipation in sports. For in foot- ball are found Davey O'Brien's and Sammy Baughs, Lucietti's in basketball and many Babe Ruth's and Bill Dickey's in baseball. Yes, the Seminarians at St. John's are sportsminded! In fact, they have 'world' series of their own when the cream of the crop from the Minor House engage the top- notchers from the Major House in baseball. And a talented ex- hibition is given each year in Lasketball when the.inter-house series is held to determine the Seminary champion. Undoubtedly many of the lay people will wonder and ask, "But how do they find time"? They ere so taken up by prayer and study that it seems sports would Congratulations To The Ordination Class of 1943 MUSWlCK Beverage And Cigar Co. Little Rock, Ark. It can be said then that a tradi- tional spirit characterizes every The present life is our o sports event at St. John's. . a portunity of salvation. This spirit that has been part of the Seminary life and has brought this opportunity is incessantt the students closer together. Our ing, what is still left, may bel Seminarians are not only Mis- less than we expect. sionary conscious but also, cogniz- ant of the needs for physically fit missionaries; (Sports conscious!) Congratulations and Best Wishes to Bishop John B. Morris And the Ordination Class of 1943 d "Attractive Gift No. 79--A11 Sterling  beautifully finished, end oblong beads. Soldered chain, cross and sterling silver. In box at The Guardiav 309 V West 2nd Little Congratulations RED CROWN CLEANERS & LAUNDRY MARTINE FUNK 1101 Cumberlantl Little Rock, Arkansas Phone 6601 Congratulations, To The Ordination Class of 1943 PEOPLES BUILDING & LOAN ASSN. Boyle Building LITTLE ROCK, ARKANS/ LASKER'S IMPERIAL LAUNDRY & CLEANERS, Inc. MYRON B. LASKER, JR., General Manager Since 1910 Arkansas' Largest Cleansing Institution year 1938-39. During the years of its existence many young men have been educated for Dioceses throughout the South, Southwest end Midwest. Practically all of the Little Rock Diocesan priests have received their education at St. John's. 1 the past is an indication of the future, the coming years prom- J::e increasing accomplishments ;rod success for the seminary. One hundred and seventy-two students have, been ordained to the Holy Priefithood. The great majority of these priests are now laboring in the Diocese of Little Rock. However, many members of St. John's Alumni who com- ,,," pleted their studies here went Left, Rt. Rew Msgr. James P. Gaffney, Rector of St. John's Home Missions Seminary. Right, the' Rev. Msgr. Joseph A. Gallagher, Vice-Rector. ,- out to carry on the work of Christ in the Dioceses of Grand Island, ati Nebraska, Omaha, Nebraska, Col-Both Study Aod Athlehcs" umbus, Ohio, Dallas, Texas, Cin- Parish Honors le cinnati, Ohio, St. Augustine, Florida, Cleveland, Ohio, Wichita, Large Families [') Kansas, Providence, Rhode Island, Make Useftl] Priests Inau?Qeubec ellcel ! Buffalo, New York, St. Joseph, In Quebec 0ati MLssouri, Monterery, California, ---At a sp Covington, Kentucky, Wilmington, MassMass anon -Februw[February - 7niNh, N v Deleware, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, The Seminarians of St. John's be incapable of holding a place Dame parish Oklahoma, Ponce, Porto Rico, are not always found within the of prominence The answer lies Kansas City, Missouri, Ama'rillo, portals of the Seminary wearing in the fact tlat the Seminarian