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February 19, 1943     Arkansas Catholic
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February 19, 1943

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PAGE EIGHT THE GUARDIAN, FEBRUARY 19, 1943 Italy Striving To Escape Nazi Yoke Observers See Early Break In Axis Partner Little Chance Conceded Fascist Government To Withdraw From War-Catholic Colleges To Be Used By Army, Navy for Training By Elmer Murphy Washington. --The shifting for- tunes of war, which are now mov- ing against th%xis powe, have' again# raised momentarily the question of the role Italy may play in bringing about their de- feat. Attention has been direct- ed to it by the speculation con- cerning the appointment of Count Ciano, the Duce's foreign minister, as Italy's representative at the Vatican. Some commentators profess to see in this move a pos- sibility that the Fascist Govern- ment is feeling its way for a loop- hole through which it can with- 00'QUl eWE?" (Continued from page 1) draw from the destructive con- flier, hoping that the Vatican will provide the initiative. This, of course, is pure specula- tion. Such reports are without official confirmation from any source. Nevertheless they reflect what appears to be a growing be- lief that Italy is nearing the break- ing point. Available information indicates that the country is seething with dissatisfaction and resentment against the Nazis. It is under the hell of the German militarists who live in compara- tive comfort while the Italian peo- ple are subjected to severe ra- tioning and' have only the barest necessities.' There is no reason to believe, for all that, that the Italians would are ruthlessly cut down by ms- be able, if they tried, to shake chine guns, it is imposlhle to de-[off the .Nazi yoke. The Germans "Ji'he poor are taking no or.antes u me scribe the carnag. [ . , .. . naml lost their money, nroperty, [Fasmst Government s mtuation is .... - .......... r- 11 and lives. I should be easy for ]g aaua y growing more desper- ...... Amrl____on, t0 do the little thaZ is [ ate. . It. faces, on the one hand, asked of them, which is ,merely Imereasmg resentment of the pen- to lend their surplus money to the pie, which may lead, eventually, best nation on earth. It is a tragedy that Chief G-man, J. Edgar Hoover, has found it necessary to appeal to the police- men in order to cheek the pres- ent growth Of immorality among the youth of our country. In his Federal Burea of Investigation Bulletin, Mr. Hoover a/ter, here- tofore, having exhausted every channel of contact, has asked the policemen to use their influence in order to eliminate Juvenile de- linquency. If the collective face of American parents is not red, it should be. It seems that the modern parents must Imve dif- ficulty in seeing the relation be- tween cause ad effect. Experts in the care of health tell us that a few hours sleep before midnight are worth a great number a/ter that hour. In fact they say that in the case of adolescents these early hours of sleep are bsorutely essential. No one would ever think so to see the number of high school students who attend pre- view motion pictures and late parties that follow dances into the "wee" hours. Many 'teen aged youngsters are out every night of the week with no super- vision on the part of their elders. And all this entertainment de- mands money that the verae family can ill afford. Young boys very often start on a career of crime by seeking easy money to finance the entertainment of young girls. So nlay tragic re- sults have been traced to parental neglect of children tlt the indif- ference of so many parents to this danger must be called stupidity to say the least. Even when the greatest care is exer there are many dangers, but when free rein is given to children the worst can be expected. For number of years, Mr. Hoover has been sending appeals to parents, to teachers, and to religious instruct- ors with very little success. Now he has ,been forced to appeal to "the cop on the beat.".. The laxity of normal parents is due mestly [o misdirected love for their chil- dren. They lack the courage to say "no" when the best interests of their children demand "no" for an answer. :_ 100th PRIEST (Continued from page 1) them. Other Dioceses have claim- ed 70. It is most remarkable that a Dio- cese of this size could have such an enviable record. It is also a statistical achievement that other Bishops have sent students here, and that St. John's has been able to train and fit them all for the work required of them. Our Bishop can in the evening of his life contemplate with satis- faction the great work he began early in the day. We can all thank him for his farsightedness and strength.  I to revolutionary activity. On the other, it faces the prospect of be- ing ground between contending forces of the Allied armies in Africa and the Nazi war machine in Europe. In either case, the Fascist outlook is dark. If there is an internal collapse it would probably go down in the ruins. If the United Nations control North Africa, which now appears to be certain, and prepare to launch a European offensive, it will likewise face extinction. The only hope of survival for theDuces government would be to dis- entangle itself from the Axis but it is too forlorn a hope to afford it any comfort. Italy is approaching her dark hour. Already her cities have been bombed. If the Allied Na- tions take Tunisia, they will have bases from which to send out even greater air armadas to intensify the destruction. The suggestion has been made that the Allies ub- ject Rome to  air attack as the Nazis have attacked London, but this finds no favor among United Nation Leaders. It is recognized i that Rome is not merely the cap- ital of Italy. It is likewise the capital of Christendom and its de- struction and the destruction of its monuments would arouse worldwide resentment, and the re- action would be unfavorable in Christian countries, especially the Latin-American countries, which are predominantly Catholic. The Italiar people are virtual prisoners of he Nazis, and until the latter are rolled back there is little chance of an internal up- heavel and the collapse of the Fascist regime. In some respects, Spain is in a similar predicament, although it has been able to steer a neutral course. It has been able to hold off the Nazi menace but is under the constant threat of Nazi domination. The countries of the Mediterranean area are un- der terrific strain and the changes that may occur may be sweeping and violent as the tide of conflict rolls on. But for the present they cannot be foreseen. More than a score of Catho- lic institutions are listed among the some 330 schools, colleges and universities which it has been announced will be utilized by the War and Navy Departments for the specialized training of men and women. The institutions were selected by a point committee of the Army, Navy and War Man- power Commission for the War Training Program. This is the first list of colleges and universities to be issued. Oth- er lists will follow. The aim, it is said, is to make immediate pro- vision for training in those fields where there are critical needs. It has been stated that more and more institutions will be chosen when the Army and Navy have had time to define their needs in other fields. The great majority of te universities and colleges Timely Eternals Rt. Rev. Msgr. Peter M. H. Wynhoven Editor-in-Chief Catholic Action of the South Years ago, President Theodore Roosevelt warned his na- tion against a disasterous, self-inflicted evil that might befall the country if we were not careful. He termed it race suicide, will- ful extermination of our own race. In order that a people may preserve itself, there must be around three to four children to a family. Today, we are little below that average. Yet, Margaret Sanger, though somewhat mellowed by time, still is embarrassing the stork by advocating spaced birth or family regulation. Too many of our citizens, 'especially among the rich and educated classes, are too godless and selfish to ac- cept the obligation of raising the children whom the Creator is willing to send them. The one- and two-child families still thus far listed have been desig-" nated to train engineers for the Army, or for the Navy, or to train aviation cadets for the Army. Some have been designated train- mg centers for WAAC candidates, to give basic training in the Army "specialized program," to give meteorological training for the Army Air Corps, to give training in navigation, to give training in the Japanese language, to give training in automobile mechanics, to train WAVES for the Navy, to give training in advance techni- cal studies. Questionnaires were sent out to 1,700, schools, including all Ca- tholic institutions of higher learn- ing, and returns were received from about 1,500. It was thought at first that perhaps as many as 1,0O0 colleges might be used in the program, but it became neces- sary to revise this estimate. Contracts for training made with colleges and universities before the present plan became effective will remain in force. There are between 600 and 700 of these. In the meantime, additional in- stitutions, including a number of Catholic colleges and universities, have been informed that they are being considered. Final decision concerning them will be made af- ter they have been visited and a thorough survey of their facilities completed. Since the Army and Navy are not in a psition to ob- tain laboratory equipment, beds, and other furnishings, or to sup- ply instructors, only those colleges that have equipment on hand and have adequate teaching personnel will be chosen. The War Manpower Commis- sion is considering ways and means of utilizing higher institutions of learning for the training of civil- ians in fields in which there are acute shortages. At the moment there is a disturbing dearth of teachers in the lower schools and at the same time the need for the training of nurses by short courses of one kind or other has become very pronounced. Similar short- ages are developing in the various fields of social and community service. It is hoped that some plan may be worked out whereby students in these fields--and they would be mostly womenwould be sent to chosen institutions at government expese.---( N.C.W.C. News Service). Missions Preached For Soldiers Chicago. (E)Five priests of the Chicago Archdiocesan Mission Banff have just completed a ser- ies of missions for soldiers at Camp Claiborne, La. The missions were conducted simultaneously in the five post chapels. are too numerous to guarantee the healthy growth of the U.S.A. In 1941, in the city of New York, 410 teachers and 78 princi- pals lost their positions because of the decreasing numbers of chil- dren. A check-up of the married graduates of our leading univer- sities revealed a distressful condi- tion; The progeny of Yale gradu- ates averaged 1 1-4, Harvard, 3-4, and Princeton, 1-4, demonstrating an alarmingly sad and ruthless disregard for God's wish and the country's welfare. lm Dr. Paul Popenoe, director of the American Institute of Family Relations, in Los Angeles, ob- serves: "The birth rate has fallen so low in the 'United States at present that the probability is less than one in eight that the male descendants of any newborn in- fant will continue to perpetuate his family name. Of all women who marry, in the white popula- tion of the United States, one- fourth will never produce a child ;apiece, another fifth, two children apiece. This leaves, roughly speaking, one-third of all white wves producing more-or-less nor- mal families, since three or more children per married couple are necessary to keep the race from dying out. In simple calculation, at the present rate of birth, a city of 300,000 population today will have only I00,000 inhabitants in I00 years from now, unless its numbers are augmented by out- side increases." Artificial birth control is con- trary to nature. It ignores the very end for which marriage is in- stituted, which purpose is recog- nized by all right-thinking peo- ple. To choose solely sterile pleasure in the intimate relation- ship of married life is worse than animalistic. God could easily! have chosen another way to propa- gate the human race, had He not intended the relations of the sexes i for that objective. A marital re-: lation frustrating its primary pur- pose is an abomination in the of the Creator and must call for His curse on the land whose in- habitants are guilty of this awful God-defying sin. Artificial birth control is harm- ful to health. Again, Dr. Paul Popenoe says: '"Within any ordi- nary group, it is the woman with the largest family who lives long- est, not the childless or unmarried woman." Artificial birth control, according to the most outstanding medical authorities in the world, is unhealthy and harmful, both phy- sically and psychologically. There is many a husband today who has more grief and worry with one wife than he possibly could have had with a houseful of children. Terms? Sure! Select whatever you wish in home furnishings from our stocks---pay under our easy plan ! 00MANUFAC00ERS FUi!NITURE COMPANY The Half.Block at 7th & Arch 81.. FAMILY REUNION British Petty Officer Albert Edward Penny is shown with his wife and children, as the family reunited recently in Hampshire, England. He escaped from an Italian Prisoner-of-War Camp Rome and took refuge in the Vatican, and was recently exchanged for an Italian prisoner, upon euggestion of Pope Plus XIL At an audience the Holy Father gave him a rosary and an l)hoto to take home with him. Mr. Penny and Mrs. Penny, who serves in the WRENS, are showing te gifts to their children, Dennis and Edward. INP photo. (N.C.W.C.) And there are also not a few who spend more money keeping their wives in insane asylums or hos- pitals than it would have cost them to raise half a dozen chil- dren. Birth control carries in its wake an avalanche of desperate results and maladjustments. Moral decay and artificial birth control go hand in hand. We find on its trial abortion, the wanton, cruel killing of unborn childYen. Recently, an authority has figured that, in this country, an abortion is performed every minute. Think of this hor- rible crime being committeeff every 60 seconds! Immorality among the unmarried not only has increased, but has become more brazen. Divorce has grown rap- idly, particularly among childless and near-childless couples. "In 1938, in "The Sincere Seek- er," page 269, we wrote: "We fear Japan as a future antagonist. Maybe she is preparing for con- quest. Whereas she formerly led in divorces granted, she now has laws that tend to hold marital mis- conduct within legitimate bounds. From 1894 to 1898. she had 264 divorces on a 100,000-population basis; today, only about 70. Jap- an is unmistakebly returning to national health and strength through this wlse policy. You, red-blooded American citizen, keep this in mind: Japan is yearly getting stronger, and the United States i annually getting weaker." Birth control and divorce sap the vitality of our races and will eventually kill it. SR. LEDWlNA (Continued from page 1) McLaughlin as deacon and the Rev. Peter Post as sub-deacon. The Rt. Rev. Abbot Paul Nah- len, O.S.B., was present in the sanctuary during the services. Father Peter Post, in delivering the sermon 'for the occasion, point- ed out that from the date of her baptism, when she had replied to the question, "What do you de- sire?" that she was seeking "eter- nal life," she had consistently pur- sued this search. Her life was spent in serving Christ in the per- son of his sick, especially the sick nuns, whom she cared for with such loving kindness. Father Peter spoke particularly of her most characteristic virtue, grati- tude, which she showed for every favor, whether done for her, for her patients, or for her community, and which endeared her to all who knew her. Burial was in the Sister's pri- vate cemetery on the Convent grounds. Religious Matter Exempt In Postal Re Washington. (IC) merchandise sent through thei for the purpose of making a! or to induce the addressee to a gift or donation, would clared non-mailable measure introduced in Senator Carl Hayden of It is provided in the "this Act shall not apply merchandise deposited in mails by any religious, or eleemosynary society or tion whose application privilege of sending merchandise through the been approved by the General, if such stitution is the sole the proceeds of the sale of i merchandise or of the gift nation induced thereby." ' Congratulations C00UY WILLIAMS, Attorney General LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Arkansas Largest and Most Complete Music Store -k -k . REED MUSIC CO. 8th & Main Little Rock, Arkansas. Phone 5151 Congratulations MAYFLOWER DAIRY CO. 120 Maple No. Little Rock, Ark. 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