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February 19, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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February 19, 1927

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THE GUARDIAN, FEBRUARY 19,1927 Page Seven l into pieces for serving. Dust with r. ' ,'~ a%tliat time in relation to holy is- promoted public abstinence. Thirty H salt, pepper and flour; dip in 1 egg ~l~y~Il ~[T #'1 llr~J]r& A]~ I] ages. years ago the only society of men in HOURS AT HOME beaten with l tablespoon milk, then IIW~,t~.t~kLl ~,s~-~.L~l~l~k H Saturday, Feb. 26.--St. Porphyry, this country dedicated to the cause ~'!i ii OF FEAST DAYS!! B'shop. At the age 0f 25, Porphyry, of total abstinence wash Cath01ic s0- ~l,~q,~ ~ ~ l a rich citizen of Thessalonica, left lciety of men thai numbered thou- 'l McHale memberyou fondtheof pointSForgetWhiChall themake~per-llcook., slowly" for 1 hour. Thicken" gravy ..... ,, , the world for one of the great rclig-[sands. . " ...... ~- ~ ious houses in the desert of Scete. I "The official voice of the Church, l'U ........... i ..... : ............ ~with 1 tables oon flour mixed with a~ Sunday, Feb. 20. hr. ~ucnenus, His health was broken through aus-tspealdng through the Third Plenary , 1,~ ~ItlEtllllll sonal quarrels or nlSbOllt:~ yuLi ll/ttv P [ . ~ , ..... t .......... i,~, ~hich if re llittle cold water, iB:shop xva~ oorn at urmans ol a teritics, but upon his selling" all of/Council of I~attimore, in 1S84, de- gl:n their boughs'P~e~dt;::)l:ldl~e::.%~l/ha;:: nBdltm:~ Cream of Bean Soup t:oI~tu~:l~:;r,v~::] ~2:~]d'abo~[:t;:: :(I~ his possessions and dish'ibuting the clared that Cathodes should not en- l a 1 ( ret:urns to the poor, he was returned ~a.~e in the saloon business, and that and go-- as far as possible all the disagrccables Make as dried bean soup, but add 714 retired to the abbey of Junfiegc to perfect health, lie was ordained those who were in it shouM get out of life; they will come, but they will only enough of the water in whicb in Normandy. The nionks rcsip:ncd in 393 and three years later was made of it as soon as they could. ants grow larger when vou remember the beans were cooked to make the h!m for his c!cvation to tlie B!shoi-~ric'Bishep of Gaza. Hc died in ,120. "That is where the Catholic Church - stands and has stood on the question blasts are turned, them, and constant thought of the mixture tike thin mush. iiave this of Orleans, which the senate and and naked sweeps facts of meanness makes you more very hot "2hd add boiling hot milk to people of the eiLy beg~.-ed. Ire was * * * * * * * * * * of intoxicating liquors. If there be, " " c~nsecrated in 721 and banished by * *,then, those among Catholic people for which you've familiar with them. Obliterate every-, make it hke flnck cream, about a Ch.lrlcs Martel in 737. lie devoted * STATE LEGISLATURES * twho appear to be not enthusiastic ...... ; ....... da-- r quart of milk to 3 pints of the bean Llling cusagreeaole from ye~c~ .v. I ~ : ~ ' " Start out anew with a clean heart to-'puree. Boll up at once and serve It himself to prayer and meditation un- * , *~over federal, leg',slahon on a mobal til his death in 743 * * * * * * * * * * *ique~tion, it is not because of their Y~ are seared by griefldav so that you may write upon a spoils a cream soup to let it cook ...... St Severianus ](By N C. W. C. News Service.) ~own taste, but because ihey believe I ,0 " - - "0 - ---r-"s sake many minhtes after the milk is add- Wlonuav, reD. ~..t.~- '' " I ! " )looms unfold, cman snee~ ~or swee~ memo y . d . .. resisted with t Washington, Feb 10---Action on,the .est results are more likely to be tlaent blankets allonly those things which are pu',~ and ed. martyr, ~mnop.~o one " " I .... Imntel cold--- rs ' ~ ..... ~- ze'flthan did Severianus, measures of vital import to the peo-~obtained by appeal to the conscience lovely.. Eggless Chocolate Cake g~CaBisho_ ........ of Scythopolis, the persecution pie of five" eommonwcalths of the Un~of ..... the i/id~wdual than by' putting" his thought which filte I ~ One cold of sugar, one cup of raised by Theodosius, an ignorant ion was taken by the legmlatures of around hi.m t!m/orccs of thelaw... l sour milk, 1 teaspoon soda, 3 table- Eut chian monk, under the protec- Kansas, Montana, MIssourb NewI " ~eterring u) .'uex~co, ~ne ~rcnmsn- ag rays I~ No 1 took ~ cow-bell each spoons butter or lard, 2 heaping tea- ,;~..Y~e the Emnress Eudoxia Sev- IIampshire, anti Arkansas during the lop said: "There are two questmns m enanu" --"s' reward ~as, the martyr's past two days, while a bill" demgned lMextco.' " One is the ownership of as does the sun ] night to save. the wear on it while thewknSPnSvanmaCCa'ana2 DaxeCUpS'mflUra smwFlavroven, crown He was dragged from the to prohibit the teaching of evolution l lands,, oil leases .... and the like, held by autt~ran days: cow was in the lot. - on oin to city by the infuriated soldiers and in the schools of Delaware, made itsiAmencan citizens under certain titles vet I No. 2 stopped his crock g g A le Ta ioea Puddin ........... art of the appearance in the legislature of that l they obtained twenty or thirty years r Yet w pP P g massacrea in um m~er p t~._ . as won bed because he did not need ~ts serv- ~. -' - r- 8 or 10 tart a ............ rt of:State lade These titles are now disputed areat o-]~ I .... . . , rare ann eo e pp~es vear4DZ or in Erieeany pa i " t, ) ......... ~Ueen -~ ~*'~; i~ce wnne ne sept. and put them ina pudding dish. 453 ] The marriage eugenics bil!, which lY the ~uexma.n uovernmen~, .ann the ~ heaven stood s a wart on the back of , ~ probable conhscatlon of thmr prop eath a cv-o- [ No. 3 u ed Sprinkle over them a little cinnamon Tuesday, Feb. 22.---St. Peter s I if passed by the Kansas lcgisIature, t .............. " -~ button ~ er~y is in ~ne immema~e ~u~u~e "~ne his neck for a collar and sugar. Soak a half cup of tapioca Chair at Antioch. That St. Peter, be- would have required physical exam- . .. . .., "b TO DI~ ..... No 4 made his children climb the in a pint of water and pour over the fore he went to Rome, founded thelinations by both applicants for rear-/ether quest;ion is ~ne posmon ox ~;ne ,,~r.tx " wearin out ~ " " h d hardl been~ unurch---~ne ~a~nmic t~nurcn ann au yard fence to keep from g apples Bake about a half hour. Eat See of Antioch is attested by many lrmge in that state, a y . . . . ' ' ]the other churches--down there, can't corn .... his yard gate-hmges, w~th cream and sugar, tSaints.St. Leo says we ought to ]reported back to the Senate by the~ ............ ~o usher " " corn WhiCh Dy consl;l~U~lonal enacrmen~ Xclaitnea ~ ...... No 5 crossed his bees w~th light- --------- ]celebrate the chair of St. Peter with I Senate temperance and hygmne~ " ...~ ;... ~,~.~ ~ ...... .~ m,~ 8he h .': _ 4~ r nin bu s so the would ather honey Vegetable Salad *lno less joy than the day of his mar-Imittee, with a recommendation t a . as something on g g Y g "They are invited, or rather corn- day. Gwendah .....of a night. Peel and cut fine 1 large cucumber tyrdom; for as in this he was exalted it not be passed, when ~t came to hfe ..^n_; ,^ ..:" ....... .~.^: ....... ,. ' -~'~ .... ~ , " " nt a ched ~"~, ~' ~w ~.~ ~,,~,~ v~v~, '!~ds because ~h~ ..: .... No 6 put green goggles on his cow or 2 small ones, 1 raw omen, 1 bunch to a throne of glory in heaven, so by lagam under an amendme tta ~ .... ~ .... h-m~ ~,,,~-~-ri~ h,, ..... ' ~o social affn;-~ ~.,.* so he could feed her wooden shavings ~f radishes, 2 cold buffed potatoes the. former he was installed head of by the same committee, h,,mes vows #hat fh,~v made t~ a,,a at @,~ ~ .... ' ""~ ........ r~ss ~'~-" ~-red 1 small head of cabba~,e" the Church on earth. I Should the measure, as now draft- " ...... -~ ^'~.~ "~ rumply can't """ s ..... ts ........... ~ , _ _ _ ~ . ----all of these are to be turned ,,,~ - - No 7 nut muzzles on his ducks to mix all to(,ether, cover with your ~'a Wednesday, Feb 23.----Dt l~eter ed, win the approval of the state ~eg- ...... *" . *, ~ " . .... ,. .. .l , . ,, .~ .. ,, ~o ~ne government. ~ney mus~ even rweadol.--,. keep them from drinking too much vorite dressingServe on lettuce Damian was born in ut~a ann acmevealismmre ann uovernor ramen, every ..: .... ,~._ .~..u^^ .~.~ _..:^2,,_ ^~ raoth.~ ,, t come, branch water leaves great distinction at the Umvershy oflcouple applying for a marriage h- . .... ..... ~- ierln re t, ou'ln ~ne communion oI ~kin~ '-'.. why not ask No. 8 cut off his dog's tail to keep Parma. He deserted the world and lcense in the state will be required o~, g., nn, ..... ~.,~a +~ ~..:,; ~Y ~ g~rl _ who loaned him from switchin,, it and knocking Bean"Pot Roast eventually became head of the monkslto prove they had $1,000 on deposit '~."":~: ~:.~z --~ .... ~.:,,~.~-,~,- ,~es after ,,~,,~ ~;, ~' ". ..... ~ ~. . ~ , . . . ,. . . clsm is ~reacnery anu proo~ ~na~ ~ney ....... " off his huckleberries. . THhree poundsmutton (shoulder) of Font-~veuano. ~even ropes mlin a oanK or inves~eu "'over ann aoove are not in accord with the govern- You raean, Honor "" No. 9 sang through his nose tO save or 3 pounds round or chuck steak, 1 succession made h~m their co:::t:d!debts, habflltles and exemptmns, sent, and they are driven into exile , wal- wear and tear on his false teem., cup carrots cut into small pieces, 1 adwser was^ay, ms~ e ..- ] l~xempnon woma De. auoweu, ac- or turned over to the mercies of the the -" - ,, No. 10 wouldCttot subscribe for ms cu" "o'tatoes cut into small -ieees "" Cardinal Bmhop o~ usua. ne w~tn-Icording to Senator Buuer, o~ lrranK- Mexican soldiers" ~Irl. l, i, to , 74, . ~ . church paper, but depended on bur- ~un .Rlic(~d oni~n Cowr th~ maat wi~h stood Henry IV of Germany and la-l ford, a farmer, who sponsored the n~_~;,~, ~ ~h~ ~a~,,~o,, a^, ~aought of asking rowing one from his neighbor--Sel- ~.'~:%::_-.?.~-.:="" U-lace the "cover':: bored in d~fense of Alexander II!amendmerit, for the couple which' ~...~...~:'~"."~".% ~::[.^~..':.=.^"~',~'" ~.'~_:~.."_ _ -" ected +h~ hash not nnd ~ h a ea~l in against the Anupope, whom ne zorc-!ownea a ~arm or o~ner properw equmtthese +,,~o -"~r;"n= +o'-~t~ +h~ ......... " ........ r _.._ l_t t e re_at ....... . .... ,. . . _ ._ .~ ....... . ~. ..... , .... " -~*Y nice girt ' ed to yield anu seek xor paraonin vase to $1,000 Conversely, ff the continued " t h le H , . "" " a moderate oven for two hours; then - - "-. I . . . .... ]Archbishop " , I as mud- , onor s race SIMPLY UNANSWERABLE Thursday, Feb 24 St lYlatth~as, lcoupm were In uebt $10G rney woum ,t "i " " . : " add the vegetables cut in half-inch ..... " "--- " ........... [died the waters. It has held up the but'~s m s, cnom .. cubes, with 2 tablespoonfuls salt;, apost|e. ~v~a~rmas was semctea, axter be required ~o snow a aeposI~ o~ a~]religious question, in the hope that can t see Youth is no barrier to real trouble. to dinner" Historical c6ntroversies are creeping h ve etables are tender prayer,, to fill the vacancy among the least $1,100 cook until t e g ............. : . . by misrepresenting the Church s posi- which re,mire about one hour; then Apostles ,ef~ ~y me ae~amauon o~ Marriages between memoers of the tion it would be able to arouse anta- at her puz- into the public schools, since in the ..... ',,-u,dnc, a sauce over the meat Judas. He was above all remarkable Ethiopian race with t rose of t~..~ ( au- onism and' hatred in the Uni~,~ , ~ larger cities there is such an increa - made from 1 cup of the liquid in for his mortification of the flesh, casian race would be ~rohibitec ur der States, which would enable it to se- e all show of varmus races Friday, Feb 25 St Tarsms was another committee a mndmeni ['he - ing a%tendarice " " which the meat was cooked thickened " "-- " " " ~ cure its claims to the minerals oil n ~ ' " " dolyn who The class m hmto had been called born at Constantinople about the mid bill has already p d the H~ um _ . . ry. with 2' tablespoonfuls of flour. - a~ ~" lands and other things in dispute, The ann really does and the teacher was giving a review - die of the eighth century, of a noble Adoption b~r the Irate Se~ ~te of two are entirely different auestions .OVerlooking girls lesson, i, , .~ family. He was made consul and Montana of a'~Hous~ resoluti n, in- We Catholics have no cbllu~i-,, ~,,;t~ m_vitation might "Who discovered America?" she [, , '. afterwards first secretary' of state trodueed by Lucy A. Curran, ~ pp:'ov- the -eo,qe down there that the= have t(here is a prey- asked, directi!~tg her gaze upon little I, YOUR C/SlLD'S HEALTH ~, to the Emperor Constantine and the ing the child-labor amendment to the prop%rty rights, nor do we wan~t war act it is foolish Tommy Noyes. The lad grew deathly t, t , Empress Irene, his mother. In the Federal Constitution, made that state between the United States and Mexi- ase:ut~l: mastdk~ white and showedch~:;hris:girteat:tt-I, Weight as an Index of Bodily * mi~edSta:df twh:s c::::eheu~:n~m::t~it: ~he fifo%he ~:u::t:t :he ratification, co. Both of these assertions agM,n~t , ~Urs,-:-- a The teacher, in mu P ' P * Soundness * " . Y . ," " ' Catholics are misrepresentation~ ,nag a girl who ed the question , . " . be the successor of Paul, patriarch of States which have filed ratification In conclusion, the Archbisho.~ ur,, :ihbLY~l!tnt~leea:ut: bli:rQth~ Pult:a'S':sk:':mi'meth:in/ 'Y' *' * *B; IVied E'Spencer,* * * C;;:st':n~'i:~l:cti L:laVdI :~ 4F::o:=:: ArIz:a' Cahfornla, ;dsth:;al~ltt~:; ~Or2ad.h:aBifshtolYstho~ d hard Something else,,, Tommy. Y ................... ~..~+h ~a .... ~;"~ -~"'~;~;~v ........ , he could not i~ consc'e ce.accept t e By a vote of 82 to 62, the Missouri Mexico-, from which "he .~,moted, to . -~ should I do that? " ] ...... ~" *' ...... " ~'~ .... '^n government of a see which had been House of Representatives killed a bill make it clear that "the sword cannot ggeation was The guys in back here was talk-ln I .:2: ............ cut off from the Catholic communion, to prohibit the teaching of evolution "rotect the Church " nor is ,,overn ~g e ~wrkten ~or ~ae ~. tg. w. u. ~ews v , ,, - ._ venmg Honor about it yesterday Timmy "Flinn ] . . ; except on condition that a general in the schools of the state on Tuesday mental interference desired ~IYra t " ~erwce.} ~. o droner, and said it was discovered by an Irish ..... :'^~^~- ^~ +~ *~-^ --^re council should ~e called to compose IThe action came after long debate herself i- _ I . ~ ~v~r. ~lng ................... " n a whole ,saint, Gustaf Said it was a saimr ................. ,. the disputes which divided the Church I A similar bill met like fate in the LUXURY PILGRIMAGES tat ~ .... . "i _ ._ l lnteres~ ~nls year in his cnimren a _ . . . ant ~a~ contagmus, [from Sweden and Tory Gue.rr, za sam]school work. Each evening he laid [.G'ommlttee on Edt~cation of the I TO FAMOUS SHRINES ,. ,me lor all the lit was Columbus: an' if you a seen l ........ .,~. , house o~ ~epresenm~ives of New F area ~_ I , .. ,. _ l asme ms newspaper ~o mscuss w,~- ~..~ ......... ,^ -~-.. ,^ ...~u^ ~.~.. t ......... I DE ENDED BY LORD _ ~ vu a ranch in I what ha*mened you woumn ~ ask a l.~ , ~ ,~ .... ~ .,._ i,,,-s ~wo ~,~,,~ ~u sa,- ~o ~,,~r.~ ,,~. ,Hampsmre yesteraay lne commk- ' and a ,-r , - , nemn ann xom ~ne happenings o~ ~nv wei " ~ ,, ..fter her first]little fellow like me whats got no[~., r. ..~ ,~.. ,:~., ^, ~^~. .... [ ght normal. I wmh you would do ttee reported it was inexpedient to London, Feb 7-- "Luxury nil~q'im ff, shetel~ _l .... ,, I ........ _In much fvr Tom. You mlghtat leastIle~,islate on the -uestion I__._ ,, ......... e- u a~gun~. ~the ,,-~ o~ monl;nlxr re,~or~s tie nadl ..... . . .. Ib "~ " lages were oexenoeo Dy ~ora Den- aces vet "w- ~ v rexram ~rom ouymg canuy xor rne The Rotenberr ant~ Y mterest -- , y evolutmn bill bl h when he reside he -] , ]read Toms for the second time; ........ -. .... " "- " I "g p " d this week at so,, ~tt never been] Household Hints. IChristian Doctrine Reading, S,,ellin~',lemmre-n- so_xrequen,r~y~, ,. [was passed bY the Arkansas Houselthe Catholic Association banquet hu~,~lvet. [ Save all odd scraps of soap, andI Arithmetic, Ge;'g~anhv ~" Histol"~, I .... .Weight Reveat~. ~onmtmm . [of Representatives late yesterday, by} The association organizes pilgrim- ak~"~uc when herlallow 1-4 of a "pound to a pound of Drawing, Denortment VWe'i~,ht Should]- ~.m~er rose sai.a ~na~ wmgnmg m,]a vote of 50 to 47. By an overwhelm-l ages to Rome, Lourdes and the Holy ' re~' net departure.[water. Shred the pieces fine. Putlwei~,h Yes that' was 'correct !~or the non,mealca, person, a retYping viva voce vote the bill was tabledlLand in a way which leaves little to nice ev " ~,, " Water and *" " ' "Issue of one.s bodily heakn when in the Senate toda ' ' enin the in a an w~th the , . " Y- be demred m the way of comfort Wash, g. ~ P . Wmght 86 pounds--Should Wmgh 90 . .... ~r ..... or inter-} place the pan on the stove. Inounds. He looked at Helen's 'The ~ ............ "/ universities and/ t Hen Stir the we~ghmg was started in Septem A move to have ,, Lord Denbigh said: A pilgrimage : ~clatlve? You'reltill ~[Phe soap is dissolved. It is then~,~o ~t~,~J ..... ~;o~.~. T~r~:~a., ,sther' the ~m~ers ~ounu ~na~ ou~ o~ a~colleges excluded from the provisions]may be all very well as rez, ards the ~=.~een carrying too ]ready for use in the washtub.* This)~,;u-'nds~S'"hou'ld'~W';~.~,h": ~o"~'~'u%d'; tttal enrollment of 615 only ~6 per/of the bill, was defeated earlier inl pious part of it." You may s~tart with ~wcastle . ,- , ~, -- v- " cen~ were norms in weign~, z~ per the afternoon m .... . .... and now]makes an excellent soap 2elly. ~"What can this mean?Wo;.h+ 1;~+ed! . . .] Ithe best sprat of hohness and eqm - ~ae "~, .... P ra whe ~ ...... cent were slightly under wmgh~ an(l,- I " - .. . re there/ /alon~, with academic studie~" Hel .... I ped w~th tbe very largest halo But g2e~,,~ their being a] You will find that meat stews re-~passed the cards over to mother furla per cent of. the scnom sen:IMSGR. GLENNON GIVES ]if men and women find the hotels ..~' |quire far less salt when they centare]her inspection, lousy unaerwmgn~.. ~l~ ,ox ~n)s]CATHOLIC ATTITUDE ]uncomfortable,. their accommodations ." ~-~"~'-- |only a little vegetable than if they] ................ ,^A)group were .~ounu ~o nave pnymcat] ON PROHIBITION LAW t awkward, their luggage missing, and " s~ , ~nu wolnan like, moaner con~in,~,, ueIec'c i neea I s ecial ..~NEDlCTION [Include two or three potatoes Or a~the conversation "Yes " - "i ter -. s and ~o oe n o . p .. l ------- " Ino one to be father and mother to ~, _: " ~good deal of carrot and Vtirnip. PO-~ex.qained that t; us at'th:n?dst;ar such as2hat prowo.ea m ~n.eI (By N. C.* W. C. News Service) [them, human nature begins to tell, -e B1 ened ~ nu~rluon mass Teachers oiscover m St Loss Feb 7 T kln a ,, ' . essed Sac-Irate soup, particularly if thick [entTeach~r atherin "" m" . . . ] ", . .--- a " g s aland it wears holes in the halo. ~g of Our Lord]with flour and made with a good deal]. " g," ,- g. ~ou reme .: SChool work that by means of the]themefor his February sermon,~ oeryou coman t a~tenabecause ox hel h n ,, ,, The S sur nsm amount g t~wmght check up those chfldre Chant as set forth ~ h " acredl0f milk, needs a P'" g [thedirector's me ~'n ...... " ' " " . " .I "Y' "n t e ep'stle[swIss PRESS PAYS TRIBUTE " a sh e~l g ~ne sam in n , oft time on'of salt to redeem-it from being in-|weP.hln- the children "mon'hl 'was ' e.ed of special exaf~inafion ana lfor the day, the Most Rev. Jobn J.~ " TO DEAD CATHOLIC LEADER ,ich~*~ ....... I . .. / g g ~ Y a~ten~ion can oe roughly separa~eaiGlennon Archbisho of St Lo " ~"~ ~aI~nl~ul mpm. found t be " , . ms, -------- t o a very valuable device fro ~.s of adoration,] ] ...................... m those in good health. .. ?f courselbrought out the vie~s of the Catho-] By Dr. Frederick Funder, . Jug, and toward~ Dry dusting will keep waxed Eoor|h:tl:h~h:~s~gM~nem~.. m pracncrag the scales are not an mfallm,~/gumeilic Church on prohibition yesterday.I (Vienna Correspondent, N'C W C ,*essm work into ~ ~-,m~eu can m,~ D~ they will select the wors~ cases morns at the St Lo g with the]immaculate. Dirt cannot " | - " .......... " 1 " g . u's Cathedral.l News Service) .... see much use m urmKmg rank when m the ~ ht-we~ ht av .... lit. It just settles on the surface|the,, "-refer coffee-" ......... n group. The beg . g ?.-]The archbishop also spoke on the Ca-]. Vienna, Feb. 1.--The death of i reallypresent inland works off easily. [ve~et:bles in retiri'n me-.;'~ng-g~2j erage,nas veen ~ouna ~o.t)e a pre~Y[tholic attitude toward Mexico, stress-~George Python, state councillor of el W g , g u ,y, ann gooa child health yarasuc~ m the omt that no desire ~s felt t ." _ % ho blesses. ] ' ]in- all "he other thin s -~"=~" dre .... ~ ...... ", .....I g P " " " el the Canton of ]~ reiburg, has g'iven the ~eneaS Often as ~os | When sealing fruit butters or pre-|gooa~, zor" ~them, ~ust" becauseg ....... someone-ielasmfl~e~ore any cnlm m ae~m~teiy intervene in governmental or corn/Swiss Catholic ress " - P occasion for fits are very lserves, place a circle of thin cloth] ...................... ed as malnourished he m g~ven~n)ercial matters in that country, and! publishing many fine a recmtion ~be Understood]on top and sprinkle this with]~e'~s ~n~m ~u ~o al_l..~n~_s. ~u5~x_..~ a complete meulcai exammauon, m.nce!t_hat it is unfortunate for a clear un- of his life and labors. ~Pot withous you are in the]p~-ound cinnamon The spice pre.|t;n-u w~,~,,~u .~o puuntm ms~ mo~ some cnneren WhO are namrany ~nm;derstanding that Mexico should have reason wa.R thi~ f~h~,];. I ...... %. tch o- " ~ ann ms wmgn~ has mounted to 77 wi . . . . ................ auer cauea anstlc mulatto on I1 fall below the avera e somewhat, rou ed thee t , ,, . Christ [vents mold from accu g L~his month and all bec ~ ~- has ...... g Ig- p ,~ puss ~th the idea of]the King of Frieburg, of that Swiss homage of ""'~- . .. ;- , au~e ne w~mou~, hOWever, ~eing seriously~reli~ion ,/;, ~anto',,~h;~h ~- th .... rns ~ne ~rul~ ~ -- ~ *,e ~cene of hls ac d added milk to hls dzet, he soon ac handica e h been found on : event prayersl " l" ........ " " pp d. It as , ] Prefacing his remarks on probibi-[tivities ""--" - " dessing. ~,~,,,,,~,,~a"^'~ **ruits that have turnedlqmrea an ammae amounting to a l the other hand, that in the majority tion and Mexico by explaining that he At the age of 71George P hon-- "al Cat~-^,:-]--'-~ ---= ~- .... +ored by scalding]c " " g" ] ases where there is a markedde-/touched on the two subjects because/nassed awa. a .... : actlc convmtmn that milk drmkln m worth of c yt i~'t~s abe:a: I U~di:;t~Z't:;:it'| s: g?:tle ;Fn e gbaYr ] ~:iCi fTiu:r al?tii! :: 'o w/m~t~od:~: ]:hant ~ n s rE: n ;t a::2rdt g ' gh t u;~ m:e ! ::i stehne] fT::u nmdi:;tt;:dieng at it::t A)actS I ::::b;: ts ::ti ~~d;t h~h e:;:~gen: :!i Ciiih#.c ve and ves ' ~taken to locate the defect You see, bishop Glennon, said , , " . mer- and a few whole clo : ot'c countr m n " , verything| . .~.. .. t the use of this device teach-[ ~er m e well as for a group of children to~ withou . . ,, . . . . y e , the fortieth anm- Qne of the hve questmns of the versary of his enterin,- the ~.:~- .n than ~ compete w~zn another group ~ ers . ~ . . 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