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February 19, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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February 19, 1927

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Page Six THE GUARDIAN, FEBRUARY 19,1927 the ass, St Joh 'sio "'as'o"ows: F X ch ab 0 S c oirsn horesponses ilC OF NEWS !SpPredentJeLOeSalvVice After~ Mass standing at the church K ~, IPresident Tony DeSalvo; Secretary, entrance the happy couples received " " F "~ ] x~tnk J Paladins; Treasurer, Bobert t the congratulations of their relatives ' Paladins. This Branch was organized and friends The guest list was limit- I . St. Patricks Branch, No. 1133' i November 25, 1923, with 12 members led to the relatives of the brides and North Little Rock. Officers for 19271and now l~as a membership of 20 ben- ST R%MoA~sSBMISoS, IORNKHOUSE, h:::d ~hu:s:;::: :b;:ta:::d ChHr:wh, grooms and a few close friends. These are as follows: Spiritual Director, By Rev. R. J. Marmon. This is Catholic Press Month and what are the friends of the Missions doing to assist in the spread of Cath- olic literature? After you have read eficial and 1-social member. NEAR EAST MILLION IV MILLION t New York, Feb. members in the tributing one million achievement of the Near East Welfare new your Catholic newspaper and mad- nation-wide appeal azines what do you do with them? ] ment was made It is hoped that they are not destroy- l by Prof. Edmund Aown ed thus ending their useful mission explanation of the proper use of the brides and grooms were Rev Men-Jhontas m. , Presi'dent of Georget ;: soon. Anyone desirous of assist- vestments and the Mass was givenlsignr Froitzheim, Rev A. Haeringer ~76 Jan~::'m12~ership of Branchlpreme Treasurer of the Order, who and President of the g the Missionaries in their work of ~nd this brought forth more nu~i~,~[and the fathers and mothers of the I - ._ y , is 70 Insured made a wonderful talk, taking as his from the headauarters ~ the salvation of souls and the hasten-lull of which were ~ladlv answ=re~'-'~tbrides and grooms. Here a~ain as[members" 9ff!cers for the year 1927 ]subject "C~ttholic Organizations the ington Avenue, ~New yor~ ~ " "~ .... ~lover the entire home the lue 'and are: ~pirkual uirector, Very Rev. Bulwark of the Church. Members hi on e----Ja~ mg o~ that time when there shall large supply of literature which had b /Ms r J ~ . / e day alon be one fold and one Shepherd," canlbeen =nile ........ -:- Ibeige color motif was c--~:~ ~-~* J g os. ~ro~tzheim, President, F.[were then obligated officers elected , - I , u ~o ~ne IVIISSIOn _FI a~L~:uuu~ . , tl e o enln of the do much b re mailln~, th " ' ouse Danci " J" Baltz; Vice President, Joseph Jan- membershi certifica , ~ :ed and " ' p g day { ..... Y - _ ~, elr Cath-iwas left there Th:s Mrs. Wilson will ng was en3oye~ throughout thelsen .......... I~ . P tes de}Let rollment, more than 750, one n~era~ure to Catholics and also {see is deliverPd ~ ~h~-~ -~ ~,- . . entire afternoon, and ,~un~ ......... ! , r~ecoralng ~ecre~ary, war~lnel~ne oraers emble~ presented +~ each : ......... -un . . - ...... ,~ oi Lne nelgfl- , ~, ,,,. ~,~ o~xv- . . . ~ *-" .u Lea ~nousaua COUlU. non-Cathohcs on the Mission. If you borhood who are ea~er for it It h-J'ed between dances Jansen; Treasurer, ~V. H. Nuce, Es-I one. of the new members;~ The tel- the Association. ProL ~" will communicate with an . h ~, au] ]cor~, ~'. A. Wurtz; ~uard, Ben De- lowing were obli ated a -. ... .... " .... y one ozioeen one month since the last vislta- In the eveni " C1 " g s members of ed and smcc that time the Mlssmnarms at e:ther of the three tion and while it was im~os ...... I ..... ng a re.caption was glv-/~ ark, Thustees Pat Martin, H. A. IImmaculate Branch No. 1153 John 250 000 membe houses, St. Roman's, Jonesboro, Ark.:lan earlier vi,i~se;~,~ +~- "- ~m,e xorten ~nem D.y z.nelr mother at which the['as~, and Frank Feangenberg.]M. Baus, Frank Hess, *Bernal~d~:ss ~.^~" _ addi[lonal. _ . b St John the Bap%ist, Brinkle,, Art" [~h-~, I, ..... -.:--_~..:- ~:,e papers, nas/young ~mends of the brides and[Branch 476 war organized Oct. llth,/Francis Hess, Mary Sehuch-,* Tz...~: ~,~.e:~ enrouea making ,* o, , -, ~. ' - -, ,-,|----o ~.. --,allen ~0 ~ne Wilson resi-t~,rooms Were ,~-~.~+ ~--'--- ill-P- I vv . .. .~ ~-~, ~x=z~v nlllllOn memoers. or ~. uosepn s, fine Bluff, Ark, you/dence would have sile ..... |" , - ~ ......... very one was [ .... [~=~ess, anna ~w l~ous, Agnes Gahr, . . . ! nuy seen using privileged to view the " . While the million dollar. may be sure of receiving the names,their w r . . . ~ many beautl- . George J. Hart, Joseph Kuroskl, Anna . . of as many n~ ............... I . re k when the visitation was/ful and useful wedding ~rifts Danc-t.~ St. Elizabeth Branch No l138,/Itanor ~ I ~m,m~;r~ ..... ,an by the once mllhon ne mail literatur~"to ~ you care ~o!no~ mace. /lug was in order till a la~e hour ]ferry. This Branch was Organized]John ~l'~'Hes~-D"ff_~" ~ u. ~uuseonnO!wil1 provide for~ the initial. I ~unsay morning Mass .was said at ! " ~eptember 13, 1925, now has a mem- , ~o~ hess, Augusta and welfare reeats of t! Remember the work of the Mission- ' the home of Mr. andMrs Charles E. The brides ,are the attractive/bership of 14 beneficial and1 social/Hess' Joseph Hess, Arthur Beaker, lion in behal~ o~ Turl~eY, cry is to keep in the faith those who Denny in Black Rock Catholic liter./daughters of Mrs. Helen Steimel.]member. ]Joseph.M.. Hess, and Mary Hess Thelmenia Greece Palestine, possess it, to make better Catholics !ature makes its weekly visitation here/They have enjoyed much popularity/ .... /exempn.~lCatlon of the three degrees lsia' the anneal'for membe~ of them, frequently, give them I and. then goes into the homes ,~ .... +~.~ ;in the brief, young ladvhood, . Mr. ! ~icers for 1927 are: Spiritual. Di- !o~ ~ne lnma~mn will be at Brinkleyt trlbutmns" " ' "-~fll contlnu" - e the opportunity of rece:vin~ the sac ~nelghbors That it "~ a~; ..... ,^,~]Gschwend is the son of ~,~a M,.~ Irectr, Ray. Jos. Feldkamp; PresldentISunday, February 20th commenclng~ .............. .~ - l ..... s --~,u Mr .......... . . . uuu~e sup or~ nas ovv,, raments, to bring back the,lax andyOod can be plainly seen. When thls]Henry Gschwend, Sr., of Pocahontas,/H" B._Nagel, V,ce President, A. o. lprmptly at 130 p.m. 'lmeet the ~itiful alight of in many cases it is not always their,town was first visited last Jul ...... ,_/where he is engaged in business Mr ]noy~; ~ecremry J. F. Grabhen; Treas-I St. John's Branch No 1150 Brink ~-~ --- - - Y-wldr, . . . ~ },copra . " " ~u | . . , - u~ men, women ann cm . !cult or at most_,t m not intentional, lWould stare at the missionary bu~ sel-}Ungerank ~s the youngest son of MrI rer, Ernest W. Rehm. .]!ey. A special meeting was held in/sic and the Near East,. nen there is that other object, to tdom was any reply made I Mlke Ungerank, Sr., and is a pros-I W J Eheman of .... " 'l ne rarlor room of the Rusher Hotel[stated - " " ~ " Juor~ 2-kl-bll Ul~ make our faith known to those out-I Catholic literature and the fre-~-^-'-/perus farmer near Engelber~, ITex~ i:..~ ............. ,Ion Feb. 13th at 7 30 p. m The ecru-[ ~^" ....... ed] :n~r:A u:_ ~,e -O.~U.. few in this, each/ylsu;a~lon are making a great change/ Mr and Mrs Gschwend ........... [member of St. Joseph Bl:anch No [2on uelng a VlSl~ xrom Supreme|do not represent complete ,~.t~mnary wm ten you that Cath-lnere. Mrs. Kate Larkan has as bar'their~ ........ : . ~. . w m ma~e]ll32 sends his best wishes+,~ ~n ~' treasurer, harry J. Wuennenberg of|was nointed out as not ouc fi~erature is doing untold good [guest her sister, Mrs E J Brennan I,-- ~ ~"~ ~ol~m m rocanonms. ~wrs./K o ^ ........... ~" "" "~: !St. Louis. Frank Andrews c~lled the leith+: ...... ~'~: .... in t: p " , ~ " " uscnwena Will be misse - ~. zacn~ucrs anu also encloses . J e, ~-~..~.~ u*u~o~o , e0P]e.wlll read and if given the op-]O{ St. Lores, Me. Mrs. Brennan stat-lin Engelber,~ as she h d very muchlmoney order for 2 months premiums I neet!~]g to order and presided, He] States cooperating in the ~1 por~um~y win read Catholic liters- ed that Black Rock was certainly a one of o s as mways Dean I Mary Imm-culate Branch "" } n~rosuced the speaker of 'the even-[reported This dramatic ture. They will read Catholic thought!splendid place to get a rest and this / , ur oest and most willing/1147( Hoxie ~ " ~" ~ ' " ~il ng, Mr. Wuennenberg of St Louis, ]American c ....... le accOi~ workers ~i~ enurch s " , . ~,ec~s Onlcers Ior 19z'/ . . ! nart~ttu h:de :~hn~nergv'il?':gwbhf:r;ri:h~Y ~n~ ~:r t:::]~ea::e%~ aFrf~etwhep~:::s b:~l~:k:%d i~:r~u~lk:CUi:g:rn:n~lCn:C~l !~Se~O~?j:.pSeP;~i:::lDl:;~:tnO:' RVeRY. ]::h~SwP::~:rdf~.t{ho:ks e~q:::c:ai1: ~:dpeg~O:s ~li/~S0mt:l~a~ here ~s the eat o or lamuseme ~ re residence m the ' of A during Its 50 ears of . _ ,. gr pp tunity for hhe, nt to which a person can go, Imodern bun~-I .... I Pace; Vice President Kathleen" B" ]~ - " Y operation/(~aturday) my Apostle. and second, the inclement weath~.,] ..... ~w now unaer con-ICassi~." l~ ....a~.,~ c/.~^+ ........ ~ Other speal{ers were, Rev. Edwin A It . or t~ c ....... I .......... " ~ |~rucuon on the un~erank far,~ ! .,~ ........... ~ ~c ..... ~, Lucde t::r ............. " I was eh~omeled f . ~,me may aSK l~ at the resent a,,u muaoy s~rec~ prevent walkm "'" Youn ,-~-, sos n meuler~