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February 19, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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February 19, 1927

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THE GUARDIAN, FEBRUARY 19,i927 Page Five rn nvua a vmaT l,nited States, , ,ooo; to t or CHILDREN NOT BORN -_ ,,,4t o bUllOl lVlHttllUlI l of St. Aloysius Church, Washington, [ CRIMINALS, EXPERT __. ' ' ||~ ~|~tiT lmr~, ~v~, w ........ [D. C., $1,000 for the benefit of the l PSYCHOPATHIST SAYS - --- ......... -=*' ur/tbllU ~ parochial school for boys; to the Con- uti0ns ---i i SOLEMNLY IN FRANCE PaPITS [ ,, ' ' ' p" "y, , " ' ------.21 "~l Ad" ' -- " the sum is to go to the mother su-Ibeen making a study of methods of - I | - I lcai Full" Persnal Appea" t'theseactinsftheI~ierarch~T There!perirftheNewYrkCenac]eCn- mental hygiene in this cuntry fr ] [ I I hm;:~,,Their Dioceses To I have been numerous submissions to ivent to be distributed by her among|the National Medical Board of Swe-m ' ' ""* t~'lfhe " ..... ~," ........~ . sltat~n,ly~ to ,|the decrees of the Hal j,7 See, and some .the existing Cenacle convents, m the , den, g~ves hm v~ews today on child .... ]= ~. ~ Wall. [powerful persons have urged tt~at all United States. ~ ~training and on criminal and immoral | " ] R} [. C w ~'-'-~-~.. ]accept the presumption of ActionI To the Cenacle Convent at Rome, levidences in the young. ]| LITTI.F. OCg I ] at ge: "" "" r~ews Service) |Francaise At the same time, how- Italy, $1,000; to the rector of St. Mat-i Dr Lundahl holds that lack of l -. ........... ,.~.~#..,,j~ | o. 1...._T . .... ~ , . " . . . ~ehave c ...... he .B~shops of~ever, it must be admitted that theithews Church, Washington, D. C.,Ihome training and enwronment playsi/ ] !Yr0~ ~t~'~~u,~ be read sol- |Action ~roup ]s contesting the decree i $5,000, for an altar for the chapel of ia large part in producing the criminal I | | le] at;,. "% pulpits the Pope's|spiritedly and that in some directionalthe Blessed Virgin; to the Christland the anti-social elements in so- ] ] : ,h~ ,a~ ...... " e ha~e been ,.assmnate re u , " " -~/ : e., - " , -F,~a4-eefl~ ] "'" 0I A " ~ " I . " . o . _ . then Franeaise |th re. n " " f sals Child Society and the Convent ofte~ety Endorsing the methods of pay Courses Cla~stcal, Sctent~fl Pre Medzcal Pr~ '~,,~,:.~-~ ~ m:Iicial newspa~ ]on the ,art of Catholics to abandon|Perpetual Adoration, $1,060 each; toJchopathists in the United States, he l[ -- -" if l fl- e have had these ]it. I the House of the Good Shepherd, St. I says: "They are educating parents | . __ ieo~luc~ents printed in their ] Promulgation Solemn Event Joseph's Orphan Asylum, St. Ann's in the immense responsib}lity theyl/ ! ~2~ni!~i::'R~:~t;u:;Sahe/'vhT::'cf~;h::: thfe :hc:l:;~ti~:c;:;sih~fth: A;yfumfa'~a'ts~enL]tttn]:,~:t~r': ha~[d'n a:~ga;:wdnm;[;rXe;thfiCh:;;labme- / REV. JAMES P. MORAN, President [ le, eats ' to these pro-|vinch Of Paris will not soon forgetl$500 each; to the Old Ladies Cath-come anti-social because of wrong| | h~ .a/thf,their personal appeals|the solem]~.occasion of the reading elllie Home, $1,000; to Georgetownlupbringing." ~ J ~1 nth ']~.xn thmr dmceses to I the,pC, a1 documents from the ~ulDits I Vmvers~ty Hospital $5,000,' for the l Dr. Lundahl also points out the | | I ] ~ ne ' ." -- ~ -- -- " ,hPope .mtatmn to the will|Wha~t~ver may have been their senti- maintenance of a bed; for the benefit danger lurking m the small family, | | I | ill g that i~everal prelates, in [men~g~ in the past, all listened with of Margaret M Cox, a trust fund oflespecially where there is an only ,,~ ~ | ~,,,, [0a F- ~ ~s forbidden to sup-I;rofound emotion to the pronounce-1510,000 is created, l child. Unsocial tendencies are more ~ ~a: to e~::::2see .to assist it, to[men.ts of their archbishop and his[ If there is any money left from the[likely to dgvelop !n these condit!ons,; SUBIACO COLLEGE [ g ~t and to r sale of the demgnated property after The parents w~th only one child, ' :, ind; .... ead[stzffragans condemning the group led[ . " [ . , | ~o ,~-~e that these the foregoing bequests are md the he warns, "must be par~mularly care have t pres- [by Maurras and Daudet and the paper I P " , [ " - | ~a' at o- veen defined by the [whicl~ +he,, ,~;~oo+ M .... ~.ath-li-s will directs that it is to be applied to ful that he has a natural sociaI life ............ | ~ ~rn,~,'~-" ~ ! ~ ~g ............g "~ ~ ~ 'l . _ . ! ........ ~onauctea by the s~enealctlne /"atharj ,a~is~ .... ~smn of Archbish ]priests as well as la,~en had for!the convent or convents o~ the Cen-lOtherw~se unnoucea i~res w~ll burn - | ,0ps - .,, , . . .... ~e~ of France acle w~thm the httle on and he will be is Uo~ - ' [many years been enthusiastic read-I " l e~ I d ffe~+ u0Ubt but that a are-|era of the naner and ardent nro~a-[ The instrument contains other be- storing up grief fb~ himself and ! ~s been, created" by'gandists for Action Francaise~ [quests for friends and relatives, others." Two Pre-Academ|c Classes, Regular Four-Year {ilauhmi ~ Sch~ml I ~ ..................... ,.?. ~=.,... Course, Four-Year Science Courae~ Regular Fou~Ymur Commercial | ~t an~ .... ; ..... Coursa, Four-Year College Course Leadm t~ J~ B u llflgllT pare compare it, we would find that he- " ' I va~ 1/'111/ Itween the story of Coriolant~s and I[~" ~[l"i'.gllri, IWashington and the love~ of each for I -_Vlllhlm Ih,s mother, are many mmflamt es. In ~..~.,~] ..... .^ ! till ~- iq ] ........... ~al~l~tllt~ L.aA~..tJll}I~LPll L gS~g.agll~h~ REV BE*'E ............. ~ IAIlI~** ._ __ lanswer gogne pteaamg o~ ms mocner, . N l~l(J-l UOIgC~RDING, O. S. B., Prosi4~-t. | "~ otlt l M RIT/'I(lcrilanus saved Rome. 'You have Your European itinerary will be incompIete, if it fails to ' I -- ",~. a~a~VaL[saved Rome,' he said, 'but you have include Ireland. Will Rogers says, "There is more to be= -- - ~ [lost ~o-* ~ ' " seen in Ireland than all other European countries combined," I i ! ! " U" S. So" " " [ "E've~ in'the ~reatest of all Shak and "Killarney is where Switzerland got her idea of lakes." I I I I r~e,tant ~ ,~CZtor General,~es ' . s ....... - Our Second Grand Annual Excursion to Ireland, sailing = | , ODea peare s ~raaegms r~ammb---me f ,,^ ks of Her a [ -- from New York, June 18th, in charge o Mr. O, J. Lenihan, " Hueea ~ ,, ' |love of mother is exalted even though affords an excellent opportunity of visiting Erin under ideal __-- _ ___ ~_eaven." [this particular mother was not alto- conditions..Better make up your mind to go along. Rates MT. ST. MARY'S ACADEMY C W ~ [gether worthy of it. Hamlet says are reasoname. ' C. News Servi~o.~ ['And when you are ready to be bless- Remember that by joining our SCYTHIA Excursion you will % Fe~- . -- ~'" I.~ Tm ~;,~. ~o .~ ~,~,,, be traveling on a new ship with an experienced conductor, - . er ,~ ..~" ~4.---James M. / ............ "~ "~ ~ "'~" under the care of a steam ship company with over 86 years ~ouducted by the S~ o~ Me~ ~OllCl Jta,- tar General of/ Recalls Washin~.ton's Mother of successful trans-Atlantic travel experience and a com- ...~es, Paid a tender *-:~ / ~ " pany that has always enjoyed extraordinary popularity with ' ' ~ " r ~J. Ulessed ~..- "And from Stratford, one turns to Irish passengers _ _. ad ~uorner in the Mar shin " ~.ur, u, Li|erar , Seientlf'lc au " '.t d ,ess delivered at the/ y Bal!, the mother, of. Wa g: Write now for particulars and copy of testimonial from the , ~ d Commareml, Domestic Art add ~-e Wakefi~ ~ .... ton. Enhrely f~ttmg ~t m, belated satisfied passengers who made the .~rip last year with ScieM, fd~od of Music, Fine Art~ and Ez~iou- ~SSoe~ ~,~, ~sa~mnat though it b~, for us to pay this tri- Mr Lenihan. \ ere Friday n erect a am the home Occ~ c " bute to her a d g " mniv Ommemorated wherein she gave George Washington ,T,~ ~ / ~. O/* f~ W ./ ~ " bir~ uz ueorge to the world Urgent is the need for lne .unara team L.ta. "VSN .OT.Sg Mouut S~ M.--, Ar.a - .... ~ troy. r uI~d H~t~, said: the lesson to be re-read to human- 1135-37 Olive St., St. Louis, Ms. kind; urgent the need for us to see ghich this Associa- and follow the insniration. rebuilding of "If you were to ask me what I )f Wash- think has been the greatest disaster of reverence not to the human race for the last fifty himself, but more years, you would probably be surpris- er George Wash- ed at my answer. I have followed be a shrine, to public events and the trend of events, Who bore him; and followed them I think not un- cared for him intelligently. I would not answer that Watched his first the greatest disaster was our own ~haped the mould Civil war that divided the nation and as the man. The cost the lives of one million of her n~ent of the son .to young sons. I would not answer the 'arnpIy evident both World War, stupendous cataclysm as visits to her, partic- it was for all the nations of the world, ry notable event of and from the evil effects of which we and his letters up to er death. 'Honored have not yet recovered. No; my an- , swer is that the greatest disaster from ~espectful salutatmn which human society has suffered is Oar devote and abe- invariable conclusion, the disintegration of the home, and the impairment of the solidarity of the Plan at Wake- family. Parental care for children, Little Roek, Arkansas J. T. HORNIBROOK III S ce.,sor to Ill MORRIS INSTITUTE FOR BOYS HALEY & HORNIBROOK III VENTILATING AND I'l ALL KINDS OF ROOFING ']i ..... THE 0! 0MOR 0W II Boys From I0 to 16 Years--Elementary Education, Up te amd T R ln.ludln, Eighth Grade TEST Whether you are a fool or a " person can be tested very simply. /I The acid test is tomorrow. That means: Is tomorrow in your ]l VEN. BROTHER ALRI~RT, Saarcy, Ark.: Route No. thought, dominating all you do today? Be a tomorrow man. The[[ money you put in your Savings Account is Tomorr_~w's Money. I~ commemor or arents are not ,d . cling filial respect f p , "Corn Grew ~ a Gre~JtI INa~ ~^ - , a shrzne that characteristics of our day and age. .nation the endur- ' CAPITAL, IHt0@,~O.00 ' SURFLU~ $4~.~ I "0 gn~ty of motherhood Menaces Integrityof Homes. ~Witt as~ eras.. "A nation can recover from war. ~_ L ~]. ~ ' ' "'I ~'. l' ' ~lJ~i "~I'a:~tthin~-'~rnentinmot~ " " It can bind up its wunds and' with~ ~i~ -ernooa s T us Iho~the ra,~ at Once of that first recovered strength, advance rote the B A N K E R ~1~ "zeS0*~[~er f mo*~. .... future. A nation can recover from W C O. i.~ 'eats l~ehadu'~desus Chris~'~l~'r Lord.Wn violated constitutions and liberties de- MAIN AT SECOND LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS ~f~r~ ~d fo~been with 1- .... l strayed A natio'n can recover from Ihe~o~% ~_ d loved Him S~ - -|economic ills and ,reinforcesacral --We are agents for practically all the important Steam- . ~'~ "an -dr ~ne ' " ship companie~ - ' re ~uW./n . ne nan . . . IiaM ~,_Qod an~-- W~sdom and ~racelJushce. But the destructmn of the ---If you are contemplating a trip abroad for business ~W~i~:~" hea~i~ men. As He left her home means the destruction of all reasons, or if you desire to undertake a pleasure trip, ~th;~-~[ Wi*~ Was Wretcho~ ._~ those hopes which any work of recon- make use of the many excellent Winter Cruises, do not "~ t "~ s ~ ,,,u . fail to call on us for information, which will be cheer- ' ~t~0~-!hat th~ ~orrow, little dir] oho Istruetin l~resupposes. We look back, fully given, without charge.. I,~:g~a the :WOrld Would exal~ ~,::]and our reverence for the past is in--We wish to remind you also of our foreign Exchange esenturies- He-- ~ -~: ~the memory of the mother who bore Department, which is in position to effect money trans- "~ ata zo~ ~ heart I~% _ that Ve ~zra entering Jeru- Ius" We look forward and our hope fers to foreign countries by Cable, Draft, or Bank Money ~ ~ac~: ry hour, going, to +~-^ l is in~ the chil@ who will labor when Orders at prevailing market price. We both buy and ""~ee o ~,,= ~.. . sell Foreign Exchange, getting quotations hourly. l~ and death. ]we can labor no more. Our work m ef A- - ]to, restore the home. By rebuilding ges 1-1ers. J the home of Mary BaH, the mother of B A N K E R S T R U S T C O. of ages was waiting, I Washington, you will give an endur- MAIN AT SECOND FOREIGN DEPARTMENT a~ l~raise as Queen[mthers arid children of America. h nd devoted itse]~[ing inspiration to the fathers and raankind called CATHOLIC WOMAN S and iron to pro- WILL GIVES $50,000 TO (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Washington, Feb. IO.---By terms of the will of Miss Pauline A. Burr a lifelong contributer to Catholic charities, who died in this city Jan- uary 30, a number of Catholic insti- tutions are beneficiaries. According On ~'our vacation--if you are travel- ing, autoing, canoeing or camping, our Travelers Checks, Accident In- surance, Baggage Insurance and a Safe Deposit Box for your valuables will save worry and~make vacation a real rest. STEAMSHIP TICKETS sold to every port in the world having steamship connection. UNION TRU.ST CO. 201q~Vest Second Street Phones~. Day, 4-1247 Night, .3-1733 Come and Get Our Vacation Folder, Free of architecture of RELIGIOUS USES splendor is ttow tawdry to this most The genius, of ~] the beauty of and her Child, the of every mother Ood rests the hope of to the document, which was filed for of the ra~e. probate yesterday, the estate is van Stratford.on. ued at $100,000. that low room Following the disposal of certain of standing up- properties, the proceeds are to be dis- strike the old oak- pensed in the following manner: Mary Arden gave To the associated professors of St. literary geniu~s Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, and to the associated p~ofessors of St. raother died in Charles College, Catonsville, Md., ~rthy that in the $6,000 each; to the provincial of the I Jesuit Order of the Maryland prey- Year he wrote~ and Yet least ince, $5,000; to the Catholic Mission 'Coriolanus., It is Society at Maryknoll, N. Y., $3,000; e. And were we'to colored'and Indian Missions of the ST. VINCENT'S INFIRMARY Conducted by the Slstecs of Charity o[ Nazareth O[fl~lal R~ng: Class A--Tra|ning School ~or Nurses V]gN. SISTER SUPER/OR, Tenth and Hilrh S~,. Little Rock T---- -Tr- ST. JOSEPH'S INFIRMARY, Hot Springs Coaduoted by the Sf, ter, of Mercy i.15mary, Sa~ltewtum, Rest Home--Hot Baths Affiliated With U. S. Ruar*at/oUo VEN. SISTER SUPERIOR, Hot Springs, Ark. ST. SCHOLASTICA'S ACADAMY FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS Conducted by the Baned/ct|ue Sisters Both Resident and DaF Pupils, High School Cour, es of C~udes For Catalowae Address SISTER DIRI~CTRIg~S. ST. SCHOLASTICA'S ACADEMy / /