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February 19, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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February 19, 1927

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/ Page Four THE GUARDIAN, FEBRUARY 19,1927 cation, respectively. The latter post1Miss Connie-Bonslagel, State Home "CHINA IS PUPPET 0F RUSSIA," is both important and responsible, aslDemonstration Agent presided, two it entails• the administration of the/club girls, a team, gave a demonstra- SAYS U. Ss ~ISSIONARY eastern part of the republic, namely~tion in dish washing. MarjorieDixon Slovakia and Sub-Carpathia. Thcland tIelen Casey of the Sweet Home " cabinet is that of Anton Svehla, the 4-H Club, little girls just beginning Soviet's Agents Are Backing and Influencing Both Armed Factions in Present Conflict, He Writes. (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Washington, Feb. 11. China is be-i Holy Father last October. He intends ing made the dupe of Soviet Russia, ! returning to China shortly. and the bolshevists really are leading "The 'red' element was strong in the present attack on foreigners and~Canton and the younger and idle Christianity, it is asserted in a letter groups became restless," said Bishop just received here from a Catholic Tsu, explaining the action of mobs mission in Kiangsi Pro~,ince, China• wt~ich have been assaulting mission-I It is from a missionary priest who aries and destroyin~ their property• Agrarian leader. . club work, had a good time washing It was necessary that the obstacles the dishes and telling the ladies of and misunderstandings between the the State Federation how easy it was government and the Slovakian Cath- olics, who had demanded an adminis- trative independence for Slovakia, be done away with. But it seemed that negotiations would be fruitless until Premier Svehla succeeded in complet- ing the agreement whereby the Slov- aks received the cabinet seats and autonomy similar to that enjoyed by to do this if you had plenty of hot water and soap, clean towels, and if you were careful to scrape your dishes so as not to put trash in the dish water. * They said they wanted to make dish washing a pleasure and they certainly did. Their smiling faces proved that they were having a good time and has spent several years in China and, "The disturbanee~'; are due partly to the other parts of the republic, Bo- that they could always have a good " t the ambitions of military leaders and hernia and Moravia. who may be said to be conversant time washing dishes if they cooperat- with general trends'in that country, partly to the Bolshevists, who have _____ ed, talked to each other, and made Soviet agents, he a~lds, are not incited the student mobs to violence." , POINTS TO NOTE IN BUYING it a real joy. It was strange that backing merely one of the two fae- FRUITS AND VEGETABLES they should enjoy it too, for each tions in the present civil strife, but,MISSOURI PACIFIC REPORTS __ child has been guyed for months by are working with both. NEW INDUSTRIAL INCREASE Appearance, condition, size, flavor, sisters and brothers at home and by "Beside~ building steadily, manag- ON ITS SYSTEM LAST YEAR and correct weight or measure are the children in the schools because omts to take into conmderatmn when ing the p~ocure, begging constantly',: P • . • • • they wanted to be on the dish washing team~ 'It is no fun to be called dish " ,, " ,' I St. Louis, Mo•, Feb. 15. More new buying fresh fruits and vegetables, washer on the campus, but it is great etc., sa,s the winter, we are now . . living 'under the revolution,' and a mdustmes were located on the hnes suggests the United States Depart- to be a sport and with all that prove • • [of the Missouri Pacific Railroad last merit'of Agriculture Care in grading Sower flag fhes over us everywhere. . " that dish washing is just as much an • l year than m any single year of the and preparing for shipment results in ,,Christlanity Openly Aftacked. I rmlroad's" history, according to a re- the best products and is usually indi- art as painting and should always be Naturally, Sovietism connotes cer- port of the industrial development cared by careful packing in heavy done well, for the same dishes are tain facts and experiences. Christian- [department of the railroad, made pub- crates that prevent bruising, by a used each day and must be sanitary ity is being openly attacked.• The lic here by Prest~lent L. W. Baldwin• spotless surface, uniform in size in in order to keep people well. 'government' furnishes us with writ A total of 635 new industries were each crate, and often by individual ten gt~arantees of immunity from mo- II°cated on Missouri Pacific rails in paper wrappers. The appearance of lestation, and on the other hand or-11926, the report shows.. The capital such external parts as tips and leaves POSTER'S ders its agitators to attack our re- invested in these enterprises aggre- is a help in judging freshness in the tigion and our nationality In Pek- gates $23,157,000, and the estimated retail market. Odorless ing the Soviet emissaries plead fortannual output is 225,390 carloads of Look not only for the beginning of unity of action/and recognition and I freight• It was necessary tocon- decay but also for maturity and fine- take seats with the Powers, and at ness of flavor. A good pineapple, for the same time M. Borodin, high dele- example, has a fine aroma. Juice is gate of the Moscow regime, lead~ the heavier than pith or rind, and the attack on Christianity and the for- lighter of two similar looking grape- ~eigners in general. ,[$222'266' the report states. [fruit or parsnips should be rejected. "Consistency! And ye~, that is thei The largest single item in the re-lA well-filled head of cabbage is situation at this very moment. China/port, both in point of number of newlheavy. Sometimes it pays to buy a is the puppet ~f Rus~sia, whose de-Iindustries and in amount of capitalI single apple or oran~ge and taste it thinks, l invested, oil storage stations, there ~ before purchasing a large quantity signs are evident to him who but not apparent to the Chinese mind, ~ being 141 established last year inl from the same lot. In marketing for as yet obscured, cloudy and befuddled the territory served by the Missouri several days at a time such foods as with so many wars and codnter wars. Pacific, the capital invested being peaches, bananas, tomatoes, or pears, $2,418,000. Next in point of capital that ripen at home, should be bought "The Third International is march- invested is coal mines, there being ing onward in China, as it is in Mex- fourteen, with a total investment of ico, South America and the United S ........ $1,435,000. Other items on the re- takes oz ~merma. ~ts agents are in ....... , ..... ........ ~ . .... por~, m eacn oz wmen Ene lnvesl;menl; wanton ann ~'eKlng. ~l~ogetner, Gin- . . , . ........ .... Totals more tnan a minion ooilars na is pmylng a rasing game "" ~ ~ . " are: Tie and log loading yardse,. 30, r:she:t=iter !s convinced that the $1,402,000; planing mills, 11, $1,320,- p ,o evoluuon m China will, be 000, and sawmills, 27, $1,092,000. successIul, ne says, and that the Following are some other of the new government will be formed soon- larger items which auDear in the re r or later. Thin government, he port: Lumber and building material fears, will force foreign missionaries yards, 49, $968,500; coal and wood from China. ~yards, 37, $305,100; contractors, 23, "it is undoubtedly determined," he $718,000; cotton gins, 22, $339,000; says, "that while religious freedom ice and cold storage plants, 22, $512,2 wi~be permitted, or 'tolerated,' for- 000; grain and feed warehouses, 22, eign missionaries will be expelled or $256,500; wholesale houses, 18, requested to leave Christian develop- $890,000; oil well supply houses, 15, ment of China in the hands of the Chinese. "Fortunately, the Catholic Church has a native clergyeto retain what has been acquired by centuries of toil' and honest effort. As to the 'freedom of religion,' that is dubious wherever Soviet principles are accepted by the government. The suppression of Christianity is a part of the plan, as much as the destruction of capitalism is a unit in the work of the revolu- tion." NORTHERN CHINA WAR LORD'S STATEMENT ON BOLSHEVISM (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Shanghai, Feb. 9. Marshal Chang, Tso-lin, war lord of the North and $345,000; grain elevators, 14, $221,- 000; sand and gravel loading plants, 13, $337,000; cotton and cotton seed warehouses, 12, $690,000; brick and tile plants, 11, 542,500; implement and machinery warehouses, 11, $540,- 000; cooperage plants, 10, $225,000; junk yards, 9, $82,000; oil-loading stations, 9, $555,000; storage ware- houses, 9, $537,000; canning facto- ries, 7, $108,000; automobile and ac- cessory plants, 6, $77,000; oil refin- eries, 6, 0945,000; and stone quarries, 6, $183,000. POLITICAL CHANGE IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA IS OF GREAT MOMENT By Dr. Frederic Funder, Vienna Correspondent, N. C. W• C• in different stages of maturity--- some green and some ready for im- mediate use. Vegetables or fruits that are to be cooked or served in individual por- tions should be uniform in size. But if your apples, sweet potatoes, green peppers, or tomatoes are to be cut up, mashed, or put to many uses, un- graded products at a lower price will do just as well. Mere size is not economical in cases where a single grapefruit or apple is too ljarge for one and not large enough for two persons. Estimate exactly how many you ~equire to serve your family and buy echat number. Have the number or amount you want weighed or meas- ured after you have selected it. Oth- erwise you must learn for yourself how many servings a quart, a pound, or a dozen will make, and buy ac- cordingly. DISHWASHING AN ART It has been said that in order t do great things well we must excell in the little every day affairs that be- come tiresome because the same thing is done so o~ten. We all know that the old adage "a woman's work it never done" is true. Also, that each day brings the same routine to the busy housekeeper with little changes to keep it froin being monotonous un- less she puts into these necessary re- pealed tasks a pep that makes her enjoy each day's cycle as it comes around. The Home Demonstration Agent, as well as the Farm Agents all over opponent of the Cantonese in the Chinese civil war, this week issued a statement calculated to dissociate himself from the bolshevist influence the State of Arkansas gave special which, admittedly, is rampant in abroad the Catholic ~ovaks, under emphasis to team work with the boys ....... the leadershi of Rector Hlink ha and girls in their various clubs last nma. 1=re sectored: p a, ve , . . • , , "The sponsors of extreme radical- joined with the government, year. ~:. seam can pu~ over any nar~ ...... ...... In the ....... ms~. A ~eam can make ~ne work ism m unma, Delng puppets In ~;ne policy wmcn ~ne young .~^..../.. ~.. _ ........ ~ I_ • • f Czechoslovak ~ • ~,,,,,~ ln~eres~lng. ~ ~eam can uo SUCh hands of certain foreign agents, have State has pursued hlth- _ . "icall and in su - • • err .... work sys~ema~ y ca a not failed to seine the present oppor- o this is a sweeping alteratmn of . ....... • • • r .... manner as zo really enjoy me aomg tumty of mlsleadmg a distressed peo- P inc~ple. It may be expected that ............ • . • • • ana az ~ne same Time Drmg qUlCK ~e- ple by erroneous theorms whmh arelthe sad pomtmn of Catholics, who, so .......... • ,, ~ ~f .......... sm~s. rnose wno a~enuea Jrarmers working, havoc ar, nave nau ~o eonzeno Wlm au- _ ....... .. . . ° " I ......... week a~ ~'aye~ewue ms~ summer . He then added that "there is room lverm~y oz every sor~ maucea oy nos- , ,- bout these team demon for negotiation with all except the!tile ruling authority, will undergo alnear.a,mucna .'7 .... " ,, . s~ra~oms ana saw ~;ne boys ana girls bolsheviks ~[materlal change for the better. If[ , t in state work Th se • , s~this " . wno won ou . o Whether Chang s statement ~lCze h:Pr=ement sh°Ulld" :£7~f "'ff who went to the State Fair also heard meant for the consumption of the I ~ c o o area ~s conso ma , 1 me [ "~'~nr~ tho~ 't:~nm d~mon~tratar~ m Powers, or whether !,, is an honest lrlghts of the Church and the natmnalInearby counties• In Pulaski county warning to those of his own followers I mmor~ues are nenceiorm respee~e.a, I last summer• at the Boys' and Girls' who have been charged with 'red"[and me young repubnc aeveiops m]e~,,~ ~ ......... ÷ .....~,b ~,~o leanings; cannot be said. Bols~n'evistic/peace and order, much will be gained[ ~"~'~ "~_~,^*~ ::~'~,::~'~ o'~,'o':,," ~ influence has been evident thus farlby all of Europe• • . ~ . - tne ~oun~y ~mmunl~y meetings on ch,efly i. the camp of the National-I (the last Thursday nights of each ists, who oppose him. However, it is] SLOVAK CATHOLIC PARTY | ,~-,,th ot the Courthouse we see a significant that there is reported to[ "SUPPORTS PRES. MASARYK team from the Communitl who puts be a split among the generals of the Cantonese themselves over permit- ting the Soviet agents so large a part in the party's counsels. BOLSHEVISTS INCITE ANTI-CHRISTIAN WAR, CHINESE BISHOP SAYS By~V. Myslivec, Jr. (Prague Correspondent, N. C. W. C. News Service.) Prague, Feb. 1.---The Catholic party, headed by Msgr. Andrew Hlinl~a, h'as joined with the govern- ment and has received two placesin the cabinet and political administra- tive autonomy for Slovakia. This most important development has fol- lowed long negotiations and is re- on the program demonstrating an ideal way to put over a worth while project. During the Federation of Women's Clubs Pulaski county was greatly honored for in the rotunda between the ball room, where the meetings were held and the dining room made famous by the Lions and Rotarians, was found a dainty bed room with hangings, scarfs~, and various hand- made articles; also old fashioned fur- (By N. C. W. C. News Service•) St. Louis, Feb. 9.--BolsheviSt in- fluence is in part responsible for the present attacks on Catholic and other garded by Catholic leaders as a guar- niture cut down and beautifuel. This[ Christian missionaries in China, ac- anty Qf religious peace, work showed what the Club girls conI cording to the Rt. Rev~. Simon Tsu, Msgr. Dr. Joseph Tiso and Deputy do and brought many comments of S. J•, Vicar Apostolic of Haimen, who Gazik, who were nominated by the praise from the women all over the is visiting at St. Louis University!Catholic party, have been named by state• During the Rural and Home here Bishop Tsu is one of the sixPresident Masaryk to be the Minister Economics banquet at which time native Chinese consecrated by• the, of Hygiene and the Minister of Unifi- Mrs. Elise Lake Of Hot Springs and- Cleaning Men's Suits Cleaned and Pressed 50c Called for and Delivered. 313 CENTER STREET Phone 8593 M. A. BILTZ Representing the FIRST Company in the FIRST Business of the World. Assets:One Billion Two Hundred Million Dollars. New York Life Insurance Co. Phone 7446, Little Rock, Ark. m ~1105 Donaghey Building MUSIC CO. Established 1853 The Oldest, the Largest and the Best Piano, Graphophone and Organ House in Arkansas ........... 415 Main Street LITTLE ROCK, ARK. 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