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February 19, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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February 19, 1927

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f THE GUARDIAN, FEBRUARY 19,1927 heredi JAlsoclallell'b Social tems to oclal musi be The GUardian t Future S - Office, Events Tuesda noon. ! Phone 5486 107 W Second St "rginla Gaughan, of Cam- e~ ~ee~~is nbroidered luncheon set will be the giv- h. guest of hll'ss Mary Pierce!en as a prize for high score at each Pa e Three J Lm f" " ,'~- -~fArtillery. The commission was issued l CATHEDRAL NOTES!, 11[] ^.LITTLEw H, Sub-Captamljt Lieutenant Blankenship this week~, by Governor. onMartineau'the EagleRaYteamWillnextbe [~S~B~~~ I1 |'|||| k'|-'~" ~1||'|'~ Ill fall and the new honor which has ,l,~b,~,q~ 4*,~b*bq*q,,tl, q-I~ ' 1 Rober~ Gardner of the class of Draughon s Business College, Fort Student Conference 11927 successfully directed the Vaude- Smith, h:.s: night by a The regular weeldy confe~;ences Of lville arid Minstrel Show of the Cath- score of 2~-24. qlie spee.tators as- lls Church the student body were resumed last edral Catholic Club last week in the serted that it was the fastest and Mass on Sunday morning at 8 o'clock, week on Wednesday, with.the Rev. Cathedral Hall and which has rcceiv- harde.~t fought ~Zame of the season. George F. X. Strassner, Registrar and ed favorable commendation on all It was played in the high school gyn- Evening Devotions principal of the Morris Preparat0~r~.sides In addition to directing the nasium. The winning t)oints were Devotions every Sund~y evening at School as the speaker. Father ' show, he also composed th~ plan for made by Subiaco during the last two )od Counsel Soc'~ ....... Iman and will be assisted by the fol'- 7:45 o'clock,,consist!ng, of the.Rosary, Strassrler gave a very interesting talk the Pantomine which was presented minutes of play. ,.: ittl /alUD Will l lo\ i " ff :, Tuesda,.. ~, Feoruary .... zz, ' v ng tadi'cs: Mines. Bray, Epps, Con- aser.mnc'.ana ,enemcuon o:t the in which lie stressed the need for at that time. Willianl Allen of the rhTrb~. *~'e fir~' tl re, Blrthda,. at ...... t nelly, Bergman, Hampel, Cole, Muse, ~lesseu ~acramenL ~evouons m keepin~ an intensive interest "in all same cl .... ~-~,~- ..... : ............ - ................. e quarters a, tnelr nan,, , , . , , . . . . . . .~ , , , ..... ~ ..... i,~vmn~c,~ pur~ in there was nothing particularly excit- ,op streets A.1 ....... ,Harper, Sarlo, Mullen, Paulette and h~nd:nt~l:F?irSiacFredd Heoafr~h:rentln~h ~:l:oi~,oti -n away to t~ .... . ~ Donohue, who will be glad to welcome a Pc ttlraber. ,e nomer ol all their freinds and the public. If at7qhp mC owonncn of ~ne class oI runnin close. At the end of the first ireservations are wanted, phone Mrs.Confess ns- ::~e]~:rd ev -" ~h:t~rasllyfPthP:~;l:gte amt~g ~:y s::d 1~2~e JOfm~he D::~a:f ~9"~0, ~::1~ ~l~erg Th:tl:dt(Sr-7 in favo=of Su- t '~ ]Pope, 3-2326 or any of the ladies on io .... '~ cry ~at- ]throughout the state. He gave some Montgomery of the class o ~o9~ .~.~ ] , , , , anageu to ~eep ....... , a~u ~tl" ' " urday, the Eve of Holydays and on lver.. -nod advice to the students re .... ; ~. ~ ,e leaa ana at the end of the half :~Y~ vOunselwill resYung People'= lthe_, committee and your. table will be the Thursday before the First I~ridaylgar~i~g "College and School Spirit': s~nr(~ tTh~n,~fR~dy Moo;r[;~Se ]9~ti s~ll leading by two points, 14-12 The ~," "The P Absent-Minded [~ent a three- reserved for you.__ of the month, from 4-6 and 7:1o-8 .'4o/and cm1'cluded b-'z iutlinin-g the course class'" ana" " l~azil" ~" "waish," president " 'of" ' Busfi' d of the third period, found the the Parish Hall, i Cathedral Catholic Club. p.m.. To aecom~nodate those who of talks which will be given by prom- the 1999 cl.,ss also ass;ste(t with thc [--~ aess College one point ahead 16- l:;~P streets, on Monday[ The Cathedral Catholic Club held canno~ eonvemenuy come at these . . . " ........ ~v. lnent men of the c~ty and state m the' pe~:formance Charles Franz, who I ry 28. its regular business meeting at the hours, Confessions are also heard be- coming weeks ~raduated fl'om "h" ~'--- - '" ~ _' The final period was the most bril- fore the Low Masses on Sunday, and ~ ~ ~ cunege ~as~ yea, l~ant of all Tl, e lead shifted back was one of the leading characters in and forth until the last two minutes clubrooms. 505 East Eighth,street. The speaker at the conference for " " ~ " " every morning befor9 the daily Mass ..... of St Ed .......... It was voted a-d a~reed u-on b ....... ' thus week will be Rabbi Ira Sanders the productmn .... ~,tru s t;nurch " ~, ~ v z ~nnuat ~uaget .............. [oi play. t~eynolds, Fort Smith. sunk r re ul ol the lOCal deWlSn ~ynagogue " rootoan ~, g ar monthly card the members present to set aside the Beginning on Thursday evening_ of ~. .... " ~ .......... a field ~oal and_ "~w-~*~v~ ~y," - ~emettc, ~ ~eems ra~ner strange to De talk ~,~ i~larch 1st, in their first Sunday in each month for a the present week, the Anual Bud~,et ........ " "lMaDles to tie the score q~),~,, ~,,~'- ~u and Ferr .... monthly social meeting, in the form Cam'-ai-- o~ "h ......... o. _ During the pas~ week the college mg so, out football at this time of thel__ ;_ , ~. _.. " ~-~': ~. .... " y streets A v gu b e waLneuralvarlsb . . co broke loose. Wilson, iv~aeszrl, aria h SCore will~b . " of open house at the clubrooms It will be c h~ " ~ x" ~" basketball team won its first game year, but Coach Wlnkleman has com-[ ............ ,and -, e given at o uue~eue ~enulng" over a . .~ .... ,_ .. ; .....l_.^a ,..._ _,___ ~ _~. . . . lupmoor seorea Ilel(l goals ana u t- ~ner ...:,, . was also a-reed to hold one business -eriod of one week "~- . ox the ~eason wnen 1~ engageo wH;n v =~eu m~ p~uns lor ~ne spring xooz- more -- - " P \ e -m mso be a ~ v *a~ campaign ~_ stron- fiv ........ ' ball --racti .......... [ made a free toss, while Maples ~ne g e ~rom ~raugnon s v ce ~nu m a zew more hays,[made two free throws before the meeting a month, the second Monday this year will be in charge of the Ca- Business School at the Coll~-- o_..., the sound of th " " " . of each month. This is to be held thedral Aid Society assisted b,, f~,,- i ~ ,~a,,- . e pigskin buncmg[whistl~ ~ndod tho ~ at the el " ' - at 8 - m " , , ~., ^ ..~ ,~'~ nasium. ~The game attracted a large about the field will be heard again at| ................ ":~ ....... cs f uorooms, mso, v. ~eams oz men zrom the ua~nearal - . " . The outstandin ea tom Good Counsel ,~ -- " " - Men'- "~'- ~- gatheringof interestedspectators the college. / g players for . ,t a s womml~ees were appom~ea ~o ar- ~ t~mo- " ' " r ' " ,~ ewmg circle at ...... I who were enthusmshc at the showing Plans have been i- *Y~ .~t-~.. ,^. [D aughon s Business College was "paanage on Februar range zor a cars par~y on tne eve-It is two years since a like cam-Imade by tlle rejuvenated college some time for a s ri'n ...... ~."'"~ ~'~ Ledbetter while Maples was high fllowin ..... Y ning of February 28th, and to launch paign was conducted at the Cath~,~-~ ] ....... ' p g practise game I noint m~n , h~ ~ ...... ' ~ I.~. ~. o~Ilcers were a mem~,~;,~ ~,,~ '~e drive is to .................... ~ .... [team, in passing ana in team play put nothing definite has been ar-/:~;.- ...... .~ ..... ~m. op~moor, - . ..~' ~elman, president: , . ~:~:~v -----~. ~,, . ., ... ~nu uue .~o me m~mx oz so many new i the college ,men showed a wonderful" ran~ed un to the nresent [wnson, ana ~ousatte starred for Su- ,ache. ,.~ .... , be closes ~aster ~unaay, ~prn ~t. comers i: was ~nought best by tbelim,r ..... e-~t over revious ames of ~ ~. ._ . " . , biaco, baying managed to get almost ~ - rge ~Ium~ presto,ent; Much interest was manifested in this committee in charge to conduct an [--v ........ . ..P . g..( Basketball will be dmcontinued in ]an equal number of :-oals ..... / ' -.~ _ , secretary- . . ..... . ,. "ltne season, ana lz ~ney Keep ~o tnis a v ..... ~.^; .:_ _ _ ~ .. . | -~ ~ each, ascan hphf:yffa~, ;:a =! ....... ~n,m 1 ' ~ae ladies of t~ ,~.~ oncoming urlve, ana ~ne ~eams nope o~ner campaign this year, so th~at[hr for th mn],~,~ , . . ~ , .. , aria tat members be seen below. !: ~):ph:n~:g~thA:y~o~n]~i :hi;bttai:e?vffel:l:~tiP::des~P=;:b~:.i ~i:t:~ o~e%beec:~hte~era~hord:Uldb:tth.cetYr~e/:li:foi!ithte she::ogn ecyUaa wilt go out for football Robe:tallLe~nt~,e gf:=er T~k:~h~ o, call 4 75io- m, ity in the club . Cathedral Aid Society very kindly aC-]ed ' ] The schedule is still in the making,[:: exce-tionalb~ 1 .... :~.--f: ..... ill be held m'a ~ - [ Miss Marivn Duncan was appoint- cepted the mvltahon-of the Rector to[ .......... ]with several good games scheduled[the ~,ame ' ~'eoru- ' / ~ne business ~cflool ~eam piayea a and m " ed. ch~n'man for the card party, and handle the campaign. !h~s year, and very good game, but was completely ed fo:nygnre .to be,fmally.arrang,l The Line-Up . ~vuss ~rances ,arKer ana ~nna ~oume a[ ~ne ms~ ~.neeung ox ~ne ~oelety, ~ne I outclassed by the boys from their- nenurlx .~ni ,e. ~ne ~rst Draughon's Position " Subiaco a._ I Besiegel captains for the teams of the I u~mos~ enthusiasm was ShOWn in the I ............. [ ~cam to try conclusions with the Uol- IDanles (10) F x~ruo.,, to~ vr e . . l-lelgnr~s Dy l;rle score ol IorEy-lour ~o ' ~ - . . .... --- xa) ntertamed with I membership drive [plan as outhned add it was decided!. . . liege in L~ttle Rockon September I " aaneou ..... ~ ' " ~ .......... ~wen~y