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February 19, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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February 19, 1927

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, that hm t al holi r~;e circulation, so may have every g which instructs Strengthens and ristian virtues. ~BENEDICTU$ pp. XV % . . Po.e'.o XI,, I m J~I "The - Guardian in every EHJ /T227_o0'7/_ $ I The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas LITTLE ROCK, ARK., FEBRUARY 19, 1927 Number 23. ] TEACHER'S[ GEORGIAN'S LIBELS ON RELIGION /PRIEST IN KOREA " i JUBILEE OF POPE LEO'S ENCYCLICAL UTILIZES FUNERALS FOR PROTESTANTS THANK r FROM JOB' "AETERNI_ PATRIS" AND LAWS OF PANAMA REFUTED " i , ~SPREADING FAITH, JESUIT FOR DEFENSE ^*'~ ' ' - News Service ) [ MaryKnoll, N Y., Feb. 8. The na- HARGED TO KLAN w. tional customs of Korea are utilized Washington, Feb. ll:---The ~:ol:::- BY NON-CATHOLIC LIVING THERE {by a native Catholic priest, Father OFHOLY SCRIPTURE can ~atholic Philosophical As - - I ................. " I Joseph Tjyeng, of the vicariate apes-, ' e F tion is planning a national ov~erv~t*t~ ~ I " " ' ,eb. 14.--- Apetition[of, the approaching fiftieth anniver- Statements Made in Letter Published in Atlanta Paper 1About Statutes [thc of Talku, for purposes of propa- Letter~" Received From Two Uige ~n the She u ganda The Koreans go to rent ex ~O r-_._r in Marria e and Clhzen w False--Re bhc Offl g cuu- ard of Education sary of the 1is" uance of :Pope Leo ~u-= n g g " " ship n p " "- " . . " , , , - Continuance of Radm nty, this fnf~ ~ .... I~ .~, ~. . . ,, ....: ,, cial Re lies pense Ior n~e~r Iunerais, which are T 1 ~_~ ._ s .... , w ..,~- tXu~ s rmcycdcai Aeterm Patms, P " [on as -1~h~-~t .... ~ ....... ;~-~ ~-^ , a ks. lg"~ue ~aturday by thelthe great document which marked the t.., ~,T r, ur i- ~..: ~ .... ;.~ [funeral'*;;3c3ss'i;n: d;a~crowd:of ~ . , -[rls Henry, presidentIbegmnmg" " of the revival of Scholashc ~-a .....,~ ................ ) ]onlookers. (By N. C. W. C. News Serwce) ,e College, a Protestant]philosophy Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 14. An attack!who has been reading The Conshtu- ~ New York, Feb. ll---The Rev. John ~ae effect that Miss " - .- " - * .... :~':^- ---ill upon the laws of the Republic of Pan-]tion for over twenty years, and keeps When Father Tjyeng is conducting Corbett, S. J., associate editor ~o The ~w%Ciatholic, as prinei asLl~en: ~ld'l::de~h~;C'a~It~s the ama as being intol:ra~tua:d h:fluenc-iin t:u~hihe::lu:itsh h:2 thaeffca::dlLrCia~hotl~c bfeUh:~:2, h?erOrders tile Messenger of the Sacred Heart, who, "ndsor Elementar~l .... - "~ ed by the Cathol' C as beenlthro g "'. [ g d y now and during the month of January, gave a l~sttissed because of herl:b:~r::3Ye~:/tYeC;::;cYli~l'Pst~ni nailed through the assistance of a[of J. I4. Coin based on the Constitu-[again. At such times, either he or series of radio lectures on the Bible he instil-nil ....... I . ........ :former Atlantan, a non-Catholic, wholtion editorial of November 10th on,his catechist explains to the pagan through WLWL, the Paulist Fathers m, w ~ ,. u~ ,u versary, so far as 1s Known, although I' ' asa ^~*~ ~ ~.~ { : ........ is practicing law on the Isthmus. Tolerance, and then the Constitu- spectators the meaning of the cruel2 station here, is in recipt of three let- C1 d.p~cu uy .... it is expected that Ca~nonc pnnoso ub of Baltimore.ves- Ipners ............. in o~ner countries wm auop~ the The attack was made in a letter J tion s editorial, of November 14th, fix" at the head of theprocessmn," or]ters from,, Protestants, who thank him idea written by J. H. Coin and published,on Coin s card. : |some other point of Catholic teaching.Ilfr his words of truth and wisdom" Ution th- ' - ", - ,, [" in the Atlanta Constitution on No-! .......... [At the end of the short address, and his "tolerance and fine irit." ttion haa ~ ...... t Pope Leo ~ssued the gre Y . vember 14. Mr. Corn, after assert-[ ....... [Father T.~yeng mwtes the people tel ~ cmo sets for~n," at Enc cli- . . Cites ~.oin s nalss~atements. . . . sp -, ,,con canea teln Au ust 4 1879 in~using into "Later ~ ~ounu your reply o~ w~s .... "This evening," the first letter be- ~a~n~i- *~ ..... ,cal o g , , in~ among other things, that Cath-[ . ~come to h~m for further mstruchon, l~in~ ,,r ~;~,~ .......... ~-~ ,~,. ^_ a lette " 2ai~mre!scholasticism a new vigor that has olic's believe that Protestants, not ldm and mformatmn to Corn's mm-|in this way, he has made a numberl~' .... ........... a--.* ........ ~. _ Dr. henry] .... ~ ~ ...... h ~ho years until this ..... I~tatemen~s, which apparenny nas~ ......... i -~rom The B~ble, and was indeed edified ,~lss Nicht was dismissed" . .., ....... r..~. ..... marriea Dy a pnesL are living in .... o~ ~o.v~r~. by the words of truth and w~sdom' gUrnos ..... ICathohe system has today attained to sin andexpressing his own ~bpinionIchecked h~s hue of pseudo-patrmtmm[ , / , " " ' bi err In his card he wrote L /which you spoke. I am a Protestant not" - o~ sue hooded an influential place in the realm of that no Catholic should be allowed to/and g, Y" ~ and an elder in the h u_for the reasons as-l~hiloso~h~ The fiftieth anniversary ....................that he was a member of an orgam-[CARB .flIIf, H RTV / . c urch, and I hope - ~uard, wh;.~ ~_ ~, . {- v ~. ___~ oe presmen~ o~ ~ne wm~u ~a~es, I - ............ Iv~a a~vv~,~aa.e~at~ i ttna~ some of the clergymen who tear ~ ~, ,~ ~n tnelr,fh~n ~ll~ an August 4. 1929. I .. gut;ion With l,~uv memoers in ~nree; ,, .~- " rosy and unsub- sa"~r: .... hm . ~. counties in,Georgia, which was pure- A~~~ ~T|i~'~ /the Bxble apart may have heard your { ........ I ~ was on the xsv us ox ranama / ............................. I t l YlU OOLO llllbLlllI {inspiring talk It is a fact that a ~! ly ann-~aLnonc. wonuer wna~ nap- " , 'i:n. this enlightened :gh: ]~] ~Ta~ D AS {C~h:~U~dhhl e~:z:nYhpertlYeth2nhlYe "But tl~e purpose of this letter is{ I~%F /~|. d~,| J~O" [,~l~[they are blind leaders. ., SUpPosed to rule *u-* ~ ~[~ ~ID~J~L~ILtlI~ It lI~,lt~ - ,; ' . - P' .... to enlighten you regarding the liberal l ....... ~ .. . I have heard much favorable com- lcial sh ... ' --'~l .............. .,~. ~w~lbe'nadve or yore~gn oorn. x~ ;s ~rue ......... I tl~y ~. ~. w. t;. News ~ervice) ment from Protestan+~ -- *~.-~0 ~,~t-~ 1 outa be dismiss-{~I~t~IO~l~l ~2l|&||| ~/ { ...... ,. .... laws o~ tmnama, oecause o~ me ~mse, i ~ .............. S ore wherever ~na~ pou~co rengioes or , Phfladel hm Feb 7 ,. hallenged to satisf-I ll]ll;3 lUll DUlll//'tl { . .. ".. - m - misleading propaganda in Coins{ " p ", . .---Declaring of yours 1 ,hich surely will prove to ~e~l by bigotry and fana-I gamzauon .no,as sway. ~io oppose s*atement when he wrote that he 'was{that "we all have the same human be helpful to many. May God bless 1 or ganjzation which al ......W. C.-~ews Service.' !hat,,~s not mremrance, thaws paurmt- on the Isthmus of Panama. Except|nature' the same origin and, we hope, you." m mOhon fo (~Y t~ t~ vv ~ ~ , ~sm e Canal Z no no c 1 are all destined for the same end," ~a tees, which t " ," ~ ...... r~ius Xi{ " _ ........... in th o , oup e could{.~ ' .~ " .... Father Corbett re ~ied courteously ~, Vqll VVashmgton, l*eb 'J rup~ ~ ~ thor or ~xeru~ea tilS r~mlnence Dennis ualcllnal t * h~- annihilate free ] ..... ': :,.-'~_ ..... a ~..~1 .... ~ ............... .-,^~:_~ : ....... be married except by a priest, norl ........ " .... ~ . . o thi~ letter and in r~sponse received ~ee the C-"...... {llas ]usI~ appolntefl um ~c~,,~, ..... { ~n~ ~c~ u.~w a. ~,,~,a, ~c,~u~e ~^-ld he own ")re-err" C~nl- "-+h IDougner~y, ArcnDlsnol~ oi i'nllaael- fro'~ th ............. '+h~ em~ .... ;.~. /:tbnOllC L;IUO " ~z~u 1 P J. ,-/ .y .-~c~ - *,, ,. o~***~ p~o~n, ~...~ ...,.,~...,,w.,.,.,,/6- ' While - ...... ISunday of October to be celebrated[from the Const~tuhon and J. Carroll .............. ]phia, presided over and addressed a .... ..... " Y and f~:nm::~ng~ the[throughout the world as M~ssmn Sun-IPayne of Atlanta wrote a letter to ~iSv::r fc~i?:Sb~Pr'n wnerner ne OeImass meeting of Catholics, P'rotest- to m73roVnery~m~-Tt~t?,~?~ssn~Y2 It =~ oi ur. ission- , , , - --- o ' . . r ""- ............. ,=- ~-s- h to belier ...... Iday, a day of prayer anti of m ]thepaper answering many of the "For over 12 -ears I have been on ]ants and Jews of Phlladelphm yester- land where I s,,--* ...... 1- --- ~-.--: a ~ rna~ the s s f in T " ' . . v ........ ~. ,,..u~,- . Cted for ,~- . lary propaganda, tgroundles, charge o Co. he let- ~ho Isthmus ~f Panama em,q .... ,~]day m behalf of a fund being rinsed hess I a ..... ;~;-~, *.. ,h~ r~;.~.,^.. hi ,, ~.ereasons . ~,,- - , ~- -~ .......... ~.-s -,, ~.,,~ ~,,.~,,. 1~. [ The announcement of thin newlter attracted, the ~tentmn of Jacob with the Panama Canal and believe{t supplement $25,000,000 sought of Station WLWL, and only hope that . of the Holy See in the mission worl~]ungar, WhO m m ~-anama, ann WhO, , /'ave some knowledge of conditions{amrig ~mencan dews xor members man., more r ......... " .... lub's Resolution [of the Church is made in the latest]although a non,Catholic, wrote to Mr. ~:o ~;~.t ~+ .... s +~.+ ~.. r~-:-!of their race in Eastern Europe. "for (h .... .:~_=q==~ .~j.[_ ~.e .maRe lg Dr. Henry, the re-lnumber of the "Acta Apostohcae[Payne refuting the portion of the must have b'e~ here 7ve;~13n t~m~e[ "I am a man;everything that up- and hel;~3;*taik~s~e u. your respiring a the ache "" the United States charges that pertained to Panama Y g " to ~- el board ofISedm to reach "'!. ......... " ago or under some other name or else]pertains to man cannot be alien to "I might state that I read your anSWer .ira The Hol Father's action is in re '.v~r unga- ~ooK pains in or~er ~o ,, . dn~ -, mediate-{ Y ";. ....... -{:~;~,, his" stotements to inclose aijust p~ssed through this country, for{me, stud the A.rch~shop, quoting the very courteous letter of the 25th to arow=aarges $o thatisponseto an appeal mane Dy ~ne o~-]:.~-':~.t]on o}"a letter from the At-jI can find no one who has ever heardl~man' aramans~. ~errence, as ne the Consistory of the church to which ,^ ." ~a the subject, crier L/enerai L3ouncll oI ~ne rou~tx~- | ......... ........ ] of him in the Canal Zone and can ]urgea memoers o~ all races ann creeas I b ~" ~e currier ...:,~ _.pc wr^~,... +he Prona~,ation of theltorney Generm o~ the ~tepum~c ox ........... lt~ h~{,~ an,,,;~+~ +h~ o, ~,w~'.... ~ ~..- clung and the brethren, w~thout a]. --~-*, Will al- ~al volta v~. ~,,z- ~ . 1~-. t ~. ~. z,. m ..... ITM no r~gcorfl oi his 'having 'oeen,..... v ........ ~.....~---~-,,,s -* ~u- exception, were nlea with th~ taL t~"e Proper meas-,o~ [Faith The letter addressed by the [wanama, WhO, a~er quoang um raW, ice, ropean Hebrews _ . ._ sed .:. .......... ss ..... .... nected w~th the Canal. erance and free s lrl e Nlcht, and censure]Council to the Holy Father is given]of.the land, stud m reference to] . ..... [ "W.e are all bonn& by the ties of therein p t expressed actmn taken in full In it tribute is paid to the]Corn s accusatmns: ~ppea,s to Attorney ~seneral. [Adam " he conti .... ~ "~* .... ,,-~ " '. Who ~:. . " - -; ........... ~ ~'is Holine~s/ "I consider the publication of such[ "Although I have enough knowl-[ .L ' ..... "'"~.'-: ......... ~uyprayer~s that God's richest 'roll 3~-- ,taught for ~pos~onc sot,c~:~.nUall-arts of the~rep0rts as that under discussion, of]edge of the laws of Panama to brand[w~tn tea .~ioou ~n. ms veins, nor a blessings may rest upon you and your uunty, received xor mission worn. v ~ . . . . . . :, {~ , : . ~ _ .. . ._ Iwoman wl~n a particle PI compassion labors and +he+ .. ..... t~^.~, o-,hm;~o cry ~ .,_ _ ,_, m~..... ,, -++ention to his lwhich you aavisea me, ~o De one re-{woln s m~slnxormabion on. her mar-/. . . ~ .... . . . , . ~.,.*~ -.,~..v tuu~,, ~a~-......o ~aat her ser' worlfl, xney c~ ,~ ,,, . . " " " ' r In her near~, can nesl~al;e EO lena a and Pr [We~-- '. - ........... "~ .... m Ecclesiae {suit of absolute ignorance of our tinge, property and citizenship lax~s/ ............... otestants) may be born m ice 3:~ylnger re-~n_.eye,lcat yelLS:- tf~:::del.ful results !laws, and in order to prevent errone-{as totally incorrect, I addressed a{n,e~pmg nana 1;o a lll~le cmia WhO ~s Zion." . . 'r -.,- m Mau- -- "~--~ ..... irit -nd ous ideas I ~ive you the following m-[letter on those subjects to the Attor- , The third letter wmt ::' ~amrman ~ ~h.~m increasing the m~ ....... v , "~ " ~ ......... ]eyed women, or to old neo~l shi , ten l~. another~ ~cho-~ ~ -~ .... ; ...... ,-- ~-~ has insisted so{formatiom" {hey ~enerm o~ u~e ~epuoiic Ol ran-| ............. " ,. . A. ". e ver- person, is as follows: . -. ~oar s.nce ~ne n,~y ~,~,,~- . { . . |rag w~n ~ne COl(l, ann ~ms is the lc- ~as d. Her . . ublic ra er Mr Ungar's letter to Mr Payne area and am enclosing herexwth a . P "Ma " , . her first ~.~:=--~ma_ forcibly on private and p P Y " " t . .... . {ture whmh confronts us in Eastern y I, a Presbytermn, express my e~ve he] m the ~ as follows ransla~mn of h~s ofx~cml reply, m a "_ d that her ser as "~he great means of p" g ,~s ... : .... / . ~: ~ , Europe. ' pp'eciation of your address on the S~actn.. ~. -- ~ ~-~ ~i-mated the So-, l)ear ~r,: ' Iwmcn ne quotes zrom ~anama scon- { inerrancy ~of the ,q~..~A o, - . -~, ~vnss N~cht m~ssmn ann ~-~-~-'-~-~t~on of the Faith] "The writer is a former At~antian I titution and Civil Codg. -~ ] " It ,s a marvel of history how the As you truly said~--~--?cr~,-p,-~ures-: ,-. cmry xor ~ne r~'op~s,,. ......... ] ~ . {Jewish race survived centuries of op- _.__[ .... ~... , ....... . who lm it'.a, it is said,, fol- as the. ch,ef o~ all m,sF:~h:;t:~Dr~e:{ . - t .... [pression and massacre, but it is even ~:g3de;n:f~ih~Pmres.can ~e an ex- , at~on, of a ~.~,.,,~+~+;~'~ Council._ begs, the Holy. . ' ~ . P - ~| ~[-~T|[[~ [~|~'~[J~ }~|~D D~[~A~ ,a grcater' marvel that nothing has p e rengmn of. Jesus I" Fel3ruar ..... scribe a universal Mmsmn ~unuay. l~[J~ltt~llll~V|il~t~ l'l~lll ]VIOll~l ][~kl~Vll~l~.l~ll~'~l~ {broken their indomitabl- ...'~'. Chmst; yet the Monday morning pap- ~ ~v ..... ers are filled w~th the pagan hue ted by Mrs. W t:: The Holy Father has approved ~ i} ~| |~'~ |t~| |~| ~I][|~| ~ I |~|CV ~ | | ~'~ |l~| ~'~ I Wherever they have gone they have ....... : ...... ,pi - o~ the Parent~T~, the following regulations, leaving ~ ~r, hl~ll$1] ll*~ LNll~/t. I ll~01/thhr, l] llV~ ~., learned the language and obeyed the ~opmes ox so-canea rengmus teach- of the schonl .'=~7~" to the nrudent judgment of the Bish- ---- -{ " laws of the land To their ~'* ~-^ ers WhO are breaking down the faith ill ~-, wnlcn ~ ~u~ ~ Of our oun eo le " " ClPal be dism;o~^~ ups how to carry them out. ~Plq~'~flPAI IAN~ ~AVl RV MqR M~qqM~R it said that they never have for~,ot .... Y. g p p and g~vmg them .W' we .... ,o~=u. ~ ..... o.._.~_.; of aZlLl~%~Vlfl~lKll~g/ k$.rlta{ Ul IWIt~J.~lts tI1atJl~l~lLtat ten their ~l~r: ........ ,~h~;~ ~.~.,~ no~mng m return. A Baptist and an - - "~ ~nreatened1 The secona las~ oun-~x I s ~ ,~-~ paul. -.,~,. ,,~.,.~ E.qsco.~_,.- =~.. .... . not take action. October is designated as a dayof -- | go out to their brethren over the face t~e airPa~m:r senu o u~ ~;ms stulf over to M'~ss Nic prayer and missionary propaganda (By N ......... C W C News Service ) of the earth " y ~unaay, procmiming ~ e ht her ....... orld New York Feb 14 Word reach- , ..... . the supermr mtelhgence of the mud- and inf~;..- throughout the whole wa~nonc w . _ , . "~- rney are ~ne authors of ou/" mud- ernist t " " " - .... )lace ~^-- ~ ....... ~ o ~- *~-~ ~unda,, the prayer ing Episcopal Church circles here is ............. a ,~ .... ' hus mve~ghng the superflcml ~.r her in" the ~" ~. ~-.,~ ~~ ~,, ~,,,-,~ a.u ~ne xounaers oI who aim" to be up-to-date and who the teacher, Mr. ~er later t~hrough ~icht, a former ~Y, who we~t to estigate her sis- Could teach in a ; Lewisville at a ~ "the regular to be present be- at the L~ewisville Week, ~rut since to her bed with tas not decided as as ~ret. being made to lay - tare Board of 2E*D MON ~AAL S UNIFORM News Service.) -'-Alfonso Fusee. y a brilliant mill-" tme a Franciscan Y and it was dis- his religious robe florin of an army ~ff~X.and the Ital- ~o h~s breast. Served with great !an forces in the t later distinguish~ rescue Work th quake at Messina i "Pro Propagatione Fidei," is to be re- that the strong Cantonesd factions in our banking system, and their charity cited at all Masses as an "Oratio ira- China seeks to abolish religion from is a great contribution to modern civi- peratapro re gravi." ~ Sunda the schools conducted by that church iization. This charity of theirs is a 3. The sermon on that y in China. As a result, the Episcopal reproach to us' all, as well as an in- is to be of a missionary character, National Council has voted to close arm, was installed by the Most Rev. spiration. Our forefathers unjustly dwelling particularly on the Society dowi~ the schools until cnditinSISebastian G. Messmer, Archbishop of persecuted, reviled and~ massacred of the Propagation of the Faith, and change. ]Milwaukee, as Bishop of 'the diocesethem. . It ~s" our part., to make repara- urging the faithful to join. The mission schools directly af-~ d He rt -a hen. I hope th~ great movement of Superior at the Sucrea C - . 4. A plenary indulgence applicable fected number twelve and are in thethedraL here yesterday. Two Arch will tie us all m bonds of charity to to the Souls in' Purgatory is granted Hankow area. They probabI'y will be bishops, sixB shops, and .- i----alargenum_ the end of time." to allwho will go to Holy Communinon that Sunday and pray for the con- closed indefinitelY.Bolshevism,s hand is seen in thelber of Monsignori, Vicars-General WEEK SET FOR WAR version of infidels, move of the Cantonese, reports corn- and priests were present for the oc- ON DRU~ ADDICTION 5. At all missionary Festivals and ing from China stating that the Can- Congresses a solemn votive Mass tonese policies are distinctly com- casmn. A vast concourse of the lintyI Washington, D. C., Feb. 10.--The "Pro Propagatione Fidei" may be eel- munistic, was also m attendance. Board of Governors ~f the World ebrated, even on days of double ma- jor rite and on minor Sundays. NEW YO~,~O [Conference on Narcotic Education and relatives and friends provid~nd have s~% aside the last Week in Feb- This concession was granted by the |l~ WILL TO THE SHRINE for, the residue is to be dividedf:r ruary as Narcotic Education Week. ttoly Father on April 14, 1926, but / equal shares between the Home o I Plans have been made for the co- it is only now officially published (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) the Blind, Crippled and Defective] ~peration of national, state, provin- / N'ew York, Feb. 11.=-The Shrine Children at Port Jervis, L. I., andlcial and mt~nicipal government DUTCH TO AID of the Blessed Virgin at the Catholic the Nursing Sisters of the Sick and ithroughout the world together with MEXICAN TEACHERS University of America, Brookland, D. Poor of Brooklyn. all organizations and educational in- C., has been bequeathed ~;25,000 by Included among the larger bequests stitutions in bringing before the peo- (By N, C. W. C. News Service.) John F. McEvoy, prominent Catholic are $50,00 each to the Rt. Rev. Them-Iple the evils flowing from the use of The Hague, Feb. 8.--The Catholic layman, who died at his winter resi- as E~ Molloy, Bishop of Brooklyn, for narcotic drugs. Organized education Federation of the Diocesan Associa- deuce, West Palm Beach, Fla., on a new seminary at Huntington, L. I., has been recognized as the best means tions of Dutch School Teachers sent January 2.5, according to terms of and to the Rev. Charles F. Vitta, for[of combating these evils. to I~s Excellency the Mexican Am- his will which was filed for probate a new parochial school at the Holy In the First World Conference on bassador of The ~Ha~ue a request for in,the Surrogate's Court, in ~ing's Name Church, Brooklyn. I Nareotic Education held in Philadel- Mr. McEvoy, who was the head of phia in July, 1926, prominent Cath- the names and addresses of his coun- County yesterday. The total value the firm of John F. McEvoy, Inc., olics and Catholic organizations to6k try's school teachers who resigned of the estate is estimated at $2,000,- dealers in Catholic Church supplies, lpart. Among these was the National their portions because of conscien- 000. tious scruples against.teaching under The document further sets f0rthlwas a lifelong contributor to~Cath-[Catholic Welfare Conference. This the present regime. Their Dutch col- that $300,000 in bequests have been olic charities, his known contributions plan for a'Narcotic Education Week league's Wish to help them to tide~over left to secular and Catholic charities, to such causes having amounted tolls one of the methods decided on at ~heir temporary financial difficulties. After all bequests have been paid more than $500,000. ~the first worl~l conference. do not know that the doubts these .- men express were raised almost at the beginning of the Christian era\ I heard a Presbyterian pastor say're- cently that he felt more at home with some of his Roman Catholic brethren than he did with some of his Presby- terian brethren. "I would that many of the 'senar- ated brethren' of my own faith were hstenmg to you." % MEN CONSUME MORE CANDY THAN WOMEN, SAYS EXPERT ~" Men are rapidly overtaking women as the candy eaters of the nation. That men have overcome their retic- ence in buying candy for themselves is shown by'a recent survey of 1,100 retail establishments including con- fectioneries, cigar stor~s, and drug- gists which revealed that of 9,192 steady candy purchasers, 6,084 or 66 per cent, were men, and 3,108 or 34 per cent were women. Of a candy consumption of 1,650,- 000,000 pounds in the United States last year, it is estimated that men ate 588,000,000 pounds or more than one-third. Women and children ac- counted for the remainder. Realiza- tion that candy is a wholesom~ article of diet made u p of valuable body building foods, including milk, butter, eggs, fruit, sugar and nuts has been :::ctor in increasing its use among