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February 17, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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February 17, 1923

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PAGE SIX THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1923 FORTY ItOURS " DEVOTION AT THE SEi00INARY one skilled in the art of interior dec- orating. The list of donors was nat:onal in its scope. To all grateful acknowl- edgelr, en' is made and the hope is ex- pressed that all will continue their in- terest ill everytling that tends to th'e Imposiag Ceremonies---Bishop Morris wcffare of the scminary and at the Officiates--Artistie I)e0ration of same time enlist the assistance of oh- Sanctuary--G(nerms Donors. ers iu order that tile devotion in the i n Te orty Hurs devetmn was op- ened on Saturday morning with cere- monies that were exceptionally im- pressive. The Very Roy. Dr. Aretz, rector, was the celebrant of the Sol- Eickoff, Mrs. Joe 'lynn, Mrs. Them- emir High Mass The Rev. Jas. P. as W. Gannon, Mrs. Gee. W. G.lmore, future may be of" still greater propor- tions. last of Little Rock Donors Miss LilHan E. AtwGod, Mrs. H. W. Browning, Mrs. M. Durst, Mrs. Carrie B -i Lyceum Concert I)urirg the past week the LillJan Sellers Company, of the Redlmth- Homer Bureau, was a featured aLLrac- tion at Mt. St. Mary's Auditorium. Tim evening's prod'ram was heartily enjoyed b)', all. 5liss SClers' distir, cl-[ tire personality lent charm o every] song and reading. Sie po..:se;;e' t] beauiMul soprano voice wiich she uses with expression and skill in a " mSCOPAUANS PAT00NAL ACT 'IF.($OS Ff{O00! ]HF. 00O[IN]'I WANT CATH00RAL TAK,00S OF AT WASHINGTON TURK'S VIC00NS Their Church to Stand as Witness to Bill Authorizing Ad:nission to United the Spiritual Idea!s of America-- Overlook hlcals Other Than Their Own. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Washington, Feb. 12.--Announce ment was made at the annual conven- , very select group of songs. Readings finn of tile Et)iscolmlian diocese of both seriouq and humorous constituted, Washington that steps wou:d be taken (By N. C W. C. News Service) Washington, Feb. 13--The Seuate has passed and sent to the House of Representative, for consi:teraticn the bill authorizing the admission of ap- By our now ,easy, method, at college ea quickly qualify States of 5,000 Adults and 25,000 ntant, stenol Orpkancd Children---To Be Charita. civil service em ble Ch,'rges of Our Asy:ums. and tatiou,naster, you a position Wlite today for eeur desired. Gaffney was deacon and the Rev Mr. Miss Mary Ginnochio, Miss Annie an important t:)art of the program. Francis Taulty was sub-deacon. Mr.' G kmochio, Mrs. John Ginnochio, Mrs. There were, in addition, several ex- Paul V. tIatch was master of core- i:ra,k Ginnochio, Mrs. James Heston, monies. Mr.. Wil, Mis Letzig, Mrs f ceedingly clevel' pianologues. In all her work, Miss Sellers has In addition to the above mentioned ',/.illiam Letzig, hits. Thomas Loner- { the capable support of Mr. Jay To- clergy the following were present:-- d,n, MrJ. ltl'ry Myers, Mrs. Ed Men- bias. Mr. Tobias does very fini3hed Rev. Herman Wernke, Father Cyril, ohan, Miss Julia Monohan, Mrs. Ed and artistic work. Imitating a rath- e. C. D, and Father Raymond, O. C. (YBricn, Mrs: E. F. Shader, Miss Care- D. ,,e Snydcr, Mrs. John W. Snyder, Unusual Solemnity Mrs John H. Tuohey, Mrs. Augustine The sanctuary scene was one of M. Zell. magnificence and ecclesiastical splen- dor. Seldom has the devotion been ac- companied by such solemnity and cer- tainly never has been held with a grander demonstration of love for the Eucharistic King. The sanctuary was brilliant in its royal array of gold, red and white draperies, symbolic of the presence of the King of Kings. The many white blooms effectively brought out by the ferns and palms formed a fitting background for the imposing ceremonies:' Of more than passing interest was the splendidly arranged musical program rendered at all the services under the direction L__ PRIEST URGES CARE FOR CHILD'S HEALTH (By N. C. W. C. News Srvice) New York, Jan. 28.The series of inlimate talks on the home called "Home Making Hearths," which are given by the Rev. Daniel E. Kiernan, Ph. D., at St. Paul's church, have at- tracted a great deal of attention. The series which started last November, was scheduled to reach over a period of twenty consecutive weeks. I Overhaul Children Too t "If your child was born with a h'are t of Father Raymond. Mr. Raymond lip don't sit b:ck and say, 'Oh--it's to Marmon presided at the organ. Solos b'!' It's nothing of the kind; it's your wore sung by Messrs. Feldkamp, Me- lziucss in not having a physician. then have a care for your baby's feet. (,oy and Desmond. Bishop Officiates Each succeeding day seemed to sur. pass its predecessor in the soul-thrill- ing beauty of its services. On Sunday the Right Reverend Bishop celebrated the community mass. He was assist- ed by Rev. Jas, P. Gaffney and Rev. Mr. Taulty. At the close of the mass His Lordship exposed the Blessed ,Vhat God-given beauty there is in a oaby's foot! Think of it as ju,:t be- :dnni,,g tbe journey of life. Look at lhe flat feet we have today. Why? Be- c,,use 'm ore' or 'pop' doesn't take time to bring the kiddies or to go them- selves to a Chiropodist.. They flop into old, flat shoes and complain of their feet and imagine they have rheumu- tism. They have not. They have er eccentric musicmn, he won the hearty applause of oil, while as a soap-box preacher he was very en- ] tertaininff. In all, the program was I very euj0yable, and it is with keenest pleasure that elm patrons are looking forward to the fifth and last number of the Lycemn Course. Musicale The music classes of Mount St. Mary:s gave a recital on the after- noon of February 9. The young ladies taking part displayed unusual talent and showed evidence of careful train- ing and diligent application 'the pihno :elee'.ions were rendered with rare technlque, and tlle vocal numbers showed trollying a' well a:; natural talent. 'Those taking part are as fol- lows: Misses Louise Doughery, Eu- genia Flynn, Mary Raley, Mildred Rozier, Dorien "  ' 3 rmr, Margaret Hel- bron, Rosemary Touhey, Opal Clark, Feh'ia Meyers, Saebel Edmundson, Evelyn Wallc:h. Heicn Ihjar.,](i and Lillian Fowler. , Literary Club Meeting On Tuesday morning the Shakes- pearean Society held its monthly meeting. The poet for the (lay was Henry W. Longfellow, his biography being given by Miss G'l'ace Mitchell. There were several very interesting to raise at once a fund of St0,000,0C0 for the completion of the Episcopal cathedral overlooking the capital. The Rt. Rev. Alfred Harding, Episcopal .Bishop of Washington, pro ented tl projec as "a witness to tile spiritual ideals of America." "This," he con- tinued, "is the basis of tbc appeal we are now making to tile churchmen and chhrchwonmn of our land. We are convinced that this witness for Christ will be a potent agency in lift-i ing the minds of men to spiritual real- ities and thus coun:eract the trend so evident in our time toward materi- alism." I)oubtful Witness of Common Faith Bishop" tlardin2"s ;taten.enr: was conlmen(lab]y mo(let and e'trnest compared to that el: i)r. Fr(eman, of the Church of the Epiphany, who said "Beyond the fact that it is he build- g (.ff a great religiou body, it must ..tatnl as the witne:s of our common 'faith as a people. No buihling in Great Britain ;o foctwses the affec- t:ions of he, people as Westminster II Abbey. This great Abbey i: literally ;the shrine of Great Britain. It is be- lieved that the national cathedral in Washington ultimately must come to be to America what the Abbey is to the English people. It ought to be a place of sepulture of the great dead I of our nation. It oug'ht to be a me- morial to the nlen and women who so unstintingly gave themselves for the! people of the worhl in the great war. .It ought to furnM1 h place :for grcat assemblies, national and international, proxinmtely (; 000 adult Armeman ref- ugees and 25,000 orplaned Armenia0 chihh'en. In view of the favorable ac- tion already taken by the House Im- migration committee on the measure, it is almost certain that it will go to the President for signature hefore the expiration of the present Congress. Turks Hold Upper Hand Despite Urging action upon the bill Senator, Williams said: "Even the Soviet gov- ernment set aside the other day a lot of land in Russian Armenia for Ar- menian fugitives. The council at Lau- ] sanne has just surrendered to tbe[ Turks the demand fox' the homeland] for the Clnstmn Armen an pevp'e in I Asia. The Turks positively refused it, and there was not enough spirit in France, Italy and Great Britain to read an ultimatum to them. Tin'own Upou Private Charitics "All that this bill asks is th:tt some- thing like five or six thousand adults shall be admitted, provident that they are otherwise admissible under our immigration laws and that 25,090 lit- tle children, orphaned or homeesb ! shall be allowed to come to America and go to orphan asylums, whether re- ligious or governmental or philan- thropic, which shall give bond to pre- vent them from becoming a public charge until they are old enough to work for themselves." A Peculiarly Tragic tIistory Senator Lodge also said: "I think, the Armenians, in whom I have taken I a very great interest, present a pecu-[ liarly tragic history. They have been deprived of their land. The Turks have Sacrament for adoration. At 9:30 bunions and corns. You overhaul o'clock a Solemn High Mass "Pro your flivver now and then, and when Pace" was celebrated by Father Ray- anything is lost you get 'parts.' Over-i mend. Rev. Jas. P. Gaffney was (lea- houl yourself anti your children, too; con and the Rev. Mr. Iaul y was ,'ub- it wil" " deacon. ' ....  t pay oecause you can't get: Mr. Lwwrence DiGiovanni 1 'parts' for your body"- was master o:f ceremonies. In the' ' :: evenings of Saturday and Sunday IfADIO ,; Solemn'Benediction of the Most Bless- CONFLICr ed Sacramen was given, BETWI,]EN WASHINGTON Prayer and PROTESTANT CHURCHES Adoration ,i AII the services harmonized into a (By N C W. C. News Service) "' grand Sting of love and praise to the Washington, D. C., Feb. 12.Seere- , Euchastie King. Every act, during tory of Commerce Herbert Hoover has the long hours of adoratiop, was per- been asked to intervene as arbitrator formed with a manifestation of loyal- in the Sunday "air battles" that are being waged here by two Protestant] churches xhich are broadcasting their'] I 'ermons simultaneously on the same I i wave length. The Church o' the Cove- I :-- nant claims the air by right of prior-[ ity while the pastor of the Vermont Avenue Christian church says that he is receiving many favorable contribu- tions by mail as a result of the radio sermons, and intends to continue them : Secretary Iioover, it is intimated, The countenance of every-' may use hi: authority to designate . one beooke fervent prayer and adora- different hours for the two churches " finn. That it was an event unsurpass- to broadcast. The suggestion of chang- ed at St. John's Seminary can be said ing the wave lengths in order that both : -.,. - ty to, and faith in the Real Presence. Constant watch was kept by the priests, seminarians and sisters. The grandeur of the canopied sanctuary with its myriad of lights and verita- ble floral bowers was ftuher en- hanced 'by the darkened chapel win- dows and the deep and reverential silence that' prevailed. The kneeling figures in cassocks and surplices evi- denced the importance of what was going on: :. without exaggeration. Mass of Reposition But the crowning event of this beau- tiful devotion was the Mass of Re- position on Monday. Father Cyril was the celebrant of the Solemn High Mass. Rev. Jas. P. Gaffney was dea- con and Mr. Taulty was sub-deacon. Mr. Hatch was master of ceremonies, The Paost minute detail was carefally considered that the closing scene might be enchanting and triumphant. The vestments of the officers of the mass, the priests and seminarians in choir attire eombined with the ,rich Gregorian chant of the choir complet- ed the pictures of beauty and splen, dot. Solemn Benediction The closing ceremony was the Sol- . - emn Benediction. q:hc music was sung" hy all present with the greatest har- mony and deep emotion. The Host was then raised in silent Benediction and all was over. This greatest of all our "i  redgious demonstrations to Our Eu- charistic King was ended. "Holy God Thy Name" yeas sun with beating in unison with the It was indeed, an impressive Fond Memories Now that we can look back on this / . . splendid demonstrahon of love we can , , ore fully appreciate: its prominence , in our spiritual life at the seminary : and try  perpetuate it in our month- ' Iy Holy Hour of Exoosition Inaugu- ted in January 1923. It will live long in our memories and we hope the results achieved will remai n forever. Generous Contributors ' / To the .generous contributions of stations may transmit in harmony, will, however, meet with a deaf ear if put up to Hoover, it is said, as such action would establish a precedent which would let down the bars to five hundred other stations in various sec- tions of the country which desire to fill the air with religious services on Sunday. HOLY CROSS PLANNING STADIUM FOR 35,000 (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Worcester, Mass., Feb. 12.--The construction of a new concrete stadi- um constructed after the fashio of the Yale bowl and capable of seating I 35.000 persons is contemplatcd by Holy Cross College here. It is not ex- pected, however, that the project will materialize for several years and in the meantime the college authorities are going ahead with plans for. the construction of new stands on Fitton Field to be completed in time for use during the next football eason. The temporary stands will accommodat, 20,000 spectators. NON-CATIIOLICS ACCEPT 1 INVITATIONS TO CHURCH Denver, Feb. ll.--An effective method of bringing non-Catholics to lectures in the Catholic Church has been evolved by the Rev. William Ryan of St. Catherine's church. Two weeks before the beginning of his lec- tures Father Ryan distributed printed 'post cards to his parishioners, each. card containing a courteous invitation to the recipient to attend the lectures. r many friends who have at heart The cards were theft sent by par- e interest of the seminary much Can ! tshioers to their non-Catholic friends. be attributed in enabling Mr. John No cards  were mailed anonymously. irhompson, senior sacristan, to attain ,The resultwas that Father Ryan lec- i ,t de.ires! effect in the sanctuary tured to a thronged auditorium of in- doratioim, which were indicative of terested listene each night. papers. The subject-matter carcfully l meeting in Washington upon missions preparcM. They were as follows: that relate to the vast interests of "Loyalty" by Miss Marie Helm; "Can-  America and the peoples of the ada's Keep-out of Klanism" by Miss world." Patricia Streett; and "George Wash- ingt0n" by Miss Evelyn Ck"k. The literary numbers were alt,'nated with musical se|ectimls and remlings in such a way as to form a very (lelight- fn| program. There was a song, "When the Leaves Tumble l)own," by Miss Christian Field; a violin solo, "Scene De Ballet," by Miss Althea. Franz; and a reading, "White Aza- leas," by Miss Mary Jones. The pro- gram was brought to a clo:e with a song, M smsspp Moon," by all of the members. Cathedral Club Play Through the courtesy of Reverend Father Moran, the Cathedral Club of St. Andrew's parish, gave a perform- once of their play, "School Days," at Mt. St. Mary on Monday evening. The girls and boys taldng part de- serve great praise for the lively man-| nor in which they carried through 1 the one-act comedy. Thanks is also due I to Father Moran, who, by his ldnd-t ness, made the success possible. PRIZE OFFERED FOR PLAIN CHANT SINGING (By N. C. W. C. News Service) London,. Feb. 2.--A special compe- tition trophy, for excellence in the rendition of the Gregorian Chant, is being offered this year by the St. Pe- ter College, at Bearsden, in Scotland. The plain chant competition will be part of a musical festival that is be- ing held under Catholic auspices in Glasgow, for which already thousands ] of entries have been received. I-- absolutely refused to give them any land to live in. Probably half the pop- ulation that existed at the beginning Some Facts Overlooked It is to be observed that I)r. Free- man, in his enthusiasm overlooked the fact that there is in London another great moument to the Christian faith, the cathedral of Westminster, a Cath- olic Church, and that there is under construction in Washington a shrine devoted to the honor of the I'lessed I Virgin. And it remains to be seen how Dr. Freeman's enterprise will ap- ' peal to the Baptists, Methodists, Jews, Unitarians, Congregationalists, Pres- byterians, not to mention other de- nominations who consider themselves i a part of this great nation. ENGIJSH GIRL GUIDES CATHOLIC MOVEMENT 'of the war has been massacred and their situation is piteous in the ex- treme.'! The institutions, religious or secu- liar, and the persons who receive .the orphans to be admitted must give proper guarantees that they shall not become public charges. ORDO FOR 1923 $1.00 Post-aid Bookerv Little Rock (By N. C. W. C. News Service) London, Feb. 5.--Under the auspices and direction of the Catholic Women's League, some thousand or more Cath- olic Girl Guides in England have been organized into forty-four companies. The Girl Guides Movement has re- ceived the warmest approval of Car- dinal Bourne and other high ecclesi- astical dignitaries, and now that the Catholics are making full use of the movement, it is becoming a powerful agency for a special branch of Catho- lic social work. The Catholic Girl Guides have not yet reached such large numbers as have the Catholic Boy Scouts. West- minster has its Church and Protestant religions, [] B M. A. BILTZ Special Representative New York Life Insurance Co. 801-7 Southern Trust Bldg. Fix Up That Life Insurance Today"I Sell It." Phone 7446 Little Rock, Arkarma -[] I BOYS' PROTECTORY ARMSTRONG SPRINGS Conducted by the Brothers of the Poor of St. Francis, who have taken over the famous health resort, long known as "Armstrong Springs" and adapted the proper equipment for the purpose of giving to FROM 10 TO 16 YEARS ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Up to and Including Eighth Grade HEALTH -- DISCIPLINE -- KNOWLEDGE Acquired Within Pleasing Environment :For Information arid Terms Write: I-- VEN. BROTHER ALBERT, Route No. 8 SEARCY, ARK. r FATHER 12mo, cloth, wth fi In thls new enough thrill attacks. and it desltt, ItELD ogch)u| Uncle am win AT THE . HII.I.S. Has THE CAVE BY' A splrtl of I itdvellttll'e;, canoeing, THE THE AFTER. TIiE RACE IS.LAND. tr. ' THE 309 W. LITTLE, RocK, SELECT A GOOD: Hers I. a Splendid ISABEl, C, CLARK' Lady Trlt'l TI Deep Hss rt' ElstoneI" "Only Anne" "Urula Finek" Per Copy, $ |#1 W. d--BO OFFICE SUPPLIES DESKS PRINTING Our printing plant automatic feeding of work. Send for illustrated Prt Office Supplies. Printing & Little Rok, PATRONIZE OUR BOOKS - - A LIVE AND UP-TO-DATE BOOK FOR CATHOLIC THE CATHOLIC AMERi CONTENTS---The Citisen--the Prominent nile---The Catholic Press--Church Support,--Catholic America--The Problem of Problems--The Spirit of the loges--Sex Hygiene or PurityOur Pride and Our Hc ismFrmmuonryCatholie Societies--The Soul's Friamd. THE AMERICAN PRIEST CONTENTSAt Home--With His Fellow Lyalty--In the Parochial School--Lprosy---With WomenIn the Homes of HIs Peoph-2Th Prominent Social W0rkKindna. THE PRINCIPAL CATHOLIC A POPULAR EXPLANATION OF HOLY SACRAMENTS AND CATHOLIC E - The author points out the innate beauty of the as it is used in the administration of the Sacrament in principal Catholic Devotions. He treats make his point clear, yet briefly enough to solid meat of instruction is here, yet it is handled so lightful reading. By adopting the descriptive form of ing both abstract discusmon, and Polemic he gives his interest which should make it very popular. By to loam of the beauties of our ceremonial, the come& ByREV. GEORGE T. SCHMIDT (t2mo, Cloth; net, $1.50} BENZIGER BROS. PUBLICATION B 0 01 E R Y- 309.WEST SE00ND 2 B LITTUl