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February 12, 1943     Arkansas Catholic
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February 12, 1943

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00elgia.n Bishops Protest :00oonscr, pt,on Of Labor 00000int Pastoral Condemns Sending Country- Into Germany for Forced Toil-Spiritual " g/ rts/ rhV: ct!m00oF:e: $.ratice of scnding Belgians to forced labor in Germany, the Hierarcby t Belgium reveals that it made representations to responsible au- lnrities to hal.&apos;, this practice, but that so far they have been ignored. 0.This reve!ahon is made in a joint pastoral Letter, signed by His r/mence Joseph Cardinal Van Roey, Archbishop of Malines, and the 1 mcr Bishop of Belgium, a summary of which has become available }fere. Bearing the date of December 2, the Pastoral was ordered reaa , all churches in Belgium on December 13. C!{ _!J! The Pastoral begins by deploring the enforced departure of men, ^ornen and youth for work in Germany, and expresses the Bishop' u.cipalion in tbe desolution, anl uish and uneasiness caused among ,2  those affected by this practice. A: C -- Protests Ignored IO NAL CATHOLI "We made it our duty to make : representations to responsible au- it 1 t4A thorities, to obtain suspension of these measures which are causing 1  so universal and so legitimate eon- RURAl sternation in the country, but our intervention, unfortunately, has /$/ had no result" the Pastoral states. LIFE The Bishops then give the Bel- 1 "-- g i an priests and faithful opportune directives dictated by the duty of charity towards those obliged to leave for Germany and towards CONFERENCE the families left behind. They Grand Des In. urged the pastors and members of Ave., Moines, the church societies to visit the ie Farmer,s "If"  conscripts, to offer sympathy, to lYou can do the job of any toiler, ascertain and fill their needs, to CarPenter, mason, plumber, assist them in preparation for the  engineer, . journey, to encourage them to go You can drill a weh, and mend to confession and to receive Holy Communion before departure, to a boiler, r trades Anti practice fifty othe rovide them with indispensable f  year; , religious articles. You can run machines, and dec- The pastors, the Bishops add, i tor cattle, ' should warmly recommend to the i Keep seting hens on duty at conscripts that they guard their - their nests; . . moral dignity, and that they re- You can fight an unremlttlng main as faithful as possible to the i battle practices of their religious life, to !.With endless armies of invading the attendance at Mass, to the re- lests; citation of daily prayers. The pas- tors, the Bishops continue, should ! You can face the hazards of the urge the more militant Catholics Weather, among the conscripts--the mem- (arnbling with nature with your bers of Catholic Action--to give all at stake, . , example to their companions by ,d When luck's agams you alto- leading them in prayer and sus- "[.gether taining their morale. The Hier- ' Ight on, and never let your archy of Belgium promises to send  courage break; . priests to minister to the con- ftT You can hold your patience wnen scripts, if this is permitted. '] .._YoU're coping " It Offer Sorrows For Country With drought or floes, w'h "Dearly beloved brethren,"' the d .| blight and smut and scale, Pastoral says, "the new trial visit- ilfl lose, and start again, and keep ed upon our people is perhaps the ' I on hoping gravest they have yet had to bear; $1!ri spite of all the harvest that it recalls and makes live again 0 aight fail; the more sombre days of the last ,<I, war. But, as then, don't despair, f' YoU can share the burdens of don't lose courage." ) ,.Your neighbors "Let us offer our afflictions and 10'-u_adly, but leave their own af- sorrows, through the mediation of ti fairs, their own; the Immaculate and Sorrowful -_. notwithstanding all your end- Heart of Mary, to Almighty God' B;|', less labors, for our country. You may be surge "YQr spirit keeps its warmly that our tears will not be Shed' in LUman tone; vain; our Heavenly Father will Yc I can see your every tasl as gather them and.change them into l./ e,  i rilhng' merciful blessings one day that we " ause, though sometimes hope is not far distant. mt 'earily you plod "Let us accept all this as per- [O00U neO w each stubborn acre you feet Christians: the Apostle Paul   e tilling . Second Corinthians, sixth chapter, 8 n exhorts Christians to show them- g,|' . ew wealth you've created selves true servants of God with ,I :orn the sod; y much patience in tribulations, can feel a joy in turning necessities, distress, prisons, labor e Per . . . by kindness unaffected, love, .d"4'I'he- good brown earth in furrows truth, justice. Have faith in God, Clea:ly rub; confidence in the future He re- " You love scent of oats and serves for us: as the Apostle adds 41 Wheat and clover ' ens in Ancr Yellow corn that mp 'We are as dying and' behold we live.' " the sun; . . -- I yu don't rob the soil, yet go on * - "  St. Wmand s, e..e lrgetting !L raworthevery, acre all that it is McGehee, Gives 4t are a FARMER, son---and I -,,, betting Patriotic Play ou wouldn't trade with anyone The pupils of St. Winand's School | on earth. Relyr., . Berton Braley will present a Patriotic Program  ,ci by special permission on Monday evening, February 15, :,.-?: aturday Evening Post, at 7:30 o'clock. Participating in {rght 1938 by The Curtis Pub- ]the skit, 'Mother Goose Enlists', -ag Company. tare: Janet Marie Hall, Shirley t2 ,'---'--''*, B]ack, Mildred Ray, Joe Mansour, I Jr., Ruby M. Preston, Charles 00Usslonarles [ Rose, Grey Hagan, Patricia A. '-IL a-Oll I-i[  i  Jeanneret, Charles Taulbee, Ray- |mend Beck, Enoch Richy, Peggy on .on, Oxner, E. G. Huddleston, Sylvia -Pf -,---I]r Chin Thiele, Ann Rice, James Coker, 'o ([ a Michealla O'Connel, Jimmie Rial, Nona Cantrell, Richard Hamber- g' esJs Remaln As Chaplains lin, and Jimmy Ashford. ' | .,. "'ners 'f'aryknoll, N. Y. (K)Fourteen Billy Stobaugh and Gayle Kyle group of 16 Maryknoll Mis- will sing, 'Little Soldier and the Red Cross Maid'. i ,s, Wh g, . , o were trapped in Hong _ when the war broke out, =Vent the-siege of the island neri re interned with other tch ns in Stanley Prison have  the freedom and safety Ve e Maryknoll Mission at ,,  . in Free China, according a t b.l. advices received at the ![  iut rters here. , .e .<ther two members of the a t e Rev. Bernard Meyer and i e:  Donald Hessler, declined e:h o safety in Free China and - red to remain as chap- lt_ : the prisoners held in the ![al;I,Th. s  camp.  t':  'oup, at first released only i;[i " onfines of the starving city !! t g Kong, later was allowed :o e.ed to Free China when r! s tus as non-combatants was c00e00r. I|  1_ Other Maryknollers, still iLrk  It have joined a commumty issig in the midst of war in the laiY a fields of Free China A itle eP Of "l- d "r: t.aem were newly-or- , ests who arrived in :istt. ong on December 8 1941 ek -Y before the Japanese :ii1^2" -'earl Harborand were /ttek. hi: . the island ,bY the war's e araes of the fourteen re- ,  Were i VS. Jo' gven here as: The el O,, n Tackny, Boston; Mi- - onnell, San F eesl.- rancisco; ? waU s_ F_oteck, Milwaukee; '4ere r, incinnati;; Michael eVelrd. Stn; Ralph. Seibort, , =ancis Keelan, Boston; THE GUARDIAN, FEBRUARY 12, 1943 I I I III [ THEY PRAYED FOR SAFE OVERSEAS JOURNEY iCatlolics among the first detachmeat of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps to arrive in North Ale rica, for duty with the headquarters staff of General Eisenhower0 are pictured at Mass in their bar- racks shortly before they emlarked for their oversems assignment. After reaching a Mediterranean port they were transported by plane acro North Africa.. Official U. S. Army photo.. (N.C.W.C.), Tirndg Etemals Rt. Rev. Msgr. Peter M. H, Wynhoven Editor-in-Chief Catholic Action of the South GROUCHY POLICEMEN It was in September, ]9[ , the day after our historic tropical storm in the South, that I was driving down Canal street, and was suddenly signaled by a traffic po]icerflan to top. The big, burly mouthpiece of the law proceeded to tell me what he thought of me. According to him, I had broken a traffic regulation. 1 told him 1 thought he was mis- taken, but I politely invited him to give me, a ticket and promised him I would explain things to the judge. He de- clined to hand me a little slip, but continued t0"straft me with strong language; Afterward, when the incideht was reported to the captain, it evolved that "Big Jim," 'a f&vent Irishman, had mistaken me for the fanatic minister of the Carrie Nation type, who was abusing free speech around New Orleans in a crusade to rob citizens of the right to take a drink sometimes, selves with the foolish expectation As a rule, are policemen gentle- that everybody should react ac- men? We think they are. The cording to our personal moods and trouble with them is that, most of disposition. It frequently happens the time, they are exposed to such that we are unaware of the trials lack of consideration on the part and troubles, the: hidd'en grief or of the public, most of whom arc suffering, of people with whom we trying to get away with murder, have to deal. We never a it takes the stamina of a saint to thought that a certain prson may be pleasant and good-humored, have a real cause or a good rea- And, naturally, it would be some- son for not appearing and acting what idle to look for saints on the normally. We preceed at once to police force, put him in our little book of sense- A man who is charged with the less criticism as somebody tropes- safety of people, especially a traf- sible, a grouch, "a pain in the fie cop at a busy corner, must neck;" whereas, if we could know or would try to guess his or her ,have an iron constitution, both as to nerves and physique. He is physical ailment or mental misery, bound to be high-strung all the we should be moved by compas- sion and sympathy and stmuld not time, covering four directions in !an effort to protect people from increase his unhappiness. injury. He remains at his post of Some years ago, in connection duty in the beating rain, the broil- with my work, I had to confer ing sun or the intense cold for quite frequently, with a Nun in an hours at a time. orphan asylum. She never had Drivers and pedestrians con- a smile, and she seemed to be dis- stantly disobey orders, either igno- satisfied with the world in gen- eral. Henc% our relations were rantly, absent-mindedly or arro- not too happy. One day, the head gantly. In the last class are the offenders who are a thorn in any of the institution phoned to re- good policeman's side, "the boys quest me to pray for the repose of with a political pull." If they are the soul of this particular Sister. She had been rushed to the hos- stopped, the officer is bound to pital a few days before, and it was get abuse; he cannot answer them found that her liver was eaten back or give them a ticket, for it will not mean anything, or it may away by cancer The poor thing had suffered excruciating pain for cause him to be fired or demoted; years without telling anybody if he looks the other way and lets about it. :hem get by with their offenses. Charity demands, in abnormal A reading, 'Our Flag' by Albert he will be criticized or he will Thiele, Eugene Williams, John these favored individuals cases like this, that we patiently McClendon, and Blair Baradel will to endanger lives. That forced consider what might b wrong help carry out the theme o the function never tends to improve with the other person. entertainment, z: : A chorus composed of Mary J. his phychology. S Then, he has to contend with the U,Ss upreme Mansour, Elizabeth Hughes, Patsy dear lady drivers, so many of Avery, Pot O'Connell, Cardine whom are blissfully unobservant Court Dismisses Mazzanti, Zona M. Moseley, Mar- or ffervous in tight spots. The Evelyntha RooneY,stainbrook,Dorothy MaryCreek' LouMai bachelor-maiden teacher was corn- D oct ors' Att ac k Stainbrook, Joe Ann Malnar, Bar- bara Gould, Shirley M. Owens Ruth Oxner, Dorothy Coker, Mar- aret Haiumet, Betty J. Chapman, and Beverly A. Peas will sing a group of national favorites, 'Pledge of Allegiance,' 'America the Beautiful', 'You're a Grand Old Flag', 'The Star Spangled Banner'. The program will be concluded with the play, 'It's a Beautiful Day in America' in which Deon Mary J. Mansour, Betty J. Simp- son, Brice Rose, Elizabeth Hughes, Freedy D. Stuart, and Donald Thiele have parts. John Toomey, New Bedford; Wil- liam Downs, Erie, Pa.; John Tro- each, Springfield, Ill.; Michael McKiernan, Pomeroy, Wash.; John Moore, of Cumberland, Md., and A. Leonard Madison, Syracuse, and rother Thaddus Revers, Ober- mg up a busy street, sweetly and unconcernedly crossing the traf- fic light. The policeman ap- proached her car, holding up his hand; and, after she stopped, he asked her, "Madam, do you know what it means when I hold up my band?" She affably replied, "Son, I surely do, I have not been teach- ing school for nothing the last thirty years. You want to go home and help mother do the washing," What could the policeman do in that case? Blush and let her pass. A policeman, in his daily round of duty, has to face and deal with more arbitrary and contrary peo- ple than anyone else, and usually under trying circumstances. There- fore, humanly speaking, it is not fair to expect him to be very pleasant. We should be consider- ate and keep that in mind when one offically approaches us, whether we are guilty or not. Never thinking, or trying to !in, O. z : z place ourselves in the position of Memory, intelligence, grasp of others with whom we have to deal, things must only be used for a often creates unpleasant, strained good purpose, for they are gifts and sometimes bitter feelings. Ex- of God. aggerating our ego, we imbue our- Washington. (10  The United States Supreme Court ruled to- day that members of the medical profession have no legal right co attack the anti-contraceptive law of the State of Connecticut, which forbids doctors to advise or pre- scribe the use of contraceptives. The State law, enacted in 1879, has long been the object of attack on the part of birth control advo- cates. The case in which the Supreme Court ruling was handed down was brought by Dr, Wilder Tileston, medical professor at Yale Uni- versity. Joining in the suit were several hundred members of the medical profession from Con- necticut and other states., It was contended that the Con- necticut law violates the fourteenth amendment to the Constitution, which provides that "no State shall . . . deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law." In a brief order of dismissal, the Supreme Court ruled that the doc- tors had no legal standing in ques- Students Of St. Andrew's Buy War Stamps Little Rock.The Jan y War Stamp Honor Roll contains the names of the following pupils of St. Andrews: Virus Barre, $3.80; Larry Johnston, $1; Tommy Don- ahue, $1.20; Theresa Cia, $5.90; Tommy Heffernan, $1; Betsy Web- er, $1; Carolyn Keatt, $1.10; Bob- by Massery, $1; John Louis Se- galls, $5.25; David Steber, $1; Billy Beck, $1; Billy Springer, $1; Philip Johnston, $2; Geraldine Massery, $5; Janet Jones, $3.80; Dick Massery, $1; John Lock, $5;. Beverly Balch, $1; Henry Etta Buddenberg, $1.30; Anita Gullett, $9.40; Billy Simpson, $2.25; Bobby Heffernan, $1.10;; Bernard Heinze, $1.85; Joan Waggoner, $15.00; Rose Marie Haas, $1; Dorothy Mas- sery, $1; Betty Ann Black, $2.05; Mildred Chambers. $3.10. Many other children bought smaller amounts of stamps. This last month, Room IV led the Honor Roll. The Catechism prizes, consist- ing of $1 in War Stamps, were iwarded to Larry Johnston, David Steber, Rose Marie Battisto, and Grace Booth. Clergy Sign Memorial On Race Discrimination New York. (E)--A memorial to President Roosevelt asking that the Executive Order forbidding race discrimination be reaffirmed and that the Fair Employment Prac- tice Committee be reconstituted removed from the jurisdiction of the War Manpower Commission and directed to re-schedule public hearings, bears, among others, the signatures of clergymen of the Catholic, Protestant and Jewish churches. Included among those signing the petition are the Rt. Rev. Ber- nard H. Pennings, O. Praem., Ab- bot of St. Norberts Abbey, West de Pere, Wis.; the Rev. John La Farge, S.J., chaplain of the Ca- tholic Interracial Council; the Rt. Rev. Msgr. John J. Reddy, Brook- lyn; the Rt. Rev. Msgr. John A. Ryan, Washington, D. C.; the Rev. Franklyn J. Kennedy, Milwaukee the Rev. T. Lawrason.Riggs, Ca- tholic chaplain at Yale University, I I I II I PAGE SEVEN i 00-Jo00esboro P a c i a, l CIRCLE NUMBER ONE Jonesboro.-- Circle No. I met Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 2nd, at 2:30 o'clock at the Catholic hall with Mrs. L. M. Bodenhamer, hostess. At the meeting the fol- lowing officers were elected and installed: Mrs. R. H. Willett, chairman; Mrs. S. A. French, Secretary and Treasurer. Mrs. John Hancock won the contest I prize, dusting powder. Father W. J. Kordsmeier, Pastor, was pres- ent. CIRCLE NUMBER TWO Circle No. 2 of the Blessed Sacrament Church met in the home of Mrs. Harry Hamby on Jefferson Avenue, Tuesday after- noon, Feb. 2nd, at 2:30 o'clock. The Chairman, Mrs. Elmo French presided at the short business ses- sion and later due to the absence of the study leader, Mrs. Harry Mathis, she read the recently pub- lished article, "The Pope and the War" by Eleanor Packard, which appeared in the January number of the American. Mrs. L. C. Glee 2 er won the contest prize, two Ks Of C. Attend Quarterly ::,, Communion As announced in The Guardian, Council No. 812 Knights of Col- umbus will hold its quarterly Communion, and the date has been set for Sunday, February 2i,st, at St. Edward's Church, 9th & Sher- man Streets, at the 8:30 Mass;.'  The following eommittedn are appointed by the Grand K r/il[  John R. Helbron for each of the' Parishes: St. Andrew's C.,K. Call, Jr., Win. T. Gilmorei: Wright F. Lewis, Tom W. Newtor/i: Dan Murphy, John F. Burkei George W. Massery. St, Edward's  Louis W. Hart, Louis H. HOyL Julian P. NabholZ, Lswrenc I: Lipsmeyer, Bernard J. Birnbach, Oscar E. Bopp, Joseph M. Hampel, John R. Hanson. ' ..... ' Good Counsel u,. Robert S. Peters, Dr. Paul Coy- linen handkerchiefs. Plans were made for a benefit tango on Feb. 19th at 8 o'clock at the Catholic hall. During the social hour, Mrs. Hamby assisted by Mrs. Joe Heckle, and Mrs. J. A. Hicks served delicious frosted prune i cake with hot coffee. CIRCLE NUMBER THREE Circle No. 3 of the Blessed Sacrament Aid was entertained last evening by Miss Lucy Bauer at her home on Jefferson Avenue. In the absence of the president, Miss Josephine Gatz, Mrs. Ray- mond Dupwe presided and routine businesswastranscted after which Miss Kate Staudt led the study. There were several guests, Pc. Victor'WIillins-Ratc]iffe, of Portc Rico, Rev. W. J. Kordsmeier and Sgt. and Mrs. Norbert Thuff. l'-Yc. Millins-Ratcliffe made a splen- did" talk on "Religion in Porto Rico." During the social hour, Mrs. Thull won he contest prize, war stamps. Miss Bauer assisted by her mother served delicious lemon chiffon pie and hot coffee. Guardian Reaches Another Point In Globular War Somewhere in the southwest Pa- Cific, Thomas German Adair of {he United States Navy writes his :ister, Cathexine Jett, of Little ck, that he receives the Guard- ian. ;The way he puts it: "dter I read it, I give it to the Chaplain, a very young fellow from ,os. Every Sunday morning we:'have Mass, 'and it is fine' to kn0W?that one ean go to Conies- @ion and Holy Communion just the Same as back home." Tis is one of many far outposts itlis globular war thatThe dardian reaches. Seaman Adair writes further: ': "The food is palatable, and they gie:us smokes, so we have no ex- CtlSe for not whipping the Japs." Seaman Adair was a member nt, E. J. Pope, Sr.. James A. Peters,. 9f the Good Counsel Parish, atten- C. G. A. Sluyter, Harry L. Snyder. 4ed 'the parochial school there, and St. Patrick's ..... th'en entered Subiaco College, Thomas B. Jones, Walter H, l where he graduated from high : Koehler, Louis Kiehl, August K0r.-[ school. :te. John Pruniski, John F, Hum. i't .... _ _=:, _ _: . .. a.po00 n..-,, c-,, n . ukas, Ed Wortsmith, I Po,--, ,..r.k p ..... , Sylvester Lukas. ' ,1' , ' ' ........ This quarterly Communion is l New York. (The Nazi con- one of the items'on the program afd troIed press in Holland, accord- the Knights of Columbus Catho-ing to reports received here by lic activities Committee, which T the/Netherlands Information Bu-: J. Arnold heads. " reau,'has descended to name call- "   L ing and refer to His Holiness Pope We must not desire all to be' Plus XII as "The English Parson." gin by perfection. It matters lit-, The Nazis papers accuse the Pope tie how one begins, provid.L he of .!'betting heavily on the pluto- be resolved to go on well, 'ahd' eretria,bolshevist horse," the re- end well.--St. Francis de Sae..i ports stated. LEGIOH OF I ,DECENCY A moral estimate of current entertainment feature motion pictures Prepared under the direction of the New York ArChdiocese Council of the Legion of Decency with the co-operalion of the Motion: Picture Department of the International Fed- eration of Catholic Alumnae. REVIEWED THIS WEEK Forever and a Day Power of the Press Immortal Sergeant The I Two Fisted Justice CLASS A--Section IUn0b'jectionable for General Patronage PREvIoUSLY REVIEWED American Empire Junior. Aemy Andy Hardy's Double Life Keep "Era Slugging Army Surgoo Between Us Girls Black Rider of Robin Hood Rnch Bowery Blitzkreig Cairo CJetniks Cinderella Swings It Commandos Strike at Dawn, The Devil With Hitler, The Enemy Agent Eternal Gift,, The Fighting Buckaroo For Me and My Gal Gentleman Jim George Washington Slept Here Glory of Fith, The Golgotha Great Gilders]eevc, The Half a Sinner Iienry Aldrich Gets Glamour Hi, Buddy Hidden Gold Hi-ya Chm Ice-Capades Kid Rides Again, The Laugh Your Blues Away Life Begins in College Little Flower of JesUs London Blackout Murders Lone Rider Rides On. The Lone Star Trail, The Ma. He's Making Eyes at Me Mad Man of Europe Military Academy Mrs. Miniver Monastery Mug Town Night Plane from Chung- king Night to Rememer, A One langerous Night One of Our Aircraft Is Missing Overland Stage Coach Pardon My Gun Perpetual Sacrifice, The Phantom Plainsmen Pride f the Blue Grass (formerly entitled "Gantry the Great") 'Queen of Destiny formerly entitled "Sixty Glorious Years"} Rangers Take Over, The Ridin' Down the Canyon Saludos Amigos Secrets f the Under- ground ! Seven Days Leave Sherlock Holmes in '; Washington Sombrero Kid, The ! Stage Coach Buckaroo Strictly in the Groove Sued for Libel Sundown Kid Tarzan Triumphs Tennessee Johnson Texas to Bataan Tombstone U.-Boat 29 Underground Agent War Against Mrs. Hadley The We Are the Marines Weal of he Law When Johnny Comes Marching Home World at War It Comes Up Love Pride of the Yankees, The Yanks Are Coming, The CLASS A---Section ll--Unohjectionabla for Adults REVIEWED THIS WEEK Crystal Ball, The Margin for Error Silent Witness Dawn on the Great Divide Powers Girl They Got Me Covered PREVIOUSLY REVIEWED and the Rev. Neff F. O'Connor Editor of the Catholic Weekly, Across the Pacific Adventure in Diamonds Behind the Eight Ball Beyond the Blue Itorizon Black Swan, The Bombs Over Burma Busses Roar Casablanca Charlic Chan in the City in Darkness China Girl City Without Men Coast Guard Conquest Criminal Investigator Dead Men Walk Destination Unknown Dr.Gillespie's New As- slstan Fighting Devil Dogs Fralkenstein Meets the Wolf-Mtm Full Confession Girls Town Gbrilla Man Ho's My Guy Hidden Hand, The Rhythm Parade Almost Married A Man and His Wife Arabian Nights Bedtime Story Cat People Dr. Renault's Secret Escort Girl Flying With Mslo 40.000 Horsemen Gone with the Wind Happy Go Lucky Hard Way,-The Heart f Palls Saginaw, Mich. Delegate Asks Prayers For 10 Chaplains New York. (E)  The Most Rev. John F. O'Hara, C.S.C., has requested prayers for the re- pose of the souls of ten chap- lains who have given their lives in the armed service of the United States. Two of the chaplains have met death this year--the Rev. Daniel :F. Foley, O.M.I., an auxiliary :chaplain, and the Rev Curtis: ;Aloyslus Schmitt, navy chap- lain. Those who died in the pre- ceding year were: The Rays. vlichael Dugan, Jesus Viada Jose Miranda, James P. Dun- teavy, O.M.I.; William F. P. Duffy, C. S. Sp., Lawrence A. Gough and Clement M. Falter C.PP.S., army chaplains, and kloysius Schmitt, navy chap- :lain. tioning the validity of the law since their lives were in no way involved. Hitler's Children In Which We Serve Isle of Forgotten Sins (now "Prisoner of Jao pan" ) Isle of Missing Men Journey for Margaret I ungle Siren Lady Fom Chungking Life Begins at 8:30 Lone Well Strikes, The Lure of the Islnnds Prison Girls (also entitled "Gallant Lady") Prisoner of Japan (formerly "Isle of For- gotten Sins") Queen of Broadway Quiet Please, Murder Iu paged Earth Reunion Rio Road to Morocco* Secrets of a Co-ed Major and the Minor, The Secret Enemies Man of Courage Seven Miles From Aicatral Manila Calling Shadow of a Doubt McGuerins From Brook- Silver Queen lyn, The Stand By for Action Meanest Man in the World They Dare Not Love Men Withou Souls Time to Kilt Midnight To Be or N4, to Be Maonlight Masquerade Today I Hang Nightmare Undying Monster, The Now, Voyager Voice in the Night, The Outsider. The Wrecking Crew Ove: My Dead Body X Marks the Spot Payoff, The , Yank in Libya, A Pittsburgh You Were Never Loveltel CLASS BObjeetionable in Part REVIEWED THIS WEEK PREVIOUSLY REVIEWED I Married a Witch l'lt Sell My Life In Thls Our Life r Keeper of the Flame Kisses or Breakfast Kllou Three Hearts for Julia Our Wife Pa)m Beach Story, The Sin Town Somewhere I'll Find You Star Spangled Rhythm Sunset Murder Case Man Who Seeka ,the Truth That Uneertain Feeting Moon 'and Slxpenee, The This Thing Called Love Mujer de Dadle, La Three Girls About Tow Mummy's Tomb, 'The Time in the Sun My He, BeloriEs. to Traitor Wlthlu, h Daddy Virgin Bride, The Once Upon s Honeymoon White Caro J