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February 7, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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February 7, 1920

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THE GUARDIAN, SATUR DAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1920. PAGE SEVEN o ................ --* . - :-o=, How can a 1)crson get rid of mortal l Words Home A person can get rid of mortal siti I)y going to confession. Worth Lamp ,,'hat is a venial sin? t11,  A venial sin is a snmller sin. 0011vs, c co00fa While Lighted 00,,,Will.5 tea hell?l)ersn who dies in venial The Old 'Stzblished , No; a person who dies in venial sin But ttm Jews were a very obstinate ........... : will not go to hell. people. So Our Blessed Lord (lid not PbOpboOr?,stao " a" My Dear Boys anti Grls: l,vhich does not deprive the soul of choose to testify their eurosity by m .4rk G, Last week I reminded you of,a few His friendship, trot which merits for JESUS PROMISES TO GIVE I IS HIS explaining fresher. He merely re- anS.s, ne -no ot'e bet that if any man eat of it be may not that eateth Me, the same shall live die. by Me." So you sc; what Jesus means by Our Lord, then, really means just what IIe says. We are really and this. The Manna which fed the be- truly to receive Ilia Body and His dies of Jews in the said, even though Blood into us as food for our souls. they did not understand how the Unless we do, He tells us our souls flesh of Jesus could be really eaten, will not keep alive with the holy life, nor live afterwalxts .vith Him for memorable February lays and mast it some temporal punishment. BREAD FOR OUR SOULS peated what He had said in still clear- 15 -a/n - add to the list this weec. Wily it this sin called venial? -- er words: "Amen, amen, I say to LITTI.. " treet leebruary 4th, is dedicated to St. It is alle(l venial, because it is mm. While our Lord was preaching to you,' He said. "Except you eat.0 f "z"ROcIf . ,hme of Val'ois, born of the royal leasily pardoned than mortal sin. the Jews, lte toht them about the the flesh of the Son of Man and dr|nk $ 4 I hl,md nf li'v.,a'noo fnnntlor of I.he Or-[ Heavenly 13read which He was going His Blood, you shall not have life in  [der of the Annunciation, and it was / MORNING EJACULATIONS xo give. you.  na ecLn ,,y --:n ..... "  ],l,,;,,u .... , ..rhm ..1....-1H'ot:imo __attha the Anoclus/ ............... .... He explained all alJout it in a beau - drinketh My blood hath eternal life ....... ; ,, .....  i tfful sermon hch tie T)r(ached soon I* * * For My flesh s meat indeed and " '/ Febnlary 5th reminds us of St.| My Patron Saint, today I place ,m,y[after He had worked Iiis wonderful[My blood is drink indeed. * * * He , soul md l)ody under your paonage, acl tl, ....  an Agatha, the ehiht of rich anti noble|" " .... Imir, e of the loaves and fishes. Per- 1 .AplTAL $2OU,OO.tto ,mrents, who, in the midst of dangers[ p'tect me and pray for me. [haps you remember about it. Crowds[ 1 _ I I 00iii00iil, / ; Service 600. This enable us to take still bet- I also wish to urge m: boys ant11 Holy Mother Mary, accept me as|could be found among them all. What r 1 _ as girls to remember that when they your child, anti pray that I may o'be[was to be done? For there were In ice L00ellverle$ ter care of our present depositors well as new ones. " are in the church they are in the pure and love Jesus Christ as ym|five thousand men to feed, as well as .a ...... , n house of God; that the altar repre- did. |women and children! Kind Jesus " nnglaild National llanK sents Mt C'dwry; that the c,cl;'. My guardian angel, help me to con-lwas sorry :for them. So what did He  THE success of amy 'busineu depend Ulml o : 'l,, ,, ", the nlar n e : (uer satan and give me courage to do  Why He as God, anti could I1[ service rendered, and the City Delivery Com- ..... e -. z ___ ,, .... r%res_nt., 1, - - " ' r(,sist temptations. "J pany is no exception to the rule. H. T. McKINLEY JEWELER Watches, Jewelry, Musical Goods, Watch and Jewelry Repairing. '/06 Main St. Little Rock, Ark. A. V. ROGOSKI Both Phones 478 GAS FITTING Practical Plumbing, Hot Water and Steam Heating. Dealer in Pipe, Gas Fixtures, Hose Pumps, Etc. ! Jesus Christ dying on the Cross; that the lighted candles symbolize the faith and devotion with which we should all assist at Mass; that the vestments indicate that the priest is the minister of Jesus Christ; that we can assist only by uniting our minds and hearts with those of the prie'.;t; tlmt Jesus is as truly present in the tabernacle as He was on Mt. Cal- vary; that the tiny flmne of the sanctuary lamp reminds us that Jesus 'is present in the tabernacle; that it is because Christ ,is on the altar that we genuflect on entering and leav- ing our pews; that the greatest act we can perform is to assist at Mass and receive Holy Comnmnion. Du this my dear young friends, and some- FREE EXAMINATIONS Examinations given free. test you nothing to obtain our opin- ion of your condition if you consult us at our office DR. CLIFTON E. WHITN/EY 501 1-2 Main St. Little Rock, Ark. Established 1890 Calls Answered Night or Day Office Phone 386 Res. Phone 106 It will times remember CONCHESSA. Mapleton, Iowa, Jan. 20, 1920. Dear Conchessa: As I have time tonight I have de- cided to write to you. I did not write for a long time. I was going to write to you but did not have time. I am in the seventh grade at school, and like to o to school. I go to St. Mary's scbool and Church. My teach- er's name is Sister Alphonsa and I have ten studies. 1 like them all. I am thirteen years old and will be fourteen the 23 of January. As my tettcr is getting quite long I will close with my best love and wishing the Western World success. From your friend, Rosalia Stothlcn. OUR LAI)Y OF GOOD COUNSLL 0 Virgin Mother, Lady of Good Coun- sel, Sweetest picture artist ever drew. In all doubts I fly to thee for gui- dance- Mother, tell me, what am I to do? By thy face to Jesus' face inclining, Sheltered safely in thy mantle blue; By His little arms around three twin- ing, Mother. tell me, what am I to do? By the light within thy dear eyes dwelling, By the tears that dim their lustre too, By the story that these tears are tell- ing, Mother, tell me, what any I to do? Life, alas! is often dark and dreary, Cheatin shadows hide the truth from view; When my soul is most perplexed and weary, Mother, tell me, what am I to do? See my hopes in fragile vessel toss- ing, Be the pilot of that trembling crew; Guide me safely o'er the dangerous crossing, Mother, tell me, what am I to do? qhouht I ever wilfully forgetting', Fail to pay my God His homage due; Slmll I sin, anti live without regret- ing, do anything He wanted. He just took this small quantity of bread and fish into His holy hands, and, lo and behoht, it got bigger and bigger until there, was more than enough to feed all that great number of people! Be- sides, there were whole basketfuls of bread and fish left over after the meal was finished. Soon after this Jesus took occasion to speak to these same people about the other kind iof bread--Heavenly Bread for feeding souls, not bodies. "I am the Bread of Life," Jesus said. Think of that, dear children. Jesus I says that He Himself is the bread for souls. How does Jesus feed the soul? Je- sus tells us. First of all, by teach- ing us how to be good. If we believe what He teaches us, and do what He commands us, mlr souls will keep alive and strong in this world, and will live happy with Him in heaven afterwards. So. you see, if we want to keep the "holy" life in our souls, we must go to Jesus and learn from Him how to be good and get to hea- ven. That is what Jesus fmght to the Jews: "He that cometh to Me shall not hunger, and he that believ- ctb in Me shall never thirst." But then it is not so difficult to know what Jesus wants us to believe and to do. The Pope, the Bishops, the Priests, our teachers--all these t/ell us what Jesus wants of us. The hard things is to do what we know Our Lord likes when we feel inclined to be naughty. That is the hardest job, is it not? We know well enough that Jesus wants us to be obedient to Give Us a Trial ENTERPRISE ItAT CO. Phone, Main 8565 We manufacture soft and stiff hats Soft or Stiff' Straw or Panama Hats Cleaned. Blocked and Re(rimmed. No acids used on Panamas. THURSTON & WASEM Proprietors. No Acids Used on Panamas. Maple(on, Iowa. Mother, tell me, what any I to do? Dear Conchessa: F()R TINY TOTS As I have time now I shall write. BARBER.SHOP. _ I have noticed that you have not been Sin. getting so many ldttm's and I decided Is it a sin to do something wrong? Sharpens Safety Razor Blades of ]to write. After two weeks,,, vacation Yes; it is a sin to do something All Kinds, /1 went again to school. We haw'. ex- wrong. The Most Up-to.Date Shop in the laminations yesterday and today and ls it a sin to disobey our parents? City we are going to have some again to- Yes; it is a sin to disobey our par- 106 WEST CAPITOL AVE. ]morrow. Some of them were easy ents. and some were not. Is it a sin to lie or steal? Yes; it is a sin to lie or steal. I Iu geography we had to draw a map of h)wa anti the township we live in. For Christmas I got an em- broidery set. thimble, three handker- chiefs, a aabber eraser, a tablet, hair curlers, some hairpins, a ring, oranges apples and some nuts and candy. We are having pretty good weather here Is it wrong to say bad words? Yes; it is wrong to say bad words. 1 Is it a sin to think about bad things? Yes; it is a sm to think about bad things. What is a mortal sin? our parents and teachers, to be truth- ful, modest, kind and unselfish with others, attentive to our prayers, not to quarrel or to sulk, and the rest. But then at times an ugly little devil seems to get inside of us, telling us not to mind what Jesus says, but to do whatever naughtiness we like. That is the time when it is so hard to keep good and to avoid offending Oua" Lord. There is a name for that; we call it being "tempted" to. sin. What we need is something thai; will help usto sit on the top of that little devil and squash him down some food that will give us .strength to light him and to (to what Jesus wants, in spite of our naughty feelings. Jesus knew all about this difficulty far hetter than we know it. So Hc IIIIIlIIIIIIIiUlIIIIIIlUlIlIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIII Any Alunmae Association wishing to purchase rosary beads r any other religious articles to be sent to the sol- .diers can obtain them at reasonal)le rates at The Bookery, 307 W. 2nd St. has promised to give us this very We have hice selections and orders now. I surely shouht like to have I A mortal sin is a big sin. your picture. Well, as I have not Does a mortal sin ldll the soul? kind o,f food. He told the Jews, in will be promptly filled, much more news to write, I will close _._Yes; a mortal sin kills the soul. the stone sermon, of a most onder- IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIlUlIIiilIIIIilIIIIIIIIIIIIlU with best regards, I Can a person in mortal sin go to ful way in which lie Himself would l . lheaven? enter into the souls of,His ebildren, . ; Elizabeth Stodden. I No; a person in mortal sin cannot anti be actually eaten, by,, them., .'I I FEAST OR FAST. CATECHISM [go to heaven. [am the Bread of IAfe, I-I(. stud. YOU DO NOT KNOW? ' Where will a person go who dies in "Your fathers did eat Manna in the HAVE YOU A CATHOLIC CAL- Sin in General. mortal sin? dcscrt and are dead. Thin is the ENDAR IN YOUR ItOME? What is sin? ] A person wlm (lies in mortal sinlbread" (Jesus is speaking of Hnn- CATI]OLIC CALENDAR SIIOULD Sin is wilful transgressiml of the will go to hell. [self) "which came down from heaven liE IN EVERY CATHOIAC ItOME. law of God. , ........ ," .CALENDARS AT THE BOOKERY. OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE. 1920 CATHOLIC AIAMANACS 1920 I I)0N'T TAI(E CAI,0MEI00 Bnd's Liver Pills Are Better for Malarial Troubles, Headaches, Colds, Indigestion, etc. One mnall pill :at bedtim is the dose. 25c. All drug- gists. Refuse substitutes. i How is sin divided? Siu is either original or personal. Original sin has its source ]n the disobedience of Adam. Pm'sonal sin has its source in in- dividual will of each aud every per-] I son. How are sitls divided according to I their effects? Into mortal sins and venial sins, ac- cording as they do or do not cause the death of the soul. What is mortal sin? Mortal sin is au offense against :God which deprwes us of His friend- ship, and which merits everlasting punishment. Why is it called mortal? Because it deprives the soul of spi- ritual life, which is sanctifying grace, and brings everlasting death on the soul. What conditions are necessary to make a sin mortal? Three conditions : 1. Grevious matter; 2. Sufficient reflection; 3. Full consent of the will. What is venial sin? Vnial sin is an offense against God . CALENDARS " . YEAR RECORD of p FEASTS, and FASTS Catholic Home Requisite Artistic Wall Decorations BOOKERY OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE '309 W. SECOND ST.! LITTLE ROCK, ARK. ever in heaven. From "Clmts With Father Cyril." RIDDLES. What ship requires the best men? Seamanship. What ship held only twelve per- sons ? Apostleship. What ship should always protect its passengers ? Citizenship. I What ship should right itself even when capsized ? Clerkship. We serve the citizens of Little Rock with an ice d- livery service that know no superior in eflidene, promptness and eourteousne. If you have any reason to feel that you are not gst- ting the ice delivery service to which you are en- titled, we will consider it a favor ff you will pho Main 3450 and give us an opportunity to correct it. City Delivery Co. 18.20 Arcade Bldg. REIDUCED PRICES-- No. 2 Smith-Premier .and No. 6 Remington. L. C.'Smiths, Olivers =at higher prices. Ask for illustrated bargain list; ask about the Corona, ..only six lbs.; strong, rapid and folds . us. Shipped for trial. Pat:kin-Longley Stationery Co. 215 Main St., Little Rock. Ark. Phone 1085. Desks, safes, filing cabinets, State Agents Corona, 6-1b. folding ,typewriter. :Phone M 3450 J AR00--KAN-s-As FARM HOMES WHITE COUNTY HILL LANDS PROSPECTUS FOR CATHOLIC FAMILIES Not for Speculation--No Fictitious Values No Inflated Boom Values MOST DESIRABLE PARCELS FOR HOMES Soil--Rolling Hill Land--Small Creek Bottoms Crops--Staples, with open seasons for double crop systmn Cotton, Corn, Wheat, Rye, Potatoes, Grasses. RIGHT IN THE STRAWBERRY ZONE OF ARKANSAS Live Stock ADAPTED FOR GRAZING, W I D E ,, RANGE of PASTURE VALUE C TIMBER--MANY FARMS WITH UNCLEARED ACRES. Location CENTRAl, ABOVE FLOODS ABOVE MALARlA ABOVE SEA LEVEL 500 FEET Right in Center of White County--9 miles from City of Searcy--our County Seatwith Station on Mo. & No. Ark. R. R., C(mnecting with Main Line of Mo. Pacific R. R., at Kenst,it.ll mile run60 miles from Capitol City, Little Rock. 300 mile from St. Louis, Mo. Good Shippiug Facili- ties on direct railroad from Joplin, Mo., to Helena, Ark. Present movements assure good roads in every direction. WHY WE ADVERTISE Ten years ago the Diocese Reek purchased the Famous Armstrong Spring--with its commodious Hotel and farm of 160 acres. Built Hospice and Equipped a fine Church. Section has been thoroughly nmi'-Catholic until a few years ago. A few Catholic families acquired homesPgst y('ar several more became our neighbors--now we have promise of four more families. WE WANT A PARISH. of Little WE HAVE THE CHURCH AND PRIEST WE ONLY NEED THE CHILDREN TO HAVE SISTERS AND SCHOOLS YOU ARE NOT DEALING WITH "LAND SHARKS"--BUT WITH RESPONSIBLE PER- SONS, INTERESTED IN" BUILDING UP A PARISH. For Further Information---Visit or Write E. W. KETTLER, Armstrong Springs, Ark. Or Rev. Gee. H. McDermott, Guardian Office, Little Rock, Ark.