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February 5, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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February 5, 1927

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Page THE GUARDIAN, FEBRUARY 5, 1927 most enjoyable ever presented at the ing for a change in the luck af the College• IEagles" Robert Power was high ~,, .~ I scorer in the games played last week, lne rrogram [ ,., ~ ~ ~ , ..... , Whileluc~owan, ~roley, ~yrne, rrocessmnm uver~ure ................ / .... -, . [Walsh, Heshn and Barbour played , ............................ wollege urcnes~ra ! , |,, ......... Igooa games. [ Long ~lve uur yreslaent" bung , I ............................ College Glee Club] Football Presidents Day IAddress in behalf of the Senior I It seems to be a little bit early to .... I Classes ................ William S. Allen]talk about football, but Coach Win- an:~tehala:;:y~n::t h:: :e~do:tb:::[Declamati°n--''The College Bred [kleman is already making plans to e-ualled the Fi st Ann ...... / Man ...................... Malcolm Smith !start spring training as soon as the q , r uat ~'resluent S,Vocal ~ ..... ........ I ~olo June ~mlcutt basketball season has closed There way at ~ittie ~ock Couege was in-, ..... ,,-~7----?Y-;,--:/ . _, • ----under- the most t~ecltauon--- wnari~y rtugh liigginstis considerable talk of a spring foot- au~'urat~auspi_ces~d favorablel,,Free as the Wind" College Glee Clublball game with a well known team in • IAddress--- Ithe Southland ,and it may be, that It was a new holiday in the Col-[ Very Rev. James P. Moran, Pres. lthe followers of'the Eagles will have lege calendar, and~judging by the ac JRecessional ........ College Orchastra. another chance to see their hopefuls claim with which it was received by Too much credit for the success of in football togs tearing up the turf both the members of the Faculty and [the program throughout the day can 'in another effort -to brig fame and the student body, it proved to be a not be given to the Rev. George F. Iglory to the Purple and White. The morning of Wednesday, January 26th, the student body gathered in St. John's Chapel, Morris Hall, to assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at which the Very Rev. President was very popular one. X. Strassner, Registrar of the College ischedule for next fall's season is still Promptly at nine o'clock on the and Principal of the Morris Prepara- in the making• Games have been ar- tory School, who planned, developed lranged with Hendricks, Ouachita, and arranged the entire schedule of !State Teachers, and possibly College events• It was at his suggestion that of the ozarks in Little Rock, while the day was inaugurated, it was his 'plans are pending to bring at least planning that made it possible and it one and possibly 'two other state the Celebrant. The College Choir, was his enthusiasm that carried it tol teams to the city. under the direction of Prof. C. A. a successful conclusion• He was as- Jacobus, rendered some very beauti- sisted by Prof. C. A. Jacobus, A.M.,I Russellville Tech will be played at who drilled and directed both the ful music during the Mass, at the con-] " " clusion of which, a short sermon was lGlee Club and the College Orchestra given by the Celebrant• [and helped to make this feature of the program such a success Members of the Senior Class oc-I , cupied special seats in the Cha el and l In his address, the President spoke P E m the terms of highest" prmse" of Ft. generally acted as sponsors for the events which followed throughout the lStrassner for the enthusiastic man- entire day. %, Two" basketball games in the Col- lege Gymnasium between the Senior Pharmacy and Senior Arts students resulted in a victory for the Phar- macy class by a score of seventeen to fifteen. It was a closely contest- ed game throughout, and the result was in doubt right up to the last min- ute of play. The sejcond game with the Freshman College engaging with the Morris Prep. Regulars resulted in a win for the Prep. nine to seven. This game likewise proved to be a very fast one from the start, and was decided in the last minute of play. The games proved to be exciting and interesting, and kept the large gathering keyed to the highest pitch of enthusiasm. Din- ner followed in Byrne Hall after which the entire student body attend- ed a theater performance at the Ma- jestic theater in the city. The evening program which was more formal ~n nature, also proved to be far and above the average pro- grams of this kind, and brought forth many surprises. Promptly at 8:15 p. m. the entire student body marched in procession from the Rotunda of Morris Hall to the College Gym- nasium acting as an escort to the nvembers of the Faculty and the President. William Letzig, of the Senior Class ner with which he had suggested the day at the Faculty meeting, how he had worked untiringly to make it a success and how greatly his efforts had been rewarded by the spirit of cooperation that had been displayed by every member of the faculty and the student body throughout the day. Praise was also bestowed on Prof. C. A. Jacobus for his helpful assistance in making the program so delightfully enjoyable, and for his efforts in bring into being both the Col lege Glee Club and College Or- chestra. A large number, of friends of the students were pres- ent at the various exercises during the day and again in the evening. Students from St. Mary's Academy were present in the evening and at the conclusion of the set program enjoy- ed a social which was held under the auspices Of the Senior Pharmacy Class at which the College Orchestra favored with a variety of the latest popular numbers. ' Philosophical Disputation The Senior Class is busy these days with preparations for the Philosophi- cal Disputation which Dr. Keany is arranging to hold some time in the near future. It is planned to make the affair a public occasmn for the demonstration of the student's ver- satility with scholastic philosophy, and invitations are to be sent out to those who "naturally will be interest- ed in the work which this class is do- was Marshal and Master of Cere- monies, and the Presidents of the Senior Arts and Science Class and ing. As soon as Dr. Keany has corn- Russelville on Thanksgiving Day, and a game may be played with Hender- son-Brown in a near-by city. Should these plans mature, the colloge will play an all-state schedule this com- ing year. TEXARKANA Month's Mind of Miss Olive Moore One month ago today, Miss Olive Moore, member of the graduating class of '27, Providence Academy, Texarkana, Arkansas, departed this life and her demise has cast a shadow over her class. We, her schoolmates miss this beautiful laughing girl, but, we know that her pure soul is with God. Olive spread sunshine and happi- ness around her and only those who knew her can realize how true these words are which were written by her teacher about her in the school an- nual of 1925. " li " 0 ve la the sunbeam of the class; there are no gray clouds in the beau- tiful blue sky that Olive seems to create around her, but the atmos- phere is bright and balmy and sweet cherish her memory. We, her classmates, will ever as the roses that bloom in the lovely month of June" January 30. Class of '27 JoIN The Pious Union of St. Joseph's / Death._ Apostolic Letter of Plus X. Raising the Pious Union to Dignity of "Primary" the Pharmacy Class acted as escort pleted his arrangements for the Dis: The first decree of the ecclesiasti- to the Very Rev. President• putation, announcements will be cal authorities in favor o2 the Union In addition to the members of the made of the date on which it will be of St. Joseph's death is dated Febru- Faculty, the Rev• H. H. Wernke, held. ary 17th, 1913. By this decree Car- pastor of Our Lady of Good Counsel . Class Activities dinal Respighi, the Pope's Vicar for Church, and the Rev. Edward Gar- . The Sophomore Class under the di- the government of the diocese Of rity, Professor of Theology at St. rection of Father Burns is preparing Rome, declares the Pious Union :for John's Seminary were in the line of to hold a social at Good Counsel Hall the salvation of the agonising, canon- procession and were guests at the on Friday of this present week Neat ically erected, in the Church of the program which followed. " ' " ~ mwtatmns have been printed and Transit of St. Joseph. This was the As the long line of students and sent to the friends of the class, and official beginning of a work which faculty members entered the Gym- President Bazil V~alsh is loking for- henceforth was ~o advance at a great nasium, the first surprise of the ward to entertaining an exceptionally pace. evening took place• Much had been large gathering. It will be the first One year later, February 12th, heard of the College Orchestra in the public effort of the Class this pres- 1914, Plus the Xth, raised the Con- Past few weeks, but hardly anyone lent year, and judging by past ex- fraternity of the Triumphal Quarter dreamed that enough progress had]periences, it will be successful. ~ ' to the dignity of Primary, that is, been made to assure its appearanceI The Senior Class under the direc- made it the center to which all asso- at any public function for some time ltion of William S. Allen, president, clarions of the same class throughout to come, but--to the surprise of]has planned'a number of unusually the world should be attached an~ af- everyone, the orchestra occupied a Iattractive events in the very near fu- filiated. position in front of the stage, and]ture also of which will no doubt prove In his decree, the Holy Father was playing the opening number oftto be successful. A comedy, which says: "Great is the joy of our heart the evening in a manner that left no lwill come after the Lenten season is in learning that this Society enrich- doubt in the minds of all that it was]now being rehearsed. A Card Party ed by us, with several indulgences, a reality, an accomplished fact. Un- at the Elks Hall, with Mrs. John L. plenary and partial, developes daily der the direction of Prof. C. A.]Kenney, as chairman is going to be more and more, with the results that Jacobus an eight piece orchastra, of I one of the biggest ever held by the other societies of the same class trained musicians rendered one of thelclass, several rummage sales and a eagerly desire to "be affiliated to it. most pleasing programs heard in variety of other attractions will serve And as our well beloved sons, Aloysius many a day. ~ ] to keep this class busy right up to the Guanelta, founder of the Pious Union A burst of sincere and hearty ap-lend of the year. Most of the Seniors of" St. Joseph's Death, and our/glor- plause greeted their first appear- are now engaged with their Thesis, ious co-operator in the building of the ance and served to give added ira- temple of St. Joseph's death, and petus to the program which follow- Ceasar Pedrini, Director of the su- ed. ciety of St. Joseph's death, have peti- Seats had been reserved directly in tioned Us, to raise this society to the front of the stage for the President dignity of Primary for the whole of the College, and the Presidents of world, we have with our whole heart the Senior Class in Arts and in Phar-Ithe Cathedral Hall on February 9th, resolved to satisfy their desires, be- macy. Messrs. William S. Allen andr}and which promises to be both a so- ing convinced that from it will result Gordon Hunt, and when all had been jcial and financial success. William I two great advantages. It will en- seated, the first number on the pro- Letzig of the Senior Class is ta~inglhance the fame of the temple and, gram was presented by Chairman la prominent part in the enter~ain-,above all, it will excite the faithful Letzig. It also proved to be one of Iment and is also very active in the af- I of Christ to implore the protection of the delightful surprises of the even-lfairs of the club. I the Glorious Patron in view of their ing, a number by the Colloge Glee Basketball [departure from this world and to Club under the direction of Prof. C. ! Up to present writing the season keep constantly before their, minds A. Jacobus. The thirty young men on the basketball court has been any- the salutary thought of death. who make up the Glee Club showed thing but successful from the "win" clearly the splendid training whichlstandpoint of the varsity squad. Six they had received the past few weeks, 1games played and six games lost, is and the nun4bers that they gave.the record of the season thus far. would do credit to any college in the. Last week the team lost two engage- country• That their rendition of the ments, one at Hot Springs, and the numbers assigned them were thor. luther to the State Teachers'a Con- oughly appreciated and enjoyed to,way. The team has some very excel- the utmost was evident from the ap- lent material, but---for some reason plause which greeted their efforts. I or anotl~er, no games have been won. The entire program was a delight- Captain Froley is undismayed by the f • I . ul combination of music, oratory and string of defeats that has followed song, and proved to be one of the the squad all season, and is still hop- Furthermore the Holy Father says in the same decree: "Desiring to make known more clearly how' much we appreciate the most praisworthy aim of this institution, while We wish Our name to be written at the head of the list of all the members of this Union, at the same time We ex- hort all our beloved brethren in the priesthood not to neglect to remem- ber daily in the Divine Sacrifice, those in the throes of the death- agony. Likewise, we advise all the faithful and, above all, Religious of program has been sent to the appli- SENATOR REED both sexes to acquire the habit of of-[cants and members of the congrega- AT CATHOLIC st~ijogs:PhSP:f:lvoPra~e:;etO God and[tion: Mass at 10:30 celebrated by it is a h°~lY and wh°les°me th~u"gSl~tt: Rev" Edwin A" Hemmen" c:h=:Washington, (By N. C W. C. N Jan. pray for the dead, who although con-lapplicant will receive Holy - J'ames A. Reed of demned to the flashes of Purgatory, lion in a body' during. Mass. Benedic- have nevertheless reached the gate of ltion of the Blessed Sacrament after the principal speaker salvation, zeal to implore the aid of Mass 1 30~ m O enin P Senior Night of the ] heaven for the unhappy ones who are • : P. • p g raver of the Catholic Unive undergoing their last trial on which and address of welcome by R ev. Ed-[ica, February 17, it has J ....... twin A rtemmen Acl~ress, watholic eternity uepenas, outs not seem ~o De _ " " - nouneed. Senior Night - - • , ,, organizations the Bulwark of the affair, open to the publi less worthy of recommenuation. ........... I Church, by Harry J, Wuennenberg, ~lven at ~t. t'e~e~, tcome, etc. ~., _ • by the Dud Noon Club,' Cardinal Merry Del Val, Secretary/°f st. Lupus, Mo.[., Supreme Treasur- oganization of the Univer~ of State 1er, ~- K. oi A. ubllgaung members, r of the graduating claS~ • / /by Jos. H. DeClerk of Little Rock, N.B. The undersigned, P. Basil]State Organizer, C. K. of A. Address, PREFECT OSTOLI Egloff, O. S. B. is authorized from/Duties of a Catholic Knight by Wm. Rome, to enroll Priests and lay peo-/Bauer, of Little Rock, Ark. Supreme IS ple into the Pious Union of Saint/Trustee, C. K. of A. Election of of- (By N. C W. C. Joseph's Death, and has been appoint- ricers. Installation of Officers by H. Ossining, N. Y., Jan. ed Spiritual Director by the Right Rev. Bishop John B. Morris, D.D., for the Diocese of Little Rock, Ark. Conditions: Send your name (giv- ing your full Christian name), an of- fering of at least 25c (priests 1 dol- lar), and a stamped addressed en- velope to The Rev. P. Basil Egioff, O. S. B., Spiritual Director, New Su- biaco Abbey, Subiaco, Ark. St. Mary s Branch, Atkins. Officers of this branch for 1927, are as fol- lows: Spiritual Director, Rev. Jos. Feldkamp; President, J. P. Eheman; Vice President, Math. Maus; Rec. and Fin. Secretary, Chas. Nahlen; Treas- urer, J. C. Berkemeyer. Immaculate Heart Branch, Bar- ling. C. B. Simmons left for Okla- homa last week and his address will be Muskogee, Okla., R. 3 care of C. E. Myers, and will be for at least six months. Report of our new offi- cers were sent to St. Louis head- quarters last week. Carl Merkle from Ft. Smith was in our vicinit;¢ last Sunday, and louder than ever. Come again Carl. St. Mary's Branch, Paris. The re- gular monthly meeting of this Branch was held December 12th and the fol- lowing officers for 1927 elected as follows. Spiritual Director, Rev. Athanasius Zehnder, O. S. B.; Presi- dent, Mrs. Mary C. Leding; Vice President, Miss Louise Wahl; Fin- Sec.; Miss Bertha Wahl; Recording Secretary, Mrs. Louise Kriener; Treasurer, Miss Regina Leding; Es- curt, Miss Marie Marhaw. St. Mary's Branch, Helena. Rev. T. J. Martin, is Spiritual Director of this Branch. W. B. Trainer, presi- dent, and Miss Gertie Jones, is secre- tary-treasurer. It it expected that an organizer will come to Helena soon, and secure several new members for this Branch. St. Joseph Branch, Tontitown. The officers for 1927 are as follows: Spiritual Director, Rev. J. F. McBar- run; President, Joseph Pianalto, Sec. Treas. Mary Bastianelli; Sentinel, Beato Ardemagni; Sergeant at Arms. Enea Morsani. St. Vincent de Paul Branch, St. Vincent Officers lot 1927 a're the Otto Loeb,~"President John S. Ritter, Secretary, Fra"nk Kaufman, Treas- urer Frank L. Null. Sacred Heart Brant Scranton, The following are the officers for 1927. Spiritual Director, Rev. Alphonse Mueller, O. S. B.; President, H. M. Karllman; Vice President, S. M. I~im; Recording Secretary, H. B. Borgerding; Financial Secreary, Geo. Schmitz; Treasurer, W. J. Kleck; Escort, Henry Schmitz. Branch 1124 has 24 beneficial members. -. Wynhe, A new Branch will be in-~ stituted on February 13th. The name of this new branch will be Imma- culate Conception. The following C. D. KENNY CO. - Coffees Sugars WHOLESALE and RETAIL Phone 4-3041 115 West Sixth Street LITTLE ROCK, ARK. M SIy CO. The Oldest, the Largest and the Best Piano, Graphophone and Organ House in Arkansas ......... 415 Main Street o LITTLE ROCK, ARK. ,1 J. Wuennenberg, Delivering of Poli- cies and C. K. of A. emblems. Re- marks for the good of the Order. Close with prayer and Holy God We Praide Thy Name. The entire congregation is invited to attend. Initiation will be at Brin- kley on February 20th, starting promptly at 1:30 p. m. Exemplifica- tion of the three degrees by St. Ed- ward's Degree Team of Branch No. 79, Little Rock. cial word has been knoll, the headq olic Mission Society the Rt. Rev. James Apostolic of China, has been The Prefecture h ariate Apostolic. Significant of Sacred Things Monahah MemorialJ are wor- thy to reprue~t your love, reverence, and loyalty. our diEplay of dMignl. Monahan & Son 411-414 Wut Marl-Lain NOTICK For the owner~ In Cal~ the Sups Fisher, will be 807 West See0nd 1:80 to 8":80 p. urdays. The office open daily from 8:~0 Saturday excepte& M.A. Re ! FIRST Company Business of Assets: Over One NIilli0~- New Phone 7446, 801-8 Southern J. T. HORNIBROOK Successor to HALEY & H, ORNIBROOK VENTILATING AND ALL KINDS OF ROOFING d Whether : ou are a fool or a wise person can be teste The acid test is tomorrow. That means: Is tumor thought, dominating all you do today~ Be a tomorrow . . • . '~ money you put m your Sawngs Account ~s Tomorrow CENTRAL BANK onm Gt.ew With • Geewtu8 Btmi CAPITAL, (£II00,00@.00 SUR]PLU~, BANKERS TRUS MAIN AT SECOND LITTLE ROCK, AI -v-We are agents for practically all the important S stop compames. "Ve~ ---If you are contemplating a trip abroad for bt~S~, reasons, or if ou desire to undertake a nleasure_ ~,0t • Y • , "- • dO " make use of the many excellent Winter Crmses, ~¢" fail to call on us for ~ information, which will be cu~ fully given, without charge. ,.,~g~ --We-wish to remind you also of our foreign Exc~ Department, which is in position to effect moneY-~-~e]. fers to foreign Countries by Cable, Draft, or Bank ~t Orders at prevailing market price. We both buY ~ sell Foreign Exchange, getting quotations hourlY. BANKERS TRUST MAIN AT SECOND FOREIGN On your vacation~if you ing, autoing, canoeing our Travelers Checks, surance, Baggage Safe Deposit Box for will save worry and n~ real rest. STEAMSHIP TIC port in the world having connection. / 201 West Second St~'e~¢ Phones: Day, 4-1247 Night, 3-1733 Come and Get Our Vacation Folder, Free