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February 5, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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February 5, 1927

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THE GUARDIAN, FEBRUARY 5, 1927 Page Three 'L ' & ~ broidered linens for the Sanctuary of l # ' ~ of Little Rock Council No. 812. A i] il the Church of Our Lady of the Holy li li l~ ILT A H large number of candidates and mem- ~ t t m i] li ISuls" It was a surprise gift which] N ITI ~.A l~ ~'~ fl bees were on hand early and marched ~-, ~ I~ i~by Tm~ ~|i" liv IWaSRectorVery much. appreciated by the[]]] ~, ,Iv forin a Massbdy tOFatherSt. Andrew'SMoran Cathedraldehvered. ~'~ 1~ ~ [ " Ve Reverend Ms r A P Galls " Sunday Masses During the week the Cathedral So- ry g - a very impressing ser~non on the K. , ~ Low Masses at 7-9 a.m. I ciety sponsored the moving picturelgher returned Friday afternoon, from of CJ and every Knight present was Mrs-Lexln~,~ ~ ................. High Mass at 11 a.m. "Treasures of the Vatican" which a vacatmn of three weeks, wmcn was proud to hear his eloquent talk Can- home in the~Criner'2~TP_l:n:i M~s:G[:di:npegU;s~l~iii: Fr~a~ Weekday Masses was presented at the Palace Theater spent at Beaumont, Port Arthur and did~tes and members received Holy and Batt~ - ..... ~ i ..... "_~ ...... "' ~ ~_ Mass daily at 8 a; m. [on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdaylther Texas points. A camping an~ Communion in a body and after Mass ._..~-, ~ree~s. ices. hogan, ~u~.~. 2a,~ ~na Our Lady of the Holy Souls Church I A percentage of the receipts was giv-lhunting trip with a party of old marched back to the Clubrooms for pnls, l~orman lOlle, l~ussell wa~ner n . , la 8cha ......... / .............. Mass on Sunday morning at 8 o clock, ten to the ladies for their assistance friends was an enjoyable feature of breakfast. Bro. Waskoski surelycan ~, 8irapso~?~:r::::;:br~dl/M:z~e:hi~nmanu anu ~. nansen ox Evening Devotions in helping to promote the picture, the outing and Msgr. Gal!agher re- brew good coffee--and he was-kept a last Tue.~,~ ~. ~. / v . . Devotions every Sunday evening at Mrs Charles Franz, President of the turned to hm pamsh much benefitted busy dishing' out the hot Java with Presented .~-::'~ ..... ~.. ~]mp-| .~ _ ~ 7:45 o'clock, consisting of the Rosary, ISociety, was assisied by the circlelbY the rest and recreation. Doughnuts ~lm an attractive/ ~ather,uanogan. asermonandBenedlctlnftheMostlchairmen and members of t.he Aid! Reverend J. B.Franckhauser, S..J., In the afternoon the initiation took / ~ ^~ .......~-*~dral was the [Blessed Sacrament. Devotions in[Society indisposing of the tickets. I o~ ~nreveport, La., conuuc~ed ,~ne place at the Our Lady of Good Coun- ~ Tulle ent ........... | ~" "~'' ..... ~ .... ~- ........301Honor of the Sacred Heart are also ~hedral Boy Scouts services a~ ~. ~gnes ~nurcn on the sel Parish hall. Among the out of Ca!her[-- ~=~alneu miss[scene oI a pretty weuumg a~ ~: held on the First Friday of the month .~u~dav. Februar,, 6th will be Bo-I~nir~ anu fourth Sundays, during ~he . ....... :_: ................ ~._ ,,a ana Jarrell Hogan[o'clock Tuesday morning, when MISS[ .... I ~,....* ~, ~ , , ........ ~w. v,~ur~ w~re ~ro. moore xrom ~ and their br~-~ ~ ..... |w ...... ~..~.~..~ .... ~ ,~ ~ [a~ '~:ao p.m. ]Scout's Sunday. In the morning at a~senee oi ~sgr:.uaaagner. . Pine Bluff, Bros. Krone, Schaffer, ~the Peacock b~--~ +~- -^ [~ x~.o u.~ ~.~.~,~o ~ ..... +he l Confess,ons I the nine o clock Mass, the members] ..... ~,aiy ,~a~lagner, WhO ~s ws Termmten, Kenney from Ft. Smith, ~Onday even[no ~%:~..~'J.~. ~: [~.'~%."~" ~::.~w .... '~ M"em~b;is ] Confessions are heard every Sat-[of Troop No. 8 Cathedral Boy Scouts j lung ,xrien~s az ~eaumont,. llexas, is Bro. Horrel from Louisville, Ky., and ~ ......... " ~'iT= .............. Sr*forme*d b-~t'he urday, the Eve of Holydays and on[will receive Holy Communion, oc-]expecteo to re~;urn home weonesday: many others. After the initiation ne ceremony was pe y " Mr and Mrs Will waltman and Rose Ber~ ...... [ ............ h~ i the Thursday before the First Fnday[cupymg special seats m the centre l the new members and old members } ...=~ entertained ~ev. Manner dames ~ ~1oran in ~-~ ha dau at hblesof~bridge last Monda~,/nresenee of a la~e ~,atherin~" off the month, from 4-6 and 7:15-8:45[aisle of the Cathedral The regulart .by g er have gone to Holden- enjoyed a smoker and Dutch Lunch [a ~Iigh s~,,es .... were won oy' "|:Irienus ..... xne churchwas oecora~eu~ - -:'-= ;p" m. To accommodate, those whotwekly meeting of the troop will be[ w[m,. u~m., where they expecz to re- at the clubrooms. Very entertaining that[he Senha--- .] ..... ' ............ carnations I cannot convemently come at these]held in the Cathedral Hall on FridaYislt" ......... talks were made. Pro. Tuohey spoke oaekso~,. usen anu[wl~n White ro~es, pln~ 'hours, Confessions are also heart be-!-- ,.o, .. .~ i 1t. u Kellly, WhO has oeen viskingl^_ ,u^ : ...... , .... ~ ~,_ ... *lyl a~ ..o, v.-, ~,, --~ m~por~ance Ox ~ne posl~lOn , a- '' rs. Lexington M [palms and lighted candles and the ......... / I his chil'r .......... [ a en a~wal~:ers, UKIa since ree~n~ ~_.., "/ ~zore ~ne ~,ow ~1asses on ~unuay, and~ t ' the gni .... " .... alms roses I I ' guts oI ~ommbus ~aKe !easy a ~r]ae was present altar was banked w~th p, attra~,: ...... -| ........... i every morning before the daily.Mass. " the deathof his wife, has returned to and what others think of us Re i~,- ~g~It ipl:yedath:~v:;din[r~rch a~d be~lo~::i Cathedral Cathohc Club Act,v,t,esi ~ ~1 .Menu ,and is at thehome .of his Father Patzelt talked on the example ,tar Soeio~,, ~. ,. - ] ..... ~.. .. . ! The Sunday afternoon receptions l H f~ ~ ]~'l]k] ]iidaugn~er, ~~rs. ~. ,,. mct~mnlss, of charitv ~,iven hv th,~ ~'~;~,h~ ,,e ~fill give ~-~- o~ood Counsel] the service ~nss ~mflys rerrm sang: of the Cathedral Catholic Club have / II " L/~ITIVnll - li I Mrs. Martin Hirsch, who has bee~ Columbu~ ~(.- ~xr~-~*~--'-"~-:~%:-~-~-: ~aelr Fe " ~ " " " ve maria ', .... ...~** ~, t,~**~. ~.~xaztu x~zngn~, a l~I0nda .... bruary card/ Oh. Prom)seMe and A . ', proved to be a great success, and, ~ _ vlltmsltmg her father, William Drlscoll, G P Kordsmeier con~,rat,,]-f~a eh,~ i z aiternoon, ~'ebru Mrs lvl iN nansen was matron oi i,~ h " " .......... nthe[ .... -i . every Sunday from three to six l- .......... as returned to her home at Alexan- new me---~-~-- *~- ~-~--: ....... ~h0~ _. " parish hall, Ninth]honor and wore a period gown of pink ^,~,~. ~ ~ ................... I Las~ bunaay the suoscr]p~mn xor~dria La .. , , u,u~,~. ~u~ having jomea ~ne ~" ~[re O ~lU~:h ~t ltl, rg~ IIUIIID~ff~- 0 ~ol2ng XOIKS t,. ~ " l~ni n~s C Ae~SeautililiMf:] hFan::Pe/~l:w::sd Hle:eta;lbwb::o~tilhverFr:ln;h h:r~e :~s]t~d2esCx~hhe::rileSCh:le:ar-!~vee~f~:sApsmitahtrOCatwha~htaN::rEa:~ visiNt" Wt:h]:ts:S h:tA2~::ko?fO;l: to b~ tr:: l~:lmUbb:t:~%a:k;:2hae~ _'" Seen set .... / - -" ............ J Y~ue Louis Catholic church. Camden, I ....... ']be loyal to the order and their offic e f^ - wlu De given/auG sue carrie(/a oouque~ ox r~au~u~lc~ ~,_ ,_ "~ "~ " ~" "~' - ' ..... lviena relaEiv ............ :--" ...... " ur hi :bne hospitality oI ]he L)IUD. ~ wv~u no~*~leu re- era * He admonished gh score at ~noh ~, [roses Mi~s Frances Ho~an. Junior . ..... ]with excellent response from mem-I ............. I . all members to "~ " - ..... ]bridesmaid, wore orchid ~aff'eta and ~notner acuvl~y m winch, the Club I bers of the congregation, j cenuy oi ~ne oeatn o~. ,ernara.,o~erglbe proud of being Knights of Colum- ! , is now in~eres~ea is ~ne ~ight ofThe membershi-- from Camden in ]wmcn occurrea a~ wmona, ~nnn ~v~r. Ibus and display our emblem where ~Iar--- . ]lace embroidered with French fiow-;o._ ,, ....... v -'Bober~" who with his faro[l- ~ ..... ) " gate! / ~urprlses a muslcal en~er~alnmen~;t s, y, xu*zuer Mth thre Van Lear enter- era w~th a short veil held in place!which is being sponsored by the Club eludes: T. J. Gaughan, Mrs. T. J"lyi resided on a farm near Menu, had K:i:lP:Si~TM He also asked the ~l~esd~." e tables of bridge|with white gardenias She carrmd na-.~ ..~:.~ _..~, ~ .... ~ ............. Gaughan, Emmet Gaughan, MrS. lbeen it' failin~ hea)~h ~-~- h .... v g o read the Columbm and -~ evenln" " ..,,u ~,.~. w,, ~ v~u u.uer ~ne, Emmet Gaugham, Dan O'Connor, Mr " ~, ............. " support our official diocesan paper ~Ir.~ . g m honor of]dmnce roses and orchid sweet peas ~ ............ I "lfered astroke of r " ' " ~reswer:exington Simpson. IMiss Raehael Herbert, maid of honor, l:ligilU:;W:dn~:si:y: F:;:::;y91h:n:land Mrs. Arthur Carmody, Shreve-lyears ago pa alysm severa, iTl]:aGrUsa:dm:. Among the other Won b mt or!, La, Mrs Carlyle Goodgame, p B os Smber, Paquette e~ha., y Miss Kath-lwas in orchid taffeta and rosepo" ,~. .................. ~ .....[p " I Mrs Harry Lvle and bab- ~ .... h I. " ~. , , Miss M ...... +|lace ~-i~h ~ .... h ~'lnwersShe also , - _ [Miss Margaret Hardy, Mrs. J. H.[ ......... I g , K euser, Lee Massery, F / '~eWis ~_.~ . -'-~-~ ................. s~ree~ at 8:15 p.m. The Director has~- ......... " ~ . . ter, ~atnerme nave remrnea xrom L oou T~.~. T,,,~+ ~ .... ~ .~J er.~. -'~cuarthy and Mr wore a short veil and carried Radl-~,,~,~ ~,,+ ..... u~_ ~, .... imeeg, ~eorge ~~e~y, ~am ~emo, oos-[Davennort I- ,.h~,~ ~. [,~,l, ~.,ol ..... e ~ .... , .~-z-~, .... ,~, ~,,u "*~ a " . ~ ......... ~, **un,u~ u~ novel~;les " ' ~', ............ ~ ..... ~ many o~ners Bro Ms!her 'esen,~ " nd Mrs. Simpson |ance roses and orchid sweet peas L~t-~ ............... t eph Schm]tt, Thomas Bauer, Sprmg-lcalled by the death - ~ h,~+h~, M.~ I . was the -~u WIIICII Wlll call ior a large chorus, anti . ~ ........... "*~" chairman f " rs. 8b~._with an attractive I tle Misses Dorothy Hanson and Mary]fr~~ ,,] ........... ~ +h~ ~h .... ~...^ /field, Me, J W. Scott, M. E. Fahy, lLvle was cecum-shied t~ Mo-o ~,..[ .-- o the entertainment corn- 0- _'"'v~on who ~ .....I ~ o.,~^.: ...... ,, ..... ;.~o ~1 ............. v .............. ~-/Mrs K. Trainer, O. W. Averett, Mrs. I." .... ,- .. . ~.:'~;'-- y~ [m~ee ana eonauc~ed the grand and .,a~or ms...,~as ~een ~ne[~une ,~,,--~..,~, w~.= ~,~**=. s ........ ling to be a wonderful success. The{- -? ........ trier mo~ner, ~vxrs. v~arle wmxe, wnolinsnirin~ introduction "-~ ha .,~, tlSs-x~._. "Y Parties was for-[dressed inperiod froeksofsilverelothl.~..~. .......... ~.:_,. ....... }Be~y tmcsley, ~~rs. ~osemary ~nea, twi]1 snend the winter ~,~ +~,. ~.~.-~. I. - ................ . ,tl~.hter nofLe~is;?gandh%its.-'*,~rlO [b~ed Woh~e:ip!?:k!~Sp~thn~s:!!:h:e bhr:ugtlYt:;dt::r ......................... :h:rgpr:ug:~rh:~ ,WUl come at / ~weOhn~ C:!s~:e~tMtri:j J~hra?h~Oi~:eCw!!:i0~ t lai?ieph ,Robert has returned home ~t~il!:lls-- oers resento::;o~: ~iuwrd;~d~emfmbfeh: ~ i . . Y . . . -[talented young men and women, and~o~'~," Mfss Mar" Alice Gaul-hunlafter a wmt of several weeks withlings are every first and third Tues- ~es of 8' ~'- |rled the ring ~n~a pink satin pillow.[this should prove tobe unusuallv/~.."-'. .....~ .... ~..[numerous relatives in eastern Arkan-Idav mon~h hie .... ~t ~ ~awar ' m~ss v~rglnm uaugnan, ~vnss ~ne~ of the ,- tend heir -. " d s church [He wore a pink satin Lord Fauntleroyl en~ .... ~.~ ~ | |sas and Tennes~e~ " ......... -- ....... d~- *aonthl ..... ! .................... I J~ ..... [G~u~han, MrsT W Hardy, Sr, J [ ~ ~" [regularly. Very important and in- "Y a ~ card part SUlU iNorman lOlle serves ~fle groonl ~ .... ~ " ftern Y " The Cathedral Club has an unusual .... terestin sub'e " ~dw .... oon, February 15 [as best man and the groomsmen were] ..........................]L. Hendrlcks, Mrs. J. L. Hendrleks,I L~ttle Johnme Foray!he, son of Mr.] g 3 eta, vital to our order, "~-u S , ~muun~ u~ ~aien~ wnlCn Will De. seen " come u at these met!in ree Hall, N~ Hanson Mrs Carl Remelt, Mrs D Loda, Mrs and Mrs Joe Forsythe who has be P gs and every ts. ~. nth and[Russell Catherina and M N |to ~ood adva~ta-e in the ....../ .... / . , enl.. ~:::~l~D!!:i?llO~:egs:ai~:~ I:fn M:mmPh~iagTehbbrid:,r ~halh:raS gl= d:it::h,e:n:aD,r!Cvt:;yGa:dii~i!~gh~iis ]CohMMDO!dt:lr,a,~ir::nJ~h~eM;~:lT: ] q:lNo~ltlhNin~hth h:~, o: :niSttP:r;::d lgneelg;:i~(k~l!~h~ac~b:e!:id:~ ly ~tZhacl% ~, , Loam" K~ehl, Ilovely" m" her wedding" gown of white[week," so that nothing" will" be left an-]M" Cliff d, Dr: Be a~d S. Stadthe-lto recovery, lin~ th~ ...... ~=~,,,+'~-,' y attend- qent ~ ,,~ary l~iegler and/crepe Romaine, embroidered with[done to assur~ -" - ' .... ]liner, rams warne ~augnam, ~. ten-[ ......... I ~" .... ~" " ~ou - ' ~ ~ ~ all whO a~ena, an t. ,. ~.__ Tr ~ xr---. ~--- ~+~ | ueatn or Mrs. harriet Minten :ill be ~:. r beautiful lunch ]pearls The long tulle veil was heldlevenin~ ~ ~,iov~o,, ~: ...... |doua, miss ~a~e ~o~,mrs ....... ! .............. I ...... r^ s,ven .~ .t , , ,.~ . ~ , o ~- ---~a ....... ,n~ wnl De |~...,A., "h/I-;= ~,~h a~,,~,h.,~ x. M | un mommy, oanuary zorn, Mrs [POREIGNERS IN CHINA at ~o ~ae prize for in pmce witn a corone~ ox orange the fir . na-~, .............. e,---, ............ " ~_ each t~ - I ...... .[ st effort of the Club m recent[ ........ M~ a,,, ~ ...... ]Harriet Mmten passed away at the[ WON'T BE EXPEL~ ~r~ -e a~ ... ~-~, and there',blossoms ariaher oouque~ was oi v~r~ -~a _~ .~^ ~_:~.._~_ ~ ~. !nw~,~, ............... ~.~u.. /. ......... / ----"' ~cra , ,~ .... , ~,,~ ~, --c ~,u~ ox ~ne~ [home el her oau~n~er, ivirs. AU us! BIS a~e aSke~ etlve door prize ,Bride roses and lilies of the valley. I,oun~ folks are look[n- * ....... [ .......... | ............... .~.~ I HOP TSU HOLDS tt tO " " "* , ~ - [ ~ ~ g, uwaru LO | *-arOcn~a* ocnool xO upen | necK'. 2~L ~ne tlme el tier death Ivlrs i P~ease bring ~mmedlate~y alter the ceremony a " "i ~ 'weddi {the coming productmn with an unus-[| , Announcement. has been made of]Mmten was sixty-five years of age.I New York, Jan. 25.--That Chris- ~. .~ , - [ amount of interest, the openingof St. Louis Parlshl Since the death of her husband t]an .... ~e~li,.'~ 'hom~ ~ ~h~ t.~;~. Mr ~ ~r~ . , .... s and foreigners m China need~ ng breakfast was served at the ual " " , Mll~" class of I ...................... I [School on Monday, February 7. AllIGeorge Minten, several years ago,|have no fear of expulsion as a result , give Little Reck'Hogan will be at home after Satur-I Cathedral Aid Society. /elementar and -rammar rades Till'Mrs Minte h .......... ' ....... ,lk'- - a benefi- - I ...... I ................ .......... / Y g g / n aa oeen in Ieeoie neairm!oi tne uprisings there, is" the firm "3~ Elt~b qn ThuVr cars. party lucy in me,npms. ]th~,~ :;eg;~ar [,,.o:,~my. mee~l[,g ~]be taught and the congregation island gradually grew weaker until the conviction of Bishop Esu/one of the ~ saay, A ril -- e ~a al ~m ~ocle~y wm be , . . ~_ 1~. ~a.~rs . . P ] ~ t ............... [looking forward to the opemng date. lend came to relieve he,- of her suf-lsix Chinese prelates recentl c ~l~oi . oohn Kenne - nelu in ~ne parlors oi the ~a~ne~ral] " " / ' i y onse- ~._.nted c~.~: Y r. ~1 ........ Sr. M. Edward will be m charge and fermg. She was a devout member of crated by His Holiness P " , . ~ ,,~rma , , ope Pros Xl ~. by a la I-H ~)~ ~U|II~U lit ............... i acuity de Sisters Gent-t Sted n, and " ~cnom on vtonuay, ~eoruary 7th, at the fwill inclu" St .... Agnes parish, attending fmthfully at Rome, as expressed at the Societ h~r~ze oR !hi- rge commit_j[] l['~l~l OITlllll p. In. As tins wni ~e ~ne i~rS~lvieve and Win[fred of Mr. St. Mar~'s]to her religious duties as long as her of the Pro,a~ation of th~ ~-;~ ~ny ~t~tifu ~ occasion will meeting a~ which the new officers ox ~1 - ........ ' "'" ~,, 1 ho~ l i| JJ] ......... ]Convent, L,ttle Rock. [strength permitted. Mrs. Mmten was East Thlrt -el hth street " ~oW to he"~iveembrmdered 1% Memorial Tribute to Late Mrs ~/~he-sc]et,y will preslae. ~ ~s hoped| An official visit was paid the schoolia native of Holland, but had spent the al guest, pYio~gto the co"nt~::::chee:; at[:h'table It is ~0r high McMahon ~, members wm ,.~e presen~tbuildin recently by Mother M. Evan-~greater part of her life in the United his journey home, to take up his ec- e " ex ected ~ogave~:nem a goou recepuon. ...... rOWd ~,m ~ P I a,..~:^ , .... ,~ ~^.~ v~ eb.~] ..... ]gehst, supermr of the Sisters of[States. Before coming to Menu about]cles]astlcal duties at Shun hal oe inevl- t~trcte l~o. ~, Mer sev " I " cy, and Mother M Ursula They en years ago, Mr and Mrs Mmten ,, ,, . ' -- l is how most of us think of Mrs. Mc-i A meeting of the members of Cir-tex ress .... ' r atl" leas /made th" - ." ...... - ,, It was true, declared the prelate, le~. ~ i Mahon after an innocent, dutiful[ .............. | P . ea ~nemsezves as g e y p -! e~r home m wnKe~mina, ~v~o.~ that the h" ....... :-~-~ .... ~*ees~. I -- /cle ~o. u, was nela in ~ne vestry OX~ed wi'" " " " i ment ndlThe sur ' " .. I -~ ,,,~ w,~**~u ~o De ria a~t vau ral ear in| ~n ~neSChOOl, equ p a vlvlng near relatives are an of the ~'last ~, Khan gave a ]childhood, she spent seve y s the Cathedral on Mondayof this!~iste .... / ............... I doctrine of extra-territoriality to ~au r~quarters umy uaugn~er, ~1rs ~ugus~ necK, and f ~e rsda our midst a charmm , beautiful ore[ rlv] ,~, 800 ~- Y afternoon I " , g . . . [week with a large attendance ofI " /a~ ,, ..... ~;~-:~ I "gn p" "lege in China. How- ~atter s young girl, ever ready to leno net members .... ~ ~" ever the res "~ l~Irs - Y treet, in I " present and many plans ,~...._~ ...... | V;;-- R;v[~M~ r = ..... I ' p ent disturbances have ~rs, l~iarL:nWrence Edward [presence and talents to any worthY l were made for the coming mbnths. I~I. EftWAgDS I:HIJK~H~absen~y Rev "Fathger" L~:d:g;:r 2:mglarisen from the ambitions of military eeer~t,- . a Lensing Sim~ /cause, before she gave her near~ ~OlMrs. Reese was elected Secretary of[ ........... i ...... : .... .s ,, ~ ~'~.lmaders and the work of Bolsheviks, ra ~rides "- ~ml~n, conuuc~eu the serwces nignlwho h ot M her husband Mr Jos P McMahon ave melted - her - rs Dou~,las[ ..... the circle for the year, Mrs Joseph l | ...... .... the students and o, l~ri:~?~s. Scott, was a i They spent all but the first few ~Beck was elected treasurer "and theli On Sunday,. night, Jan. 30th, at St.ii~':?::km ~v'~'as's--WaSaCemratedatweunesd mornin~ ? :~uI]mbs to violence. s a~, .. Were given for[Years of the[jr married life in another ielection of a chairman was held over lEdward s .Hall,'was held an elocutmn" .. . Y ." g, and The Red element was particularl ~rSl~r o^ two ues .vlcity; until tl~e death of Mr. McMahon!until the next meetlY1,- ~, ]contest among pupils of the higher|burial was in Calvary cemetery. ]strong in the Canton sect[ o,,Y l~ S~,I.^~ g ts ,,~ ~ on Mond~, ~ ~ on, ,~,,,~ ~ l~rettil,. ~u With gifts The[nine years ago, left her with a daugh-IFebruary 7th, immediately before the[grades of the parish school. The first| ~ I Bolshevik workers had been prepar- ~ ~efre~a~auecrated with -~^~ iter andtwo small sons.. Later Mamielregular. monthly, meetin~ of the Aid[prize,. a gold medal, was awarded toi ~' ' .~ling for. some. time to create trouble ~. ents Were in valen returned with her family to Ft. Sm~thlSociety" Plans were made furs CardlM~ss Catherine Hart, while Miss Lucyl'tl 17~,lt~ll~a~ ~, ,__~,,,~]ilby winning the mobs to their cause _ " where she has given these last years[Party to be held in the parlors of the]Finnegan won the second prize, also]ll ~IhH | ~ | ]|i.i |~K| |.~|llthrugh the d~stnbuhon of money. $1"~s~r " to their care and education and MUC-[Cathedral School, 503 East Sixth/a gold medal. Among the boy con-|~ ''~ vvuva'~v~,!l]When the dole ceased, the mobs still ,.. al Catholic cess has crowned her efforts."SSlstreet, on Wednesday, February 23rd,/tea!ants, Master Jos. McNeil and] .... ~ had to eat, and plundering was a '~ath~a~/~h , I Bohen after finishing school has been lat which'time it is hoped to have onelMaster Eddie Krebs were foremost.] U. S. Veteran's Hospital, Ft. Root, I means of obtaining food " "~ ' uathol" r When the an ] I " " he ]c a credit to her mothe On Tu h a 8 15 For -- u~ ~ Club ..... wi111 "[of the la]3~est parties which this cir-t esday, February 8% , t : e]gn" antipathy," added B~sho" ~,~ aeho~Unday, Februarvlnouncement of Mamie's illness was]cle ha~,e~ver conducted Mrs J J tP. m., the dramatic club of St. Ed-I Under the direction of SylvesterlTsu, "is centered a ainst the Bri i~p ~et' ~-om'- Parlors,~ 503 E-~ I made, constant and fervent .prayerIB. yr~ was elected to act as chair- /ward s parmh will stage a three-act ILukas' Kmghts of Columbus secre-I because the Chinese- have not been "? a~d -os~"2 until 6 ....... ~ m was offered by the congregation forlman of the Card Party with Dower/play entitled "Thirteen Plus" by tary, moving pictures, were. shown on/allowedl to forget tl~ shooting two [.b% l~ ~tess for the after-iher speedy recovery; but God loved/to select her own assistants. Prizes[Gladys R. Bridgham. I Monday and Friday nights for the years ago of twenty Chinese students ~.qek' Dr.Sepb. Henrich, Mr. Iher too, and took. her home, so welwil1. be. offered at every, table., and/ The play is based on a. plot almost i benefit, of the patien/s, featurin~ g]by British. police in the concessmn of ~hos. oA.~me Bremeyer, can only bow m grace and reconcfl-levery member of the circle will nomi-lParallel to the moving pmture, "Thelthe films: "The Man in Blue and Shanghm.~ I feel, however, that it is ~gl~e^-?faith. All the ~., list[on to His Holy Will. [hate at least one prize for the harry ]Seven Keys to Bald Pate," and con- Early to Wed." A radio program not the wish of the avers e Chin ~lted "t~ea~f Cathe~lral par-I Mrs McMahon leaves besides her I A food sale, several novelties in the/ sequently interesting and full of mys- was also enjoyed in connection. I to drive all foreigners o:g of ~: ~. -- ""- | .... " .... i_sBessieBreen[Way of ct'vities will be conducted[ Y. to ". - g" " rferredwlthi Y. tend a 1 ter Be sure attend The ad Bad weather a am rote countr ~ ~ cnnuren one sister, m s .... . ! ,, ~iral C" - " - " " d devoted siste~!later m the season The meeting was|mission will be 35 cents for adults, | the usual h~kes and calesthemc exer The fundamental character of the I~b M' WhO was a mwng an " ] . . " "1 " mstrel t~ h .... a ~,~r ready to heln herlan enthusiastic one both in point of]and 15 cents for children,else the pahents take under the di- Chinese is profoundly eaceful ally in " through" her" ~'rials and sorrows of life;[attendance ....... and in the number of ac-I |rectmn of the K. of C. secretary. Their. . laboring classes wish only to th-, Vited to attend .. - Will John andlt whes which this circle hopes to pro-[BEETHOVEN'S HOUSE ]These achwhes are a daily occur- hve m peace and have a httle t ulic . ou, ,,, , . I o eat ~e ,~ -- Club Minstrels ^ ..... :-^ ~ ..... ll of whom at Imote during the year I IN BONN DEDICATED lrence" m favorable weather, being day by day At present the are athe , ...... Y ~t ~.- dral hall, 505 t ............. eral others closel,,l C~rcle~ No. 7, Mrs. Harry Casey, t TO MUSIC AND ART beneflcml as well as enjoyed by the mg totaled, but they are not a war , ~Te t~ llLu U ller JLUll "--- j . , . . - , at 8 dnesday even- related were her uncle, Mr. Henry]chmrman, held a largely attended/~ patients. About five games of volley like people." n~, a~V" m.. All the ~,rcn.~:-~ ~,,r~. .... "~:",-, ,~-~* .... ~.,~ .~.~-~r+lmeeting~, in the parlors of the School/,_ Cologne, Jan. 17---The house i~ball are played each morning and af- ] -- ~illbe" "'~ i uance hits worgon,'~ WhO" were reared in same]On Monday last at 2"30. p. m. Many|Penni ?n which Beethoven was born ~s~ternoon. at the gym under the dlrec-] STEAMERS OF NORTH ~-fi .... gven and a f~:~. ^. ~-~,~ .... ~ sister [plans were outlined by t!)e chairman to be~dicated to the promotion of]tmn of the K. of C. secretary thus GERMAN LLOYD -~ o ,~,..y .~ ~,~u~.~ ,~ .... . ........ PLAN ll b- f Little Rock's ifor future activities of the circle, atl/mumc and scientific studies under the/keeping the gymnasmm busy practi.I TO CALL AT Pres ~ . ,, . . I GALWAY ~,rect~"- " ented. This The largely attended.funeral was[of which met w~th the approval of the[name of the. Beethoven Arch~ves,"lcally the entire day. The boys take' Dubhn, Jan. 24.---The. Limerick ed b Orals Y Robert held last Saturday morning from the]members of the circle. /It will be 100 years next March ince much interest in these competitive Steamship Compan Irish A es to . '. I Y, . gents of Sea- be one of Church of the Immaculate Concep-[ C~rcle No. 2, Mrs. Eugene Hurting-[Beethoven d~ed m V~enna. games and spmted battles may be the North German Llo d ~on. Ad .... c ........ Y Company, ~re~ ~ m]ssmn, tlon, where she was baphzed, on-lton, chmrman m holding enthusmst]c| In connectmn w~th thin establmh- w~tnessed every day lannounce that th~ * ...... -- ~o . , " ~ ~uan~]c Inner c. firmed and married. Rev. Dr. Horanlmeetmgs weekly at the home of the[ment of the house, the souvenirs;man- Candy, cigarettes and tobacco wa~ [ "Derfflin~er" *~ .......... ~- .... ~ ~, , ~,,~ proper~y ox tna~ .~ officiated at the Reqmem Mass and]members, all of which are being~uscrlpts, compositions, autographs dmtnbuted by the K. of C. secretar !Line, will call a enter ..... . Y t the port of Galway ~_ tamed at cemetery. Miss Rose Butte played[largely attended. Miss Edna Koch~and other thingspertaining to the during the week Cigarettes and +~ Ion Ms,, ~n ,~-: ...... ve ~-, ~ ~-, ~m~ year, on her I;rl ~ n mg, January Chopin's funeral march as they en-land Mrs. Weedman were hostesses|great Catholic compos%r are to be bocce was also distributed by the ~ ~from New v.~v .^ ~ ..... P tel, compli- tered the church, and the Ave Mane[last week, while Mrs. J Lancer en-/collected. There will be a hbrary set of C. secretary for the American It is a ener ,, es Cat ,, . . . ..... g at[on since an Atlantic ~ herma and from Carollera Rushcana during theltertamed the, week previous Mrs.[up with all the hterature, including Legmn Auxflmry 'liner entered G-' ~ .... ,~emphls" " d " alway ~ay. Tne las~ _ . , whose Mass---After the burial serwce ende I Dan Boone will act as hostess this~pape~s, periodicals and biographies, Rev. J. P. Fisher said mass for the liner to do s mnlZe ~- . .,, ~ . , , . . . o was the property of d Tuesday Reqmem Octernom was played by week, and a largely attended meeting[relating to Beethoven and reproduc- benefit of the Cathohc pahents at the the Allan Line A 1 c , at St A , ...... I . .. . . . o al pilot, be- ,le ndrew s Mrs. Madden. The Solemn organ will be looked for. tmns of all the compomtmns of the hospital Sunday morning. The Re. heved to have been bribed, wa en- ~ Was decorated music was a sweet accompamment to I Circle No. 3, Mrs. P. G Roemer,]musician. The local government has Father Fisher also preached a short ~a-ed to st .... ~ ......... . __.s ___ !:iate!~iZi ilelfi~i " " " ~t: " "" iiih pltgiiiiitil ~. ~ ....... ~,lp ~o ~ne ancnor hi~ii |