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February 5, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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February 5, 1927

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Page Two THE GUARDIAN, FEBRUARY 5,'1927 d w,~ ...... ~ - =~ ~~ I " type have recourse cohen ;~ m C&THOLIC eUBLICaTION ~IITT rllx AkTh []b|O||flho flvl m,,~ /I]I ]to serve a bad cause of an unwc Y ,~ v u, lll_rl___lt , tltlt~UVIOlllJIO /tl V l}lJl'lUl 5 or |l'J [1[[ tThat is the device of bidding foi e . ] (:AT Hill If' f'gllRf'H IM TIll: II lTrn eta ar ]l]J/bigots who are willing to forgive, .. ----~ -.. uG, tn, a,t ,: ~ea, af mud, g iSVS. | ~*=aaa~aJa~b.p ~.laaWJlt~l| Ili 111]~ ULIlI]~V OIAIL } or ~[should perceive an ....... 1. .... nr t _ l/ AMF.RICA Ya r| orv Jdwnrightdishnest yi" a ;ers'o;:f -- - CHANG1eOFADDI t - ..-..-...-v,, as,. hhllttll ttl'(V F/UlIItlJLJlII /the Catholic Church isreuresenteda . 1 if _l, ddren |. duir~d the .uble~tber should v. 7 !~ " I[l{ " - /Much too often thls maneuver sueee we should have the Holy Father in our prayers bisho s r" " " this Sunday. )^p:,_ p l ests, ministers, teachers or superm- giving" up its liberty. The laws arid even a .............. nuen s Iu ure may not be --roy * .... * .. . .... ,,u nrougn nem the WhOle - o _ . . v ~ueu ~ur,/~c~s o~ pubnc OlIlCmm cannot be criticized by the Supreme Shepherd said because it cannot have a seminary in which a a religious paper under severe enalties n th The ceremonial blessing of the candles on cler m " P ot e true the feast of the Purification gives us the 'gy ay be tramqd to take places made va-|even bv see ...... ..'. Church--groups more or for the Catholi ............ r ..... can by death or incapacit, The ul__ oeu-aylng a renglous Iragments of Christiani y-- . . custom oI olIermg, receiving Church .......... f" , jmu . everal rehgmus papers have alread thin m . t o and usm them u es a bunam is y g ore or less of the doer g Thisis expressed in this pray-] roun ...... g considered good|been suppressed, and even certain dail a ere This i . er, which ]s said at the blessing, g. (1 hOming that it really belongs to that'.of large circulation that w ...... Y p p e ,, s true even though these s da;OaA:?;geh:Yeftd Eternal God, who on thisl;::;galt:d::;dy cleItrg ayth::eb;:: t:e: C; :fn;'lTa;r:u:h ll:;ts s p::h;::ctith :elrgii:: ?USH; ' heKi.%hhsfdi ;;h r:gmffn?l::k;tfh :g: . . at Thy onlySon should be,himself, the law provides that it ma,, be seizedIP .................. mencan idealI tenal rock Varying the metaph9r- on mere sue icion Relatives of clergymen are t 'm *larn oy virginia ]ll. of Rights and other later, His Holiness reminded that thePresentea in the temple, and be received mto l P " acts tached from old are arms of holy Simeon; we humbly beseech tthreatened.with the loss of their own ersonal'The P g -bearing rock Thy mercy to bless, sanctify, and-ive th .... t ]Pr-ert'" b--c--fi ..... . .P . ] ersecution a Product of New Paganism] bearin " e light v 5 On lscauon on me roan g" Y heavenly benedictin t these candles, ]prperty really belngs to a Church, for the law Jclusions .... Y" .. .... I as _ 0 of Th ' g that such It scarcel necessa y to set down the con- It w which we Thy servants desire to carry in honor,decrees that mere sus-ici2-- : ...... ] na urany Ilow Irom the contrast l _ for these traces of the gc of Thy name; that by offerin- .^ If,,u ....... , .....v u, m _ucn a case re|we nave made. They are at once'annaro, * o-. lann not, of course, for the dross o our Lord God, we ma,, be in presumption that the prop-Jmust convince right thinking Eien and U:=":Iwhich they are obscured that the I4 z ,ueaceu by me nero ior unurch A 1 . . ' ....... O fire of Thy sweet love, and made worthy to belvoted by religious bodies to od,,o *:prperty-de ]that there can be no relationship between thelcunseledrespect" And he bespoke presented in the hob, tern ^* .... .: .... - ..... *,sonar or cnar-|prmclples upon which the Mexican an(1 brotherliness toward"those Through .... .. ny giory, purposes is subject to confiscation Inlis built ] ..... - - 77"" ......... '|the faith evm ......... --o ......... ~,~ wnrlst our LOrd "" ,order t- -~-~-~ "* -" ........ " a , .... ..,~ um~ emoo(1y them. tn~ ~-;-;/ ......... - ~,,,~ u~ro~ ~-~ : . v ,,,,~x~ ,~ imposSible Ior a Church ....... v'"~a " ,, eo~ - o - ]secure a ......... to!with which ]t ]s proposed they shall be enf- o a ] nd rejected For reunion, ]t is UPON ,.,u,umg any ms, it is provided that, and the rinci .... ' know and love ,, eel WHAT DIOCESAN PAPERS THRIVE /in case of seizure no trial " ........ I _ p ples, laws and spirit that are held| - , one another, he d2 /lc/wod _L:..... ' , oy jury snan be al- sacred by the American neonle |charity and helpfulness which the As a subscriber to the N. C. W. C. News Bu-] Work:n:;Ef::a :ln 02decf:p;alDfr jushee.],. In fact, such laws hark )ack to paganism.IEast Welfare Association has reau The Guardian each week receives suffi-[ A Church, therefore ean ^* e s_troye.a, ivy. ere they to prevail they would show civil so-| lrect n of the Supreme Pontiff clen matter of general intereo * ........./c .... * ...... . - , vwn anymmg, lcleW nave been marchin no+ ...... /aeve me physical sufferings of . ob bU lllOre nan allllOb pfOVlfle Ior its curren . . o, ,.. . . , doubly fill our forty-eight column _ ] rovid^ , ...... t expenses, cannot|but in a circle; and again arrivin i- ..... |Oriental Christians separated from vv een- v ~ *ur a iu~ure cler ,,, ,. ~..o uux V deavor from o ...... |. ,. gy. A native clergy/day, at the ,,oi,,t fr ..... : ......... convince them that h" . re : . _ mass (sometimes the mess /is thus made imnossibleo-+ ---1--" ....... I. _ -, -,- ,.ca s ar ea with thele. , ,. ]s words a -,_ cull what we conside- ....... " /............ . ., ...... wmcn oramarnYlaawn of Christianity Suoh 1 ........... ISiS WorKs; na-t the Catholic ChurCh, ";. ~ rue ave issues oI the woma [nrow the burden . -. ~ .... ,,~, m reanty, . . ] Ca(hoLe world. But The Guardian is the did-lot the people anon stran, f, othere!!glus-care/embdy the pagan plan of government, for th@]all the eight centuries of their abs.enee cesan organ and as such sh ....... ...... %1 _ ..... prevenz the |mlIer Irom it not at all in effect h,,+ ,.h. Inusenl(1, still regards them as l er lt" of diocesan" ~"*'~lnterestCeu~er ]~.s .acuvi~oVro;*id;2~hOaItt:7 cl:PPfm:ng' bhu~weVer' .the law|manner and form of attaining t'he";esu]~.*"4~e Iif not as her children: : . ltles on making Catho!lclsmglVmg" t'Mexicanll may officiategYn an ca: ofa~:;brn./St:~:b pagan gave despotic authority to thel( The Bishops, the priests, and the l$~t throughoutrure.Y adersthethe hvmg Issues of . . Y p, y deifying it in its origin, and often in its Church in the United Sta yea world, but especially making lt. nd in consequence foreign clerhave " rulers ' tee ha ., the diocesan or home newspaper We find thatlexpelled Thus the 1--- ... been| and its actions. The founders of Romelrole and a transcendant pp unitY there are other editors who fe ' ....... "_ , , makes lmposm |were supposed to be children of the l-l r|ter ri . __ o :_o2 il l _ _ . , e~ on ~ms pomtlme ior the people ~o have no+; .... ~ ...... _:_,n ............ o ........~ p se of helping these d~tdentS .., we (lo, an(1 among them the editor of ThoJthen imno. ihl +.. 1- ...... Y .... , were saluted as "divine" and altarsland in Russia M,,oh +h~ ~iree~i' lessenger, Belleville In ...... ,- ...... .-ave a torelgn clergy; wnilelerected to them Great me,, o--- I.. ....... " .......... 7"7,_^ # las+ ..... ,.,_ _._ , ,,... n,s emtoriais oflme government keeps assuring the world of i+o|honored .... :, , reece werej.-o ame snare oI the support of . tssue, we react this interesting, noint-Iliberalit r and that thm-o ......... . ven to thiS (lay some earth-lhave been entrusted ,, a,, orica a e(1 an(1 ver in , . - - ttu renglous persecu ly rulers receive uasl divine ~ $ If Y" timate letter: - - Ilion in l Iexico ..... 1.' . q "- "" honors. ThelHumanly speaking, it would"b str ,, . tegen(1 ;y benefactor of the anci " C " ' The f rst things I looked for in ..... The effect of such laws is felt in more thnnlMexico - eat tribes ofl! athohcs of the UmtedStates, where Messenger were ....... : ......== . lthe of the Chnroh ;- 2,-- ":'Y, ,,choral America is said to havelis youngest, should Drove to be the o ..... were sure to - ...........mso nelueen a White man wore " " - interest me personally Evervb d- ol ..... h.... Irmn of works of education and charit, R i,,a.a..; .......... , ._hipped as a god. Thuslrestormg these Christians to their ' ' - ~a ,-~,- ,,,,v =~- ~. =**s- vs *-~-. unn;e(1 earl;hi and di " " " " pected to md somethP-- -* ...... lion fosters education Practically ,n - ...... Y vine power m]mumon with Rome. ,,~ m personal interest inJuniv__ .~. . __ .~. .... . _.-.. ~ue grea~]a um~e~ state. The program of this n - that ssue looked for that something," and. if he V cremes oI the united States, (or example,/ganism elimina* o . . ew pa / As the Holy_ Father char t Iailed to find it h . . ' were Iounded by reli ious o ..... ,,e mwne so as to leave tne . - ..... , , e was not quite satisfied. ........ g . rgamz hons, except/earthly in full possession But result ^* Isary to thin reunion. American Cat( ~'~e universities and ev " . . oum . The personal element must be well represent, t ;we their beginnings'to el..----erieme of these/ex!remes s the same--the s avery of the indi-lbeen^cha ri?able. to, many peopl , Of ea in every local newsnanm- ......... .... or reng-/vlouai. /-low far all this is om ,,- ...... ne]r charity towardsthis weekly is cr .... ~- very vniagel . - -vines, wnne owe to them the inspira-|as Americans and an immeasurable r ...... totla' ,, - ..---eu tun w~n the names of th.lUOn ~nat ~ave thorn h;.+~ ..... ,_.. . , ~ ~- ..... ~ns IS lmme(1ia~elv an-I ....... ~'*'~" ~_-~ i~ wnage folk. Without *h ................ Y -"7:". .... "" woum de true to!parent. - / , - " IPr]ceiess blessing to those who are :i paperA di-owuld ..... 2euickh,. . -ameSaeam.lnuel%- l one-tnlrd of the colleges and uni- (Continued. next week.) I hurch.t unity of faith and fellowship is paper is al. o stmctly a local paper.| My Messenger gets about this same sort of lmo esse- h news , o " whomIt thnvesit ]f it abounds lp the personal elementltreatment. F rst I look for the things which I|the better for / ll the other information which .... injected it bYif thoSe(he nameSnames.areOf thelacking,peoplepeo_landfOrlwrote myself and for news from Nashville the Messenger is to carry " ! Okawville. Old Mary Suess, who makes her ' {" EDITORIAL BROADC ple are perfectly satisfied if their neighbor{home with me, and young Frances Pautler, who THE POLITICS OF BIGOTRY keeps the paper. To change that situation it istdoes the hard work, likewise look first for somel necessary first to change human nature But!news from Breese, Wendehn, St Rose and Ruma/ How the Catholic-- ,, "SEC" FRECY STUF there is nothing evil in it ,Why, then, l" ot lettbecause there ma b " " ,, " Church is drawn into ' people have their way "V hy not let them bet eo 1 ," y e something there aboutlpolitics by (he-acts of her critics and o ....... .............. ha--- and th .- " . I P p e hom they know They as ...." ................... vvun-I uverusement oI The Lost ]3 PPY e woria more cheerful9 Ivery human ...... ,. as, , ure anti against the wishes and efforts of her l Bible" ouote - d I I treat my Messenger as I treat m,, d-u .... -, / . _ s me truth, and what s the lresponsible renresentative- ....... I ,, s the much syndicate When I make my daily trip to the tceepmg secret. As we three do, so doltion---the thousandth .... afew .muscra_l, rane as saYing: "The publica lT,' v-o~u~xtce anu almos~ all the read r ~- , v .... ap~, in merlcan sist)ooKs will t . Se, take a pack of mail out of my box I ._. e s of the Messenger. Itory---only a few d'a .......... . .. , )( , ake away the veil of interested in the second ...... ,,. a,| Yes i " , lUtateo e ...... 7. o fi.o. certain uni e(11nas attended the act of the Church iu .... .- _ - ........ accer. I gmnce| , z ewspaper rea(1ers are very hu-I o nacor, adapung sis methods to exi (certain ........... hel nasu iy order to d scover something more per-|man" qfa man expects to find a short noticeigenmes' accused the "Catholic Church" of at !has never bee a'a rms; rejee l, ng-/the sonal. Tice personal letters interest ....../about the death of mother-; ............ /tempting to force this ................ .... Y crecy aDou . _, Perhaps there's a letter ho,.o * .... x, .... one Dlg bun-]Mexic" ...... war witsI t, nurcn in accepting certain script _ - ...... me glsnop.! ........ u~ u~ OrK Times, he willl ..... uasemss charge ne made in theliectino- wrifi-, - ......... ure enou h It ]s s r - .ub consmerea g about the Catholic N ,pend a d me m more to et ve y fact of an authoritative ubh el xr^,. ..... " .... =_ , " ear East[ . _ " " o g that paper and, f .... "" " p "c statement/procedings'of the Council . Chald , ssoclauon The're s a let Iwnen ne has it he will irom the whole " - from my brother John from Ba .ter here alsoluntil he finds that -- pass over everything else ed States di " Ca!hohc It]erarchy of the Unit./pronounced on this question and g! , esvil e, m(1iana, t parucmar notice Then first, . _ scla]mmg and deploring .any pro-/scripthres as we have them todaY: also one from a sweet little niece of mine downlat his leisure he may look at the other stuff posal for American intervention in Mexic0'saf |available to scholars for fit" en h in Arkansas. I open them quickl O t " fairs and re-echoin a " - . . " ,, te with n*,inf^-~ ...... " y' ther lettersi The Messenger is exactly like tho XT ............ g" S ]t wele, the sentiments] That secrecy" stuff about anvthinK ..... auaresses, containing advertisinglTimes in that res-ecz .,= ..... orK ann Iormai (1eciaratlons of the Mexican Episco- lic Church ever did . n literature from business conc -o ....... I .... p c. ne most human and Date. ' [ .... or said, is no county oh the ......... "* ..... aver melmeretore personally most interestin stuff - +ha ....... (Is notmng in the world that is less " ' .... . 'the Messen ero is the lo . .o i .... )nnes ...... one ena or Soi the tricksaCCusaun- ecauSeto it exem- (her works and teachings thro " " which politicians of a turies and today.--The Record,