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February 5, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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February 5, 1927

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i 77-----L.'7=--- , ;'-~-~d i s~d Catholic literature iHI , A Cat Ill{ Perpetual Mi;sion-- {~ ;.~. I{:~{ r.'an~ .ay have every J~] /~I Pope Leo XII~ ~{~ ~a~l W~s~u'ntt which instructs IHI 21~t~0tes tgl~a~dri~trengthtian virtues. ..... d /H1]N] j~j 'The Cau~rdlan in every" l~j~, The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas FOFOL. XVI. LITTLE ROCK, ARK., FEBRUARY 5, 1927 Number 21 LIe BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION 'AWFUL' CAMPAIGSEN. HEFLIN AGAIN BISHOP PASCUAL, SAFE . . - ANNUAL MEETING OF STOCKHOLDERS I, AGAINST WOMEN S I HEAPS HIS ABUSE AFTER, EXILE FROM MEXICO, REPORT SUBM ITTED BY DIRECTORS CHASTITY IS SEEN] UPON CATHOLICS IS NOW ON WAY TO HAVANA I ! ~:' alulllal meeting of the stock-show a s lendid increase in member-]Cardinal Hayes--~arns Girls of Car-!Questioned by Senators of His OwnlFIRST DEFINITE WORD OF PRELATE" WHEREABOUTS COMES IN 11 rsa~ltt directors of the Cath lic ship as ~:11 as resources,roll Club of Dangers in Plays Party, Alabaman Admits He SPECIAL CABLE DISPATCH TO N. C, W. C NEWS SERVICE t~v0teat Associati . .o . The present Board of Directors l and Literature. I Speaks Without Personal }. --FEARS FOR LIFE DISPELLED--CHURCH LEADER REACHES ?n was consists of the followin J " . no 'ed.e o' the Troth l COSTA RIC BUT STOR OF PREVIOUS WANDERINGS kan~s' Sa~Chool Hall, Little Reek, g H Tuohe Joe gJung, T J New York, Jan 23 There is an { " of His Statements. REMAINS TO BE TOLD Ua 2 " Y, .... --- Pae ~, ry 3, 1927. Gaughan, Very Rev. W. H. Tynin, awful campaign, that is, awful in the ........ ~ .... " 'r wre~Urns of the Secretar T Rev Gee H McDermott, T J Arn proper sense of the word, against the (By ~ t~ w C News ~ervlce) (By N C W C News Service) 'ably it carries out the decision reach lere~l~:o~:orably diseussYd r:7J old, J. L. Sullivan, Ben Etzkorn, F. chastity of women today, Cardinal Washington, Jan. ~8.---Using ass ~, Washington, Jan. ?5.--vThe. N. C. ed some time ago to permit Ameri- !a. ,~ matte part of the min- Spinnenweber J. H. Vice, Rev Jas.[Hayes admonished two thousand busi- pretext the address of Joseph Scott vv: t~. ~ews ~erwce nas a enrage ann cans and other non-Spanish speaking ....... ........ , . oliiciai came assurance ~na~ ~isho Ioreigners m Mexlco to ha - r~ P. Moran, C. F. Sleoer, august/ness gins, memoers oi zne uarroll h.~r^ Thursda-- o-~ *h- a#"--: .... it"" ' P ' " ve their ~e'areSUrees s and ha t'roDs~, ....... o. rrunisrd, r~. H. Helbron, J" l/Club' a Catholic business s*--~~"~"' c~uo~'"~ W~bon,. ~ Senator ~Hefhn" of Alabama, took- [Pascuall can Dmz, secretary of the Mexi- oWnin clergya dltl for a limited period' . , i.ation a ^, -. " bilities of the H. Kramer, J. J. Craig, G. Kords-.of this city, at their annual corporate [ Catholic Episcopate who was ex- d " "on, however, it reaffirms 0hews.. "* uec. 31, 1926 are meier, 3" J Hiegel, J KirspelICommunion breakfast at Hotel Astor up nearly half of the Senate's time liled and whose whereabouts has been in the sternest terms the previous th~s tour re eatm m monet nous arra unknown for two weeks, is safe m Calles decrees a mnst reh mn " The following officers were eleeted a " ning. In his plea for the today p " g" o y{ " " g' "g "n ~liil1 ~_ Resources. to serve for a period of one year: young women present to uphold the the charges for which the Senate Central America. Mex,.co, placing churches under the i~,a ank " ,- -- John H Tuohe,, President Istandards of womanhood, the Cardin I Mqveover, it is informed that Bish- complete domination of Government ~u ot~t .................... o:~7 07 *, " heartlIy rebuked h~m a week ago ...... on real es* ........ "-- John Kirspell, 1st Vice President al said such Catholic organizations as ....... lop Dmz is satired today from Costa agenmes. These deny to the churches t~Le__ ~,UbU.'IOAugust Probst, 2nd Vice President the Carroll Club are one of the surest tha~ zne wasnohc Church and the{Rica for Havana, Cuba. the right to own property or carry C F Sieber, Secretary Treasurer means to protect, defend and uplift Knights of Columbus are fomenting This, the first definite word of the on educational or charitable work, . $19,697.82An" Appeal to Arkansas Catholics ' the banner of chastity among women war with Mexico. Iheroic Mexican prelate in a fortnight disfranchise the clergy and subject ~ .:_-tdah:httes:We invite all Catholics of Arkan- "The campaign expresses itself Again the galleries enjoyed the sets at res! very grave fears for his it to.the strictest Government control, V/deft p~:7 ................ $19,261.01 sas to join the association. It is a through the archdiocese of New York spectacle immensely, and few Seas- sale~y, ann even for his hfe, which lormu even.dl.scussmn of Government v. its .............. 436,81 savings institution, accepting weekly[most powerfully," the Cardinal de- acts by religious or the religious deposits from 10c up. clare& "Our literature, our novels, press, and take away the right of free $10,697.82 The money placed with our asso- out dance halls er dance floors, our assemblage. recreational cente?s, they are not at Strict penalties are provided for STATEMENT OF THE CONDITION the moment so informed and so in- failure to carry out provisions bf the C_~.- Of The spired with regard to the~uplift and decree, responsibility being placed ~'HOLIC BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION elevation of the highest and nob particularly upon local authorities. ,~t th lest illc e Close of Business, December I, 1926. and best in woranhood," the Cardinal not so much as read some of the his- whisked away by the Governmen~ and Censorship Veils Conditions -** e ~n said I I u nts to ordered deported Since that t~me a hank ~, RESOURCES: torica doe me which he refer- " Meantime, so sternly has the cen- ~o=_... , ~ecember 31, 1926 ............................................. $ 637.67 His Eminence then paid a glowing red copiously, mystery had enveloped him. He was sorship been clapped upon the entire ll Res-. ............................................................................. 19,6.75~l~ribute to the women of Mexico, who, I As before, those who rebuked him fir~ reported on his way, under country that news of the revolution-" "urces .............. ~/he said, possessed the faith and forti-{were members of his own party, and strong Government guard, to V~ra ary activities still continuing through- ~ai*- .................................................. - ...... ~ .......... {rude,, of sterling Catholics ,In single Senator came to his aid. Cruz and it was expected that he out the country is obtainable only {~ ~ LIABILITIES ~ The strength of the Church There wa o ~ would be sent to the Umted States Vide " in~ s n th'ng new in the through Government sources Offi- = d Profits ............................................................................... $19,261.01 Mexico today lies very much in the charges Heftin made; he repeated Reported ,n Guatemala cial announc'ements, as in the past, al Liab;m - ............................................................................ 4~o.~ {fact that "the Catholic women of that ]over and over again what he had said Next came word that trace had fail to report anything but success "'rues .................................................................................. $19,697.82 {country are splendid. Where men{before. He did, however, say that been found of-him on the way to by Federal forces against revolution- ,~- STA~,-.-- --I weaken, women are full of faith" and {the letters he had recei'ved had- "oo- Guatemala. There followed a report I~t "~MENT OF PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT [fortitude," he proclaimed iened his eyes with re~ard to the ~er that he had been denied admittance aries. Nevertheless, significant a d- ta~,TM Coil Mexican ' 1 s e 1 s " v to Guatemala, then later a despatch missions may be gleaned from the~e es ected ~711 28 I " Women s Zeal Inic'ou a tivit'e of the Roman Cath-. , reports ~'l~itetl~: est ~a~a .......................................................... * " { He ,told of the valor and persever-Ilic clergy," refer to ~ne ....... ~mgn~s oI ........... tha~ ne had been admitted. There was For instance, the Government ad- ~Pells - ,u ....... OI . - nO con~[Irmaclon OI ally oI tnese oes- es includi -Z-g---7 ...... _=__.___:: ......... _;__;; ..... ;__.~__._ $336.24 ..... ance of a group of Mexican Catholic C umbus as the standing army of .............. mits that half a dozen military ca- Pt,,. -~ *-ostage, ~rlnnng ann ~ure~y ~ono vo.~ 4vv.zz .......... ........ Ithe Pope," and exnress ~reat fen- pa~cnes wne~ner or no~ l~ was oy gagements have taken place in the 'ai'|[~e [~VO111211 In a rceen~ oeslre ~o alsl:rl- *" ~" * }~detl go1926 ~]bute a message to all the women o~ that he was going to be assassinated way.of Guatemala that he finally left last few days in the Stat~..of Jalisco; U0natiorl~ brought forward from 1925 .................. $232.75 " IMexico, as told to him by a personlfur his utterances, which, as a matter h::~:ch:l:l:came k.nown only when that fighting has "b~ going onin t3,~. olored Mission at Pine Bluff, Ark ..... 100.00 132.70 who had just arrived in New York If fact, have caused singularly little .... havana wl~n zne s~ory oz trier itself; that railroad tracks have ?m~id ~ . ms wanaermgs re ed .st~r anywhere In connectmn wath been torn up and a train looted in s~ ,~. Profi*- r, ........ from that country. He related the iute~e~?d but no.tOcVl~em~e~ a l_:_. 19_2_6 .... $286 00 ~436.81 story of the attempt to distribute that {this last statement, he took up many CALES NEW DECRI~I~ Durango; that three groups of revolu- ~1 n '-'~ on deposits ............ ::::::.:7;:J___:7:;::_:J--;::::::: 130.60 157.40 message; how the women sbcured mmu~es ~emng ~ne ?ensue wna~ a na-, ..... - --. tionaries are active in Puebla, and ~refits ........... .. thousands of small balloons, and plac- tlonal catastrophe it would be if he ~y.N. C: W. C. News Serwce) that a clash has taken place in Vera ~'~r $594 21 were ~'emoved flom the council halls 'Iex~co City, Jan 24 Presxdent Si~c^ - ............................................................... ed thereon prepared leaflets contain- " ~ ,, .-- Cruz. It is impossible to estimate ~1~ ~ ~ its ............... ; ................ of the nation ~anes on Friday issued a new decree the outcome of these engagements, ~'~ l~ene .... -rgamzauon ~ne,suppor~ o~ tm~noim endeavors in our ",~ th~ .,~,~;.. O. ~uch b,dl~on .... ..... . ........ 'a a ~,_ L'meat Association has'In: ..... " was placed also a fuse ca~ After the t.opelana ~uggests Proper Protectiom on reuglous worsmp m mexico. ~o~- (Continued on page 4.) o~ Is dy growth b It was the herole revelatlon that ~ P RISA PROTESTING loo~ : and the Di-{ ' Thus ~ou he],~ -our fellowmen as alloons had ascended, the cap ex- " ~'- ae~ah . ~aed out on ~ ~ ~ loded rel ~ h r ad he was in danger of being "bumped era ,,.t real estatetwell as your Church. p , eas'ng t e leaflets, sp e - ~tD HAWItJa DI trine I o --no desire in them throu hour the eommumt of I," as he phrased ~t, that brought l lO lt, ll lkl]l]/ lh/tl]O _W~ he-- " to acquire, Inquiries will 'be gladly answered " g g "Y, , .~ . { u~ ,nes so d lrom ~enator Copeland of New York EASY DIVORCES in , at a rea that each ~erson was a 1 to tea ~- i tere~~. . sonable ~y the undersigned, t "~ e .,. . ..... ql l~ll~.lll I~I~/W llfmfol{mg~ { ~ a ~ ~rof~t to the mesas e ~ms satirical expression of"sohc~ . ~d 0;:' go to the C F. Sieber, g. , - ,, - - J I~I~Y rl O3fiLl3 , :l~e thatX~erS~ne of the Associa- Bankers Trust Co. b Preceding the breakfast the ,mere- vlrtuestUde' afterfor near]yHeflinhalfhadan tOldhourOf his ........... , FOR AMERICANS ~, ~ne year 1927 will' Little Rock, Ark. era of the dub attended 9 oclock : llll ~Aill 12DAltIPI~/~/II ][l}~~ Mass at St Patrick's Cathedral and Mr. President, when a Senator O/ll l:ll/$1] lO lJI P V ~'AK~ NUN REPORTED " ' f '' ~fll|m ~rw''*- DONoR ~ l~l--~]ff~ received. Holy Con]mun'lon in a omod-"" eelsy that his life is in danger he __ V0 in honor n cannot be blamed for making every of Mary Carroll Garva . . .... ij , San Francisco, Jan. 25.--The Most (By IV. C W. C. News Service) t~onmmeu on page 4 ~.I~i~]~I~F ~'~lnt ....... ] ....... Mrs. Brady, after whom the Club is " Reverend Archbishop Hanna plans toParis, Jan. 24. Dispatches from DIES ~1~|!.~; ~I~I|Z~,j~ ~g ~#;~k CIasgdri' nding nouncingLS Angeles " publishedthat Charlie Chapllnhere' wasan- r nsltepHhY;L?D~t:d~Y NEW RETREAT HOUSE ~hr~:ch:c:e:;~:u ~i"l~I ~H~|T|~ I~I"DD|~]~I~ rF" ~D~r named. The Mass was celebrated by " complete the institutions) prograArc~" " L I~W$1Ui]~kl ~kl ].{~'~l~,~'~w.~ll'~l~k~ 1~. to the Cardinal. |l~| D/~T/'UII three more institutions a normal coming to ask the French courts to W o'~'~,. Father Keegan Urges IIW Dt/01t/l UIi l i lL?{schoo! for teachers in Catholic grant him a divorce as soon as the C News Serva ws Servace ' The Rev n schools a Boy Scout orgamzatmn and Jan "-- "ce) (By N. C.~W. C. Ne " ) . Robert Fulton Keega .... , . _ " "Circus" is released, have aroused ~t---J ~ a SChOol for subnormal children ohn F Mc ~ d~rector of Cathohc of the " " - York, Pa., ~Mrs. Neva Miller Mos~ " " Charities (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) a storm of protest. The normal school is designed to The Paris paper "Liberte," in par ~USmess man of the "ex-nun," who caused consider- Archdiocese of Neev York, was the 1st Boston, Mass., Feb. 2.---The Lay-. establish and maintain a high uniform ........... " c^-- .~atholic lay- able turmoil here with her lectures speaker at the breakfast. He was men's Retreat Movement under the standard of education in the paroch-tlcmar, has pummneu an arucie pro .~n~rmutor to Cath. and .arrest, has appe:lredonf:O~hahg: followed by Lady Armstrong, wife of direction of-the Passionist Fathers, l:Vta~rmdBYeacht" Flh:s conviction by the May the Consul General of England in born and cradled in Boston, after 15 ial schools, testing against the large number of c^- . ' ", of disorderly conduct. Mrs. Moss was New York, and Mrs. Padriac Colum, years has achaived one of its fore- The care of "subnormals" is be- divorces granted to Americans in e3~recmved here to- ordered by the Mayor to pay a fine celebrated critic, and wife of the most aims a modern, well planned coming an increasingly obvious neces- Paris au:Y,~_is wife, a son, of $100 or serve 30 days in jail. A Irish Poet. Miss Ann Hynes, director and thoroughly equipped house. BtrYe'edHe: Gh::de o~elthe M::hB:2::nd The paper affirms that American 'r ~'-~'-m_r~. Ehza- hearing on the case as it now stands of the club, presided. This new home of the movement-- , ......, . . ~ .. lawyers, or men claiming to be law- re~or~ra~CV:voy went has been delayed. Father Keegan urged the girls to St. Gabriel Laymen's Retreat House ?Jr ~" oot'f:: Ph:pe:~rpgos:ne way yers, have made a specialty of di- he .... month ago to John A. Coyle, of Lansacter, will participate in the work of the churl- ---adjoins the St. Gabriel Passionist " vorces. In return for high fees they ~h~n. Three other be attorney for the Mayor in the pro- talbe organizations in this city, and Monastery in Brighton. The house, ' - obtain for their clients a fictitious ~CEv:,?ur~,_-ve" . ceedings growing out of the Moss up- expressed a wish that each of the built at a cost of $100,000, ~vas con- FRENCH CARDINAL domicile in Paris and irregular docu- ~,000" ~to ~ themrgerRt.~na'Rev heal. it was announced, members would use -her particular secrated and dedicated last Sunday HOLDS UP AMERICAN ments which impose on the good faith loy,ths.,,,,~ ...... oz ~,-~-~ It ~s reported here that the Mayor talent to direct work among Catho- afternoon by the Very Rev. Stanis- CATHOLICS AS MODEL 'of the courts, since the courts are not n PUrposes, an ~nd~o~.=" of Lancaster has refused Mrs. Moss lies not so favored as they. There laus Grennan, C. P., of Union City, in a position to investigate their au- ~- " " Cl but r" '' ' 50,000 for *~- - perm~ssmn to speak m that "ty is an opportunity for every Catholic N. J., Provincial of the Eastern Prey- Pa ~s, Jan. 20.--At the January thentlmty m America. It is because ten for t~,~ ~_~e eouca- that no difficulty has arisen from this girl in New York to do a useful work ince of the Passionist Order. He was rec, eption granted each year to dele- of these conditions that Americans -e priest.noon, ban :or the erection of a in a good, big way, he declared, and assisted by the priests and students gatmns" from the various Catholic.or- are able,, . to obtain such quick divorces e w seminary at Rose- ~ Catholic Charities was only one attached to the Monastery, and by ganizations of his diocese, Cardinal the Llberte says. French citizens ~k~e~Wn as the Me- MIXED MARRIAGES agency for tha'opportunity, the 57 laymen making the first Re- Dubois, in his address, spoke part!co- have to wait months and even years treat in the new House. larly of the directions given by the I for a decree." f P Mr. McEvoy CAUSE OF CATHOLIC AUTHOR WITHDRAWS St. Gabriel Laymen's Retreat in Supreme Pun.tiff to th~ Cathohcs of "Liberte' maintains that the law- . or the education of CONCERN IN HOLLAND BILL ON MARRIAGE its short span of years has grown into France in regard to political matters, yers in question frequently rush ?:~ many gifts tel (By N. C. W ..... Charlestorb W. Vs.--Jan. 24. --- a body of more than 4,000 Catholic the defense of religious liberties and ithrough a divorce by default for the ambitions to become L-f-~. News Service ) Delegate W. A. Street, Republican of men. The movement has spread from the attitude to be observed toward [sum of $1,500 of $3,000, whereas the iese~rklyn. Seldom,[ The Hague, Jan. 25.---Mixed mar- Barbour c~unty, and member of the Boston to Pittsburgh and Scranton, the Action Francaise. Urging the i actual expense involved does not ex- ~, an~Vmg" .apPeal. from ria~,es~, have become so great a plague Ku Klux Klan, who /ast week pre- Pa.; Jamaica, Long4sland, and Dun- faithful to heed the teachings of the lceed 4,000 francs, and some of them ~rora h.mst~tubn meetlin the large cities of Holland that sented a bill which would have pro- kirk, N. Y., and Springfield, Mass. Pope, the Cardinal held up to them]get three decrees of this kind a week. 'Wasone~m'of the f Ithe Bishop OftedHarlem,Amsterdamin whoSeRotterdiO- hibited the inducing of parties to a Enlisted in the work are approximate- as an example the splendid discipline [Small w~nder, then, that plates bear, I-" - ound-{cese axe situs , -marriage contract to enter an agree ly 20,000 Catholic men, drawn from of the American Catholics, which he]ing th%inscription 'Attorney-at-Law ~and CounciI of the ldam, Leyden, Schiedam and this city, ment for the teaching or religiozs every walk of life. had observed on the occasion of his are becoming more and more numer-~ ou~. lie supported[has ordered three "Hail Marys" to training of children resulting from The new retreat house, ~beautifulrecent, travels m" the Umte" d States.'ousi3a the streets of Paris. ue PauI Society, not[be said immediately before the Epis- such a marriage, today asked permis- four-story structure, makes it possi- American Catholics are faithful andi T[ae Paris paper asks that the ac- ,ut by Personal visits tle and Gospel at all the Masses cel- sion of the House of Delegates of the ble for the League to accommodate submissive to the directions of theirlt/vities of, foreign attorneys,be regu- o~ble. The Catholic ebrated in the churches and chapels West Virginia Legislature to with- a maximum of 2,200 retreatants each hierarchy, Cardinal Dubois said, add-I luted. 'It is indispensible, it says, t'he*XmeriCapoor wereandotthe of the "tdiceSeobtalnn fromSUndaysGodandthrouFeasth draw the measure. He was a/lowed year. This is more than double the ing that he had discovered that this[ 'that the law limit access to the pro- . her Days, o " , g to withdraw the bill, which was re- capacity of the former accommoda- discipline explained the success and]fession of legal'adviser t0 experienc- naci frequentl tlon from allmixed y aid- Mary, preserva" " garded as being aimed at Catholics tions. Until no wretreatments have the force of the Catholics of the led jurists of unquestionable moral- i courtships and marriages." of the "State. been quartered in the monastery.United States and Canada l itv"