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February 4, 1990     Arkansas Catholic
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February 4, 1990

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Bishop Andrew J. McDonald: WV IW Pro-Life Sunday homily, Jan. 21 Following is Bishop Andrew J. McDonald's homily on Pro-Life Sunday, Jan. 2I, at the Cathedral of St. Andrew in Little Rock. "Praise God from Whom all blessings flow." Today, I am bold enough to proclaim that I represent the Lord of Life and the Lord of Love. I represent the Lord God Who said, "Even if your mother should forget you, I will never forget you; long before your mother ever conceived you, ever knew you, ever loved you, I have known you, I have loved you and I have called you by name." We are here to celebrate life - this magnificent gift from God. No one - man, woman - has a tight to be a mother or a father. The child is a gift from God. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow." God has given us the kind of day we need for our march - dry and cold - crisp. We can march with joy, with spirit, with a zing in our hearts. Praise God from Whom all blessings flOW." For Dennis Lee in Catholic Social Services. For Ann Dierks who organized for us this Ma ss and the March for Life. She is now an employee of our diocese. She is chairperson for the Right to Life organization in Arkansas. For the Knights of Columbus throughout the state. They and their families organized the Prayer Vigil that took place in this church before the Blessed Sacrament For pastors throughout the diocese who gladly encouraged people like yourselves to come. For all mothers, fathers, children, especially the unborn children among you who are in this congregation to- No one has a right to be a mother or a father. The child is a gift. day. You will feel your child move in your womb. That child will hear our songs of praise to God. Out on the streets later, that unborn child will hear the pounding of our feet as we march in defense of the life of the innocent unborn children. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow." It is not by accident that this Pro-Life Mass should take place in the Cathe- dral of St. Andrew. This church is more than a beautiful, ancient structure. It is the heart of the Church of Arkansas. It is a symbol of the presence of GOd in our diocese. I expected this church to be overflowing with people today. You have lived up to my expectations. I looked forward with enthusiasm to offer A PAGE 10 ARKANSAS CATHOLIC FEBRUARY4,1| ! 1 education. The economic climate istionists won victories in those hostile to you. The bottom line of the Bummer #4. "You Catholics waq economy is profit. The working world is filled with greedy people who deprive you of job opportunities. C. I speak to the plight of the eld- erly. You have borne the heat of the day. You should be honored members of our society. But the society in which . you live measures you not for what you are but for what you can contribute. You are no longer productive; you are no longer a useful citizen. You have oudived your contemporaries so there is no one to love you, to care for you. The movement is called euthanasia. It is the killing of innocent old people. Today, however, I speak to the issue of the unborn child. This issue is radi- cally different from all other issues. It is not just an issue. It does not deal impose your rules of morality upi whole nation. This would be true demanded that all citizens observe! laws of fast and abstinence. The] protecting the life of the unt however, is not ours. It is God's1 The Church simply upholds thel versal law of God - binding every ht b smigts" e]ifd hnaSLtS tigin in Gd'! h " " d. We uphold q law of life and love. ! Bummer #5. This has to be a1 tender and touching bummer, you it said,. "I oppose abortion except rape and incest." Who among us, not flinch at such violence? But derly we say: Does one violent deserve another?" Violence up woman does not warrant violence the child. Yet, we, every one of us, # with the quality of life. It is life itself. Shakespeare said, I'o be or not to be reach out - to love, to support*[ - that is the question." Without life, you provide for the person violated I and I are nothing, hurt. 1 Let's take the negatives first- I don't For a few moments, let's turn to] like to use slang in the pulpit but the positive sides of the issue: word that comes to my mind to describe 1. What does your Church do the negatives is "bummer." Catholic Social Services in Little r'l Bummer #1. "I'm pro-choice." It and reaching out to all parts of:] sounds very American. If choice applies to the relationship of a man and a woman either outside or in marriage itself, all tight - but once that choice is made, a child is conceived, then a pro- choice attitude denies life to the inno- diocese helps the poor. We helped to organize this M#'! this March for Life. Your diocese offers an adopt[Oil ice. We uphold family life. We have P this Mass and preach this homily. After cent unborn child, available natural family planning the Mass, enjoy a little lunch and then Bummer #2. "I'm personally opposed, those whose burdens are too join us for the March for Life at Louisi- but '..." Politicians use this expression because of lack of income or 1 ,] aria and Capitol Streets. over and over again. Ask that person, too many children. ' exposed from yesterday afternoon allThe central issue of our times is the qhat is your basis for personal oppo- 2. What does your Church do through the night and until 11:30 this precious gift of life. On many other sition?" If it coincides with full protec- international level? In this cent ' ! morning, occasions, I continue to speak in tion for the life of the unborn, then have been blestwith magnificentl : For Susan Cherepski and all associ- homilies and in meetings to the plight how can you tolerate/he death of the ership on the worldwide scene, pi J] ated with the GYO throughout the state, of those already born: unborn? If your conviction is for the following the Second" World For Sr. Henrietta Hockle and for all A. I speak to the plight of children in defense of the life of the unborn, then opened the Church to the who cooperated with her in sending a throw-away society. Far too frequently, why don't you have the courage to stand world. John XXIII started the V#@I;I: Council and brought the Ch J: students here from the schools. For Sr. husband and wife - potential motheron your convictions in political life? If grips with the problems that "- Maria Kleinschmidt for touching the and father place career, education,you cannot make the move from your minds and hearts of our students in accumulation of material goods as the conscience to your actions in political mode CCD throughout the diocese and in- number one goal of family life. Thelife, then I wonder ifI should trust you. 'i spiting them to come to Little Rock. child is number two and sometimes Bummer #3. I'hat Church of yoursWithout life, you and For Ft. Francis Malone, the Rector of even number three. It is no wonder that is a one-issue Church. That's all you this Cathedral. For the choir director, our sodety is plagued with the abuse of Catholics ever talk about- Nothing else nothing. organist and choir for providing music children. Parents verbally abuse their matters. No consideration is given to and song. children; parents emotionally abuse the mother of the child and the family called the Pope who stood for lif, them; and, God forbid, they sometimes own commission, which studied. i sexually abuse them. It is no wonder when the child is no longer number one. B. I speak to the plight of rooms and duds. You honorably try to provide for your families to give you and your Children decent housing, clothing, reputation." The charges are untrue. Yet, in the elections of last November, problems oflife, recommended the enemy, the pro-aborti0nists, made change the position of the Gb ] the ca.n'lpaigns a one-issue circus. The concerning birth control and cep,on. Alone, he stood for hfe' : pro.abortionists made the elections in" . It, New York, New Jersey and Virginiamy personal conviction that hi # hinge on the attitude of the candidate who write the history of the Gh :, towards the unborq child. The abor- See "homily," Carlisle, AR Prescriptions PAT COOK, with IOE DOIAN INSURANCE AGENCY 842-24.11 England, AR "Mr. Insurance ... all lines Of tin,erase. " I I IIII