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February 4, 1990     Arkansas Catholic
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February 4, 1990

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PAGE 3 ARKANSAS CATHOLIC FEBRUARY 4, 1990 Dear Editor: I'm sure that you've heard about the person who never writes in to voice an opinion. However, your editorial [1/21] made me want to thank you for helping me examine my feelings on the abortion issue Far too often I have felt that those who wanted an abortion were very selfish and didn't take responsibility for getting in a Position where they even considered an abortion. But thanks to you, I now can see this issue in an entirely different light. Not that I have changed my mind about the evils fabortion, but I can find a sense of sym- pathy for those who are needing support from others in a time of crisis. Thank you again for your very enlighten- lag article. I have made copies of your piece and have showed it to my family and friends. Judy Chadek Morrilton I)ear Editor:. ~ WOuld like to commend the Arkansas tholie for its articles on abortion and the Pro-life movement. I felt you captured the eSSence of the issue - people's pain. The ~r~eCles were from real people experiencing pain of being human. The articles problem. It offers solutions for those whose spirits stretch to embrace life as Christ would have us live it. My next reaction was admiration for a "gutsy" lady who takes such a stand while leaving herself open for diatribes from members of that small but vociferous group. I am grateful that our diocese has a newspa- per that prints reality and an editor that is pro-life in the fullest, Christian meaning of that term. Fay Williams Little Rock Dear Editor:. Your intelligent discussion of abortion [1/ 21] gave me a glimmer of hope on the abortion issue, the Catholic Church and life in general. You successfully took what has become for both sides an over-rhetoricized, over-simplified issue and took it to the broadness and complexity that it is. For every woman or girl faced with an un- planned pregnancy is a man or boy who only peripherally, at best, experiences the pain of decision facing his "partner in crime." Young, pregnant gifts, by virtue of being born female, pay physically, emotion- ally and financially for two people's mistake. :%,r~inly did not support abortion; however, Radicals on both sides must stop pretend- lther were they judgmental. I' ing ,that this is a black-and-white issue. Boys L t s all too easy to point our fingers at can t ' just be boys" and girls have to stop u*0se we believe have sinned. You were able accepting sex when what they really want is to show the pain and humanness of those love. have abortions or who are faced with Our churches must get a grip on the facts mat decision Until we reach out to those of life today. It's time to move Church in n Pare and respond with love and forgive- rhetoric out of the Dark Ages and deal with ess, there will be no healinz and no MTV, rock lyrics, lurid magazine covers and change, u the commercialization of our world. The Becky Porter, Phi) reality to deal with is the pervasive belief Little Rock thatwe are all either "haves or "have-nots." The fact that no one can "have it all" breeds I)ear Editor:. a sense of futility, and leads many into sex 'My first reaction upon reading your edi- without love, drugs, etc. llr. . riai statin o the difference between "pro- These are the realities that I pray the and "anti-abortion" was that a breath Church will deal with. If the Church is to resh _ mr has entered to expel narrow learn better how to reach people, it will _ acepts offered by some who call them- require less politics and more prayer, under- :fiVes pro-life" advocates This small group standing and involvement with the people. anti-abortionists are vestiges of the "she- Donna Dayer e'" syndrome. Little Rock , QUr editorial does more than state the BXIRrL (B Fr. John Dletzen In later times, part of a saint's body was placed in the table of every altar as a reminder and continuation of that I,. recently heard that main altars ancient Christian practice. nearly every Catholic church in the We have seen'a chart e in that tradi- 'Vt rld . . g | h- contain non m the past generation. We cannot fragments understand this change unless we real- I' ~li~~ Iath~ ~ ize that many centuries ago the altar | and if so, began to lose its identity as "the table I of the Lord" and its central place in II e practice of Catholic Church architecture. ! : relics of People over 40 can recall when altars |: h- ats, the entire frequently seemed overpowered he- i thuy or part of neath statues of saints and angels or ! il thbdy' began other structures. | q e Very early If reforming-the liturgy during the | r i s t i a n past few decades, the Church has tried, I h" " among other things, to make the altar I often was offered over the tombs table once again the central and promi- [ since they were in a particu- nent feature of a church building. At YwitnessestoJesusChrist, giving the altar the central and climactic life rather than deny their faith. Christian worship takes place, re-offer- Dear Editor:. Thanks for your sensitive coverage [1/ 21] of some very important aspects of the abortion issue which are seldom seen in print. You've given us all food for thoughtl Keep up the good work. Sr. EUeen Schneider Little Rock Dear Editor:. I very much appreciated the coverage the Arkansas Catholic gave to the March for Life. Bishop McDonald's letter was moving and supportive as he always is. The article by Ken Hiegel was also very well thought out, informative and well written. Deb Hilliard's editorial simply missed the point of what pro-lifers are trying to do. We are such a diverse group it has been diffi- cult for the media to label. I do not believe Ms. Hilliard likes us very much. That's O.K. We have all heard that song before. It is important to understand that Right to Life is the only organization which works to restore legal personhood to the unborn. That is not to say pro-lifers do not work to help alleviate suffering. There are more Problem Pregnancy Centers in the U.S. whose sole purpose is to help women with difficult pregnancies than there are Right to Life offices. As Catholics'we must not allow ourselves to get into the same old finger pointing as was practiced a few years ago. We are past that now, so let us forget our differences and support one another in whatever manner most suitable to our calling. There is no place in pro-life for hate. We cannot saywe .are very much concerned with an unknown woman and her unborn child and do harm to the good or bad name of some one we go to church with. The per- sonal sins of others deserve our prayers and sometimes our admonition. They do not deserve space for publication in a Catholic newspaper. Tina Chlpnmn Little Rock Dear Editor:. Never have I listened to a more beautiful and inspiring homily as Bishop Andrew McDonald's at St. Andrew's Cathedral. Certainly the Holy Spirit spoke through him. Beulah J. P. p rt North Little Rock February Survey Question: Should priests be allowed to marry? Yea No / Responses need not be signed, but only this form (no photocopies) will be accepted. No phone calls, please. Mail to: Arkansas Catholic Survey PO Box 7417, Little Rock 72217 Additional comments welcome. January's question: Should the U.S. government allow private school tuition tax credits ? Yes 67% No 83% Responding Catholic favor tuition tax credits by a two-to-one margin. Com- ments we received: ...if parents choose to make the necessary sacrifices in order to pay tuition in search of a better education for their children, why should we also pay for the education of someone else's children? ...the concept of tuition tax credits violates the separation of church and state...the public school system, flawed as it may be, is an American institution, and all Americans are bound to sup- port it, just as we are bound to pay taxes for universities, state hospitals, roads, etc. The decision to reject public school- ing is an individual's right, but if we choose private schools we should be prepared to pay for them. @1 I2 &, N '3 I]{I ing the eternal sacrifice of Jesus Christ, The instruction, which regulates being united with Him in that sacrifice Church practice around the world, and thus united with His death and provides for a continuation 'of the tra- resurrection, difion of placing relics "in" the altar, No public act of Christian worship is but only under the following conditions: greater. This is why the altar is spiritu- 1. These relics must be of a size that ally, and should be physically, the focal they can be recognized as parts of point of our church buildings, human bodies. Tiny relics should not The introduction to the Rite for the be used. Dedication of an Altar (1977) requires 2. Care must be taken to be sure the that the altar be constructed away from relics are authentic. It is better for an the wall so the priest can walk around altar to be dedicated without relics than it, and that it be in a central location to have relics of doubtful credibility. where it will draw the attention of the 3. The container for relics must not whole congregation, be placed on or, in the table of the altar, In any new church, statues and pic- but beneath the altar. tures of saints or relics may not be Church law also provides that depos- placed on or over the altar. Even if a Ring such relics must be reserved for church is dedicated in honor of a saint, altars which are attached to the floor the altar is dedicated to the honor of and cannot be moved (Canon 1237). God and all aspects of structure, place- Copyright 1989 CNS ment and, use should make, that clear.. : ....... : ..... : - , ......... : : :