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February 1, 1936     Arkansas Catholic
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February 1, 1936

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l%geElght THE GUARDIAN, FEBRUARY 1, 1936 mR. ....................... M ESSAGET0 itOLY IM G SHE N AYS r :VE00ON,CAANbT.E.OLY WEEKLY CALENDAR FATHER FROM NEW I CIVILIZATION MUST OF FEAST ............ ENGLISH KING Vatican City, JaN. 24. (E)--"Most Grateful and heartfelt appreciation" of his message of sympathy dispatch- ed immediately upon learning of the death of King George V is expres-, sod by the royal family of Great! Britain in a message which King Ed-I ward VIII has sent in reply to His Holiness Pope Plus XI. The message read: "Her Majesty the Queen joins me in assuring Your Holiness of our most grateful and heartfelt apprecia- tion of your sympathy with us in the great grief which has come upon us and upon the British peoples through the death of the King, my beloved Father. Edward, R. I." London, Jan. 24. (E)-Cable.--Tributes to the late King George V have been paid by Catholic Bishops throughout the country. The Most Rev. Arthur Hinsley, Archbishop of Westminster, in his statement, says: ! "His reign was full of work which showed that he was the father of his] people." The Most Rev. Thomas L. Williams, Archbishop of Birmingham, declares that King George "was a sincerely religious man who loved his home and wife and children, and set us all a. fine example of a good Christian family." The Most Rev. Richard Downey, Archbishop of Liverpool states: "He was animated always by a truly regal sense of duty. We mourn him as a loss to Christianity and to humanity at its highest." King George "was a true Christian and lover of peace," the Most Rev. Francis Mostyn, Archbishop of Car- diff, declares. Throughout the whole country Catlolic public functions have been postponed or abandoned during the period of national mourning. Cleveland, Jan. 24. (E).--The death of King George V of England has served to recall an editorial publish- ed in The Universe, predecessor of The Universe-Bulletin, at the time in 1910, when the monarch ascend- ed the throne and refused to take the oath that offended his Catholic subjects "There is consternation in Eng- land," the editorial said, "because the new king balks at taking the odious coronation oath. King George starts his reign by a kingly act--the refusal to take an oath to a false- hood, a refusal to insult his Catho- lic subjects. He has given notice to the officials that he has an in- vincible objection to recite the dec- laration offensive to Catholics and insulting their creed. This oath comes down from the ages of apost- asy and of persecution in England." Bishop Wm. D. O'Brien Leaves For Rome Visit Chicago, Jan. 25. (E).--The Most Roy. William D. O'Brien, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago, embarks today cm the "Conte di Sayeth" to inspect the new House of Studies in Rome recently established by His Eminence George Cardinal. Mundelein, Arch- bishop of Chicago, for Chicago stu- dents taking special work in the Eter- nal City. Bishop O'Brien, who is also presi- dent of the Catholic Church Exten- sion Society, will be met in Rome by the Rev. Frederick L. Hillen- brand, new director of the house of studies. Bishop O'Brien will make this visit and inspection in the name of Cardinal Mundelein. C'OU NTRY 00"L00J.8 ENERGY BR D Long 2'2 oz LOAF 11 Panrolls doz. 6c SENSE_ _ITS NEEDS In 'Catholic I[our' Address, Declares It Is Necessary That I Realize Its Ilunger For Bread of The Father's Ilouse New York, Jan. 27. (l).--Western Civilization must sense its own need if it is to recover its peace and se- curity, declared the Rt. Roy. Msgr. Fulton J. Sheen last night in the course of his address delivered over the "Catholic Hour." The "Catholic Hour" is broadcast over a network of the National Broadcasting Company, through Sta- tion WEAF, here, and is produced! by the National Council of Catko- lic Men. Western Civilization, like. the Prodigal Son, Monsignor Sheen as- serted, must "realize its own hunger and insufficiency which only the Bread of the Father's House can sat- isfy." Revolves About Three Words Continuing, Monsignor Sheen said that "the problem of social recon- struction revolves about the three words which have rung around the world since the French Revolution: 'Liberty,' 'Equality,' and 'Frater- nity.'" "With which shah we be- gin?" he asked. "Which shall be first in rebuilding the social order?' Capitalism starts with Liberty, Com- munism starts with Equality, and Catholicism starts with Fraternity .... Well, Capitalism had its liberty and we found it was only another name for selfishness, for greed, and for injustice, and hence gave us neither Equality nor Fraternity. "Communism differs from Capital- ism as much as it starts its social re- construction not with Liberty, but with Equality. It believes in mak- ing all men equal, or the establish- ment of the classless class. And how? By taking away their pro- perty and making them all equally poor; by taking away their consci- ence and making them all equally mechanical; by taking away their God of the heavens and making them alle qually slaves of the State. Well they had their Equality and we found it was only another name for tyran- ny; the substitution of State Capital- ism' for class Capitalism, and the destruction of both Liberty and Frat- ernity. , " ' , Catholicism says both are wrong. She says ..... You can build up a social order only by starting with Fraternity or Brotherhood: Brothers may share equally, but sharing equ- ally does not make men brothers. And that is the mistake of Commun- ism. It thinks because men share the same thing, therefore they are all equal and brothers in a common cause. Thieves may share their loot as the slaves of Russia today share the common loot of the State, but their equality is only the equality of orgainzed crime and not the equal- ity of free citizens in a free state .... Must Start With Brotherhood "There is only one way to build up a social order where men are free and equal and that is by starting with brotherhood. But there is only one way in the world to make men brothers, and that is by giving them a common Body and a common blood. And there is only one Father in the universe who is good enough and powerful enough to make us all His adopted sons, and therefore brothers one of another and that is the Heavenly Father who so loved the world that He sent His Beloved Son to make us all share the common Body and a common Blood. "Thanks to the Eucharist, the age- long symbol of the common meal be- comes the basis of the brotherhood of men and the Fatherhood of God... "The Communion rail is for that reason the most democratic institu- tion on the face of the earth .... There is the basic not of Communism but of Communionism where our hearts are brought to the anvil of Divine Life and under the Flames and Fires of the Eucharist are forged into that unity where we call one another not the atomic name of 'Comrade but the spiritual name of 'Brother.' Sets Value on Man "The beautiful superiority of the Eucharistic Life over the Capitalistic and Communistic view, thus emerges because of the value it sets upon a man ..... The Church ..... says man is ..... a creature composed of body and soul, made unto the image and likeness of God, and destined one day like the planets to complete his orbit _ ,,, , This famous 15th Century painting of St: Veronica and the Holy' Veil, by Hans Metaling, is the first in a series of Master-Painters Reproductions, issued aB a souvenir of the 22nd season of "Vcront! c's Vei]", American Passion Play, at Union City, N. J, Father ,Conrad, C. P., director. The original painting may be seen in the Museum of St. John's Hospita'l, Bruges, Belgium. , _ , ,,, and return unto that same God of Love who made him. A man is therefore infinitely precious, for no- thing in the world can minimize the value of a soul; not all the mobiliza- tion in the world war, can make even a single soul less precious ..... Be- cause God has paid arl infinite price for himl Namely, t , Blood of the Lamb slain from the beginning of the World. "ttowever low as he may sink, man is still in the eyes of the Church an exile from the royal household of God; against Capitalism which would call him a hand, and against Com- munism which would call him a stomach, the Divine King issues His Command: 'Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in hither the poor,' and feeble, and the blind, and the lame.' ..... And these same souls who a moment before would have thought a bread- line a Paradise and who would have picked a crust of bread from the gutter, call them in, tell them they have an immortal soul, sit them down at the Banquet of the King and nourish their souls with the Bread of Life and the Wine that germinates virgins. Forged their clothes, their accent and their knowledge of the world affairs. Give them Divine Life, for their souls have need of life as well as their bodies. Tell them they are not just men, but children of God; infuse their peasant blood with the Blood of Royaliy; rejuvenate their hungry bodies with the Meat which nourishes unto life everlasting; lift them up from the slavery and serfdom of the world to the aristo- cracy of the family of the Trinity; let them forget for the moment their relations to the State, to the family, to society. Let each soul stand naked, face to face with God in a private I audmnce with Divinity, where spirit meets spirit, so that each may rise from the tryst as a new creature con- scious that he must be worth some- thing since God loves him so; ..... "Does the Bread of the Father's House seem too idealistic? Does the emphasis on the spiritual seem too distant from our economic and so- cial problems? Do you say the Eu- charist is too impractical? Do you condemn it because it is impracti- cal? I know it is impractical, but that is precisely why it will succeed. When a machine is half out of order any tinker can fix it, but when it has gone radically wrong you need l something more than a practical man. : And so it is wtih the world today. It is too far gone for practical solu- tions! Its soul is sick! It needs some- thing impractical, in other words, something spiritual. "Did not Our Lord Himself choose a very impractical way to redeem and transform the world? ..... " Mother Escapes , Sterilization The alleged threat of sterilization was lifted from Mrs. Arevala, 24- year-old mother of four children, this week by the courts. Mrs. Arevala declared that she fled from the Son" oma State Home to escape steriliza- tion, and the courts gave her per- manent release on a writ of habeas corpus. 2 BishopsAre Named Assistant Chairmen of N.C.W.C. Departments Washington, Jan. 24. (E).  The Most Rev. Francis P. Keough, Bishop FOR HEALTH'S SAKE DRINK iF..,ST BEER ON EARTH i and died for the love of ch when the Governor, Quintanus, lroIthat he could not prevail up0 /][ to sin either through threats tures or offers of safety. Thursday, February 6.--St. Sunday, February 2.  The Purl- thy, wrgm and martyr, was fication or andl mas D n thi ]brated at Caesarea, her nafiw  e - y. t3 s a- *h - 'le --' xrIi ...... l ; " :t" I for her angelic virtue. Her the ]aw of Moses whicl provided that! are mougnz to nave smcrea ru dora under Diocletian and she a woman should present herself at the temple to be purified a certain number of days after a child was born. The feast is called Candle- mas because the Church blesses the i candles to be borne in the proces- sion of the day. Monday, February 3.St. Blase, Bishop and martyr, devoted the ear- lier years of his life to the study of philosophy and afterwards became a physician. He became Bislmp of Sebaste in Armenia and was seized and hurried off to prison by Agri- coleus, the governor. On his way. to prison, a distracted mother whose child was suffering from a disease of the throat implored his aid. At his intercession the child was cured and since that time his aid has often been solicited in cases of a similar disease. After cruel tortures the saint was beheaded in 316. Tuesday, February 4. St. Jane of :Valois was the daughter of Louis XI of France and the wife of the Duke of Orleans, who later became King Louis XII. After he ascended the :throne his first act was to repudiate his wife who had been faithful and loyal to him for twenty-two years. She retired to Bourges where she realized her desire to establishd the Order of the Annunciation in honor of the Mother of God. She died in 1505. Wednesday, February 5.--- St. Ag- i atha, virgin and martyr, was born in Sicily of noble and rich parents and was consecrated from her earliest in- fancy to God. In the midst of dan- gers and temptations she served Christ in purity of body and soul self was called before tl G0V Saprieius and ordered to abjt Faith. When she refused, sht subjected to fearful tortures nally killed. Firafly, February 7.--St. Ra Abbot, was the son of Set nobleman of Ravenna. He f0! many monasteries the chief ofi was mt Camaldoli, where he church surrounded with a nurl separate cells for the solitarie lived under his rule. He died had foretold twenty years alone, in his monastery o][ Cal on the 19th of June, 107. Saturday, February 8.St. J Matha. This Saint's life Wa long course of self-sacrifice fi good of his neighbor. He fo the Order-of the Holy Trinity, members fasted and gathered throughout Europe and the the money for the redempti Christian slaves in Barbary. I-t in 1213 at the age of fifty-three NUNS TEACH RELIGION IN CITY SCI Soeorro, 'N. M., Jan. 24. (E). the unanimous consent of the city school board, Sisters of D are teaching Christian doctrini hours each week in every cia$ after regular school hours. , fits. Merchgntl who mlverti paper, axe your rel friends, fore patronize them. J. T. HORNIBROOK & STUART ROOFING COMPAI SHEET METAL WORK ,d ALL KINDS OF AIR CONDITIONING 20Sil East Mmr]k]hmHa St Rock. A00,mma. of Providence, has been named As- sistant Episcopal Chairman of the[ " N. C. W. C. Department of Education, [ and the Mst Rev. Bernard Shell, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago, As- sistant Episcopal Chairman of the N. C. W. C. Department of Lay Or- rs ganizations, according to an an- ! nouncement here. " : | Bishop Keough has accepted his L Little Rock, Ak -i LET RUBE and SCOT.F, Inc! i (Formerly "i. Hub) BE YOUR CLOTHIERS 224 MAIN ST. LITTLE ROCK,  ! WONDER BREAD BAKERY 1316-1324 MAIN STREJET LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Bkms Of WONDER BREAD Aad HOSTESS CAKES STATE PRINTING CO. - Exclusively .! OWNED AND OPERATED BY YOUR DIO(.SAN PAP/it, THE GUARDIAN AID YOUR PAPER BY LETTING US DO YOUR PRINTING post on the invitation of the Most Rev. John B. Paterson, Bishop of Manchester and Episcopal Chairman of the Department of Education, while Bishop Shell was invited to serve by the Most Rev. John F. Nell, Bishop of Fort Wayne and Episcopal Chairman of the Department of Lay Organizations. Bishop Keough, who was born in New Britain, Conn., was consecrated Bishop of Providence, May 2, 1934 and installed on the same day. Or- dained in 1916, he served as parish I priest in the Diocese of Hartford, Diocesan Director of the Mission Aid Society, Diocesan Director of the ProPagation of the Faith, and As- sistant Chancellor of the Diocese of Hartford. Bishop Shell has for a number of years been lrominently identified with the Catholic youth movement in the United States, a work which he has brought to notable fruition in the form of the Catholic Youth Organi- zation in the Archdiocese of Chica- go. He was consecrated Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago on May 1, 1928. Warns of 'Rackets' Operating in Guise Of Religious Charity New York, Jan. 24. (}E).The pub- lic was vigorously warned this week against "insidious and unconscion- able rackets" operating under the guise of religious or other bona fide i charitable auspices in an address de- livered by William Hodsen, Com- missioner of Public Welfare of New York City, at a luncheon here. Mr. Hodson described the opera- tions of "an organized gang, consist- ing mostly of crooks and petty of- fenders," who create fake charitable agencies and charter them under the state law as religious corporations. Telling how bogus salesmen or solici- tors employed by the racketeers so- licit funds for various alleged char- itable purposes by telephone, Mr. Hodson said that frequently the lead- ers "of this gang will represent them- selves to be rabbis, or ministers, or priests" In one racket, he said, a woman dressed as a nun, was sent out to so- licit funds "and she continued with a fair degree of success until at the in- stance of the Department of Public Welfare she was prosecuted and sent to the workhouse." "Never make a contirbution to organization," he warned, "unless you know what it does, how it is rfln and who runs it." State Printing Co.