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February 1, 1936     Arkansas Catholic
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February 1, 1936

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"Guardian Sunday" -- February 9th. to us that nothing is dulrable than that Catholic and Catholic lerature have a large circulation, as eVery one may have every a[ood reading which instruct Warns, and strengthens and the Christian virtues., BENEDICTUS, PP. XV. XXV THE OFFICIAL ORGAN OF' THE DIOCESE OF LITTLE ROCK "Catholic Press Month" LITTLE ROCK, ARK., FEBRUARY 1, 1936 A Catholic Paper Is a Perpetual Mtsslon Pope Leo XIII. "Tile Guardian in every IIome"---Our Motto No. 12 L.,]P PlUS SENDS 00IESSAGE TO KING tlcos rtween II--=-ris:ed' ela. tican City. Jan. 22. (tC}.--When {E). earned of the death of King lea ge V of England, His Holiness fro1 Plus XI personally sent the lr ging telegram to His Majesty g Edward VIII: eeply distressed at the news of o a death of His Majesty King me !ge, We hasten to offer Your sid .Sty our heartfelt sympathy and uaI aSSUrance of Our prayers, es- ca :lly that God may console you re Iajesty the Queen Mother, the araily and the entire nation in! ed o ss Which you have suffered." i )f, l e same time, all Vatican City] [r$ =gs enjoying extraterritoriality ca the flag of mourning. its: i (reign of King George V reg- i : " notable progress in the rela-i i  :tween the Holy See and Eng-! . ecause it absolished the anti- Ohc oath which English sove- s Pronounced at the moment of nation. Another substantial step [ }:ilations between and England :]te 1can was England s creation raporal mission to the Vatican ' 9 . 14, and the establishment of allen t dtplomatm representatmn ':l ue Vatican at the conclusion of A:r!d King George and War. - Iary visited Pope Plus XI in and both the Holy Father and raglish sovereigns retained pleas- ' e0ries of this meeting. More- .Whea he received His Eminence i ngtle ardinal Villeneuve, O. M. d:Chbishop of Quebec, recently in :[u on, K GcQrge recalled his vi- {lie o .the Ispe and spoke of the itermgn Pontiff in terms of high il era and deference. Pope P: :n, and especially in disco [,i}} spring, on the occasion of tle  alzation English Martyrs, of the Thomas More and St. John Fish- Pressed great sympathy for the recalling the audience, where- Was glad to learn the Sover- : recognition of the loyalty of llc subjects of the British Em- o the King. le Present King Edward VII !, tv)Rome during the War and L J:'O " ^ Pe Benedict XV. Hm re- uas Wxth t bke , he Vatican have been :  mY cordial. ie English Colle,e in Rome un ,L" nave the Office of the Dead [;: deceased King because of the ot[, ce in religion, is celebrating ve Mass for the English peo- 00o00aoo oon i!th e Space to recalling the work :-g  ate King, and united in mour- With English Catholics. 00$.1.00 Subscription. . Rate Explained : f0110win-is quoted from ur:. ctber 19th issue of The  tuan, ,'I' "(,. " : ardian Office, October 16. :i urastic move in reducing the ::')criptiona _. rate of The Guard= }e,f'.v_ m $2.00 a year to $1.00 a , go es into . ,,:pU,, - effect mmedmtely. ieW ermore, to encourage a iihel uoscribers to take care of ek ast due subscription all :>.al PaYments are reduced one ":Payraeats of a 1 ar ore -%Oiv- , dol or m ('C'tobe" ect on subscrxptmn" ' mnce" , r 1, 1935, will be credited ,ii:. a e books at the rate of $1.00 i Y:_" Whether past or advance !l a"Y'"e00t "" - . was intended. ,.M1 new subscriptions must be alL'] lI.^._ ..In advance---S1.00 a year, he :::orth, it is the policy of d 'rma n to give its readers '- SUbscribers every nossible )reJ", )^ "  as necessary, there- aVantage ,, , -- }lc- hereby revoke any past [vi: n, made to societies or in- i al :m Whereby 25 per cent was :n_ for new subscriptions. 'h ^ rea, the good will of all ,, can help The Guardian in its Ulation oa.', or otherwise is called CATHOLIC COU00E00 'EXTRA' VS. BIRTH CONTROL LEAGUE Rochester, N. Y., Jan. 24. (EL--The Catholic Courier, official newspaper of the Diocese of Rochester, made Catholic journalistic history here Saturday, when it issued an "extra" to make public proceedings at the Monroe County Birth Control League's annual meeting held at the Chamber of Commerce with Mrs. Thomas N. Hepburn as the principal speaker. Mrs. Hepburn, mother of a widely-known motion picture act- ress, is Legislative Chairman of the National Committee on Federal Leg- islation for Birth Control. Supplemental to the "extra" the Rev. Leo C. Mooney, Managing Edi- tor of the Catholic Courier, made available to the pastors throughout Rochester a collection of mimeo- graphed data dealing with the birth control campaign here. As a result pastors throughout the city made var- ious and impressive denouncements  of birth control, and their views re= ceived widespread attention from the secular press. In a regular edition of the Catholic Courier, printed before the meeting, the paper characterized the presenta- tion of Mrs. Hepburn by the Monroe County Birth Control League as "a bold and open stroke designed to stir up enough interest to raise a war chest of $5,000 to carry on their 'race suicide' activities for 1936." The pa- per also said that "the facilities of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce provide a setting of respectability for Mrs. Hepburn's lecture.". / The "extra" reported that Mrs. Hepburn completely sidestepped the moral aspect of the issue in her lec- ture on birth control at the meeting. The paper said she "dug down into the Birth Control League's bag of tricks and pulled out the shopworn economic argument, forgetting per- haps that His Eminence Patrick Car- dinal Hayes gave an answer to that argument more than a month ago. The Cardinal's answer has not yet been effectively challenged." "She did not mention the Catholic Church as an archfoe of her doctrine," the paper continued, "but confined the definition of her opponents to 'the old taboo, the old fears and supersti- tions in regard to sex which befud- dle men's minds.'" A front-page editorial says that the League "is carrying on an un- blushing campaign in favor of birth control," and adds that "the public mind has been so deluged of late with misleading propaganda on this issue that patriotic duty no less than Christian charity demands that the detestable things be exposed." It is noted in the paper that an Episcop- alian minister was the first speaker at the League's meeting and that a Jewish Rabbi sat at the speakers' table. "If a man "is known by the company he keeps," the editorial says, "it would seem that certain ministers of the Gospel have some explaining to do." Sen. Nye Will Receive Card. Newman Award Champaign, Ill., Jan. 24. (E).The 1935 Cardinal Newman award, giv- en annually by the Newman Founda- tion of the University of Illinois, will be bestowed next month on Senator Gerald P. Nye, of North Dakota. The Rev. D. John A. O'Brien, di- rector of the Newman Foundation here, announces that the honor is bestowed upon Senator Nye "for dis- tinguished public service and especi- ally for his efforts to prevent war." Senator Nye, who is expected to come here next month to receive the award, is chairman of the Senate Munitions Investigation Committee. The Newman Award has been bes- towed annually since 1928 upon out- standing citizens. Among former re-  cipients are: Senator George Norris, of Nebraska; former Secretary of State Frank B. Kellog, and Dr. Da- vid Kinley, former president of the University of Illinois. TO THE READERS OF THE GUARDIAN: February the month of the Catholic Press lends itself readily to a message from me on our own diocesan paper. [:or twenty-five years it has stood as an expression of my fondest.hope. Its mission has cared for an important phase of the activity of the Church in Arkansas, and now that the field of the Catholic Press has grown to be so very important, my sincere wish is that The Guardian may enter every Cath- olic home in the Diocese. Naturally a move towards this end, because of its extensive field, will have its problems, but with the kind co- operation of everyone, there should be a minimum "of diffi- culty entailed. A plan has been worked out and placed in every parish in the Diocese, and it is my happy privilege to open this campaign for new subscribers with the announce- ment .that Sunday, February 9th, is dedicated by me as "Guardian Sunday." An explanation of this campaign and the use of printed cards and envelopes will be all the parishes in the Diocese, Sunday, February 2nd, and it is hoped that the cooperation of the Catholic people of the State in the spirit of Catholic Action will respond to this venture and give that degree of success which our diocesan paper deserves. The good that any Catholic periodical may do is limit- ed in many ways by the number of readers that it may serve, and now with the cost af a year's subscription reduced from $2.00 to $1.00, it is hoped that The Guardian will be able to advance in interest and importance in proportion to the support that it receives from the Catholic people of the State. Frankly, let me say l have been greatly pleased by the information that some parishes have already promised to place The Guardian in every Catholic Home without exception This will be effected either through a special collection or by having one of their church organizations care for the sub- scription for those homes which cannot afford even the small cost of a Guardian subscription. Recalling what I said in the first issue of The Guardian, I trust that this paper which I founded and have fostered for so many years may do all that l hoped it would do twenty-five years ago. [ hoped it would always be the faith- ful exponent and defender of Catholic truth and 'Catholic practice, and the wish I have for The Guardian now as an auxiliary in the work of the Church is the same as it has been in all these years. May the good Lord prosper The Guardian, and be as- sured that I shall be very grateful to all of you for helping it to succeed, January 29, 1936 Feast of St. Francis de Sales, Patron of the Catholic Press Maryknoll Leper Colony Is Granted South China Tract Kongmoon, South China, Jan. 18. (E).--After two years of patient wait- ing, the Maryknoll Gate of Heaven Leper Asylum, of Sunwui, South China, has been allotted 300 acres by the Chinese Government. The property is on Ngai Moon, an island lying at the mouth of the Kongmoon River where it enters the South China Sea. Water rights were included in the grant. The Gate of Heaven Leper Colony has hitherto had three small places in neighboring towns in S. China. The largest of these was an aband- oned cemetery in Sunwui City. More than 250 lepers are gathered togeth- er under the case of the Rev. Jo- seph Sweeney of New Britain, Conn., and the Rev. Francis J. Connors of! Peabody, Mass., Maryknoll mission- ers. The Maryknoll Medical Mis- sions under the direction of Dr. Har- ry Blaber of Brooklyn, N. Y. has medical care for the lepers. In the short space of two years, this refuge has become the second largest leper colony in South China. Yours sincerely in Christ, JOHN B, MORRIS,, I Bishop of Little Rock Catholic Participation In Mixed Groups Urged Cleveland, Jan. 24. 0.The value of Catholic participation in mixed groups and the necessity of being well-informed so as to give compet- ent representation in the various or- ganizations was stressed by the Most Rev. Joseph Schrembs, Bishop of Cleveland, in addressing the meeting of the board of the Diocesan Coun- cil of Catholic Women. "Participation in such m i x e d .groups may have some elements of danger in it," Bishop Schrembs said "but as grown up Catholics you must have courage and knowledge to face this responsibility and be able clear- ly to present your viewpoint based upon knowledge of your faith and a sound Catholic philosophy. You must be able to bring some contribution to such groups and you can refute many errors." SPIRITUALIST FRAUD EXPOSEI] Mexico City, Jan. 13. (El.  Th Rev. Carlos M. Heredia, S. J., taking as his thesis "Spiritual Frauds and Metaphysical Phenomena," has ably refuted the theory that the living Campaign For New Subscribers Is Guardian Plan Deanery Meetings 00Over State To Plan Work Of The Camvaign can communicate with the dead. Little Roek--00n order to presen,Tp-00-E--NT s OF MSGR a plan for increasing the number of subscribers, all the pastors in the Diocese were called to attend a meeting of their respective dean- eries. At these meetings a represen- tative of The Guardian was present to explain in detail the manner in which the campaign is to be carried out. "Catholic Press Month" presents the occasion for such a move to call upon the generous cooperation of everyone to increase the number of subscribers, and "The Guardian In Every Catholic Home", is the motto that should direct the efforts of those who realize the importance of this campaign. The encouragement in every in- stance is the report in summary of the Deanery Meetings that were held during last week in preparation for February and The Guardian Cam- paign. Besides merely making an opportunity to present a plan that concerns all, these meetings also of- fer the most satisfactory occasion to discuss properly the policies and fu= ture plans of The Guardian in its mission of being the greatest assis- tance possible to all the parishes and organizations in the Diocese. The following are the Deans who called meetings in their respective districts: Rt. Rev. Msgr. H. H. Wernke, V. F., Little Rock; Rt. Rev. Msgr. W. J. Carroll, LL.D.,V.F., Hot Springs; Very Rev. Msgr. A. P. Gallagher, V. F., Mena; Very Rev. Msgr. A. G. Haeringer. V. F., Poca- hontas; Very Rev. Msgr. W. J. Tynin, S T. L., V. F. Fayetteville; Very Rev. G. H. Keller, S. T. L., V. F., Pine Bluff. Through the kindness of the Rev. Thomas H. Lillis and the Rev. Paul F. Desmond, The Guardian was re- presented by them at the meetings of Fayetteville and Mena deaneries. The Rev. Thos J. Prendergast, Bus- iness Manager of The Guardian, was present at all the other meetings that were held last week, with the ex- ception of the meeting at Pine Bluff at which the Rt. Rev. Msgr. A. L. Fletcher, V. G., presented and ex- flained the points of the campaign. Since the Deanery of Conway met n conjunction with the Deanery of Little Rock, under the direction of the Rt. Rev. Msgr. H. H. Wernke, V. F., this particular meeting can be referred to in a special way because of the large number of pastors pre- sent and the enthusiastic response of the kind cooperation that they have taken upon themselves in their part in placing "The Guardian In Every Catholic Home." Msgr Wernke in introducing Rev. Thos J. Pren- dergast who was to talk to them on The Ghardian, explained to the large number of pastors present, that afterall, the diocesan paper be- longs to every pastor and that there is a correspondent duty encumbent on each one of them to do every- thing possible to make a success of the one present move to increase subscribers, and that in reality Father Premdergast merely repre- sents the pastors in the wish of His Excellency The Bishop, Similar to the kind cooperation found in all the meetings, at this meeting in Little Rocl, a motion of Msgr. Moran was carried by the combined Deaneries, that the pastors give their unanimous and whole- hearted support to the plan as pre- sented by Father Prendergast, since it is the wish of His Excellency, The Bishop to have The Guardian placed in every Catholic Home and thus make ,hi scampaign a success. Altar Boy Killed By Auto Chicago, Jan. 24. ).--Millard S. Geary, an altar Boy at St. Finbarr's Church here, was hit by an auto- mobile and died after receiving the Last Rites of the Church. School- mates were pall bearers at the fu- oneral rites. WERNKE TO HAVE 50TH ANNIVERSARY Mass To Be Celebrated For Mr. and Mrs. Wernke In Their Own Home On Monday, February 3rd, Mr. and Mrs. Herman H. Wcrnke, parents of the Right Rev. Msgr. H. H. Wer- nke, V. F., Paster of Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of their mar- riage. The family had planned to have a very elaborate celebration of this event, but due .to the recent ill- ness of Mrs. Wernke, who at present is seriously ill, the celebration will be curtailed to some extent. Original plans were for a Solemn High Mass, to be celebrated by Msgr. Wernke, son of the jubiliarians, at the St. Bonaventure Church in Cin- cinnati, to be followed by a banquet for the immediate family, and an eve- ning celebration for their many friends. Plans had progressed to the extent of where the family were about to send out invitations, when Msgr. Wernke received word that his mother had been taken seriously ill and would be unable to participate in the joyous ceremonies. It is the present plan, on account of the illness of Mrs. Wernke, to have Mass celebrated for them in the home of the family by Msgr. Wernke, at which only the immediate members of the family will assist, thus making it possible for Mr. and Mrs. Wernke to be present at the Mass and re- ceive Holy Communion from the hands of their son. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Wernke were married on February 3rd, 1886, at St. Augustine's Church, in Cincin- natti, by the Rev. Father Walburg, then Pastor of St. Augustine's church. Their entire married life has been a most happy one, and save for the sorrows caused by the death of some of their children, they have lived a most exemplary and truly Catholic life. Seven children enhanced the joy of their lives, among whom the survivors are the Right Rev. Msgr. H. H. Wernke, V. F., Pastor of Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, in Little Rock; Joseph, John, Henry and Aloysius, all of Cincinnati. Other children, who have died were Mary, the oldest child who died in 1904 and Catherine who died two years ago; and the Rev. Anthony Wernke, a member of the diocesan clergy of Little Rock, who died about six years ago, Mr. Wernke has visited Little Rock on several occasions, and the broth- ers and Catherine have also been frequent visitors to the city. A host of friends of Msgr. Wer- nke in Little Rock, and a large num- ber of acquaintances and friends of the jubilarians in Cincinnati, and throughout the State of Ohio, join with them in their coming celebra- tion and wish for them many years of happiness and contentment. It is confidently hoped by their numerous friends that this present illness of Mrs. Wernke will be of short duration and that in the near future she will be able to be up and around again to greet her many many friends who rejoice with her and her husband in the celebration of their Golden Jubilee. CONGRESS OF CATHOLIC DOCTORS IN VIENNA TO DISCUSS STERILIZATION Vienna, Jan. 13. (,The subjects of sterilization and eugenics will be discussed at the International Con- gress of Catholic Doctors to be held here May 28 to June 2. An international statute for the collaboration of national Societies of St. Luke will be submitted.