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January 28, 1972     Arkansas Catholic
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January 28, 1972

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PAGE 2 THE GUARDIAN, JANUARY 28, 1972 From the Managing Editor's Desk.. There's an attitude abroad today that one can- not be hurt by what he can- not see, hear, feel or smell. Paralleling this view is the growing belief that personal behavior need be of no concern so long as it causes no harm to anyone else. Such concepts, of course, are contrary to Church teaching, and Catholics who adopt them are toying with the safety of their immortal souls. One consequence of this type of thinking that is becoming evident even among the faithful is the free rein being given to the marvelous human attribute of curiosity. Much of man's progress through the ages can be at- tributed to curiosity. Without it, Christopher Columbus would Letter to the Editor Diocesan Paper Hi res Objector Green Bay, Wis. (NC) -- Two state draft boards have ap- proved work on a diocesan newspaper here as acceptable alternative service for a con- Dear Editor: scientious objector. Michael J. Turmell, of Bay City, Mich., classified 1-0 by his local draft board, has been working as an editorial assistant at The Spirit, Green Bay diocesan weekly, since early November. The job was approved as alternative service by the local draft board and the state boards of Michigan and Wisconsin, Turmell said. not have become an explorer, there would be no scientific research, man never would have learned to fly and he certainly could not have reached the moon. It is clear that, applied to material things, curiosity is a great boon. In the spiritual sphere, it can be a blessing, too. Curiosity can impel man to seek better un- derstanding of the meaning of ARKANSAS VALLEY :: SHOPPERS GUIDE :! Phone 354-8130 M ORRILTON, ARKANSAS Home Owned by J.D. Causey MERRICK UNITS , COLOR DIRECT DIAL TV 96%2332 BANKAMERfCAAO Highway 64, East, Junct. 7 Russellville, Ark. 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POST WINERY is located just one block north of Highway 64 in Altus, Arkansas. A visit to our winery can only be a happy experience for you and a joy for us to welcome you. Strawberry Blackberry Champagne Altus, Arkansas Table wines Dessert wines Altar wine Mother Reassures Parents On Teaching Abilities I'm writing this after reading the letter to the editor from Mrs. John Werner Jr. last week. Dear Mrs. John Werner Jr., I read with interest your letter in Jan. 14 issue of The Guar- dian. I know your confused state of mind is shared by parents everywhere this day and time. I am a wife and mother like yourself. We have a CCD program in progress. I had never taught school when our parish priest God's Word. It can motivate him to study ways of improving man-God and man-man relationships. Unrestrained, however, curiosity can become a curse. If directed toward essential evil without adequate safeguards provided by intellectual and spiritual formation, it can be more corruptive than almost any other force in existence. Take, for example, the current fad of exploring diabolism. There are books on the market today that popularize subjects like diabolical possession, and command an expanding readership. Most persons who indulge such interests do not realize the tremendous risks they are taking. Opening one's mind to Satan and diabolical matters is extremely dangerous. Satan, after all, is real. What's more, he has powers far exceeding those of man, powers that derive from the fact he is a spiritual creature. Seldom does he need more than a toe-in-the- door to cause great harm. So Catholics would be wise to heed the traditional advice of theologians -- shun Satan. Computer Multiplies Post Winery, Inc. Isaiahs Jerusalem (NC) -- The Book of Isaiah -- an important book of the Old Testament for both Christians and Jews because of its prophecies concerning the Messiah -- is probably the work of more than one man, ac- cording to an extensive study carried out at Hebrew University here. The study concludes that two, or possibly three, men wrote the prophesies of Isaiah, at an in- terval of several centuries. In an article published in the University's monthly magazine, Dr. Yehuda Radai explained the methods used in the study, which combined critical study of Old Testament texts with modern scientific linguistics, statistics and the theory of probability. The Hebrew University's computer was used to collate the extensive material, and to carry out the numerous and difficult computations. Students of the Old Testament first suggested some 200 years ago, that a considerable dif- ference existed between the first 30-odd chapters of the Book of Isaiah and other sections. The later parts of the Book, scholars said, reflect different external, primarily political, circumstances and also ex- pressed a more universal conception of God. Critics also claimed to note changes in vocabulary and literary style. Although much was said and written on this dispute, no ob- jective conclusion seemed possible. Often a scholar's scientifically based opinion tended to reflect his personal preconceptions on the subject. (The New American Bible, sponsored by the U. S. Bishops' Committee of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, says that the Book of Isaiah was corn- asked me to do it. I said I'd try, and try I did. Believe me, that first year I got much more than any of the young people did, because I really dug in and learned a lot. You see I have five children, the oldest, 18, the youngest oie year. I have an obligation to see to it that they get a good start in this life. This cannot exclude spiritual training. It is being left up to the parents to see that their children do learn their faith and to counteract those false teachings that are so prevalent today. The surest way to change a country is through the children because, after all, they are the future, are they not? over the past 25 years there has been a gradual trend to per- missiveness in rearing our children which leads to a lack of respect for anything (them- selves included). The seminaries, and Religious and secular teaching institutions (not all, but most) have been so filled with social adjustments and the underprivileged that the laws of God and high educational standards have been pushed aside. We, as parents, have stood by and let it happen and now we are looking for someone to blame. There is no one but you, Dear Lady, and me and all the other parents who have children of this generation. As to your question, "Can Parents Become Religious Teachers?" Of course they can and they are going to have to before we become a God-loving and God-fearing Church again. First of all, God's on your side, talk to Him, ask Him how? Get your Bible, an older Bible, not one of these new modern translations and a good book to help you to understand the Bible and start studying. The best book that I have found to help me in studying the Bible is, "The Whole Story" by Martin J. Healy, S.J.D. Most of- your Catholic book stores have this little book. Don't throw away those old Baltimore Catechisms. See to it that your young children know these just as you did. The material isn't all wrong just because the methods of teaching have changed. This is our responsibility as parents. What our children do with their lives reflects what we did with their lives when they were very young. We no longer can turn this over to the Sisters at school the way our parents did. Most of the parishes now have CCD programs. These can be only as successful as the parents make them. Whether you help as a teacher or not, your role as a parent is very important. As parents we each have the obligation to see that our child studies just as he does for his school work, to visit his CCD classes occasionally and to show your child that you are interested in what he is doing and learning. As for the con- science, yes each person forms his own conscience with th e help of God and what they learn or don't learn from their parents in early life. So parents -- let your conscience be your guide as to what you can do in the spiritual education of your children and your Church. Mrs. A. C. Frein Brinkley, Ark. came many years after Isaiah.") Dr. Radai's research followed the assumption that certain linguistic habits identify a writer as surely as would his finger print. These personal identifying marks include an affinity for certain words and forms of speech, but go far beyond this to idiosyncracies the writer cannot possibly be conscious of. Some of these characteristics are the statistical occurrence of long, as against short ' words; of long, as against short, sentences; posed chiefly by Isaiah, "but patterns of sentence structure also by disciples, some of whom and Of word sequence: , ' .: i Acrobats Coached By Golden Terror New York (NC) - The Golden Terror, who used to thrill and chill the wrestling fans in Boston Arena, hasn't lost his sense of showmanship even though he gets his kicks a dif- ferent way these days. Trading in his crushing hammerlock for a Roman collar, Frank Wayland is now a Franciscan brother, He coaches what is billed as one of the world's largest acrobatic teams: some 925 youngsters enrolled on his team at Holy Cross Elementary School in the Bronx. A brother for 12 years, he estimates that he has taught the fundamentals of gymnastics to about 12,000 youngsters. Brother Frank has taught in 10 schools, including several in Puerto Rico and in Harlem. Th00Quardi00 Published Weekly by The Guardian PresS, 2500 N. Tyler St. Enteredas second-class matter Mard ].911, atthe post office of Little Rockk sas, under the Act of Congress of Ma 1897. Second-class postage paid at Little Rock Arkansas SUBSCRIPTION PRI(E: $5.00 theyear in the United Stat Canada $6.50 - Foreign $7.50 The Guardian is the official publication l Diocese of Little Rock. Ithas proved its during the many years of its existence, it the wholehearted support of the pricS people of the diocese. With this help, iU goal, as an instrument of Catholic Action ....... be achieved, ALBERT L FLET Bishop of Little EDITOR REV. MONSIGNOR THOMAS L. KEANY, Ph. D. Mount St. Mary Academy Little Rock Arkansas 72'o7 MANAGING EDITOR MR. WILLIAM W. 0DONNELL. Address All Departments P. 0. 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