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January 28, 1966     Arkansas Catholic
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January 28, 1966

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4--THE GUARDIAN JANUARY 28, 1966 i i Q 1 Ul VIve? by The Sentry INDIFFERENCE TO MISFORTUNE In the past few years, the newspapers have been .reporting an unprecedented indifference on the part of many people, to the needs of victims of accidents or violence. It often happens that people look on or pass by while others are in dire need of assis- tance. So true is this that only last week in the city of Boston, a special police department was organized consisting of several hundred police and superior officers. It shall be their dutY to look after the welfare of travelers in the. subway trains and on surface units of transportation. The following are typical iexamples of indiffm;ences to mis- fortune that have been reported: In Rhode Island, a man struck by another car while he Was alighting from his own lay unconscious and bleeding in a puddle of water. A witness came to his aid and tried to wave down num- erous passing ears without success. Some of them almost hit the victim and his helper. Another story was told of a woman who was giving birth to a child in a public street, while hundreds looked on, but no one offered help. Still another was the case of a girl who was being attacked and was screaming for help with no response from those looking on. Such examples of indifference to distress are scarcely repre- sentative of the American interest in misfortune and will'ingness to help that used to be. There must be reasons and there are for such attitudes. One of these is the fear of becoming involved in helping a person, who is apparently in trouble only to find out that it was a ruse to attract the help of a witness only to have the generous helper become the real victim. Another cause of the growing public indifference to the plight of unfortunates is the love 0f money, which induces many people to acquire it by any available means even to turning upon a bene. factor. Cases have been reported in which helpers have found themselves the victims of lawsuits, which shyster lawyers are always ready to institute on a percentage basis. Beneath all of these causes is the fundamental one, the change that has taken place in out" educational process. Whether we know it or not crass materialism and greed for money have infected the educational standards in the American high sol, eels and col leges. The emphasis is now upon how much more money a person can acquire in a life time on the basis of the extent of his edu- ration. The life earnings of persons are computed in terms of their high school or college education or the lack of one or both. The moral and cultural ends of education are entirely ne- glected. The God, once so dear to Americans, has been ostracized from publicly suppm'ted schools and institutions of learning, with the flimsy excuse that His Presence violated the Constitution which dernands the separation of Church and State. In Ills place, as of old, the Golden Calf has been enthroned. It is doubtful whetlter policemen riding on public translml'- tation units can overcome the lure of the "fast buck." DOG DAYS This nation has literally "gone to the dogs." Last Fall, dur- ing the celebration of National Dog Week, a dog, Lady Grey- hound, mother of nine, was honored in Philadelphia with a ticket' tape parade. Most Americans do a little shopping in food stores, so they must have noticed how the dog food department has grown in recent years. Dogs are perhaps the most pampered of all pets at the present time. The old expression "to lead a dog's life" has lost its original meaning. There has been much talk concerning the threat of population explosion among human beings, but the dog population has reached a high of 26 million, an increase of six million during the last 10 years. Scientists have made the gloomy prediction that human over-population may lead to cannibalism. The day may also coule when "dog will eat dog." All over the world positive means are being taken to prevent the increase in human births even to the extent of breaking the natural law to bring this about. Worse still, abortion or legalized murder of unborn babies has been introduced in some nations. This is a repetition of Herod's murder of the innocents. In the meantime the dog population grows by leaps and bounds. There is apparently no fear of a food shortage for them. According to reliable statistics, 530 million dollars are annually spent for dog food. This is approximately fifty pet' cent more than Americans spend on baby food in a like period, and of course this is many millions of dollars more than was spent on dog food a few years ago. In fact until recent years dogs were fed on the offals from the family meals which are now wasted and are filling the nation's garbage cans. But the amount of money spent on dog food is insignificant when compared to the amount spent on them for non-foods. These ilems consist of a long list of luxuries such as select wardrobes and toilet articles including, strangely enough, deodorants, al. though dogs do not perspire; Expenditures for non-foods amount to 800 million dollars, exclusive of money spent for veterinary service and kennel care. The dog is now becoming a factor in family relations. In one instance, a man obtained a divorce from his wife, because he was jealous of her affection for the dog and she used family funds to buy the dog a mink coat. In another ease, which appeared in a court of dmnestic relations, after the divorce was granted, the man was given visiting privileges to see the family poodle, once a week. It has become quite the custom now for people to set aside burial grounds for pets and even to erect monuments over their graves. There are three such pet cemeteries in Chicago. All these facts are an indication of how fat" many people have strayed from the normal lives which were once routine. On all sides in these modern days, we see dogs daily enjoying privi- leges and luxuries which many people cannot afford. They ride arcund in automobiles in a patronizing manner. Some women eem to prefer dogs to children. The dogs never had it so good. GESTURE OF POVERTY -- It is no consolation to this man who must provide for his family that two billion .souls like him are living in miserable penury today. The Holy Father's mission fund has been waging war on poverty for 143 years. Send a hat full of coins to The Society for the Propagation of the Faith, 366 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10001. in England 4,00glican- Presbyterian U,0000try Effort Advanced ByJ. J. London (E) -- A merger be- tween the Anglican and the Presbyterian Churches in Brit- ain has moved a step nearer. Members of a committee studying unity between the two denominations announced in Edinburgh, Scotland, that they had already agreed over "large areas" of doctrine and practice and a full conference of cleri- cal and lay representatives of the two denominations original- ly scheduled for next Septem- ber had been brought forward to January. The co,nn)ittee in its state- ment pointed to parallel discus. sions now going on between Anglicans and Methodists and hetween Presbyterians and Congregationalists and t h e meeting now convened would be asked to assess the situation with these other talks in view. The Edinburgh unity talks are actually between fern- churches, the Church of England, the Presbyterian Church of Eng- land, the Church of Scotland Vietnamese Bishops Consecrated Saigon, Vietnam (E)--tlistory was summarized and history was made here on the feast of the Epiphany when two new Vietnamese bishops were con- secrated. Father Joseph Phan van Thien, 58, until recently head ef the major seminary, was consecrated bishop of the newly created diocese of Phu Cuong. Father Francis X. Tran thanh Kham, 64, was con- secrated auxiliary bishop for the archdiocese of Saigon. The double consecration took place before a large congrega. tion in a tree-shaded courtyard in front of the seminary chapel. The consecrator, Archbishop Palzl Nguyen van Binh of Sai- gon, was assisted by two of his predecessors, one French, one Vietnamese. Another Vietnamese bishop was consecrated on Jan. 9, in Danang, an event that also recalled Catholic history in this country. It was near Danang that Jesuit missionaries landed in 1615 to found the first per- manent mission ill Vietnam. The new Ordinary, Bishop Jo- seph Le van An, 49, was con- secrated for the new diocese of Xuan Lee. He is a son of the only two survivors of' the Cath- Gilbert and the Scottish Episcopal Church. The Church of Scot- land, which is tile State Church there, is Presbyterian as the Church of England is the State Church in this country. The Scotlish Episcopal Church is Anglican. The Edinburgh committee said: "We are at one in seek- ing in Scotland a unity between our two Churches that is the Scottish Ih'esbyterians and the Scettish Anglicans er Episco- palians) and eventually unity with other denmninations." It believed such unity might now be realized in Scotland "in a shorter time than had hitherto seemed possible." The three . day conference which was attended by ()vet" 100 delegates, inc.luding two Anglican bishops from England, is a followup to talks in 1962. The aim is to have a merged Anglican- Presbyterian Church in Scotland and another inde. pendently in England both in full communion with each oth- er. A target date has been set for 1980. A joint commission thrashing out problems standing in the way of unity between the An- glican and Methedist Churches in England also met at Oxford. The Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland announced that an advisory committee on church relations was preparing a "comprehensive statement" on Baptists and Christian unity. It is hoped that this will be ready in time for the union's council meeting in March. olic families massacred in 1885 in a persecution in Bong Son, now part of Qui Nhon diocese. His mother, then a child, was saved by a pagan family. Kis father was a catechist in the mountain mission of Kontum. Archbishop Pahnas consecrat. ed Bishop An with Bishop I'eter Pham ngoc Chi of Dan- ang and Bishop Dominic Hoang van Dean of Quintmn as co-con- secrators. Ten bishops, three Cistercian abbots and two other prelates joined in a concele- brated Mass. Both new dioceses have been detached from Saigon archdio- cese from which four new dio- ceses have been taken within six years. South Vietnam now has two archdioceses and 11 dioceses, all headed by Vietnamese prel. ates except the dioceses of Nha Trang and Kontum, which have French-born bishops. From the Managing Editor's "Who's 'win- ning in Viet- nam?" is a question that is difficult to answer mili- tarily. B u t it's a cinch to answer from a politi- cal stand- point. B a c k in 1954, South Vi, United States reft the Geneva Agreem which France gave chinese empire after. year war with the Viet Minh, Laps received their ind and Vietnam 17th parallel. President Eisenh to sign any acknowledging ritorial conquest use of force. The partition of der the agreement, only until general were held in both country no later 1956. These were general elections ballot,' under the of an international designated by the tory nations -- France, Red China bodia and North elections were South Vietnam it claimed there was ance against comm of voting in North The 1962 Geneva supposedly guaranteed trality of Laps. The States withdrew all advisors from Laps quircd by the pact. Vietnam did not troops, as Hanoi had Meantime, the sending advisors int( Vietnam, claiming because of infiltration ! See DESK on Page 5 Daily MASS JANUARY 30 Sunday II Class IV Sunday after El Glory, Creed, Trinity. 31 Monday III Clas St. John Bosco, Cot Glory, no Creed, Preface. FEBRUARY 1 Tuesday III St. Ignatius, Martyr. Glory, no Common Preface. 2 Wednesday II Cla! Purification of the Virgin Mary. Preface of Masses which follow the Blessing dles and Pr Prayers at the Foot: Altar are emil Blessing of Candles. 3 Thursday IV Mass of previous No Glory or Prayer St. Blaise, Preface. or St. Blaise, Bishop ar tyr. Glory, no men Preface: One Mass in honor of Christ, the Eternal Priest, permitted. 2nd Prayer St. Creed, Common 4 Friday I!I Class St. Andrew Corsini, and Confessor. Creed, Common Two Votive Masses!; or of the Sacred Jesus permitted. 2nd Prayer St. Corsini, no Creed, of the Sacred He$ morrow is the first day of the month. Saturday III Cla St. Agatha, Martyr. Glory, no Common Preface.