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January 23, 1942     Arkansas Catholic
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January 23, 1942

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PAGE FOUR THE GUARDIAN, JANUARY 23, 1942 THE GUARDIAN PUBLISHED WEEKLY THE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY Of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansa 309:/8 WEST SECOND STREET Entered as eeond-elss matter March 21. 1911. at the post office at Little Rock, Arkancas, under the Act of Congress of March 8, 1879. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE: $2.00 the year OFFICIAL DIOCESAN ORGAN The Guardian is the official organ of the Diocese of Little Rock end I pray God that it may be an earnest champion of the cause of right, Justic and truth and an ardent defender of the religion we all love so well. ! extend to It my blessing with the sincere hope that its career map, be Ions and prosperous. I( JOHN B. MORRIS. Bishop of Little Rock. EDITOR VERY REV. MONSIGNOR THOMAS L. KEANY, Ph. n. r. BUSINESS MANAGER All communications about The Guardian must b handled through the Business Manager, and all matters intended for publication should l'oh The Guardian office not later than Tuesday at noon. REVEREND THOMAS J. PRENDERGAST Business and Editorial Office, $09 West End, Telephone 5486 Advertising Office, 210 Center, Telephone 4.4012 SPONSORS OF SERVICE [ Picture Service--Knights of Columbus of Arkansa I Paragould Council, No. 1713 .......................... $12.00 StuttEart-Slovactown Council, No. 2780 ............ 12.00 Little Rock Council, No. 812 22.00 Fort Smith Council, No. 996 ................................. 2.00 JANUARY 23, 1942 "It by'liberty OI the press, we understand merely the liberty ol discussing the propriety of public measures and politicM opinions, let us have as much ot it as you please; but it it means the liberty ot M- tronting, calumniating and detaining one another, I own myselt willing to part with my share ot it when ever our legislators shall please to alter the law; and shall cheerfully consent to exchange my liberty ot abusing others for the privilege ot not being abused myself."--Franklin. WAR AND THE SOCIAL ORDER During the twenty years prior to the declaration of war, vast strides had been taken in the popularization of the Church's social tei=ehing. There is a danger that the exigencies of war might cause us to forget these fundamental principles and that, in some cases, reference to the social scene might be construed as hampering the government's efforts. It is possible that badly conducted propaganda for a Christian social order might interfere with the war effort. That such a propaganda can be carried on wisely and be made to tie in with the Church's efforts toward a just world peace was ably demonstrated a year ago in England. In a statement called the "Ten Points of the British Churches," made by Cardinal Hinsley, the Archbishops of York and Canterbury, and the Rev. W. H. Armstrong, moderator of the Free Church Council, there was included, besides the Five Peace Points of Pope Pius Xll, five points of economic and social import. The statement reads, in part: "We accept the Five Peace Points of Pope Pius XII as carrying out this lrinciple. "With these basic principles for the ordering of the in- ternational life we would associate five standards by which economic situations and proposals may be tested: , I. Extreme inequality in wealth and possessions should be abolished. 2. Every child, regardless of race or class, should have equal opportunities of education, suitable for the development of his peculiar capacities. 3. The family as a social unit nmst be safeguarded. 4. The sense of a Divine vocation must be restored to man's daily work. 5. The resources of the earth should be used as God's gifts to the whole human race, and used with due considera- tion for the needs of the present and future generations." territories is perhaps the most eloquent illustration and proof of the,mangnificent achievements of the Catholic missionaries. It is with deep regret that we see the islands overrun by a pagan nation, and sincerely hope that the work of centuries will not suffer for long.--Catholic Action of the South. UNSOCIABLE BUT CONSISTENT During the past few months we have received several questions asking why Catholics are forbidden to take part in the services of a Protestant church. This question may not be so easy for non-Catholics to understand but to Catholics who understand the uncompromising spirit of the Church in this matter it is perfectly dear and reasonable. We know that Christ established but on,e Church. There is no doubt of this fact. It follows that all other churches are not from Christ. However unsociable and unfriendly it may appear, we cannot worship wlth others in their churches. We cannot over- look the fact that they deny the primacy of the Pope, the Sacrifice of the Mass, the Real Presence of our Lord in the Holy Eucharist, and many other basic Christian truths. To worship with them in their churches would be confession that we are blind to this fact. It is sometimes cited as evidence of liberality that non- Catholics attend our services and we are chided because we are not equally liberal. That is true enough. But Catholics have no right to be liberal in regard to how they will worship God. They must do as H.e commands and worship Him as He has directed. The true Church on earth today is the Voice of God. That Church forbids Catholics to worship God by attendance at services of any other religian. And that is sufficient reason why Catholics would sin did they take formal part in Protestant worship.---Southwest Courier. Q UES TI( BOX How Can The Mere Telling Of Sins In Confession Do Any Good? telling of sins is enough to gain forgiveness. The telling of sins, while necessary in most cases, is by no means essential to the Sac- rament of Penance; there is something far more important, some- thing without which there can be no sacrament--namely, contrition or sorrow for sin, with its necessary consequences, a firm purpose of amendment. Mortal sin may be forgiven without confession; it can never be forgiven without contrition. It is a favorite objection of Protestants--that confession makes sin easy; that it is a sort of license O, Read eaeh of the The Church does not teach and never has taught that the mere statements carefully. If a ment is true, check the statement is partly or_. Will you please say what was the real sin which our First Par- ants committed in the Garden of Para,dlse? The sin of our First Parents was essentially a sin of disobedi- ence. The only record we have of the nature of their sin is in the Book of Genesis. In Genesis we read that Almighty God created man and woman and placed them in the Garden of Paradise. He told them that they could eat of all the fruit in the Garden ex- cept the fruit of one tree. We then read of Adam and Eve disobey- ing and eating of the fruit. As a result they lost their innocence and holiness, their right to Heav- en. As a consequence their ties- cendants are born without any claim to Heaven, that is, in a natural state and are only ale- or permission to commit sin. The very idea is blasphemous. The Sacrament of Penance was intend- ed and given by Christ only for the good of souls, to wash away sin, to give graces for the streng- thening of the soul against future sin; and the advice, reproof and encouragement given by the priest are also potent factors in bring- ing about amendment. Many well- informed non-Catholics who know nothing of the supernatural ef- fects of the Sacrament of Pen- ance bear willing testimony of the good effects of Confession in promoting purity, honesty and respect for divine and civil laws. The whole history of the Sacra- ment of Penance is, that for those who receive it worthily it is not art easy way to sin, but a salutary preventive against sin. For almost twenty centuries this great Sac- rament has been bringing sinners back to Christ and to the ways of virtue. This world is indeed a i Marriage A Sacred Bond better place for the work and in- vated to the supernatural state fluence of the Sacrament of Pen- through .Baptism. This condition " ante. i what we call the state of original sin in which all mankind, barring (This is the first of a series of articles explaining xs It wrong to fight a duel? the Blessed Mother of God, are conceived and born. the recent Decree ot the Sacred Congregation ot the Yes, it is wrong and gravely sinful. Duelling is only another Sacraments at Rome now in eftect throughout the name for murder. The Church Why Is the Church opposed to abhors it and denies Christian Masonry? world and governing the precautions pastors are re- burial to any Catholic who is The Catholic Church is opposed quired by lave to take before they can assist at any killed in this manner. Further- to Freemasonry not merely be- marriage. It is suggested that the articles be saved more, those who challenge or cause it is a secret society, bout accept a challenge to a duel, as because of the kind of secrecy by readers of The Guardian, because the series will well as the seconds and those it demands of its members. The constitute a complete interpretive explanation of the who approve of it by their pres- Knights of Columbus is a secret new regulations that bind under pain st sin.Zditor's ence, are excommunicated, organization, yet it is not con- * * demned by the Church. The Cath- NOTS.) If a husband becomes insane olic Church opposes Masonry be- The young man and the young woman, with hands joined, after marrige, and he has to be cause it is contrary to morality put in a sanitarium, can the wife to pledge onself to absolute secrecy stand before the priest as the official witness, and solemnly get a divorce and marry again? from those who have a right to promise in the presence of two other witnesses, that they will If at the time of the marriage demand a revelation. take each other as husband and wife respectively "to have the man was sane, such a mar- The Church condemns Masonry and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, riage is valid and the develop- especially because its ritual makes for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death ment of insanity would not be an it undoubtedly a religious sect, ,. excuse for divorce anymore than with a code of belief, ritual and do us part. development of tuberculosis, par- ceremonies, standing for mere If you contemplate marriage and believe to have found alysis or any other affliction. In naturalism in religion and for a the man or woman of your choice, read and reread and reedS- her marriage vows, the wife morality founded on merely hu- pledged herself to the man "in man motives. Frequently Masons tare upon the solemn words of promise of this sacred union, sickness and in health" until death have claimed Freemasonry to be None less than God Himself would part them. She is therefore the religion of nature, and the ; bound to keep her vow as long Catholic Church as the super- instituted marriage in Paradise to asgist at the marriage shall Christ raised this Holy Bond diligently, in advance, and at a as her husband lives: natural religion of Jesus Christ, to the dignity of a Sacrament to suitable time, investigate whether * * * must condemn it. provide the necessary graces for there be any mpediment to the When was the Bible translated In European countries Masonry fulfilling the obligations assumed, marriage, into English? opposes the Church in many of its and to make it possible for hus- Let him question both the In the eighth century the Ven- purposes and efforts. There Mas- band and wife to stand fast tn groom and the bride, separately, erable Bode translated the Bible onry seeks to control all public the face of hardships and diffi- and with prudence, as to whether in the Saxon, which was then life and supplant the Church. culties, they are bound by any impedi- the language of England, Arch- It i official, united Masonry "Until death do us part"that mcnt; whether they are, especially bishop Arundle of Canterbury in which the Church opposes--not is the promise made by all, Cath- the woman, freely consenting to 1394 says that Queen Anne dill- the individual Mason who often olics and non-Catholics alike--- the marriage, and whether they gently read the four Gospels in is an upright man, unacquainted that is the promise binding in are sufficiently instructed in English. Sir Thomas More speaks with the secret plans of the lodge. conscience before God--that is the Christian Doctrine. of an English version of the Bi- * * * promise so lightly cast aside in To the Ordinary of the place ble in his time. In the account Qf the death of our modern day and age when it pertains to issue special rules * * * His Eminence Lorenzo Cardinal one out of every five marriages for this pastoral investigation." If any Baptism is valid wh' Laurl he Is referred to as "Cam- ends in divorce. In regards this investigation the does the Church rehaptize m- erlengo" and farmer "Chief Pen- Is it wonder then that the Sacred Congregation of the Sacra-vet,s? ltentlary." What do the terms Church is concerned about the ments has formulated very dell- safety of her children, that she nite and specific rules to be ob- It is quite true that any prop- means? seeks to preserve the sanctity of served in all the world and to be erly administered Baptism is valid The Camerlengo of the Holy marriage? This concern of hers is binding under pain of sin. No but the Church would be certain Roman Church administers the a duty imposed upon her by her priest may assist at a marriage as Baptism is absolutely neces- property and revenue of the Holy Divine Founder. It is and must be unless the prescribed investlga- sary for salvation. For a valid See, verifies the death of the Pope, the Church's insistence that her tlous have been made. Baptism one must have the proper directs the preparations for the There, then, is a statement that takes the social encyclicals children enter into this sacred There seems to be no need to intention and use the necessary conclave and manages it and acts and shows their necessary relationship to world peace. It would union with an open mind, with say that the fullest cooperation of matter and form. Since there is a as administrator pending election full deliberation and understand- the people is required. If you con- fear that one of these essentials of a Pope. The Cardinal Chief be a tragedy if Rerum Novarum and Quadragesimo Anno were ing. It is to preserve sanctity of template marriage, Inform your may be wanting in a baptism per- Penitentiary exercises complete to lose, even temporarily, the great interest of the last few marriage and to safeguard the pastor at least one month in ad- formed by the average lay person jurisdiction over the Roman Tri- welfare of the young people that vance. Set no date for marriage and particularly by a non-Catho- bunal of the Sacred Penitentiary, years. They are needed and will be needed more than ever. the Church prescribes investiga- without his consent; it may save lie, is it the custom to baptize which deals with matters of con- When the victory is won, and the period of social rebuild- ,ions and instructions previous to you from embarrassment. Your conditionally one that has not been science, and the use and granting the contract. It is stated in the pastor is your guide in these mat- baptized by a priest, of indulgences. ing is started, it may be that economic liberalism will have Code of Canon Law: tars and every good' Catholic will given place to a new and more equitable social order. Steps "The pastor whose right it is want to have his adviee. T. R A N O E B U T I R.Ucs -- had already been taken in that direction before the war. -- ........... -- Americans are fortunate in having a program already formu" ] ..... roday'sP ] *J Little-Known Facts 'or (:Gtho[! - L lated by those who had the courage during a mole harrowing Words of arable y M. I. MURRAY " o==.,.,.amm=,=, time than we have yet experienced.--New World. ] Encouragement [ I Father Stedman, Confraternity '  ] of the Precious Blood, GREAT MISSIONARY ACHIEVEMENT Sufferings. [ Brooklyn, N.: Y. presence GOING TO THE DOGS ? Place yourself in the The Philippine Islands have been often referred to as an of God and endure your pains be- fore Him. "Speak!" we say to that not- island of Catholicism inla sea of paganism. A survey of the Complain to Him with a filial so-dumb animal, the dog--and he territories surrounding the archipelago of the Philippines cot- love as would a child to a tender does. Very eloquently. A priest mother, and if you beg to be re- told me that his dog was a ser- roborates this statement. The mainland nearby and the sur- stored to health, let it be with love rounding islands are almost entirely pagan. However, Ca,h- and resignation to the holy will mon to him. "He ls my conscience of God. on four legs, so alert to defend so olie missionaries have been laboring on both the mainland and Do not fear that your acts of unworthy a master as myself, that the adjacent islands for the Christianization of'the pagans and virtue are not good, though you he keeps me on my toes, trying have so little power to make them, to serve MY Master better." have achieved varying measures of success in various centers, for you can onlS, offer the little A little dog has even shown r The Philippine Island inhabitants are by far predomin- you have, in the time of bodily the way to carry a cross. He was suffering, you can make no bet- a baby hound, and "I took him antly devout Catholics, and to this must be added the high de- ter offering, a distance of ten miles from my gree of civilization existing among the natives. The latter fact Press your beloved to your home," related the owner, "to a , heart, saying: "iVI4" beloved is Negro, who was to take care of is in contrast to the status of most of the natives in surrounding mine and I am His." Isaiah calls him for me. He was not there. I islands, him "the man of sorrows." had to hurry back, so I tied the The reason for these two facts in regard to the Philippines Suffer With Love. pup in the backyard, to a massive He loves those who suffer, dis- log we regularly used to keep old are to be found in the amazing labors of Catholic missionaries pose yourself to suffer with love; hounds from straying. Next morn- in former centuries and the magnificent educational work of living or dying we belong to God. ing the pup was lying beside my With His grace, we should only own gate. He had dragged that these missionaries. More than a century and a half before our live in Him and for Him, we great, cruel log ten miles, in the country had declared its independence, Spanish Dominicans, should never cease imploring Him darkness, over a road he had to be ever the God of our heart, traveled only once before. He was Augustinians, Franciscans and Jesuits had already begun not The 'Pater' which you offer up still alive, and I saved him. onlY, the evangelization of the natives, but also their education, for your headaches is not forbid- Driving to the Negroe's that den, but, I should not have the morning I read a heart-breaking In 1 595, the Jesuits established the seminary and college of courage to beg Our Lord, by the tale in the road: Here the log had San Jose in Manila, and in 16l |, in Manila also, the Domini- pain He suffered in His head, not been dragged through heavy sand, to have pain in mine. Would you here it had caught against a big can established their famous University of San Tomaso, both do nothing for Him who has en- pine stump, here it had been pull- .t4EOtOA, $cltrlctr founded decades before Harvard university or any other seat dured so much? ed through a long water slash! avtat,, RgCOaN/O  St. Catherine of Sienna behold- To Shakespeare's observation twLw4  of learning in our country, ing Our Lord present two crowns that there are "tongues in trees, "Yl415  WAS A The high degree of civilization and culture among the to her, one of gold, the other of books in running brooks, sermons IYSKIAN thorns, exclaimed, "I will have in stones," I want to add, "and BEgOf EIC'rlON. Filipinos in contrast with the status of natives of surrounding See WORDS on page 5 puppy dog tales." false, check the "F". [] T. 1. The first reason [] F changing the ship from Sunday was to the Jews that the Law was in effect that the Ceremonial of Moses was [] T. 2. Those who give [] F. hope in guilty of [] T. 3. The Commandments [] F. with what GOd to do and what He us to do. [] T. 4. God [] F. Jews to make tions of the place them in the [] T. 5. We must pray to [] F. exactly as we do because she is the of God. St. Joltn's C0rrespodence St. John's Home nary, Little Rock, Last week's answers: 1. False. 2. True. 3. False. 4. False. 5. False. The remarkable increase dent correspondents within past few months has kept Seminarian staff busier than before, but we have not the stage where we cannot applications. As a matter of if we should receive an of applications, we have reasonable assurance that a unit would take care of cases for us. So, if our of the Course, and our True and False statements you to think that you would by the Course, do not send in your name to the respondence Course with our address as found Some of our friends, larly those not of our faith, a mistaken notion that they not take the time of a busy to make inquiry about the C when they sincerely desire tain information. Now lass mation is put as near as the est postoffice-box. The will be found to be a troduction to the teachings practices of the Catholic and the succinctness of the and of the resume given in True and' False statements not exclude an many points o interest to Newman L After having our stock depleted during the rush we now have and have a fine assortment ligious articles on hand. the newest is a medal Our Mother protecting a and a sailor with St. on the reverse, available a key chain for twenty on a heavy chain to be around the neck for cents. Another new item leather companion case a black rosary, miniature book, with good scapular and St. medals all for one dollar. have small church calendars feast and fast days shown on for ten cents. Out-, wanting one sent to write us enclosing twelve in stamps and one will be immediately. We have all and prices of beads, prayer missals, crucifixes, sick holy water fonts, chains, etc. Also lots of new both for rent and sale. Keep your heart well trol, beware of your confidence in the of Our Lord. Be fully that heaven and earth away rather than that Our shall fail to protect you you are His obedient at least, desirous to obey As long as we remain there exists a close tween us and the Blessed which manifests itself by a of joy each time that our can ponder on her our lips murmur'a prayer honor. The Rosary is a As long as you recite it, your weariness, your occupations, you will never tier entirely away. You will cease to say it, or you , by being touched and you will be led to the order to make to him the sion of your faults and a new life. "One of the troubles modern age is that too ple are spending money haven't yet earned and for they don't need and in impress people they don't The world is e and gives back to every reflection of his own face. at it and it in turn will lool ly upon you; laugh at it, is : jolly, kind Thackery. :