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January 22, 1982     Arkansas Catholic
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January 22, 1982

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THE GUARDIAN, JANUARY 22, 1982 PAGE 5 KNOW YOUR FAITH Sponsored By Arkansas State Council Knights of Columbus -, ........ ' :, ................. lack D. ! ThomasTHER LUKE KOT works on a smLhoir-- robe in the tailor shop at n Hol Monastery of the Holy Spirit 'y. onyers, Ga. St. Benedict saw ,..,mk as fully integrated within monastic vision. Manual Plac 'ete i ,ty,00 otnvatnon Is ernatio d Persa u newcomer, you would aimed t an ordinary Saturday Basilic ottoes ! --, _ to pe thad You Asked! allow IS - North Little Rock ' [P. bmith Funeral Home [he u VE A WILL, TOO? YOur wife owns rty, solely or , or if she is heir nestate, she should a will of her own. -"! as applies in quite a  other cases, too. J Fhand and wife may !double victims of a | al accident. The __ :tSband may have Fl.gnated his wife as B . ah,jor beneficiary in his ado . Without the wife's es n,'ing a witl of her own, tribution of her share the estate will not EL_. !  e been provided for. share may be "='- Jt to state laws, ,=,amag it up for long t'$3Jiods right when it Y be needed. [ . BU[ TM wife is a business artner in a family iness, it is to the or jr s advantage to o s pve its business con- n . 4nUity assured by her aVing a will. "2_. W I NC. /n " 664-0 ter the man has made s Will, he should uss with his lawyer .Parate will for the ffe. Above all, be sure e,ult your attorney. i .eve seen bad Uations arise because lo Wills were made or eeause they were fawn up by amateurs. ! ]70 l labor, the arts, the study of theology and the human sciences all found expression in his "Rule of Life." (NC Photo by H.A. Bullard) By Father John O'Callaghan, S.J. evening Mass -- the kind often held in a school hall. There are young adults attending, some older people and a lot of children, with the noisy exuberance children always bring. The priest, tall and smiling, is flanked by two altar per- sons - and they would give you the first clue that this is not an ordinary Saturday evening Mass. Both have the broad faces and broader smiles typical of Dawn's syndrome, or Mongolism. As you look around, you would see that many children there have similar features. Some children are in wheelchairs or braces; still others are in the arms of adults, though they are ob- viously more than two-years- old. EACH CHILD, you would notice, is accompanied by an adult. As the Mass you'd come to understand what is happening here: this worshiping com- munity is very special, made up of people from a home for special children, supervised and run by special adults. We used to call places like this "homes for the retar- ded," or, more recently, "homes for exceptional children." This one simply is called a "home" -- and so it isl If you took the time to get to know Misericordia Home in Chicago, you'd appreciate that this weekly Mass is a kind of mirror of what hap- )ens there. Life at Misericordia is characterized by love and based in faith. IN COMMON with most of the professional staff, the volunteers have grown to see what they do as much more than just ,helping the han- dicapped." Some handicaps involve brain damage or Dawn's syndrome or nerve disorders. Others involve fears or weaknesses or immaturity or selfishness. Dealing with the children, you would find, helps many people get perspective on what the real handicaps in life are. THE LOVE at Misericordia is tangible. You feel it even in a brief visit.. It is strong, .warm and human. And behind all the love, someone who spends time there finds faith. Not just the children's faith -- though you would see that clearly in those old enough to receive the holy bread which they know is very different from their ordinary bread -- though both are given with love. You'd sense that faith grounds everything at Misericordia Home. The religious men and women andtheir lay coll'eagues, from ad- ministrators to cooks, are skilled professionals. They run a home ranked top in.the state. But they bring an added quality to their work: They believe in the children and in what they are doing. THEY BELIEVE that God loves each of these children and has given them to the world as a gift. Even more they believe that God is glorified by the existence of the children. To a world tempted to turn to the easy outs of abortion and euthanasia as solutions to imperfections and weakness, these women and men assert faith in the special worth of handicapped children. Celebrating the Eucharist with this group is sharing in faith expressed in worship, but first lived out in daily loving care -- as all our faith should be. 1981 NC News Service POPE'SPOETRY Tel Aviv, Israel (NC) -- A Hebrew translation of Pope John Paul II's poetry, edited by the Pope, will be published in Israel, the Tel Aviv daily newspaper, AI Hamishmar, reported recently, but :: publication date was - nounced. YOU WOULD notice how varied these children are. Some are quite grown-up and self-possessed, despite physical handicaps; some are not. Some are calm and quiet; some are hyperactive and noisy. They are very much in- dividuals -- and treated as such. At Mass, they are ex- pected to behave so as not to disturb others -- but they can sit or stand, join in the singing or just listen, sit with the adults or with the children. As you get to know Misericordia, you would notice that some adults with the children are volunteers. They range from teen-agers who arrange picnics and games to foster- grandmothers who come in to help feed the children or jUs[ to hold an.4 i-ess the younger ones. Does Work Have Much Meaning? By Dolores Leckey MANY YEARS ago, I dropped in on a friend who had just moved into a new home. I came in through the kitchen bearing the dinner I had prepared for her family. The house was silent. No one seemed to be around. Then I saw my friend in the middle of her living room, holding a small painting in her hand. She stood totally still, almost as if in prayer. Indeed, that was the situation. For my friend told me that she considered organizing her new home a participation in God's creativity. I've thought about that incident many times. It illustrates for me the relation that should exist between one's inner life and one's work. THEN THERE is May Sarton, a poet and novelist now in her 70's. What is striking about her perception of work is the connection she makes between the life she has chosen, a life of solitude centered on home and nature and inner reflection, plus the work of being a writer. Such connections, I believe, are the heart of the questions surrounding work. How does the work we do connect with our values, with our inner selves or with the welfare of society? Those who discover the connections have found, I think, the secret of true work. THROUGH THE ages, work has been recognized as an essential factor of human life and growth St. Benedict J integrated work within his market, for one thing. vision for the monastic life. At the same time, many Manual labor, the arts, the men and women feel study of theology and the alienated from their jobs, hurhan sciences all found often because they cannot see expression in his "Rule of Life." Even prayer together, the pulse of the monastery, is called the "work of God." More recently, Pope John Paul II spoke about the human character of work in an encyclical: The value of work lies in the fact that the one doing it is a person. The Pope emphasized that work is for the person, not the reverse. That is perhaps the critical issue for these final years of the 20th century. IN AN EARLIER agricultural period, a man or woman may first have planted, then tended the crops and finally harvested the fruits. They saw the results of their labor. Today, in a post- industrial age, machines often do what used to be the work of human hands. In Japan, for example, robot-like machines directed by computers have replaced human workers in some jobs. This has many implications. It can take a toll on the job any direct value in what they are doing. They may continue on the job for economic security, but experience few interior rewards. WE ALSO are beginning to witness the plight of some See Work on Pg. 6 An Award Winner And A Good Agent To Know What's the perfect arrangement for your estate? It's more intricate than you think. So you're wise to bring together the best talent available. Your lawyer. 1rust officer. Your accountant. Your New York Life Agent. Each of them has o key part to play. Working with them, you can compose the.Dght plan. Dick Patterson, CLU I New York Life Insurance Co. m 3700 Worthen Bank Bldg Lttle Rock Ar 72201 372-5194 [ "! was thirsty, and you gave me drink." Mt 25:35 This is Paulo. All he is asking for right now is a cup of cold water. But some- times even this basic need cannot be met. Paulo is one of a billion people who have no access to safe drinking water. Missionaries are working hard every day to change help babies like Paulo grow up to be strong and healthy, in body and give them a cup of water and much, much more: they bring Christ to the mission poor. Please help these missionaries continue their life-enriching work. Together with them, you can help make the coming year a more liveable one for our brothers and sisters in the Missions. PLEASE RESPOND TODAY mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i "ts, i'11 ht'lp a young man inn tht" .Missions comlflt'te his seminar?, studies. . n Enc|osed is n' s:wrifice of-" m [] $I,000 [] SRIIO [] S2(IO [] SIO0 [] S3() [] S2II [] Slf) [] S5 [] (er  I m .,"Z.. - ' ! m ,a|," ' Z'.ip  m. m Sendf,ourtfiflto: 7,,, m I THE SOCIETY FoR THE I'ROPAkG,ITION ! , r, trl'H U Chancery Office Rev. Msgr. William J. McCormack m I Diocese of Little Rock National Director I OR Dept C 366 F0lth Avenue 2415 North Tyler Street " : " ' " I I L0ttle Rock AR 72207 " New York New York 10001 --------'--'--------------------''----------"