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January 18, 1974     Arkansas Catholic
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January 18, 1974

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THE GUARDIAN, JANUARY 18, 1974 PAGE 5 KNOW YOUR FAITH Sponsored By Arkonsas State Council Knights of Columbus ila!Enn:!:g LL!yoG: ;o Y: 17 fa sl;oaneut 'H: r ?:o nU se :mr j lt :ds ear: s ::ln Cle s 3 00se00_or Blessing? , Science and Technology By RusselIShaw possible is therefore also good r,.e, NCE and technol oJv ,_, . ogy --  ulesslng? lUestion is a real one for people. Some, viewing snoots of science and togy as the hydrogen take a Dr Frankenstein ,,,of the matter and conclude 'lence and technology are to human dignity and I life. IERS CONCLUDE that e. and technology are nobly beneficial. For a e steady march of  gleal progress certifies t. ward progress of !er viewp.Oie wi; n. Both stand in I| Understanding There is al imperative to view and technology with 1 u SUspicion. But neither S aany reason to believe tever is technologically and desirable. BY DEFINITION, science is knowledge, and technology is the practical application of that knowledge. Knowledge -- any knowledge -- can be put to good uses and bad ones. This is dramatically apparent in an age which has seen the creation of new weapons of mass destruction on the one hand and life-saving wonder drugs on the other. Modern science and technology have in startling ways expanded man's capacity for acting. Because of science and technology, men today can do things which were beyond the powers of men in former times. WE CAN COMMUNICATE instantaneously with people on the other side of the globe. We can travel to the moon. We can St.DayAndrew'Scare i 503 E. 6th St. ' (One block west of Sheraton Hotel) er O.S.B. Little Rock, Ark. Children 3 - 6 Open 6:30 A.M. to 6 P.M. Licensed by Health Department For Information, Call 374-0520 - ALSO - BENEDICTINE STUDIO OF MUSIC 'Classes in Piano, Organ, Accordion and Guitar. kr 00Sister For Information Call: Philippa, O.S.B. 376-2703 cation is a beautiful hardening The spectacular !ted loveliness of the Person'of Christ is everything averywhere. The Olivetan Benedictine Sisters know ies teachers, nurses, laboratory technologists, artists, c. 'ns, domestic service, administrators, pharmacists, e work and in all ways they can show their love for eember, a vocation is non-existent unless the soul 0 ut to meet it. Thoughts of peace are illusive if not nt by the desire to find it. A Christ for life exchange fr"o',se!f-bargaining is the sweetest glimpse of heaven  Will stands at the altar of decision. low Will h you serve Him? How much do you care? How love can you give? Vocation Directress Holy Angels Convent Jonesboro, Ark. 72401 kill hundreds of thousands of human beings in a matter of minutes. We can cure diseases which, 25 years ago, were in- variably fatal. T O say that man can do more, however, is not at all the same as saying he will do more good. He may just as well do more evil. Thanks to science and technology, the moral responsibility for the right use of human freedom is greater in our day than in the past. THE FACT that we can do more good creates for us an increased obligation to do it. But the fact that we can do more evil also creates a greater obligation to avoid it. Scientific and technological progress do not, unfortunately, carry with them any guarantee that we will make better choices - only that the choices will have greater consequences. This makes it essential that correct moral values underlie society's approach to science and technology today. The alternative -- one seen far too often already -- is for these marvelous achievements of human genius to be abused by being put to evil uses. BASICALLY, the challenge now facing Christians is to make certain that science and technology function as man's servants rather than as his masters -- that these in- struments of human in- telligence foster human dignity instead of degrading it. It is tempting to respond passively to the awesome scientific achievements of our times, as if matters had now gotten beyond control and science and technology were in the driver's seat. On the contrary, what is needed now is a reassertion of man's control over science and technology. Not control directed toward choking off continued scientific and technological progress, but aimed instead at insuring that the fruits of human genius contribute to man's greater humanization rather than his dehumanization. () 1974 NC News Service Evening Prayer I',y Father Joseph M. Champlin WIlEN Tile CltICAGO Liturgical Commission un- dertakes a task, it normally pursues the project thoroughly and handles it well. Those of us familiar with these top-flight people were not surprised, then, when their first liturgical conference last September drew 2,000 participants, many of whom came from states far from Illinois. Planners of this convention selected as the theme: "One in Christ We Face the Dimensions of Diversity." A constantly changing modern world has produced a highly pluralistic society in the United States. The Chicago area naturally reflects that and this congress at Quigley South Seminary sought to bring out a unity present throughout the archdiocese in the midst of diverse ethnic groups, liturgical roles and worship styles. AFTER A KEYNOTE ad- dress on Friday evening, the huge turnout assembled in the school's equally massive chapel for "Evensong." This creative paraliturgical ceremony em- ployed some new, yet basically old elements which deserve consideration for use in parish or community worship services. + The entrance procession and opening portion formed a light service in the darkened church with the celebrant solemnly bearing a Christ candle to the sanctuary. He placed this on a candelabra and then companion tapers were lighted by servers. + In addition to antiphonal singing by choir and congregation, several in- strumentalists played hand bells of different tones to ac- company the processional music. These emitted clear, but unique sounds which helped establish a measured, reflective atmosphere highly conducive for prayer. + A second section, "Purification," featured Psalm 141, an evening prayer for forgiveness and protection. While cantor and community sang ("My prayers rise like incense; my hands like the evening off' -- ring"), a server with smoking censer incensed the candle and the congregation. IN TIlE POST -VATICAN II simplification of our liturgies, many, probably most parishes, dropped the use of incense except for funerals and an occasional Benediction ritual. I am not sure this was a totally positive development and think it might be wise to restore that symbolic action more frequently at major Sunday Masses and other special services. However, if we do incorporate incense within a rite, the symbol should be employed properly and fully. That means: a piece of charcoal lighted at the right moment and burning fully when needed; incense which produces easily seen clouds of smoke and gives off a pungent odor that gradually permeates the surrounding area; a dignified stroke of the censer and an audible clash of chain and receptacle. + Part III of Evensong College Preparatory Residence School for Young Men- Conducted by Benedictine Monks - Moderate Rates UBIACO ACADEMY FOR CATAI.,(X], WRITE: BOX G, SUBIACO ACADEMY, SUBIACO, ARKANSAS q2865 PHONE 501-934- ?.610 centered on the "Word." Mrs. Claire Desch proclaimed well Christ's prayer for unity (John 17:20-24). I liked her careful enunciation of the standard conclusion: "This . . . is the Word . . of the Lord." + Composer, choir director Robert Battistini from the G.I.A. Publications fulfilled the role of cantor that night. While some parishes already have such leaders of song, we can expect more churches in the future to engage on a paid as well as a volunteer basis competent musicians for that task. Among other respon- sibilities they would sing verses of the responsorial psalm, lead the congregation, and chant intentions for the general in- tercessions or prayer of the faithful. + A fourth part, "In- tercessions," followed the Byzantine litany form in which cantor sings petitions while choir hums in the background. Everyone responded to his concluding "In peace let us pray to the Lord" by a har- monized "Lord, hear our prayer." The effect with such a large congregation can be overwhelming. TIIESE DEVELOPMENTS -- sung prayer of the faithful and choral or instrumental music supporting chanted or recited texts offer possibilities in parish liturgies for variety and added richness. + A concluding blessing and dismissal rite adapted the multiple benedictions of our revised Sacramentary to this evening prayer service. They were sung, as was our strong "Amen." 1974 NC News Service GOOO TODAY THE HOLY FATHERJS MISSION AIDTOTHE ORIENTAL CHURCH DO SOMETHING MEANINGFUL WHILE YOU'RE STILL ALIVE LEPERS BABIES NEED YOU MEET MISSION EMERGENCIES THINK OF YOURSELF, TOO " This column's happiest readers are the men, women and children who know they're needed. The days we're busiest helping others are the happiest .days of our lives .... Who needs you most? Surprisingly, God needs you -- for in- stance, to help an abandoned orphan become a God-loving, responsible adult. Lepers need you (there are still 15-million lepers in the world), blind children need you, and so do we. .. 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