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January 12, 1924     Arkansas Catholic
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January 12, 1924

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Page 4 " " " "* * * " " " " " "ICZECH CATHOLICS LISTENING IN = By . .v.jAut-h.cus * I I Loose Theology "Woodbine Willie" is the sobriquet B of a reverend gentleman, who went in- to the trenches with the British troops and dispensed Christianity and cigarettes. Apparently the boys] though.t more of his cigarette's than[ of his Christianity, for in speaking of hin they forgot the respect duc to his caIhng a' a minister o God, and, called him "Woodbine Willie" after the bran-[ of smokes which he distrib- uted. He was very popular, and de- served to be; for he was courageous sity of Prague. and did more than his duly. He was what one calls a "good fellow." This s apparent from the speech he has jus made in America. "I would rather be damned (nan. go to heaven alone," he says. Utterances like Lhis go over big with popular audiences. But in effect it means that he does not want to go to ]maven excep on his own conditions. IL is this kind of loose theoh)gy that has got Protest- :mtism into such hot water. Dr), Joke Some European physicians, after a visit to America, have returned to re- port that they found prohibition a success in the Urited 'States. This I / dist)els the old idea thaL Europeans 1 are deficient in a sense of humor. THE GUARDIAN JAN. 12, 1924 Real Show A sign or the changing times is seen in Lhe fact that ProtesLant re- ligious services are now being rel)ort- ed in the "Billboard," a paper pub- lished in the interests of showman- ship. Here is the "Billboard's report of a service stage([ by a well adver- tised New York rector who has had some correspondence with his bishop recently. "At this point the light went out. A (Continued from page 1) EFFECTIVELY AIDING vIRG,00 B,00T. ':ONT.OVE.SY Proved by Scripture ARMENIAN CHRISTIANS 'he Rev. Alfred Iletcher, another [Episcopal churchman, who writes in (By N. C. W. C. News Sewice) the same issue of The Living Chm'ch, Prague, Dec. 31.--An effective cam- on "Scriptural Evidence of the Virgin CRIPPLED' ACTRESS I': BLESSED BY POPEI The Catholics have given the most active SUl)port to the movemen ini- tialed by Mr. I-Iana. formerly con- heeled with the American mission which organized the transportation to I.,ehan(m of Armenian orphans [tbau- l doned in the deserts of Mesopotamia and Syria, who has conceived the plan 'of building an orphanage in Leban(m, funds for which will be obtained from Czecho-S]ovakia. To this end a series of lectm'es Ilas been given by Mr. Hansa throughout Czecho-Slovakia, and the response has already been most satisfactory. The Apostolic Nuncio, Msgr. Marmaggi, the Krehbishop of Prague, Msgr. Za- voral, the Abbot o I! the Premonstra- tensians oi' Strahov and various other[ dignitaries of the Churcb have at- I young woman at the piano recited the words of the old song, "Cherry Ripe." The spot-light focused on an opening in the drapes revealed four pretty girls in pale green and blue tunics trimmed with cherry blossoms. As they stepped out the dancers drew their tunics aside and displayed each a shapely left leg, bare to the hip, Another pose disclosed each had a shapely'.right." The "Billboard" very generously says that Dr. Guthrie proved himself a real showman. And if he can find any consolation in such a commendation he should not be a[ difficult man to get along with. 1 very i Good Shaking " / Some time ago, when the Klan be-t gaB its campaign against the Church, I ventured to suggest that we needed something of the sort to shake Catho- lics out of their complacency, and that the Church would be all the stronger for a little mild opposition. "Our Sun- day Visitor" spaks of a city in which, as the Klan grew, "every Catholic be- came zealous; the K. of C. initiated one hundred new members; a wealthy Catholic donated a new home to the Knights; another donated three flue marble altars to the parish church." So Klmsmen are doing very useful work, though it must be humiliating to Klansmen to think that they are] doing it accidentally. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) New York, Jan. 5. Dorothea Antel, a little crippled actress who in striv- ing' hard to earn a livelihood by sell- paign to aid the Armenian Christians Birth of Our Lord." adduces argu- ing papers and magazines ,received a has found.whole-hearted support in t ments against the po. mbfll y of clues- Christmas letter from His Holiness[ Z C'.echo-Slovakm, not only among the[ (toning the doctrine frmn the Old and Pope Pins XI, which contained a spe-4 Catholics of the country, but even on New lestaments, and, m com:lusl,,n, the part of the Government. rhe l states, that there is ample evtdence medal ,,. cml l)apal blessing, a rosary, and a I Czech Government has recently]" " " ' m Lhe Ohl lestamcnt and in the Gos- I awarded scholarships to 50 young Ar- pe]s of the Infancy, those of St. Mat-[ Miss Ante], who lives at 600 West menian students, refugees, who are thew and St. Luke, that the article of I 186th street, this city, was paralyzed J from the waist down four years ago now following courses at the Univer-I the Creed, 'Born of the Virgin Mary,'lwhen she fell down the dressing room] " ' ) I in abundantly proved by Holy Semi- stairs in Poll's Theater, IIartford, Lure." Protestantism at Cross Roads A noe of warlling' is ::;pun(led by the Rev. William Pierson Merrill. pas- tor of the Brick Presbyterian church in Fifth Avenue, New York. in an ar- ticle written for one of the large sec- ular monthly magazines. "Protesttmtisnl is a the c|'oss- roads," is the cry oP Dr. Merrill, This clergyman recognizes the Catholicity of the doctrine which the so-called modernists are attacking and he de- clares, "A vociferou:, determined lmr- ty in the Protestam ranks is attempt- ing by threats, hy argunents, by any and every meam; to keep it lTlarching I along the olit way, parallel o the oht,]l Roman road although at a distance] from it, and alleged to be utterly un-j like it. Tell , fundamentalist tlmt he tended the lectures and promis'ed their in a K( rmamst" " and he would he shock- 'support. . ed. Yet Fundanmntalism is diluSed Mr. Klmtissian. ])reddent of the Romanism or denatured Protestant- Armenian Rel)ublic, lms paid a special visit to Prague to thank the people of Czecho-Slovakia for their generous aid to his suffering compatriots. Dr. Hanus, Director of the Czech Catholic Foreign , Propaganda .Committee greeted Mr. Khatissian in the name o the Catholics of Prague and assured him of the support of the Catholics of the entire nation, HITLER AN OLD ENEMY OF CHURCH (By N. C. W. C. News Servce) By Rev. Dr. Wilhelm Baron yon " Capitaine (Cologne Correspondent, N. C. W. C. News Service) Cologne, Dec. 24.--An expose of the anti-Catholic activities of Herr Hit,er,-- leader Of the Bavarian separatist movement, has been published by the] "Bayrische Volkeszeitung. The p.t- I per-points out that those who knew I the antecedents of the recent "Putsch" were not surprised at the anti-Catho- lic tendency developed by it, After recounting Hitler's connection with the "Los yon Rom" movement in Bohemia, the "Bayrische Zeitung" says that Hitler himself was expelled from the "Realsehule" in Linz for ,an open sacreligious desecration of the Blessed Sacrament. Certainly blessed are they that are "ambitious;" but the ambition must be pursued not. by self-assertion, buL by self-extinetion.The Friendship of Christ. :Dr. Walcott, secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, says it is not necessary for a churchman to be a Bigotry Germicide I theologian. This fact seems o have At the basis ef bigotry is ignor- emerged rather prominently from the ante. Tho 'only way in which bigotry little discussion between the nodern can be effectively fought is by and the fundamental Protestants. spreading the truth. Hundreds .of u ht I Pmus thousands of persons who are tho g I " Bunk to be hostile to the Church are merely The lares( "good luck chain" has ibm." Dr. Merrill describes the maintain- ing the freedmn of individual con- science as the historic nfission of Protestantism. He takes the view that fundamentalism is endeavoring to impose an infallible Bible on the Protestant churches, and that by so doing' is substitutig a literally inter- preted texthook for the ecclesiastical reached me from Father Will Whalen. The misguided person who sent it to him had copied: out adist.of about six- ty names, and had"coanted the mystic number nine whilst mailing nine cop- ies of the list to nineacquaintances. "Do not .break the'chain/' reads the stereotyped requests, "for whoever does will have bad luck. Do it within authority of {he Catholic Church as cenLered in the Pope, These funda- mentalists so-called, according to Dr.. Merrill, would have the Protestant de- nominations accept the philosophy of I the Catholic Chm-eh bereft of its i charm witi which it is invested through the Catholic ritual and other material aids to spiritual life. It is Dr. Merrill's contention that only by accepting the aims of the liberals who base their faith on the Bible reinter- hostile to the fantastic thing which they think the Church to be. If you pictured the Catholic Church as, say, the Klansmen picture it, you would"be hostile to it. Instead of reciprocating the ill,will of the bigots it is better to try to remove the cause of their big- otry. Twenty-two hundred of such fountains are irrigating the country of the House of. Bishops of that de- nomination, adopted at a special meet- ing in Dallas, Tex., November 14 last, by a unanimus vote. Every pastor was asked to read the letter to his congregation on a Sunday within a month after its receipt. The letter lays stress on the importance of the Apostles' Creed as the basis for doc- trine, and refers in particular to the virgin birth of Christ in the following words: An Abuse of Language "To explain away the statement, 'Conceived by the Holy Ghost and born of the Virgin Mary,' as if it re- ferred to a birth in the ordinary way, of two human parents, under perhaps exceptionally holy conditions, is plain- ly an abuse of language. An odi- nary birth could not have been so de- scribed, nor can the words of the Creed fairly be so understood." The pastoral letter of the Episcopa bishops goes on to say: "Objections to the doctrine of the Virgin Birth, or to the bodily resurrection of our Lord Jesu. Christ, are not only contrary to the Christian tradition, but have been abundmtly dealt with by the best scholarship of the day," and in a cate- gorical manner declares "The creed witnesses to the deliberate and deter- mined purpose of the church not to explain but to proclaim the fact" that the Jesus of history is none other than God and SaVior, on Whbm and on faith in Whom depends the Whole world's hope of edemption and sal- vation." The lette'r asserts'that "It is not the fact of the Virgin birth that makes us believe in our Lord as God; but our belief in Him as God makes reasonable and natural our acceptance o 'the fact of the Virgin birth as de- clared in the Scriptures and as con- fessed in the creed from the earliest times." Expressed a Doubt The more immediate issue which brought into the open the discussion over the doctrine of the virgin birth was the projected trial for heresy i,n Fort Worth, Tex., of the Rev. Leo W. Heaton, who had expressed a doubt as to the doctrine and the necessity for a Christian to believe in it. Mr, Heaton's view was that Christ with Father was the "incarnation of God and the Sen of Joseph," which was expressed through the instrumentality of The twenty-four burs and count'nine and Catholic Church Extension .Society. i you ,will have some great luck." When so ,potent" a bigotry-germicide."Here's one effort te break the chain, ha been devei'oped, it is surely the writes Father Whalen as he sends the letter to me. This is to report that the chain has been duly snapped. It is interesting to note. that among the names on the list which reached me there is no name which is distinetively Catholic. This seems to be a tribute to the influence of the Catholic press, which is constnatly warning readers against such idiotic superstition. ,Connecticut, sustaining a f,'actured -=J ...... hip. The Pope's gifts were transmitted through Monsignor Mariano Ugolini, Canon of St. Peter's. BOMBAY GOVEI{NOR'S TRIBIITI,; TO J ESUITS (By N. C. W. C. News Service) London. Dec. 28.--Thanking the Jesuit Fathers on behalf of the gov- ernment :for their educational work in the Ilombay Presidency, Sir George Lloyd, retiring Governor of Bombay, sI)eaking at St. Xavier's College, Bombay, before his (leparture, paid high tribute to the Society "In the five years since 1 f rst spoke in this hall I have had no cause to go back on anything I said as re- gards your work," said the governor, "but I shouht like if possible, to in- crease the expressmn of my admira- tion for you by several hundred per cent ,because you are doing, I think, as much for India as anybody else, 'and my last words to this college are: Be worthy of that great order which has sent pal the finest men to teach and to preach all over the world and who, wherever they have gone, have taught liberty, order, duty and obedi- ence. course of wisdom to back it to the limit. Fool's Fun Two mysterious radio messages, of unknown origin, are causing trouble to government officials. One purport- ed to be a news bulletin to the effeet that President Coolidge had died sud- denly, and the other was a fictitious S. O. S. call from mid-Atlantic. A shore time ago a big ship stopped its engines and lost time to pick up a bottle seen floating at sea. It con. rained a request to inform t}ie writer of the circumstances in which it was Jound. Unless sfimething drastic is done t stol irresponsible people from fooling with Signals of distreis, there will come a time when genuine calls for help will pass unheeded, and lives will be lost. St. Peter's Quiz A Welsh paper tells this story about Canon Byrne, of Cardiff, who died recently, Canon Byrne and the late General Lee were traveling from Barry to Cardiff. The general was a member of' the Church of England, and asked: ."Father Byrne, do you think I .shall go to heaven?" "Yes, I think you will," replied the priest, "but St. Peter will be sure to say 'Why didn't you come Byrne 7'" IIISTORIANS TO MEET IN WASItINGTON (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Columbus, 0., Jan. 4.-- The next annual meeting of the American His- torical Society will be held in Wash- ington,, according to an announce- ment made at the closing session of preted continuously in the light o un-. the 1923 covention here. folding knowledge can Protestantism continue to perform its historic func- N. C. C. M. EXPLCIS 1 WICE tion and preserve its difference from NUMBER OF AFFILIATED R the Catholic Church. BODIES WITHIN YLA Pastoral Letter Starts Things ] The most recent controversy over] the virgin birth of Christ which arose i (By N. C. W. C. News Service) within the ranks of the Episcopalians' WaMIington, Jan. 4.--The National owes its origin to the pastoral letter Council of Catholic Men expects to double or possibly triple the enroll-, ment of organizations affiliated with I it (luring 1924, according to an- nouncement made from headjuarters / heretoday. This expected increasel will he in additien to, and entirely sep- arated from the extension of the or- ganization in the formation of dio- cesan and parish councils. A letter from Admiral William S. Benson, president of the Men's Coun- cil, has been asking for a renewal of their affiliation and pointing out the" advantages of such action. shortly before the meeting of the Episcopalian House of Bishops, and is in evident contradiction to the doc- trine as outlined by that body in the pastoral letter it frametd. [ BRADFORD I , DRUG CO. I | The House of Quality ! Phones: 4-0227, 40218 I 209 W. 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