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January 8, 1943     Arkansas Catholic
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January 8, 1943

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THE GUARDIAN, JANUARY 8, 1943 PAGE SEVEb Immaculate Conception Becomes Haitian On FAucational Mission _ Ponl iff Tells Of Prayers Holiday By President's Proclamation For Ardent Souls To Meet Port-au-Prince. (E)--By Presi-five of the Sovereign Pontiff. The most horror the world has ever Present Needs Of Church ential Proclamation published on 17, in the Le Moniteur, journal, the Feast of the Conception, December ,, is to be observed annually L,hroughout Haiti as a national .Oliday devoted to honoring Our 'Jady of Perpetual Help. ,] The decree cites that President ',lie Lescot's action was inspired -|by the "impressive ceremonies J1rking the Official Consecra- :l[ph of the Haitian Nation to Our : ....... "dy of Perpetual Help" on De- dber 8, this year, and the "un- nous adherence" manifested by .ae people in connection with this I'.aet of lofty moral and religious ,T..1Rnificance. '' "To affirm the Ca- Cholic faith of Haiti," the procla- Lo][raation states, "it is pertinent to e..erpetuate the memory of this ate by making it a National Holi- ,][eay .... in accordance with the )Ublic sentiment clearly and pub- icly expressed during the said latter, in a memorandum sent to us in June, 1941, said he shared, our views. No occasion seems more ap- propriate to manifest our faith to the whole world and to indicate to Hitler and his supporters that the little Black Republic of Haiti is irreducibly Christian and Catholic; therefore we have issued a post- age stamp bearing the effigy of Our Lady of Perpetual Help which will encircle the globe. This, the first religious postage stamp issued by Haiti, to be placed on sale for the first time on December 8, bears the following inscription: 'Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Patroness of Haiti.' It was designated by a gIeat Haitian artist M. Vergniaud Pierre-Noel." Out of Servitude The President's message also stated that a Redemptorist priest has been sent to the United States, seen may surplant it. Descendants of Slaves At such a time the Haitian Peo- ple, descendants of 600,000 slaves liberated by ttmir own will and ennobled by the blood shed by their forefathers on the field of battle, stand up and proclaim that, following the example of these ancestors, they wish to live free or else to die! Free to proclaim their faith publicly; free to pray to the God of Calvary; free to teach, or to permit to be taught, on this earth the religion of the true God; free from all moral servitude and all the degration that the new ide- ologies have brought upon the world... Free of everything that is incompatible with human dig- nity, or else to die! To die as a Christian!" The President called down bless- ings on "all those who have taught :e ;S." a previous issae of Le Mani- c President Lescot had urged d officials to participate the Marian ceremonies marking official consecration. "It is consoling to us to taken this initiative in our as Chief of Catholic the message read. "Two cause us to emphasize this event. The first is our to confound the impenitent at Government expense, to pur- chase everything essential to the solemnity of the diamond jubilee observance; ,and that another Re- demptorist in Haiti is preparing for the Port-au-Prince Cathedral :an authentic reproduction of the miraculous image entrusted to the "Sons of St. Alphonse of Liguori" in 1866 by Pope Plus IX. A copy received by the President from the United States, he said, would be given to the Cathedral at Les Cayes. us our holy religion and who, by the lessons which they taught us, have guided our steps towards such noble and glorious destinies .... who have died on Haitian soil while teaching us the doctrine of Ctrist and love for His Holy Mother." In officially recognizing the Blessed Virgin as Patroness of Haiti, the Chief Executive asked the people to be worthy and to prove their Catholicism by their nmral and religious conduct. Before concluding his address, remonie .L In a pr  ur, Pre', tll. 1 Federal .l l the Marl o lhe official xarticularly tleve taken a 4qfllality as tate,,, the a eliZa.Sons cau: p[ |'aStcrie ev{ '.i Jdesire to ec i detractors of Haiti who have never lJeased to represent our country n- s the chosen land of the most[ i:PUgnant paganism. The second l r,[ our desire to manifest before! ,e eyes of the world, in these )-_rOUbled and cruel hours, the un- aVering faith of Haiti, a Chris- [lan and Catholic country, which s OpPosed to the Nazi, pagan and u0Ody ideology which, after lClUtching the greater par of Eu- ope in its tentacles, is trying by Very possible means to extend its aterial and spiritual grip even P!ing to the level Of a beast reign. ".ile swastikathe pagan cross-- u 11 ould substitute for the Cross o edemption, the Cross of Cal- la !t ry, the Cross of Christ. December 8, to be preceded by ree days of prayer, by deoCi!oen: the ecclesiastical auth life, $#11 ts been chosen to close the dia- LS  and jubilee year of the en- e t: ronment in our Capital of the s ered image of Our Lady of i _ -rpetual Help... Long before be- ring Chief Executive, we shared v ith the Superior of the Redemp- t, fist Fathers at Port-au-Prince c r dream of seeing this Madonna ally recognized as Patroness aiti. Later, just elevated to fi'lsh to the Archbishop of Port- !e Presidency, we declared our U'Prinee, who received it with asm, and' to the Representa- Made In France No. 67Beautiful Jet-black beade rosary on strong white 21 inch chain with attractive oxidized cross and corpus .............. $1.25 rarely a few months ago bought the entire of this rosary, which to only a few dozen a Chicago broker. Order from The Guardian In" the address which he made President Lescot recalled that a at the Consecration ceremony, year ago, on December 8, Haiti f,,hm  ,, " ur Coun I by ecclesiastical authorRms a day ........  ...erarcha In 0 - .... +-., V " +,, as thelOf special prayer in the United responsible Chief of the Haitian[mtes, long since under the pat- community, through the will of ronage of the Immaculate Con- God--the resolute Conductor of a ception, and Haiti was placed un- der the special protection of the people whom I have the duty to guide and counsel--I come to em- phasize the lofty moral and poli- tical significance of this manifes- tation... Having arisen now al- most 139 years .ago from the most abject servitude and been elevated to the dignity of a nation and he Christian collectivity through the will and courage of our fore- fathers, the Haitian Nation which, like all civilized peoples, has heard the voice of Christ from the mouths of the authorized succes- sors of His Apostles, is drawn up against the barbarians at a time when denial of the Faith and re- pudiation of the Gospel have led the world into the bloodiest and most cruel war of all times; at a time when the forces of evil have joined to their ambitions for ter- ritorial possessions, that of sub- stituting for Christian morals for morals founded on love of God and neighbor--a pagan morality founded on hate and contempt for the human race, at a time when the Cross of Calvary, planted four and a half centuries ago on this Haitian soil by Columbus, is threatened with being uprooted by sacrilegious hands so that the )agan cross--the symbol of the ut- CRISIS (Continued from page 1) lignce they want to know why it is happening. Let us begin by clearing away three false concep- tions of the war. "First, the war is not merely a political and an economic strug- gle, but rather a theological one. It is not political and economic, because politics and economics are concerned only with the means of living. And it is not just the means of living that have gone wrong, but the ends of living. The basic reason why our economics and po- litics have failed as a means to peace is because both have for- gotten the end and purpose of life. We have been living as if civiliza- tion, culture, and peace were by- roducts of economic activity in- stead of the other way round. Po- litics and economics alone are as incapable of curing our ills as an alcohol rub is incapable of curing cancer; and if we assume they will cure, or that they are primary, then this world war will end in socialismand socialism is only an obligatory and enforced organiza- tion of the means of living to pre- vent utter ruin. In a word, it is not our politics that has soured, nor our economics that has rusted;; it is our hearts. We live and act as if God had never made us. Creatures Of Evil "Second, this war has not been caused merely by evil dictators. It is too commonly assumed that Blessed Mother. "We see in this striking coincidence," he said, "the surest sign of the final victory of the United Nations, fighting for a iust cause under the omnipotent 3refection of God. Therefore, Haitian People, proclaim with me the never ending reign of God in Haiti, which today is placed of- ficially under the patronage of the Protectress of Nations--Our Lady of Perpetual Help!" our milk o international peace has curdled, because a few wicked' dictators poured vinegar into it. Hence if we could rid the world of these evil men, we would return to a world of comperative prosper- ity. What a delusionl Tlese dic- tators are not the creators of the world's evil; they are its creatures. Nazism is the disease of culture in its most virulent form, and could not have come to power in Germany unless the rest of the world Were sick. "Third, this wr Is not like any other war. When hostilities cease, we will not go back again to our former way of life. This war is not an interruption of the normal; it is rather the d'fsintegration of the abnormal. We are definitely at the end of an era of history. The old wells have run dry; the staff of unlimited progress on which we leaned, has pierced our hands; the quicksands of our be- lief in the unqualified goodness of human nature have swallowed the superstructure of our materialist world. We are now face to face with a fact which some reaction- aries still ignore, namely, that society can become inhuman while preserving all the technical and material advantages of a so-called advanced civilization. "That brings us to what the war is. There are really two great events in the modern world; the ' The Saint Andrew DALLY MISSAL By Dom Gaspar Lefebvre, O.S.B. Latin and English Text containing all the latest Masses. 4 X 6 in. 1,19S pages This Missal was designed to meet the demands for a smaller book principally for the laity. Both in Latin and English, except Collects, Epistles and Gospels, which are in English. No. os  Black Cloth, semi.flexible, burnished red edges ..: ...... $2.25 No. 209A  Fabrikold fruit. 'Loather, burnished red edges ........... $3.75 No. 2OSB  American Seal Leather, red under sold edges ........ $S.80 30900/00 W 2, The Guardian, Little Rock Very Rev. Albert F. Couslneau, C. S. C. (left), Superior General of the Congregation of the Holy Cross, and Rev. John $. Cavanaugh, C. S. C., Vice-President of the University of Notre Dame, who flew to South America where they are visiting on an educational mission, Acme photo. (N.C.W.C.) war and the revolution. "A war involves nations, al- liances, men, armies, defense plants,.guns, and tanks. A revolu- tion involves ideas. A war moves on a horizontal plane of land, ter- ritory, and men; a revolution moves on the vertical plane of ideology, doctrine, dogmas and creeds and philosophies of life. This distinction is very important, for it explains how nations can be on the same side of a war and on different sides of a revolution. Russia, for example, is on our side of the war, but Russia is not yet Women In Industry War Factor Reducinc (By N.C.W.C. News Service) Cleveland.--War marriages have increased the birth rate, but other war conditions, such as the old one of deaths on the battlefields and the newer one of women in industry, are decreasing it, the fifth annual convention of the American Catholic Sociological Society was told here recently. In a session on "The Family," the Rev. Bernard Mulvaney, of the Catholic University of Ameri- ca, declared that the war mar- riages have increased the birth rate, but it has "not risen enough to insure population replacement on our side of the revolution; Please God some day it may be. War Only An Episode "The war is only an episode in the revolution : somthing inci- dental. It is the military phase by which the revolution is working itself out. The revolution is far more important and will long out- last the war, for this world war is a conflict of nations, as was the last world war, but a conflict of ideologies. "A revolution, we said, involved ideologies, dogmas, and creeds. How many philosophies of life are involved in'lvis revolution? It is quite generally and falsely as- sumed that there are only two; The democratic and totalitarian, or the Christian and the anti- Christian. Would to God it were that simple! There are actually three great philosophies of life or ideologies involved: First, the totalitarian world view; second, the secularist or sensate view which ]ms attached itself like a barnacle to the ship of the Western World; and, third, the Christian world view. "Our choice in this war is to be made among three dogmas; Wheth- er man is a tool of the State, as the Totalitarian believes; or wheth- er man is an animal, as the sec- ularist tradition of the Western World--and too many Americans-- believe; or whether man is a creat- ure made to the image and like- ness of God, as the Christian be- lives. "We have a double duty in this war, not a single one. We must defeat the active barbarism from without, and we must defeat the passive barbarism from within. We must use our swords with an outward thrust against Totalitar- ianism and its hard barbarism; but we must also use the sword with an inward thrust to cut away our own soft barbarism. "We have a war to win; and we have a revolution to win. A war to win by overthrowing the pow- er of the enemy in battle; a peace to win by making ourselves worthy to dictate it." Birth Rate and problems of decreasing pop- ulation remain." "Most significant is the fact there has been an increase in only first and second births," Father Mulvaney said. "For all other births there has been not only a relative but an absolute decrease. Thus the young women have in- creased their fertility, but middle- aged and older wives have con- tinued in the old downward fertil- ity trend. The general trend of increased first births has been ac- centuated by the war. Thus early first births not only offset the de- crease in later births but they as- count for the total upward trend." Religious Revolution Needed Father Mulvaney said "the wide- spread substitution of women for men in all fields of employment is an important reason for a great drop in birth rates during and af- ter the war," adding that "it will (Radio, N.C.W.C. News Service). the members of the Sacred College Vatican City.--He prays that his Christmas Message which, lat- God will raise up ardent and gee- er in the day, was broadcast in var- :erous souls, among the clergy and icus languages to all parts of the among the laity, particularly to world. In this message His Hall- meet the present-day needs of the ness gave "Five Fundamental Church, His Holiness Pope Plus Points for the Order and Pacifica- XII declared the morning of tion of Human Society," and' call- Christmas Eve, when he received ed for "a vast legion" from among in the annual Christmas audience "all people and all nations""good the members of the Sacred College and farseeing men" to make the of Cardinals who are in Rome and sacrifice necessary to bring "eor- tie members of the Roman Curia. rect notions about society4" The Holy Father was outlinifig to His Eminence Genna Card nal Granite Pignatelli di elmonte, Permit Sex Dean of the Sacred College, pre- sented greetings to the HSly Path- Education ...h, er in the name of the Cardinals. The Sovereign Pontiff said the  .,,r'u--'s Schools circumstances of war had made it necessary for him to broadcast to New York. {E)-- Although of- the faithful everywhere a Christ- ficials of public schools here re- mas message treating of the grav- jected a proposal of Dr. Ernest L. est questions concerning the Chris- Stebbins, Commissioner of Health. tlan world. His Holiness indi- te include instruction on the con - cared his satisfaction with the trol of social diseases in the high respectful reception by Catholics school curriculum, they have and non-Catholics of previous mes- granted permission enabling health sages regarding the norms and' pre- officials to give such instruction requisites of true world peace. The Holy Father then outlined the in public schools outside of class principal scope of this year's mes- hours. According to the plan, lectures sage. will be given in certain high ,The: Church, like Christ, Pope school buildings Saturday morn: Plus said, is opposed and misun- ings, but youth attending must derstood in combating errors to have the consent of their parents., bring, about the triumph of the The public school officials dis Gospel and to save the world from avow any connection with the lece divine chastisements. But this tuures beyond permitting use o cannot deter the Church's aposo the buildings for that purpose. ' i relic courage inflamed with the The Catholic News and Brooklyn fire of charity, His Holiness addel. Tablet, newspapers of the Arehv Such blindness and lack of un- diocese of New York and the Dio derstanding of the Church's doc- cese of Brooklyn, respectively, h trinal and pastoral activity, the their current issues, protest against Holy Father declared, is ever pres- such use o$ the public sch0l ent and is to be accepted as parti.: l:,uildings and warn Catholic phr cipation in the chalice of Christ. ents to keep their children away ' Saying that he prayed that Di-. from the lectures, vineGrace might raise up ardent Declaring that under this play and: generous priests and laymen "sex education" is "permitted to, meet the particular needs of the where religious education is bar- church today, Pope Plus asked: red," the Catholic News says:the "Is there not perhaps sounding Catholic Church is opposed: :tO even now for Christianity, for the such training in the public schools i Faith which conquers the world, because "it is the training of thud an hour comparable to that of the will, moral training, which pri- firSt'meeting and struggle of marily influences children or Christ with ancient paganism? IS adults to avoid evil and Seek there not perhaps sounding an hour good" and because "training' :of fraught with grave danger but at the will is the province of the the same time laden with far- parents, and by the law of this reaching promises and hopes and nation, firmly rooted in the Con- the adoration of wise men come stitution of the United States, they from afar, recalling the nostalgic require nothing short of a re- cannot be compelled to delegate memories of humanity united in ligious revolution to bring about that prerogative to any person Or pursuits of peace, carrying the a change." breath of hope for the future to Speaking at the same session, The Tablet declares it can "fore- multittdes of radio listeners, ex- the Rev. Dr. Edgar Schmiedeler, see little good' in a project that emplifying in concrete the unique O.S.B., Director of the Family Life ignores the causes of evil and con' unifying power of the Papacy?" Bureau of the National Catholic centrates on the effects alone;" His Holiness concluded by ira- Welfare Conference, cited figures adding: "If these people sincerely parting the Apostolic Benediction. showing that of all married women deire to correct the evils of yen- in the United States, 43 per ereal disease, let them cooperate Little Sisters of the Poor, North- either have no children, or at with the religious 'forces of the side; the Little Sisters of the Poor, one child. Only about one third city which train youth to under- East End; St. Joseph's Protectory; he said, are mothers of a sufficient stand that the deepest mark made St. 'Mary of Mercy Church; St. number of children to sustain the by sin is not disease but the loss Paul's Passionist Monastery; the population of the nation, of God's friendship. We earnestly St. Vincent de Paul Society and "A most dreadful and surely hope that parents, teachers and the Vincentian Home, each three discouraging situation school officials will forestall in its per cent. us," Dr. Schmiedeler said. "No beginnings this attempt to foist -. hocus pocus will avail. Only upon the unwary the Godless Priest Dies In ,,e: gigantic efforts ill accomplish the theories of Russia and Germany." Was Catechism Author : :  Hartford, onn. (E)The Rev. Ed- taskthat liesf reconstructingahead.,, our family Aged Priests, School, ward G. Rosenberger, recently Declaring the family to be the Charities Share In lost his life when fire swept the cornerstone of the social struc- rectory of the Church of St. Fran- furs, on which depends extensively $100,000 Estate ' cis of Assisi, here, was widely known as an author. He was a the condition of society generally, Pittsburgh. (E)--Bequests to pro- frequent contributor to The Com- Dr. Schmiedeler said "be what may 6de for tle comfort of aged monweal and America and was the the outcome of the present war )riests in the Diocese of Pitts- with an external foe, the democ- mrgh and to reward students in author of a textbook, "Outlines of Religion", designed for Catholic facies continue to stand in mortal the music school of Duquesne students of high school age, and danger from a foe within." "They University were provided in the used in the Diocese of Hartford have accepted and harbored in will, disposing of an estate valued and other places. their bosoms doctrines and p,rac- at more than $100,000, of Henry E. tices of self-destruction," he added. Seibert, retired former secretary - "Their family life' the crnerstne of the Manufacturers Natural Gas MORRISON of the nation, has been weakened." Company. The will directed $10,000 be THE HATTER Corporal's Painting of Saint given to the Most Rev. Hugh C. Christmas Gift to Parish Boyle, Bishop of Pittsburgh, and LADIES AND HATS Koseiusko, Miss. (E) An oil be used for the comfort of aged MEN'S painting of St. Therese was pre- priests of the diocese. The will CLEANED AND BLOCKED sented to the congregation of the also directed $500 be provided for Church of St. Therese by Corporal Duquesne University to provide a 553 Main St. Ph. 99T6 B. F. Lewis when he come from gold medal annually in memory of Fort Sill, Okla., for a Christmas his brother, Charles, for a student furlough in his home town. of piano or violin. It also speci- The painting was made in camp fled that Mr. Seibert's violin be TO GET RID OF A BAD by Corporal Lewis, who was a turned over to the university for senior at Louisiana College when the occasional use of an outstand- COLD IN A HURRY TRY called to the colors. His paintings ing student, who is without a good S. & B. "SPRATOX" have been exhibited in Baltimore and elsewhere. YOUTH SERIES ON SACRED HEART PROGRAM Rev. Daniel A. Lord, S. J., tholle author, composer and playwright, Inaugurates a youth series over WEW, St. Louis University, as a new feature of the Sacred Heart Program, which is carried by elec- trical transcription over 95 other stations throughout the United States and Canada. The total estto mated listening audience is .8,000,000. Father Lord Is national Sodality director and editor of "The Queen's Work," Sodality organ, The inspirationlpr0gram has been designed to cover the future so- cial, political and' cultural possibilities of American youth. Left to right: Nicholas Pagliara, man agcr of WEW; Father Lord; Rev. Leo Wobido, S. J.0 national director of Men's Parish Sodalities; Rev. Eugene P. Murphy, S. $., national !tor of the . acre .Hea  Program, (N.C.W,C..) instrument, and further directed It is just the remedy to check it books and music in his library be quickly and if used in time will given the university, often prevent it, and other troubles After numerous other bequests, that follow a cold. We are mailing the will directed of the remainder it out every day, why can't we of the estate Duquesne University mail you an outfit75c complete and St. Paul's Cathedral should and guaranteed to satisfy receive 20 per cent each; St. Paul's SNODGRASS & BRACY Orphanage, five per cent; and the Advertisement. THE NEW MISSAL FOR EVERYDAY Also by Father Lasance Follow the Mass with this fine prayerbook--A complete Missal in English with instruction notes md a book of prayer. It provides a complete book, in smell handy size and contains a large colleco tlon of general prayers. Its simple ar- rangement makes it easy |or anyone to follow the Mass as said by the priest f'om dsy to day. * * $ The meaning of the various eere- nlonles, the reasons for ,the altar and other sanctuary reqnesites are clearly explained i' $ * * ,, 1,344 pages, size 3 1-2 x S 1-2 , No. 159-2001 fruit. Leather, llmp, round corners, red edges .... 3.S0 No. IS9-2OIG American Seal Leather; lhp, round corners, gold edges ............................... r ..... -4- ........................... $&So Order from The Guardian