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January 8, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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January 8, 1927

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Page Eight THE GUARDIAN, JANUARY 8, 1927 ton and Washington's crossing the Delaware, here today. After outlining the w~mderful growth of the country, due to the foresight and fairmindedness of the founders of the Republic, and stress- ing the responsibilities devolving up- on the individual, the President said in part : "Yet- this elaborate and well- RELIGION AND EDUCATION NECESSARY TO NATION, PRESIDE b~e m!O!lL!tD!Ebut!h~YS (By N. C. W. C. News Service) [may Y P " " " only one fundamental remedy. Me- Trenton, N. J., Dec. 29. The onlYlthods can be devised under which it fundamental remedy for the preser- may be more difficult for the politi- vation of America's "elaborate and ca] dictator to remain in power and well-wrought-out system of govern- more easy for the great body of the cent," and to supply the nation with voters to direct their own destiny. political salvation, is through the "in- But under our institutions the only fluences of religion and education," f way to perfect our government is to declared President Coolidge, in his L perfect the individual citizen. It is address concluding the Sesquicenten-~ nial celebration of the battle of Tren- necessary to reach the mad and the soul of the individual. It is not mere- ly a change of environment but a change of heart that is needed. The power of the law may help, but only the power of righteousness can be completely sufficient. I know of no way that this can be done save through the influences of religion and education. "Invite Us to Your Nelt Blowout" Sehaer-Norvell Tire Co. GENERAL AND SE/BERLING TIRES Phonu 4-0$M, ( Third and Cnt~ S~eets OUR PLANs PAY AS YOU CAN THOS. LONER N FURNITURE CO. 818 Ma~ Street Little Reek, A~ '"By religion I do not mean either fanaticism or bigotry; by education wrought-out system of government I do not mean the cant of the schools; would be of little avail unless the but a broad and tolerant faith, loving Cook Furnlture Co. people supply sufficient energy and thy neighbor as thyself, and a train- intelligence to make it work. Un- ing and experience that enables the] West Entrance to Arcade RidE. less that be done, there is no system human mind to see into the heart of[ Telephone 4.20S9 of government that can supply a na- things. This has been a long, slow, I tion with political salvation. Under and laborious process, accompanied] CASH OR' CREDIT our theory, the citizen is sovereign, b~ many failures and many disap-i813 Center St.Little Reek, Ark. Whenever he abdicates, some pre- pointments. No doubt there will beI tender assumes the throne. In large many more in the future. But thoseI centers of population this has often who have faith in the power of thel Southland Co~ee & taken the form of what we term a individual to work toward moral per-] political boss. The voters cease to fection are willing to intrust their] Creamery Co, function in their sovereign capacity destiny to that method of reform. ItS A.M. Wiognnd, Mar. and turn their power over to some is that faith which justifies the individual who rules in their stead. American conception of popular soy- They cease thinking and acting for themselves and permit someone to think and act for them. They are not willing to make the sacrifice and per- form the service which is necessary to support self-government. ereignty. There is no other theory by which we could explain the mak- ing of the American nation and no other theory on which we can hope for its continuity. It was in this faith that Washington crossed the Dela- "When this condition exists there ware." GERMAN LUTHERANS ADOPT "BISHOP" AS CHURCH TITLE By Rev. Dr. Wilhelm Baron van Capitaine, (Cologne Correspondent, N. C. W. C. News Service.) Cologne, Dec. 20. The post-war proposal of certain Protestant groups to institute the title "Bishop" in their churches has met with such suc- cess that three of the Evangelical Lutheran state churches--Hanover, Schlueswig-Holstein, and Hessen- Massau--have adopted the-plan. Even in Prussia, where the plan was re- jected, it was very strongly support- ed and a compromise was reached whereby certain church officials will be known as "provosts." Protestants were desolate follow- ing the war when the "Protestant Empire," as they called it, had fallen and the Kaiser was dethroned. They had lost their religious head and leader, and the pastors and parishes demanded bishops to give authority to the Protestant Church and its out- standing representatives. The pious King Frederic IV had had this aim, but the restoration of the empire in 1870 and the authority of the em- peror made it impossible. AMERICAN RELIGIOUS SECT GIVES TROUBLE IN EUROPEAN LANDS By Dr. Frederic Funder, (Vienna Correspondent, N. C. W. C. News Service) Vienna, Dec. 24. Grave com- plaints have been made in various parts of Europe against the "Serious Searchers of the Scriptures," a new sect which originated in the United States. In one case a court has been obliged to take action against the promoters of this sect. Their dupes are chiefly among the uneducated and superstitious.In Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and elsewhere their activity has become a disturb- ance. In Switzerland the courts have had to occupy themselves with the nuis- ance, and in doing so have pronounc- ed rigorous censure. At the head of the "Searchers," posing as a prophet, is "one J. F. Rutherford, whose doc- trine consists mainly in asserting that the return of Christ is imminent. FR. GARESCI-IE TELLS GROWTH OF CATHOLIC GUILD OF NURSES (By N. C. W. C. News Service) GERMAN GOVERN- MENT URGED TO CURB IMMORALITY By Rev. Dr. Wilhelm Baron van Capitaine, Cologne, Dec.' 13.--Ttiousands up- on thousands of Catholics assembled in simultaneous meetings held here on the Feast of the Immaculate Con- ception, gave out the warning that 'they have lost patience with the im- morality and filth which is steadily becoming more daring and insolent. They adopted resolutions calling up- on the government to find some way, through legislation, to preserve the people from the decadence and de- generacy that threatens. The clergy of this city and all unit- ed religious and Centerparty unions of Cologne were invited to the meet- ing'. The Catholics turned out in such great numbers that the great auditorium which encloses fairs and exhibitions and sea~s 7,000 people was inadequate. It was necessary to hold an overflow meeting in the town's largest hall. "Cologne, take care of Christian culture," was the keynote of the meetings which rang as a warning to the city. The speakers dwelled upon the warning and told their audi- tors that the time had come to put a stop to filth and public immoral- ity. The pastor of St. Columba declared that priests can no longer be silent with immorality increasing. He pointed out how the city, with its many churches and saints, had won the title of "Holy Cologne." But, now, he said, there are so many dan- gers that the sanctity will be taken from the metropolis of Rhenish Cath- olics if the Catholics do not enter the combat against the enemies of faith and civilization. In indicating the evils against which Catholics and Christians must fight, the pastor of St. Columba's pointed out the misuse and demor- alization of marriage which is the first step in the fall and decline of culture; art and literature, which show such a decline that~a large part of the German nation regards it as the task of these arts to represent any baseness and immorality; illus- 'COFFEE ROASTED DALLY" Phone 6644 ! I 1 West Capitol Avenue Peanut Butter Made W]bRo You Wait TYPEWRITERS I~ C. SMITH and Coronas, new re- builts of all make; also relmtrs led rebuilding. Carbon Paper a Specialty. FINES PHILLIPS Typewriters and Supplioc 102 Louisiana St. LIT'FLE ROCK, ARK. Allen T. Brillhart GROCERIES AND MEATS Little Rock, Ark, Quality l3ret Phone 4-2414 626 East $asexe CALJ.--- Little Rock Steam FOR GOOD WORK Family Pl~sh ~td Rou~ Dry Phemes T IY6---qll~ Thh~J and Cemtuc Street8 THE HUB NED POE The Hs~..4 KUPPENI~JMRR Gond CteG Chas. S. 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Great applause attended the adGption of the resolu- tions calling upon the government to find a remedy. Garesche, its general Spiritual direc- tor. The third year of the Guild's existence sees chapters being Or- ganized in many places in the United States and in Canada, Father Ger- esche said. During the month of August, Father Garesche at the in- vitation of the officers of the Mari- time Conference of the Catholic Hos- pital Association, organized the Guild in the whole province df Nova Scotia, with local' chapters 'at Glace Bay, Antigonish and Halifax. This Guide can be utilized with the ass at- ance that the merchants herein represented are thoroughly dependable and The Guard- ian asks its readers to patronize them. Mail and express orders es solicited T, 0D f .~RC~,1fCT Exclusive Millinery Moderate Prices Lensing Millinery THE HAT SHOP Phone 4-2658 While go to--- CAFE Have You Tried the Rest? NOW TRY THE BEST ! Fifth and Center 222 W. 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