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January 8, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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January 8, 1927

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THE GUARDIAN, JANUARY 8, 1927 Page Three SCHOOL EFFORT IN ' -,'.'. ,.,--'. ,-- I SPAIN PROVING FAILUREC.K. A. NEWS ENGELBERG PUT BAN ON BIRTH J "-- -- -- ~ P~klTD(II 'I'~'I]'|P~'C/ (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Rev M ~ .. ~ . St. John's Branch No. llth0,{ Eng:lb:r?niaSnas:::mofttY~ti:r: ~Jl~ll~UL V~V|~r,t~/ Notre Dame, Ind.,Jan. 1. Repre- ~:e'~Po:d=lt, ~?nca. W. C. :txrp:lIlnd~'tuar:doflblg: :l~l::iPimti::;]Bwr~lk~:YhelTh:nfj:tnZrg; 9~ amtei:3~ Thteacommunity Ys made up of solm! [sentatives of 40 colleges and univer- D::: 2S;rfTh)e effort of thtr:ch:::inn ~:dfriid: wS~lil~l tP:::e:~: ~'ouml H.Th~em:dicawla:X:pnpirntteidna:df ~hhohapldYeCatchohnfolf:tl:nga~ali~ild-.(l:ly" ...... i~. t;. w.~w. r~ews .... ~ervlce)|~o~re!lSities ............ gatheredl~ame nereat J.uesclaythe UniversitYana wecl-f !~:=yS:tf:;i~Uems~::s :ibli:h:dth:leS:t:h:dewat~e e~:lygUeixShinn: ~Wilnlit~;ti:bliga~ldakt tp~e:Tit:i pog;ah::::s, ei~ahtdl~liplhS ~h;ast ~setDUbhn'up byDeC'the 27.--TheFree StateCmmlssln |nesdaYGovern-!ing Of thefr American'he secondCatholicannual Philo-meet" . justify their attempt tel,ion. This failure is due :lmost ca: second Sunday ~in February. the apex of a gently, sloping" knoll men, to consider what legmlatlvensophical Association. The meetings 't~testant~]i~ii ~hii~ime iu:iSchls through- t t!rely !i~i! !~~ ~- ~ fe:!ie: i~ iilt two most deserving institu-~iii'h~oei :me~ ~l/~a ~i!i t;~ifi gla~ii~w~" iiMt ~ii!i]i hi!ii t~ ~~tl i:~ii ~4i~ St. Adelphia Branch No. 102, Fort i stands the beautiful httle church of loire :itid::'c h a: n~ ?Pl e~e:al t h:PrtatinisStepsbelieved,can andbe, will,pUblicationtakenamong, agalnstotherOf immoralthepthings,to:kmig l f' Ira- I were!moreMSC'rica ~heandPresidedthanEdward A PacecatholiCbroughtl00 oVernotedUnivers, it; O~togetherbYcatholicthe Vic- "e~-,-a groupRt'An~er~-think.Rev'of ~Apostolic ~nsg~ e(h !~! :::2;: I ofrecmmend the abslute prhibitin ers frm different sectins f the, he importation and sale of books country :nt :eOr : I''"'''''''''''""''m''"''''''''''''''"'''' SIL [ GLOFF, ]SOUL OF ~h:s~en~i:9a:i ?:[abnech:::li:,a: tti:: i [!!;t!~)~h1:i S:ii~i!i!ri!:ff! and papers advocating birth control. " ' i BOUGHT BY SISTERS ~ ~ DtLII~ b ~ I Rock, will hold its regular meeting on so situated that ,t can be see ,., NEW PRIOR MUST SURVIVE ~a~uor~ ]2, when the officers for a grea~ad:htlfeth:n ~oell:ars dlYntThdll OF CORPUS CHRISTIt , l~pre,ntlng t~e AT ITDIAPNI (San Francisco, Dec. 28. TheI Business of thQ WorM. l'lkl IJU]~|I~]k~U O/']klO O'~l~'llllOl question ready for the question box. that spirit wh!ch makes for greater t~Y ~" ~" w. b. ~ews ~ervlce.) i Rev. Bebe, O. S. B., will answer accomphshmen~s. ~ne ~arms o~ ~ne Corpus Christi Sisters who ~:ame here1 Auets'. Over One Billiom Dolllm~ I SUCcessfulPastor atl five years ago to found their Order[ ~v ~r * =-~ (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Isame. Also the drawing for the at_[people of .the commumty are .bll lo;t for the Pacific Coast in California, l IN@W X orx Llle lnsurartce .h !or. 15 Years Called I Philadelphia, Dec. 30. Heber D.[tendance pr!ze will be held..A large[cared w~thm.two or threThm~tes o_ and who have since been occupying Company :::::;he Fathers to ,Curtis, director of the Allegheny,attendance ~s expected at th,s lneet- ~hl~h;:7:h~tYr::n~:resents etP:cge,tcmporary quarters, have acquired a, Phone ,,,,, L,t,, Rock, Ark e Executive Observatory, speaking yesterday be- rag. " '~'~7/~" " " ~ six-acre plot of land in San Marco, I Subiaco ~ fore the American Astronomical So- Mr. and Mrs Ben Catherina an l lice at * ~ well drained lowlandsand gently l~ djoining San Mateo park, and will " ABBey. !ciety, meeting in conjufiction with |ounce the engagement and up- ::ll!~:gesllP::" be]e]eMt:~e:f tth:o tll~:ba]l~l ~ 8015 So,they| Trot Bldg the American Association for the Ad- roachin marria e o their dau . s . ~at once build a monastery. [llHHimHHw|mmmllmmmlimllliHi~ er ] p g g - gh-streams--the Fourche and Current '~ortt~asfl8 "Eglff" O. S. B., ca|cement, of Scmnce,. declared that ter, Frances. ,to Jarrell. Hogan of rivers, ttere live" a happy and con-IT The new .building will be of late] ~, o m~th th~s week to man s soul must live after death. Memphis, the wedding to take place' eole whose Ieat faith and udor gothic architecture with an l~ BABY CHICKS FOR SALE r~p~0~ Ilshthe for" 15 years. I.';cience' and religion,' ~ " this assertion' ' St Joseph's" ~ Branch No 1054,' Ton tented,~.,a~ p ctiP n g" interior plan adapted to the religious n Purebred Barren SCrain Lar~ n u^ Sublaco Abbeyl Coming as ~t does m the Irlldst Of I Febrl-lal'~ 1, at St. Ar!drev" s Cathe- col.lrage hav(~ ~Ul.rl~d a verl~ab]~ vv-il- ,york of this Order of Sisters. A pub- n B,b, n "jc was pastor of the lmuch talk about differences between ldral, s into a most roductive and lic chapel, 30 by 82 feet, with a seat- ~ Chicks, $13 hundred. e a ,' ' dernes, p -~e ...... . -~ ...... se o. ling capacity of 250, is included in n Le~h~oS'alSd152unt~dn lo r Post will succeedl~s destined to attract w~despread at- titown. Miss Rose Bastinalli, weds Forty years ago the few families the plans, n Rhode Island Red~ $16 hun- ! ,~ ca| pastorate, it was ten,ion, and, already, has been taken childhood sweetheart. After 25 years who found their way into practically ~h.~lners did not know l~mers that it would be strange if man which in volume almost rivals that future nmterial hap iness With the [], "aursday. in some quarters to be a challenge to of courtship Memo Morsani, resident a virgin country were COAti'outed by [ PRAYERS AT MASS |In ~o,,~ Rock, $1~ hundred, m tF~aer Basil had been lscientists, of Tontitown, and known as the Ar- unbelievable hardshi s, but, were pos I. i .In Thomson m strain Barred Ply- U ais r " P n ........ n ln White Rocks, $17 hundred. ~. P omotmn some time Director Curtis told the astrono-lkansas Caruso, because of his voice, ses~ed of a great dream involving Ifor ~cnool t~l~ilaren |1~ Buff Orpington~, $17 hundred. L"~ Week. Right Rever-{were the only manifestation in the ]of the late singer, was married De-l cross ,lanted in th:r midst and the|1 REVArrangedE P GRA'HAMbv | mn]n Ancona,,All good aim.S17 purebredhundred'stock. ~U '~ ~. B., Ph. D., Ab- universe to be annihilated at the end cember 29 to his childhood sweet- undert'akin dedicated to God. their [ Sixth Edition " " |~n These are Fall and Winter "'ou ' "" ..... g " | A Bisho,~ said "Th~'~ ........ |~n priee~, which will be lower in ap~oeY, notffmd Fathe~llOf t0 years, while matter, energy, heart, Rose Bastmelh, Tent,town's toil kept pace with the spirit of the '-~men~ s ' " ' ostmlst~ess and lon tnn ~, " I pace and tnne are continuous. F P , " " , g " e secretarY lboinnin~ Years have flown bv in l are the most beautifu[and*devo-I~ th~Sp~r~g.. ..... or n ~e Father Basil's lastl "This thing, soul, mind, spirit," helof Branch No. 1054. Morsani andlt-hemaki'ng of a land, and now much |tional I ever heard and they actu-|[~ weao no m~p ~. u. ~., | lull,, hel- one t- s~,, ~ ...... ;,~ fIN accep~ per~ona~ caeca. ~enuz B )r. of the St. Boniface said, "cannot well be an exception, his bride are both natives of Italy of that dream of golden fields and | ~re'ater ~levotion" "z ............ |I~ MoneF Order. Shipment~ mad~ " promptly. his taking up the du-[In some way, as yet impossible to ]and ,net on the steamer which ]beautiful home sites has bee,, real- I A Jesuit and a Re-Ill ,o,.., ~_.-~ I ot the abbey. He willldefine, it too must possess continuity. Ibrought the colonists parents andliz~d " i demptorist made the same remark. [',, T~k~ it statement from Po~- faith ~ I . ~ " " - ........ Wednesday. Dr. tThe concept ~s old, but the conclusmn children to America. They came w,thl To the traveler who sees many | The Prayers at Mass for School [ l U ~=,~. ~' ,,~ ,1-,-I.2, a~,a B officiate with Father is inevitable." 'Father Bandini first to Sunnyside, s ,ions of our state and he hears a--. t ec w |Children are giving real satisfac-| ~.~ "--'-~'- -"~-~ .... :~'-" | tion. The children, in particular'] ~ lne IN.lngszon n The .ewI ';e r La e WHale, then afterloften the the U boy , were ,eve more tt -n,m ,,., ,. nn o. 13., a ere, oo ow.,Ifarr i ,oo, e occasiooe nt,ve crif,oe." |iU n o,, ay from ,,ere attac of b ood pre ure, l:a ,co ff m yas -Ite ack of r otab e pri e I Ur u ine Si ter . I I , m ........ mgton county, wnere P atner ~anaini cotton it must be refreshin to ha [ Price $4.00 per hundred pre-|il~ 's " I with which ne naa been a~ecteo.I ...... l g P- | paid. Address St. John's Rectory, i[ ~eparture estabhshed his picturesque Itahan~ u on 1 s .... concludes| Miss Mar Malone, aged 28 died I ,, . " ~pen p a commun'ty uch as is this | 627 McKinley Avenue N. W., Can- | I! r n alcl~ ha ~ ....... ~....~1 ~ y .... ._. ....... I viuage and started the grape indus- En el ur Here the farmers r-- s ............ a xew minutes aider rece,vmg ~ne ....... Iof g b g. |ton,,Hhm. 'IIICALV II ahonal ~ob::hijeh~lt. L:::tS:drlk:~llSwh::ln[u: down by bmdegrm is a. son of Emedm Mot-against the one product crop; here ARY oar, Cro, i.g ffd tho of een e.ou to '" ort Sml , urs tneresa ~as~lanelll, all oI .ton disregard "the King," as the major ool ~ .-"th. street with her nephew, Cyril Malone .... ...... :1 U Fresh9 Sweet ' ~o: OUllding and vari-aged8 The boy is suffering from u~own: ~l~ne weo.~llng was solemnlzecl means of a livelihood and have turn" i C~I Ill !! "~"~s t ......... I .... 7 ..... a~ l :6u wednesday morning, Decem-le to corn ha . wheat and stock|~re:Tnges'=~ e ~- - " ,e cnurcn snoc~ ano a ~ractureo jaw, ana is in ............. t d ' Y" |Ill --|1 .reSUlted from his]a critical condition I~er zu, at bt. Josepns bnurch, w~thlraising" Above all have they learned Sweet Oranges, $3 per box For th~ con'~ntence ~f lot ~arisht~ " ~ne ..... ms~ lm-I' Fa~ner ........ ~ooiuara," wno" was a'," years ~ ~. I J: atner .,McBarrn. _ officiating. The I to gr0w the yearly needs of the house- i of three hundred large size. Boxes I III ..... I ! r ~z So nd owners sn u~vary tgeme , ~"~ School will add alold, was born in Southbrid~,e Mass t"lvlrsams m't at once for Kansaslhold and of the stock, in anticipa- [larger than standa d s" e. u ]l|| ~ || uePartme.~ ~.: ............... ~,' ~ City and other points on a wedc~ingltion of a vossible hard year They |fruit and satisfaction guaranteedl|||the Suporintendent~ Rev. J. P.|| 's - -. -.~. ~m~ pa~ ne a~en~ea ~ssump~lon ~ollege anG . . ~ , - - l- activities will begin~Nicolet College in Canada and wasltrlp" [have been content with a comfortable | or money back. We pay express |/| | Fisher, will be at the office, || _,.. I/l is07 w..t S. ond o=ll aaUary 4. ,ordained to ,'he priesthood' in Balti I St. Paul's Branch No. 476, Poca-land safe return and, even in this I attitude and a " " I ..... "lhontas A letter notifying, all ,~-~ t vear when rices for farmroducts R ................. I/lli:s0 to ~:80 P. ~xcopt Sa~- || ex- sprat,more in 191o. tie nao serveo as al " ........-'- ' P ' P I ACME ORANGE FARMS |]||urday,. The office will bell ~a~.Pressed by his daily curate in Indian Orchard, Williamsett bers of the branch to attend a call generally were low these farmers ,=ward,s hospital, have]and North Adams Mass He came to lneeting to be held on second Sun-]are cheerful in the realization that | LaGrange Texas 1,,, open daily from 8:80 to |:O0, || f , ' , " ' "In I Saturday excepted, i I or h~m m ad day in Januaz was sent to the mere they have done better than their )w- -ISt. George s Church last February [ "Y "l /I .... ~i " Parishioners " I bership, calling attention to the fact!brothers in other sections of the ~ld c~aS educatedin I M'SS HELF-.N N. CANE, I that their mnthly payments must bes~ate. H0~B~kG I. ' - "- amet , made zomtl and,oat,cAdre ulaz The dlsti,ct has yet some needs to ~~] ~. o the United[ WRITER S DAUGHTER I P" P Y g "1 " "" E CO. J~abl~h, ed 1~ ~- lUlll~ "T~'/llll I ~"' " "" II/~ ~ llBIl I ~[III I/I c 30 T mary at Little Rock, s ent Chrmtmas John's Church ~s an edifice such as s of the Re ubhc with his parents, Mr and Mrs Ben would be an ornament to any c~ty ~. . P " I Cane, was until recently a feature l . ' 0 ^^ , reveals aiwmter and specml correspondent for] " CO. = '"ctucied I . DeClerk of the state It was erected at a ~. . ,vu0 pesos. Ithe Boston Transcript; her father was] Mrs. Leon Kelley, husband and lCOS~ of around $15,000. Engelburg , ~eehn her three sons of Mem h,s s has a resident astor and maintains ~ ~U~Al~ ' 'e "g that some]the late Dr. Edward Cane, Catholic] p', pent the] " P ' " " ~[! H ~|gn|~nt | o ~ SSary blames theI "- ~ . ~.~ ~ ~ ~.,^~ /holidays at the home of Wm De ]a school which is taught by two o ,writer o~ note, m~.,~ ~ ~,,~ ~,~-.~ -, Pho~ 4..41~! I Sacred Thlnp a disbursements'ial staff of the London Times Dr [Clerk. [Olivetan Benedictine Sisters from , 1Nim[[H onahan Memorials are wol~l], "I re ~ ne of Kitkenny,[ Matt Baltz, who is studying medi-[Jonesboro. To the great faithof ,! ~tamader onneCessarytRbert EL?;ottr Co~ The Celt" and]"ne atLittle Rock, spent Christmas/the peopleand to the spiritual 115 I~ |1 [Ithy to repre~nt your lov,,ll | ~evlut~hamber' " .-,,-, e ln Ho:;,,.,,., o, n n ass a bill cut l:hl:;~vorks, and m~:'of the founders :~ his fathers, Mr. Gee. ~altz influence that radiates out to | [' ][,everence, and loyalty. S~]! . 1 that the C horiz-of the Re al Archaeolo ical Societ Mr. and 'Mrs. Frank Bauer, of them from the center (like the ,~ 1 ~ ~ ~ ,-....~ ~ i]lm II Monarch & Son ~ i eats, sl Tuckerman, spent the holidays with arm of God stretching out over the " "neeit is I of England, was her parental grand- " 'er of Calles Mrs Bauer's parents, Mr and Mrs area), call be traced those praise- ~_ ]father. Her brother, Frank C. Cane, " ' | II tt 412-414 W~mt Markkam ~ n 'apse o F Spmnenwebe~ worthy quahtms of character, cour ..... " ~4 f the once ]of the Catholic University of Amer- " ". ~ [ "" - I~ exico Cb-- ---~:-~1 .............. ..__ .[ Sacred Heart Branch No 993 Mor age, courtes , and sim le spirit that b- -- ~y, wmcn I]ca, a~cenoea ~ne ceremome~. ~ : . , - ] Y P ~ throu ! rflton In our townshl Wllbourn one nohces wherever he goes among _.. ghout the cousin of Miss Cane, is British Vice-[ "P, " ,/ ' ~- ............. ~- ",~ "-" ..... ~- --- ~- -~u at ~neome to bo I which includes Morrlltonfive us Ithem th Consul at San Francisco. " " " , ' j -, ., government, might' ~ ]rices Of the peace have been holdingI ] [ ~K~I~ ~x~.~ ~ I ~aPit~inh~he short- RADIO ANNOUNCER, :~c: f:r:in:mber of years, and now]since 1911. The parish during his l Canard , ~.,~ : Anchor' ] tP. prey- g .... now has AIRING PREJUDICE, IS [ , i g or" J,m Higgins, Sec- |pastorship has increased to over 700 I Line to i Line to | es are "7~ied~:r BARRED FROM JURY :h~;rYs :nISyta::,tittlhelt t?~bUr~u~t~c:s communicants. Branch 652 wishes I Queenstown Londonderry | ~ I " " [the Rev. Father success in his new .Liverpool ,~x,~ ~\~ L Glas ow ,l:eg:U:e:of high New York, Dec. 31. By orderof!~v~'Spense,ustlcemthistownship, lwork, as prior of Subiaco Abbey" / ~ l c~ tr~ very lit- the Commissioner Of Ford,JurorSannouncerhere, the were erected at the last generalI Forres~ City~ will~n have.T~n,,vva 'branchia (~,f ~C O ~t,r'~- . .......... "~"'~"~'~ ~ ~..-.x-~.- .Was one largelylfor radio station WHAP here, has|Charles W. Drilling. Mr. Higgins, or];anizer'j.~~ ~" D'eClerk-'is ~,~'~ , ~ronized largelyllowing revelations of his alleged[held the office. None were sworn in[instituti~'~',',~'~, o,~en f-; ~'~2"~',,;~: ~_mYees,even. are. the.prejudice against Cath~olic and Jews. I JanuarYbe, heldl' so the township, has no ] congre~.;t'io'n";nd~ a~ro~r~im'lSo ~ o b'e~n=~.~" '~ "axg~ S~/L~Io 2~t'-~_~t~ ~f~ EKL~~~ k~aJ~O~~ ragsm the A few days before his name was re- J" P. s. Perhaps a specml election lurepared for this occasion This will : ]moved from the jury list, Ford waslwill later. Imake 35 branches of the "C K " a ~~_ q'~ ! ~ . Ibarred from a jury by Judge Rosa|-] St. Boniface Branch No. 652, Fortli~ Arkan~a~ The Forr~t ~" SERVICE YAUTO]it was charged by the Commissioner[ sas State Council, C. K. of A., and[ably the first one for the Golden All: 9 85 ~,,~ 155-p ~0 13 2- up address for 15 years pastor of St B CLASS , Iof Jurors, Ford delivered an [ lliface[niversarv year of the Order ~ SAILINGS .... ,c. 19.~-Within on Christmas Eve in the course oflChurch, has been appointed as priorl - " " ..... fAUI~NIA Jan IS Feb 1~' Mar 12 New xork to c.o~ ~ ALAUN|A **Jan: 29 Feb: 26Mar: 26 td been called [which he attacked Catholics and[of Subiaco Abbey, and will enter on~'' ' (Quee~tow~) and Ltverpooll CARMANIA *Feb. 19 " CARONIA Mar. 5 ' the]Jews. He " aid " S biaeo.] rites of ~s s to have declared his new duties this Week at u * * * * * * * * * * * * ? automo-[that Tammany Hall, a New York po-IRev. Father Basil is a native of Swit-I* Every Catholic MAN---o~ the * "..ew xot'.'" ....... ~.,.,, a.,onaon,a~-| CAMERONIAA *Jan. 15 Fvb. 12 Mar. 12 mad M SSILIA Jan. 29 CALEDONIA Apr. 2 A. Robillard,]litica1 organization, was an officiallzerland and has had two parishes[* TWIN CITIES--A KNIGHT * Gl~gow ~ ~rt~NIA "Feb. 26 *Mar. 26 ......... ~t. George,slagent of t~ae Vatican. I ince ordination in 1890, at Subiaco. l* OF COLUMBUS! * OUNARD AmD ANOHOIR LIN~'II ~, died at the W.H. 'l~aylor is listed as the per-IHe served as pastor of St. Mary's[* [ . |0| W. l~amd I~, ~ ~ ~Y" Overcome son in control of WHAP, which is aIChurch at Nevada, Me., for 18 years,[*?ext Clan---Sunday, Jan. 16. * *Via Boston. **Via Halifax. *Via Halifax. **Omlts Londonde~.yo at his experi-private station, and St. Boniface, at Fort Smith, * * * * * * * * * * *