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January 8, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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January 8, 1927

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Page Six THE GUARDIAN, JANUARY 8, 1927 INTOLERANC spirit of the occasion, began its 30 I had mailed and with few exceptions mile trip to Gourd Neck, the Catholic all received the Sacraments. KLANSMAN SHERIFF'S SILLY settlement seven miles northeast ofI Mr. George E. Saunders spent McCrory It was now snowing heav-Christmas with his family at Black E C0ND~MNED ily 'and the entire landscape was[Rock and returned to his work in [cloaked in a covering of snow. At Blytheville Monday afternoon. BY WlSCONSIN'S ST. JOHN'S MISSION HOUSE, weather and condition of the roads, McCrory we were met by Mr Sutcky Mr and Mrs Charles Hirt enter- BRINKLEY, ARK. the attendance was small and Aloys Backer who had blazed the tained their daughter and her has- The congregation is very grateful path for the Mission coupe through t band, Mr. and Mrs. Robert McFar- (By N. C. W. C.. News Service) twarranted his removal Missionary Ramblings. Ire Mrs. Roy Lipscomb for the small the remaining seven miles of almost]land of Chicago, Ill., for Christmas Madison, Wis., Dec. 27. A verdict he said, tha~ in view of Rain had been falling for one an- but beautiful statue of Our Blessed bottomless gumbo road. It was for-I Mrs. R. C. Clark and children, of guilty of official misconduct and lBaker's term would expire tunate that they were ready with a iMaxine and Carroll, of St. Patrick's neglect of dut'- in an a ....... t removal could be put tire week and word had reached us IMother which now adorns the sanc- willing push, for twice did the faith- Parish, North Little Rock, spent the ~ y ~Lercauon Tim[nothing further would that bridges had been washed awayltuary. and that in some places water rose Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were the ful coupe sink to its haunches in the holidays with her mother, Mrs. Kate]members of the American Legion. on '"The Klan, in the to five feet over the roads We start- guests of Mrs. Carrie and family on glue-like mud. The entire seven Larkin and sister, Miss Margaret September 16,, was rendered against its fanaticism and its ed out in quest of a much needed mud [ miles were made in "low," and it is Roach. Frank L. Baker, sheriff of Pierce erance, participated boat but mud boats were so much in hoped that Mr. Ford will devise some Knobel. today, according to an disturbed the peace; demand that a scarcity of this much scheme by which his excellent prod- Masswas said New Year's Day at ade by Gov. John J. front to the American needed mode of conveyance had aris- uct can be made to run in low with- 9 o'clock in St George's Church, m inquiry into World War veterans, out necessitating the constant pres- Knobel, followed by Benediction of en. To add to our already great )ffieer. The in-of Pierce County aided anxiety, one man related how he We were pleased to find that Mrs. sure of the driver's left leg. At the Most Blessed Sacrament. Dur- lucted by Attor- this disturbance and a: present, thin operatmn, when extend . , had to be pulled through a flooded Rogers is gradually improving. That " " . ing the exposition the entire c:mgre- he, of Madmon, as,ernor Blaine declared. area by four tall mules, the water~lmlgn~y ..... Gou ......... rewaru~ .~r ~" ..... ~Ju~u: .... ed over. an hour results in a partial gation renewed their baptism:'l vows, special investigator [ "The sheriff's actio~ paraylsm of that valuable member reaching to the necks of these by- and continued cheerfulness in sick- " and offered prayers cf thanksgiving The complaint was an outgrowth l pect, as he should have of man's anatomy By the time the for all the favors God had bestowed of trouble at the Pierce County Fair, I brids.I had never ridden in an air ness by completely restoring her to would bring about discussi~ coupe had armved at the Starman ship and had ever dreaded such a good health is the wish and prayerI " upon them during the past. They h~ld at ;Ellsworth, when the Eldon:out the country and wou ride; but perhaps I might "take a of all her friends home, where Mass is said, its appear- also made resolutions whereby they C. Kinne Post of the Legion display-idisrespect and disregard: chance" if I had one now " 'ance had been changed from an icicle shall with the assistance of God's ed before its booth an American flag rice of sheriff, and was It was Christmas Eve and there Wyune. into a mud turtle. The bright festive grace strive to repay for all their ...... i trnnmed with gold fringe. At sight and must have caused ........ After a minor operation in a Mere- atmosphere at the hospitable Starman acts of ingratitude of the past and .................. ~ was no ume go lose. xne ram seemeu ....................... .. .. oi tne national emmem, so uecorateo, Uagnolic citizens oi utv .... ,~, . pals nospll;al, lltl;le vllss ~nea is able home was like a veritable oasis in a ~o entleavor to co-opera~e wl~n the . . .. ~ ......... ] ...... , ~o nave come ~o stay. rne mmsmn- . ......... , ..... memoers o~ me ~u r~mx r~mn gain-~au citizens otner than aries had *o "~" ..... a .~.~.~....~,~. again ~o attenu scnom, bne has not desert of mud and snow ,,,Merrylgraces r~e snau send them in striving ............ !._ /.. . ,^~o , . , . . ,, .... ,os~ ,er ever p,eaoan~ smhe. t~nristmas" wishe~ ~,roo~on -, ..... ;.._ ~a~ber periecuon. . , - ~ , a neat~ xor any ~a~e xne mmmon ~. ~.n ~ ,~ ............. - s .............I _ . that the gold fringe, the "Pope's col-]in the official integrity an, . x,~l' ,~,u~,*.0. ~-~, O ~atllnelll anual Irom allsi coupes had Just come from the repair. .. . . , ties.As ~t was 1150 [ ~unday the feast of the Holy ors." be removed from contact with I .... +h~ ~-...~h~'~ ,~...~...h act son Eugene are spending ~ne hohda s ~ermce Jewell began the;r studies at LITTLE ROCK CO N shop where they had been given the, y o clock Mass was begun immediately. I Name Mass was followed by Benedic- the fla~ i~,+od ~ ,,a ,~, " ve "once over" and were ready for the in Memphis, guests of Mr. Badinelli's The neat home-made altar, arranged[tion of the Most Blessed Sacrament .... ..'J ...................... I'~':" "-. 7."= ""ust.ha~ff a , .~..4-~** ~ . -- " " L311VJ-II O~tl~.~l', llllllSt~ll a x~lans-~senl;men~ ~na~ a puDllC u sw,m. At 3 oaloek Lmme was! ...... . n tne [orne, of a large front room, l'l'he Ltany of the Holy Name of man, also attempted to reduce thetally himself with the KI~ ,, , ,, ~w~ and ivirs nar~ and famfl en was garbed m ~ts Chrmtmas best and Ioesus was offered m reparatmn for 1' a-headin down the road as fast "" Y - , ~ Legionriaires to remove the~ frimzedleiallv use the nower of ]iL ~ ~h ..... ~n ,,,, + ...... a~ ]joyed Christmas with the parents of to add to the solomnity of the occa-~the many times the Holy Name of *,-~ ~,r~.:,~ o -~, -, ! .- ~ - - . * ...... r~ *~ .......s- ~.. ...... --- ....... l- " " ~,@' ,,,m~ uovernor ~lalne ca-tale anu aDe~ in the a]s~ ]~r. rtart m Paragould is[on, ~ set of new vestments, donat- Jesus ]s used }rreverently. If we clared that the actions of the sheriff t,~-=~,,a;,= ho+= ~.n ~ntolel rre~t C~ty. M~ss E. Eckles spent Christmas m ed through the generomty of one of continue to use or permit others to ~ -" the f}rst scene, of our Chrmtmas cel-~Memphm I our fmthful tabernacle societies, was use that Holy Name ~rreverently will ~. ~ I-- . ... ~ that ebration. Through the aid of Mrs] Forfeit City. l worn for the first time Mr. A. Iwe not have cause to fear that God H" ~] i~tn~ n) ~ne power o: the The e walked w~th them mt Overly and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ash, the p ople of St. Francis Church Beaker served the Mass and during will doubt our sincerity when we I ~~]~ ]1 ....... of 0' . i llk[|lllJla|~ It ]s a name ~uu Crab was hastily erected. Mrs. Bar- are very grateful to Mr. and Mrs. the Holy Sacrifice the Rosary was call upon Him m our last hour for I ~k~ II ....... .' i~ consolal;lon ~or us, a me~" ton and Mrs. Overly again exhibitedlWm. Hemmen, Sr., for the beautiful recited After Mass specials nrayersIpardon and mercy Let us strive to " - -~ ....... ' *- i tion from passion and er, their Skill m deaoratmg the Altarler]b which now adorns their ehurch, lto the Infant Jesus were said. Thisido all we can to get those who, The following article is taken from ..... s of ~ ..... th . uownwara ~:enaenele and Tree for the Chrmtmas M;dmght] Mr. and Mrs Bueholtz of Carlisle lWas the hrst hme Mass was ever eel-1 rough habit have httle or no re-!the Camden Evening News of Mon ........ in t ' " ' ' ar . . ure, salvation Irom Mass. The altar was banked w~thtspent Chrmtmas m Forrest C~ty w~th ebrated on Chrmtmas at Gourd Neck[g d for that Name which m above all day, December 30: ~^-*~ ~-~. .... -s e~ th ames to come to a full a beautiful array of Pomsetbas| e parents of Mrs. Bucholtz, Mr. land the entire settlement, of about[ reahzatmn , The name of Jesus, the Saviour is not sim 1 the SavioUr against a background of ferns [and Mrs. Louis Grobmyer, Sr [30 souls, was overjoyed at being, ac: /of the power of the Name of Jesuslis as -owerful toda., as it was in P y - , ..... men, He 18 m Savlo At 8 o clock the children assembled ] The Forrest C~ty congre~ationlcorded thin pr~wlege and has record- [and let us also strwe to appease the[the days of the A,mstles " said Y .... h . . ~ ~ ~ ' name was given ~or ~" / / I before the ce]b and pa~d their hum- wmhes to thank Mrs. Barton for the ed the event as a great da in its wrath of God m as far as we are able the Rev H J Heagney, astor of revoke as much as ~ ~s by ra m for the for age to the Infant Babe in song and]many and beautiful flowers, furnish- /history. After Mass religious articles[ P Y g g'veness ofiSt. Louis Church, in an inspiring ......... first ..... . . . ~ne ~pos~les ann ~ne verse, before race,wag their gifts'led for the altar on Chrmtmas.[and Cathohc Art Calendars were dis-Ithse who have httle or no regard for]new year message at the 9 o'clock ........ i~ , .... Ix we ao no~ always ou~ from the Lad~es' A~d Society. Con- Mr. James Overly has rturned from [tributed. the name of Jesus [serwce Sunday morning. The first invoke that Holy name,. fessions were then heard until 11:30. ta visit to his sick mother in Denver,] The day was brought to;a close bYlsuTnh: Va~t~able Sisters returnedlSunday of the New Year is set asidellies with ourselves WePet At 12 o clock the choir gave notice Cole /a Christmas dinner To say that the y e noon after a week s vis- Iby the church as the feast of the Holyl ..... : rt whi' ~ " ~itati .......... ~ [no~ ~ne pur~y o~ nea on at the ~uotner r~ouse m Jones Nam ~ of the midnight hour by the singing l Brinkley. [meal was prepared by Mrs Starmanl " -I e "n order to remind its memberS|heaven ~ "" invocati " bor , . tO ~nelr Rain sl "" o Mass was stud at 8 of that ever beautiful hy~nn, Adestel , eet, snow, b~tmg cold wind/and her worthy assmtants would be l " o clock[that they should begin each year flself interest is too largel[ Fideles, and continued their singingland almost impassable roads all con-]a sufficient guarantee both as to its]Mnday and followed with Benedic-]their lives under the invocation of[m -- ,, . . , oI~lve. throughout the Mass, which, in spite~sp~red against the devout worshi!~ers[quantity and quality If there weretbn of the Most Blessed Sacrament His name. _~ of the inclement weather and bad of St. John s congregation . In spite any doubt as to whether the meal During the expomtlon prayers were "How much more si nificance i : roads, was well attended. Especially of these conditions, however, the an- measured up to these qualifications, offered to the Holy Ghost for the in a name'" continued gthe s,~eakel~: II l~IIIg~l~l~'l ~g~| |]1 consoling was the scene of 25 at the Itire congregation attended Midnight ]the festive appetites of those who en-'[successful completion of the schol-[,The name of a great man brings to ][[l~l~lbfl] ~ ~L~j ...... . aSI;lC year . . Holy Table to receive their Lord lMass to offer their homage to the]joyed ~t could befitted as add~honal] ....... tour minds m m~ghty deeds that have[[. - : ........ zmss tv~ar~e tgennie and Mi" m Holy Commumon on thin Hm]Infant King on Hm B~rthday And/proof. Not among the least bash-[~. . ss Ohvelmade the doer of them to stand out[ -Gll- Birthday Having made ready to' not only were the members of the]ful was the Reverend Missionary him- , " " ]before mankind as one set on a pin-/ t~ icon re a ~ self ISt Bernard s School W~th Mms leave for , g g t'on present---although some~ ', who, it must be confessed, did lje~vell,s entrance we 1~ " " [nacle, an enduring example of what [ cry came from miles m the countr but not seem to be at al ow have a class Next Tuesday, Janu W~'nue. 1 " " y---- 1 reluctant in . . can be done b men _ where Mas.~wa.~tah~eo]~hr~a~,~lMrs- - ......... drove from Augusta. a tasking for another uieee of ch~o~, !" ~ ~ur m the e~ghth grade." " Plans ........ Y " " ]lng to be a red letter dsY" " ........................ - " " .......... ar . . l)aVlO was a grea~ 1Tlan. rte was' . " Go ,,o]~(.~ ~,~ ~ow ~ho h ....... ~.. +^ldmtance of 40 miles, to be nresent|after the others had be~,u,~ - ~*] e being made for their 4~raduahon .......... lnals of the L~ttle Rock ....... , '~ -~-~~..- .,--o~ -.,.z ~ .- ~ ~ - ~- --~ ~ .. . ~ .. _. ,~rea~ nv nls valor ~rea~ D- nis ~---~ , --;' . . , . a~ thecloseoi Enesch " o . , *" ~ ..... , o~," find that theram had turned to ~ce .... on the occasion. Unperturbed by the ]their dessert ... .~ olashc ...... year zreat by his suf_~r._~~ ~,~ ............... ~4 .......... 812. B~g things are pr and sleet "Lizzie" looked more like forbidding weather, a number of non-] Edwin A. Hemmen. t ~u).ss lvlar~a. Boeckman m wmtmg by those many admirable qualities committee m charge a nac~ an ice boat than a "flivver" and totCathhc friends were attracted by] Albert L. Fletcher ]rem~wesl.n l~]tue flock. ]which enabled him to arise from ho_ler features a Dutch lU~;, our great surprise, refused even telthe beauty of the midnight ceremon-[ [. ~tr~ ~awaru ~ellmeyer and daugh-ling a simple shepherd to be the ki~ntt be served with gen~' ~es Although the total con re a ST JOSEPH'S MISSION H re~, viary ~nastasla, went to Jones s and all the tmmmmgs * grunt when the starter button was]." g g-] OUSE, [ .... -tel an historic ~eo-le If his sins [ ." -.' P ' Y ' ]conditi0n ...... ] Y e him and many after him, ] " _._ ...... acing Iavoraole tl~ and blood red carnabons f~t years ago b Father H] I In connectmn w~th slow and the ice on the car increased , tingly Y ggms for the[ Our next visitation . :. .....[but nowhere finding such true and, ' --~e with every mile Arriving at Wynnelcntrasted with a blackground of Bohemians who had settled about ..... a~ r~nooe~ Wm]powerfu1 exnression as in his ..... [not forget our new mere-[ at 9 o'clock, thl congregation of ninelg!ssy magnolia leaves studded with four. miles beyond the little town~.of[Oe,oanuary 14t, tol7th inclusive. ]words!. David was great in all tho'selTurn in the name of th:~ er r~cn red pomsetbas The cr~b was ,~mphur Sprm s The church ~ ~uarmon l you have m mind Freud- p sons who had ventured out, were l " " "g. was l~ .... " ..... [ways, and it was as a reward that~ " ' ,~ ,t huddled around the stove in Immac-tals especially beautiful, lighted with attended for severalyears by FatherIll " ~]God said to him: 'I have made alwrite him up yourse~x. _, ulate Conception Church to attendla multitude of miniature electric Gaffney. Since September of 1926,[H ]~ ~I~|~|| ]][great name, great as the names elltin blank was mailede~I for the first time, the Holy Mass ontlights glistening through the branches Father John J..Thompson has provid-]HOfflllll ]['the great ones of the earth' of this council and so iar Christmas morn [of a large Christmas tree and cast- ed for the spiritual welfare of these]~ i]i "With the .... ;.~.. [have not been very e~ mg their shadows over lar e x t~ohemmn families Las Therefore, hal our co Here too the Church was mostl g e panses t Sunday, 20tDEAT, r-,,,,,~ IYear we celebrate the mem~r,, ~vl " P y . beautifully decorated, the ladies hav If artificial snow. The Mass was[of the parishioners attended Mass t ....... ,,_,o____ Ithat na .......... "- ~ -" z ~':Isending the filled ou~ ' " ' " MOTHER AGATHA' m~ wmcn ~s great aoove ant ...... ase do ing traveled 17 miles to purchase[well sung by the members of St. lAbout 10 or 12 were not on hand.] [names If ,~- h; ..... ~ a~no .]haCK prompuy, me ._, ' " ....... ~ ~'~ '~' "~ " " " essl9! flowers, carnations and noinsettias ]Jhn s choir. In add~tmn to the mu- ILater, Father Thompson was assu,red,} ........ [ ............... ..... [thm the hme ]s pr . r , - mother A atna xi g~eub .ume was prepareu Ior IJaVlU, la wlfh x~rhioh'fho,r ~r] .... rl *h~ o~+--me of the Mass nroner several o.~ [the two families who live at Fai~/ .- g , fty-three years[ ............ ]date of our next claSS ............. ~ "- , " " ' "~'1 ........ ~"Ioto, assistant to the Mother Sunerior~]~ was ~or rns greater ueeo, s that] .... A~ third Mass was to be celebrated in proprm~e sums were rendered among wm come to ~mpnur ~prings. I of Mt '~ M .... , ..... ~ ~ a still ~reater name was ~,iven t~ [ ...... r, winch were the venerable but everI The Sunday School at Sulphur i,~^ ,," ~-'.("~" an u a memoer o~ Our T~=~ .......... ~ :l Brother Timko from ~' Crawford,ville. new Adeste Fidelis and Holy Night[Springs is generally always well at I?"u ,.~ounen o~ ~Jlrectors of the Sis- , , ~,u..~ wa~. ~. r~]s grea~[364' Springfield, Ill, wa~' , ....... " r~ers o~ ~ercy, died at St Edward's[aeeus ~na~ uoa exa~re~ r~nn ann De-| ..... :~_^.~S We often hear of the old, but nev- ,. ... ~enaea. t:a~echism and Bible history ......... " stowed u n ...... ~viskors a~ the ciunr-~ .. ...... ,,.o ' t.otton l~lant i were,~....~ ,_ ~, ....... ~wercy l-lospi~al, ~ort ~mith, on De-I po 13.11n a name above all/~ - .... ~onle er~neiess ~rue, provern, ~na~ lvlan , .... " I ~aug,~ to Lne Cnlluren oI~ne- - ~ In ....~__,_..~,_ ~ . t tenus ~o make ms ,, , ,~ , , 1~ seems tnat the Mis~,,, ~- .... ~,.~, . . ~... cemoer z~. um~, ~na~ a~ the name oi 4esus . proposes ana uou aisposes," but we ........... ....... mmsmn, rne r progress in the ......... I ....... 1. .... ,. .......... [Rock m the near future. . , . an~lclpal;ea a nara car's work ,. . agatha was a native of nuum uow, u,a name~ . e never stop to reanze the truth of it was very reluctant ~n starting on t~:: .... o~~ne]r rengmn ]s very no-Newfoundland, where she served her which means 'the saviour of man-Ih~m a hearty welcom "ll many such sayings unbl they are ............ able They are becoming verit .... : ........ kind' Brother Mitchell is st~ ....... " .... " . ot until it was pulled bodilvlnt c,~nv;,~ ~-- x~ , . " me a member] ave saved their people as David%av- . arranges ~o ceieorate a trllru J.yla s -- x.~a~p .t~U O I ITllIlg ............... s from the garage by a "service car"l ........... . of the staff of teachers of St. Anne's[ed his people from Goliath By wag- Iften during the co .~ m ~ne oeau~m ~acrea r~eart cnapel coal p, Academ trust that amen your ~v ............ d it be induced to face the sleet] "ne Bluff. , Y. ~ ling wars many have been called great] g .~ a~ uraw~orasvme 'rms was the first m o~ ....... " . , and snow which had by this time cov- ! The ladies of the parish will meet She was made assistant to the Iliberators. But at the cost of howllutins the most i P ; yme .ass offered ered the ground. Once u,,on the IWednesday afternoon at 2:30 at the Mother Superior of the Mother House much misery and how much afflic-It attend the Knights _o~ here on~nrm~mas ~ay. and the peo- road, however, it nerformed ~on&r l home of Mrs. Jones on West Fifth at Little Rock in' 1924.$ Mother tion! How many ruined towns and[meetings regularly th,s Y,~ le OI wrlrtenaen count w r " " P .... . .. . y e.e ffl!ed fu]ly and made the trin to St A~,nes'[avenue to d~scuss plans for the year Agatha was recogmzed as one of the desolate homesteads have not made m a regular meeting on w~tn jo ana entnumasm ivlr - " o ~ Y s l-la 1927 N brflhant minds m the third Tuesday of e~ erY ..... " . " " Church, Cotton Plant. in schedul~l- o socml session will be held Order to which in gaining their titles. Not by war _:~1 sen nau spent man ion no~rs" " " ' )o~,~" Y g m she belon ed success, welfare and ......... time, presenting the snectacle on ar Annunciation Academy will re- g and destruction, not by the ruin of - -e neauu~ymg tins cnapel, the pr~de open on Tuesda Januar 4 t q e iTwng, ..... of a sohd Icicle". Thanks' to y, y . Solemn Re uiem Mass was cel - hearts and homes, not by the shed- ment of this council dep and consolation of her life She the new flue which had recently beenThe Altar Society will meet Wed- brated by the Rev. Dr. P. F. Horan, ding of blood did Christ win His on the good attendance members at the meetings" went to Memphis to procure special built under the supervision of Mr inesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. assisted by the Rey. Basil Egloff of name of Savior. There was toil and council, so let's make it a~ candles for the altar on this occasion Jones St. Boniface's Church as deacon, there was labor and there was suf- The Entertainment Cumin: had adorned the altar with the beau- McGowan, the church was warm and comfortable During the Mass half The Knights of Columbus will meet Father Norton, chaplain of St. Ed- faring and there was shedding of ises an extensive progra~ tiful poinsettias furnished by Mrs. of the little congregation received Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. The ward's Hospital, as sub-deacon, and blood but it was He who toiled, who Wall. The entire chapel had under- Holy Communiofl. Especially thank-IKnights are working with a will tolFather John Lundergan of St. John labored, who suffered and the blood but needs the help of ' gone a complete renovation at the ful were they for the opportunity of] - Knights and to begin the secure a large class for Sunday, Feb Baptist Church, master of ceremo- which was she, d was His own. right, don't fail to be th~ hands of Mrs. Haden. Mrs. Johnson being able to attend Mass on Christ-]ruary 20. hies. "Do we want evidence of the won- "big time" Tuesday, Ja~ and the members of the Carrie faro- mas. Catholic Art Calendars were[ ST ROMAN'~ ........ Burial was in the lot reserved for der-working power of that name? In 8 ily had arranged a musical program distributed to each family after Mass[ " S lYll~lON HOU/~E, AnIPm s~~-~ ]the Sisters of Mercy in the Catholic the Acts of the Apostles we read how befitting the occasion. 3~es, after The presence home of Miss Katie[ JONESBORO, ARK. isotutionlCemeterY'wasFrtpronouncedSmith" Theat thelaStgraveAb- St. Peter has shown us the power of n all these elaborate preparations, it Pollard, of St. Vincent's Infirmary,] --"--- IbY the Rev. Dr. Horan. that name when rightly invoked. Go- _ " man was tellin~ was impossible to reach Crawfords- Little Rock and Mr ....... I Visitation of Station~. ing with St. John into the Temple o~ a narrow escape in the villa in time to celebrate Mass. The , . ~cnara u. Foi-I ^ . ~ . un Tuesday, December z8, ~ass lard of Dardanelle, added to the] ' * * * * * * * * * * * * many non-Catholics and even the Christmas happiness of their mother, ITM sa~d at Black Rock; Wednesday, l* they found a lame man lying at the "The bullet went i~ r~ gate, who lifted up his eyes and hands came out me back," sa[dd~ o Catholics were likewise~ unable to Mrs Maude Pollard 29th at Ravenden; Thursday, 80th,[[*EverYTwINCatboI|ccITIES..~AMAN._..OfKNIGHTthe ** and besought them for alms. Turn- "But," said his frit ~ '. venture out in this unusual Arkansas" " " l at hnboden, and Friday, 31st, at Min-t* OF COLUMBUS! " * ing to him St. Peter said: "Silver and go through your heart ~ Christmas weather. Gourd Neck. ' turn Despite the inclement weather * - * Mass was celebrated the followingFrom Cotton Plant, the Mission and muddy roads the faithful came in]*Next Class--Sunday, Jan. 16. *givegld havethee I none;in thebUtnameWhat ofI havejesus I] the"Metime,'heartcameWaSbackin m~tl~ day, however, but, due to the badcoupe, now fully imbued with the response to the announcemen~ we * * * * * * * * * * * Christ of Nazarath, arise and walk." ply.