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January 8, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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January 8, 1927

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-~'--. : - -4 Z~ : ~ :,7~ L77Y: " THE GUARDIAN, JANUARY 8, 1927 Page Five G. H. KELLER OF EL DORADO ......... rightoand,justified in his war on the REPLIES IN LOCAL PRESS TO REPORT Concerning the "claims and shackles that have held his people [MEXICAN AFFAIRS PRESENTED BY in bonds of ignorance and supersti- tion for the last 400 years," besides A SAN ANTONIO PRESBYTERIAN the letter in the Oklahoma News ah'eady quoted, we have the author- ship of Bishop Frances C. Kelley, for the following: "Let us be fair, tion that I have received that the[ Protestants had anything to do with]~'v-- ..................................- ............... .~ the Mexican situation, or that the]l! Diocesan institutions lJ majority of Protestants looked uponI the chaos in Mexico as a victory! for them. I have read many non-I .................................. _ .............. Catholic sources disapproving most l highly the present regime and its policies. To quote a few: and supersititon for the last400 an authority on the Mexican Indian, "The Wall Street Journal, August of Th"~E~E1 Dorado News) years." 7th: 'It's (Mexico's) constitution Spain preserved where we destroy- is socialistic and~ as one official said of Mexico, will While not wishing to question ed. With a constantly diminishing contains 'all that is good of bolshe- LITTLE ROCK COLLEGE as the greatest the veracity of Mr. Allardyce I be- Indian population, wards of the visa.' It was forced upon the peo- has ever occupied the lieve it is quite possible that he State, having schools and colleges ple, and every administration func- Allardyce, prominent might be mistaken in his facts, i for all who wish to enter them, tioning under it has been a usurpa- of the Presbyterian Never having been in Mexico, I, ishown the governmental and mili- tion." Again, in another issue, "In 8an Antonia, said in an like the vast majority of other tary genius of a Diaz, the intellect- further pursuance of its plan for Courses: Classical, Scientific, Pre-Medical, Pre-Ena4neerinf. last night, Mr. Allar-1Americans, must seek breeding red vermin in Mexico, the tion from cut] ~ability of a Urrutia, the philosophi- Calles administration's regulations the congregation ofI l ual bravery of a Mejia, the surgical yatrian church here I lived in Mexico, cal knowledge of a Munguia, th~ for expulsion of foreign ministers g on "The Political the situation science of a Carrilloy Azcona, the and teachers of religion go into el- REV. JAMES P. MORAN, President Situation in Mexico' few of the mar feet on August 1st. We are more is invited to hear spent the last year in interested in this movement than we would be if Mexico were breed- , ng the conditions on ingboll weevilsto infest our fields." ]J IJ speak. 1 man The Arkansas Democrat (Little ; Calles is the on y Rock), in an editorial, has the fol- -" ~" ~ho has had the moral other thin sa :w a ~ enforce the constitution g:h:o YIs :~'t t::e : 3~1all Indians. We have little to show lowing to say: "War declared on lived in 1~" . r for one hundred years of "Anglo- the Catholic church by the gov- SUBIACO COLLEGE 7. He has never in- ,, any religion as a re-~he~::ghg~t :::t ~rhi~hl::ds Ye::d Sa:sn y~ttt, et~:s to uplift our In-ernment of Mexico is going to re- s ra Indians of Mexico sult in bloodshed and unending tur- treated both the its southernjungles, I knew its have produced men of letters ar- moil, and no one knows that better Conducted by the Benedictine Fathers the Protestants the people. I am out of there now less tists, statesmen, soldiers, scientists, than President Calles. President determined that the than a month, after two years of learned bishops and priests---men of Callcs has sown the seeds of rebel- be respected by all continuous residence, so that I genius, lion and can blame no one but him- Two Pre-Academic Classes, Regular Pour-Year Classi&l High School have had an opportunity to observeI "As in the United States, the pio- seJf if it develops. Course, Four-Year Science Course~ Regular Four-Year Commercial Calles, of Mexico, will the reactions of the people to some neers of education in Mexico were "Fools rush in where angels fear Course, Four.Year College Course, Leading to &. B. Degree. history as the greatest of the events that have led up to the clergy and there was no hesi- to tread. as ever occupled the the present so-called crisis."ration about taking up the burden; "Mexicans are deeply religious and to Mr." Allardyce. "But one might rive a life-time in the Spaniards at once went out with their emotions are easily stirred. man who has had Mexico as an American and know it to the Indian population. The Great masses of Mexicans and In- REV. BENEDICT BORGERDING, O. S. B., Presldont. COUrage to enforce the little of the causes of-the present letters of Cortez tell of friars corn- diana belong to the Catholic church that was adopted in ttrouble" To know these one must ing at his request while he was and are strong in their beliefs that ........... laSneverinterfered'with have been a student of Mexican still in command. In 1723 there theyhave amoral right to worship ,, ~l as a religion. He has l a the Catholics and the history, I think I can claim fairly were 2,396 of three Orders only. In as they see fit. II 1 ~he same, but is cleter-]t have been all that. 1570, there were fifty-one Francis- "Imagine what would happen it. im he constitution shall be l "The writer once searched with can missions in the Archdiocese of the United States, made up of peo- the eyes of a Protestant; and a Ma- Mexico alone, and a school in each plea far less emotional than Mexi- MT. ST. MARY'S ACADEMY all classes. , son, through many volumes of the where the children were taught to cans, were the federal government ~stants have respected records of the Mexican Inquisititon read and write. The friars hm to declare war on one of the large law and have had no . ~ ad ~Iad the others done so, in an endeavor to dmcover some- not teachers enough, for they kept religious organizations the Baptists thing that would substantiate the!calling for more. No church was the Methodists, the Catholics, the Conducted by the Sisters of Merc~ been no misunder- grisly tales of horror with which it !without its school. Sahagun estab- Presbyterians. The nation as a any kind. He is eager has been adorned, but could find in lished a college at Santa Cruz, in whole would not eolerate it. Mexico the material-spiritual them only the sordid records that spite of those that said the Indians should not tolerate the acts of the Course, Literary~ Scientific and Commercial, Domestic Art and s of his peo- are common to our modern 'Morals were incapable of learning. But Calles government." .animpressive educa- Court.' Indian professors were trained, and According to the Mexican Consti- Science, School of Music, Fine Arts and Etprouion. Under his and the ainistration, they have "For sheer terror and oppression the school was truned over to their tution no church or religious organi- 8000 schools, and the 'dry squad' will, in any one year, care. A complaint against the zation can them at the surpass the Inquisition's record of clergy for activities in education I--Own church real estate or VEN. MOTHER, Mount St. Mary's Academy, Pulaski Heighta, a year. nearly 300. was sent by one Lopez to the King. mortgages on same. "The trouble is that Mexico, had The law for the education of the 2--Own church buildings or any Little Rock, Arkansas Emancipation. its being in the efforts of a small Indians provided f~r schools for the other buildings. is not far off when but militant group to control the Indians wherever possible at no 3---Possess invested funds or other an educational sys- appointments of bishops and priests, cost to the Indians. The laws of productive property. might be proud and the confiscation of the funds the church put the obligation of &--Maintain convents or nunneries is a 32nd de- and properties held by the numer- establishing schools on every curate. 5---Conduct primary schools. , and is highly educated, ous educational and beneficent in- The first Archbishop of Mexico and 6---Direct or administer charitable MORRIS INSTITUTE FOR BOYS Masons in Mexico stitutions founded and endowed lthe Viceroy Mendoa set up the institutions. !first printing press in America. 7---Hold religious ceremonies out- the highest type]during three-centuries by wealthy This archbishop saw an Indian gra, side of church buildings. They stand behindland pious donors. well as the laboringI duate of Sahagun's College of Santa 8--Clothe their ministers with a Condu,ted hi the Brothers of the Poor of St. Francis ' and the rural popula-I "It is this control and confiscation which the revolutionary has in mind tCruz become a professor of Spanish garb indicative of their calling. tsdoing for Mexico and Governor of the City of Mexico. 9--Ministers of religion are debar- when he talks of separation f]In 1544 this printing press was trun- red from publicity criticising the Boys Prom 10 to 16 Years--Elementary Education, Up to and have done had church and state'; it is the effortSiing out books for the natives who fundamental laws, the authorities in ,e President. of the clergy to prevent this control l could read. The Viceroy explained particular, or the government in Including Eighth Grade. Calles has cuu out and confiscation that he brands as the quantity turned out by the fact general. They may not vote, hold ranches into small "'the clergy meddling in politics'; 'there were so many that could read office, or assemble for political pur- the peons as much and it is the possession of these in- making thous- stitutions and their properties and write.' Thomas Gage, an Eng- poses. No religious periodical may lishman, wondered at the wealth and comment on political affairs. Offi- VEN. BROTHER ALBERT, Searcy, Ark., Route No. i out of people who which he refers to when he men- power in the hands of Indian Dons cial permission must be obtained be- Virtually slaves. He tions 'temporal power.' the greatest victory "To the successful efforts of this who were even governors. Hum- fore opening a new temple of wor- won for Protestt- boldt was in Mexico in 1803 and ship for public use. The state leg- militant group may be charged the ore of the prosperity of the Indi- islature ~nay determine the maxi- the chains and present illiteracy of the Mexican :: held his people in people. This is not difficult to un- a s. Trade schools were not want- m~m number of ministers of reli- ing. The University of Mexico /vas gious creeds according to the needs and superstition derstand after seeing the numerous opened in 1553. Two hundred and o' a locality. The government re- ST. VINCENT'S INFIRMARY years, buildings, that once were colleges, four years before Harvard took up gulates pubfic worship. is in the hands of now being used as frowsy tene- the study of medicine, this univer- It is hard to understand how a of citizenship, merits or lousy barracks, and all sity had its medical school. Eighty= real liberty loving, 100 per cent Conducted by the Sitters of Charity of Nazareth a staple government, crumbling into ruins. has been interpret- six years before Hunter opened the American can subscribe to and up- congress, that is "All the talk you hear about first school of dissection in Eng- prove of such tyranny and usurpa- to mean that a presi- thousands of schools opened in land, Mexico had started the study tion of authority. I am sure that Official Rating: Class A--Traininl School for Nurses Mexico by the government of Car- of anatomy and surgery with dis- no one would advise such laws for COted himself in office ranza, Obregon. or Caries, is best section. It would take volumes to the United States. been out for one described as bunk. write the story of the educational GREGORY H. KELLER. e for election again. "The anti-religious laws of Mex- activity of Spanish Mexico." December 11, 1926. VEN. SISTER SUPERIOR, Tenth and High S~. Little Rocb ~.I.S. Interference. ex-president Obre- ice are an outrage against civiliza- tion, and the attempts to enforce These facts are not hard to be- E1 Dorado, Ark. lieve when we recollect that the next president to suc- them a throwback to barbarism. Catholic church has always fostered CALLES SOON TO GET ld that means a con- "~he constitution of 1857 and 1917 ~table government, were never submitted to the people, education, from the time when kings REPORT OF CHURCH'S rnment wouid stop Both were imposed upon the people and emperors could hardly sign PROPERTY IN MEXICO tantalize and humil- by an infinitesimal militant minority their names and the only existing schools were maintained by the Ca- Mexico City, Dec. 30.---The office ST. JOSEPH'S INFIRMARY, Hot Springs give them our moral by bullets and not by ballots, tholic clergy, to the present day, of the Attorney General states that Just at the time "If the bishops of the Catholic elping themselves in Church in Mexico were to forget for when we find the Catholic church a full report will be made shortly to Presiden~t Calles containing an in- Condueted hy the Sisters of Mercy way, I believe ita moment their peace principles maintaining in the United States the greatest bless- and.theology and call the people to alone, i~12n1 Theological schools for ventory of the treasure and proper- ,,aCtion could bestow arms, the men now in control in the tra"t" g of its ministers, with ties of the Catholic Church which ~r. Allardyce. Mexicowould be torn into little 12,595 s udents attending, 218 col- agents have been completing through- Infirmary, Santtarlum, Rest Home--Hot Baths Affiliated With REPLY pieces; it would be 15,000,000 leges for ~boys, 737 academies for out the country. U.S. Reservation. against less than a hundred thou-girls, and 6,819 parochial schools, It is estimated that the objects coy- sand. and with at total of 2,072,466 pupils ered by this inventory will have an ]~ OPEN FORUM "But the bishops will not do this. attending~ Catholic schools. This does aggregate value of fifteen million '"As for the demands of the not include the 352 Catholic or- ~esos. All these objects will be left VEN. SISTER SUPERIOR. Hot Springs, Ark. Mr. Allardyee Churchin Mexico, they are easily phanages in which 47,825 children in charge of the neighborhood corn- In this morn- stated. She asks for the same re- are being cared for and educated, mittees and will be subject to the ~e News there is a ligious liberty enjoyed by all under These schools are all being support- orders of the agents of the Attorne on Mexico that I the Stars and Stripes." ed by Catholics, who at the same General. interest. Mr. J.M. Concerning Calles' Impartiality time are helping to st~pport the pub- spent one year towards Catholics and Protestants lie schools by paying their share of JAMES J. HILL HOME ST, SCHOLASTICA'S ACADAMY President Calles alike, we have the following from the taxes. This certainly gives a TO BECOME NORMAL tells us among other an article by Sydney Sutherland, fair indication of the value that the SCHOOL FOR SISTERS FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS native of Mexico, son of a Metho- Catholic church places upon educa- St. Paul, Dec. 27.--The Most Rev. ~ated both the CaSh- dist minister there, pffblished in the tion. sO, if illiteracy is so rife in Archbishop Austin Dowling of St. Conducted by the Benedtct~e Sisters the same." Liberty magazine: "Calles is Yiexico today, it is reasonable toPaul has given to the Archdiocesan and the Obregon shrewd. He is not molesting the conclude that the fault lies with Bureau of Education his approval to , they have establish- American or other foreign Protest- such .governmental interference with establish in the former home of James Both R~idont ud I~a~ Pupils, HiBh Sehooi and are now ants, which of course keeps other the educational activities of the Ca- J. Hill, the railroad builder, 240 Sum- at the rate of nations from interfering. But.heed tholic church that the present re- mit Avenue, a St. Paul Diocesan Nor- Cour~ of Grades this prophecy: If he wins this gime is practicing and its predeces- real School for the teaching of Sis- to win the great- fight against Rome, he will turn sors have practiced for many years, ters, it was announced this week. F~ Catalot~e Adth~ has been won ruthlessly on the other creeds and Mr. Allardyce tells us that Calles Work on the mansion, which was giv- $I3TRR I}IRE~-'TRttS$, ST. ~HOLASTICA*S ACAD~-MY 'by breaking the rend them. He then will rxeed only ,"is going to win the greatest vic- en to the archdiocese by Mr. Hill's that have held to quote what the Protestant lead- tory that has ever been won for Pro. daughters for educational purposes, w fll of ignorance era are now saying--that he is testantism." This is the first intima-" '" probably begin January 8.