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January 8, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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January 8, 1927

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Page Four ' / ................... ....... = .... THE GUARDIAN, JANUARY 8, 1927 SACRED ROMAN ROTA'S DECREE because her mother had compelled T soften her by telling her that she had 'knew canonical science bearing on ir- IN VANDERBILT-MARLBOROUGH her. CASE DISCLOSES TESTIMONY ritant impediments to matrimony, the more so, since she belonged to a non- (Continued from page 1.) Catholic sect; such knowledge, be- fear. The local defender of the bond sides, is not to be presumed in wom- brought the case to this Sacred Tri- constraint, "-oin- almost ....... en but on the contrary to be proved g as zar aslmgly nave zonowed the command of (Cfr. 1. 9 pr, D, de auras et facti r b;n:~ai;h;;ef:;guth:t~a::de;th: P:Ya~i:aln tih~::C:ndhs?fl been employed lhhr2::her. It is established that ignorantia, XXII, 6). |~[ ~][rl]1 I| !iiilf:;mu:~h:: dofUb~r:Ii:gther: :h:s thniCf~ii~!!:Son~hh:~'at:d~tolnJo~ !:h~etde::sm'~?~e:~:Vfn::!:ldC~S~hned;!!i :die:~iei:hifi~::i:uiph!i::fe:k::::~:.4,.t4te~ L~[ "2. In law. There is question in " 'I forced m- d----'-~ - I ln the.papers reports of the engage- since the spiritual est~Plngemen't b~ this case of reverential fear, which, in the Duke I ha~e :lUwg:L?h?despuse]men~t' ,m~~which she had not entered gun soon after the celebration of ~S]CURING FOR THE DIOC L1TTLJ y an no-ira iacu concerning the dissensions the marriage and lasted until the de- EDUCATION AND TRAINI GO F WORT] the invariable judgment of canonists, solute influence over my daughter, ~ and quarrels between mother and cree of divorce was issued, a renewal ASTICAL STUDENTS IN by the sanction of the Code of Canon my children having been entirely con-ldaughter on account of the latter s of consent on the part of Consuelo THE PRIE ST. JOHN'S SEJ Law and the uniform jurisprudence faded to my care after my divorce; I|will opposing matrimony, the wit- cannot even be imagined. STHOOD OF ARKANSAS o~ ~h:iRot:,thmea?:n~i~i::aget li:?Isied~ ~hde:O~e :h:rag: :[detrh.elr educatin'tnesses say enough--Not having any- Findings Given ~k . .. to extort consent and is grave Gas-~' ~ .... ~ :g ..... :, no one ques-lone to take refuge with, not even her! "9 Havin.-s c~"~,,-~,~c~-eu" ano- -' care- I _nyFull Bursen Incomr Share in an Incomplete BttrH J ............. i me no~, ~nen, simply ask :lather, either because, according to[fully weighed all these things, aTc~ ~)|ete Bur'e ~IT~rtll Be Gratefully parri, De Matrin. 942, Wernz, Ius her, but commanded her to marry the/the decree of divorce which separat- having invoked the name of Chris deer, IV, n. 264; can. 1087 Cod.; S. IDuke .... Accordingly, I invited/ed mother and father, she wa. . . R. Rota, in Parisien, 27 iulii 1910;Ithe Duke to come and visa" m " |t ..... " s under[we the undermgned auditors, sitti f Mercy Invested and ~ e a~ my ne sine au~nork of h - , . Drawing Tarvtsma, 11 fart, 1912; Transylvan-lhome in ~'Te .............. Y er mother, ureas a tribunal and having God bef,-ram : .................. . I ~ wpur~, ne came ano stay- IDecause her father had hi---~ ---" ! ...... '~ _ Pravid_e Board, Lodging. and I ~-, ma, ~.; ~, ~ curare J~ega, ted about 14 da-'s Then I " "- I~ . . . ,,,~c~ um-/us, conilrm the juogment of n ..... 16 maii 1912; Ityderabaden, 2 au,~ [~i.__~. ........ ~Y" ... ~oicl my[lormly enaured the influnece of the]Southwark Curia anA ~- ~1.~:~^ ~ 'S minarian. ~ag~ ~ ~"/ .... ~,~,r ~na~ ne was ~ne husband Ilwfll of his invincible wi+'~ ~ ....... / .... ' ....... "c''ae-I . _ '~ ..... ' .. . . ,. , [htd chosen for her. She was quite I under persistent th~-*"]-.~'~'~'~uem'|cmre,and ~e~initively decree that the] ........ u um oo-i]marrlage oe~ween Consuelo Vander-~r~l ST JO N'S "'. *esumot.y or ~nnc,~als _]upset, and answered that she could/stmate counsel of her mother, fin- bilt and Charles of Marlborough is , SE~MINARY B~ 3 In fact The Fathers con [not mmry hm~. I considered that I/ally married Charles I sl.dered that It shou!d be noted, m the[was justif/ed in overruling her oppo_|truly said that Consuelot must belnull' and to the proposed doubt weI ~lrs~ pmce, ~na~ when the appellant ~sition as sam-1 ~" ~ |- - ~ was ~orcea]answer in the affirmative. Consuelol COMPLETE p y cat nonsense oz a ~o ChOOSe matrimony in order to free Vanderbilt is held to be liable for all ~T MARY'S BURSE H promised her hand to Mr. M ............ I;oung girl without experience therself from fear The truth ". " " R ............. whom she fervently loved, ! "Similar~ *~ ........ ; ..... /. .. of thlslludlclal costs, alll~ , ot Spring~___ her mother stoutly objected tea mar-I testified: "~ ...... ppe,an~ s aun~ nasl:o~hry, e;o~e;tinfrOm" the fact that the ~ '"We proclaim~ this and enjoin the IMONSIONOR TOBIN BURSE, Little Reek___---- riced and did everything in her power/ " 'This marria-e was im " - |b ...... Y g aoout the possi-IOrdinaries of places and the minist-IANNIE JONES BURSE, Pine Rluff prevent' a wed-|as I have g .~ poseo Dy mW o~ t~onsuelo changing her ex-l:~rs of tribunals whom it concerns,toI]to MARY HOLLAND-CRAIG BURSH1, Pine Bluff fromt turnthe herman daughter Sand to mind away/my sister upon her daughter, who, I~orted consent to the marriage, sta- execute this our definitive decision, " INCOMPLETE already stated, desired to Itioned a guard at the door of herletand to proceed against those resist(n~l~ dine with him. Regarding this mat-I contract a different marriage. [room on the day of the weddin lest th . ---o~ISHOP BYRNE BURSE .. ter the appellant has confessed ] "The Lady Lucia Ja~, in re-1 " lan--o ..... g' e same m accordance with the sac-I ............ - .................................................... ,, , , ~, p y ~o y ae nave access ~o her and s eak red c ! ~'A'. JUI-IN'~ ALUMNI B M~ mother removed me from/this ouestion of the ~ ......... I: ...... . P It anons, and partmularl cap. 3 URSE ............ .. . ~ juuge, l)o you W~Ln her. l~'rom her chamber Con- seas XXV, De Reform ; oncYii Trid,!SACR]ED HEART BURSE ~. the influence of my fiance. Shelthink that this constraint was simplelsuelo emerged consumed with grief, et can 1924 Codicis, I C, applyin; BISHOP FITZGERALD BURSE .. 2dad~l l::el~:t~:fYn;fi:tnrcYe ian;2;:2::d/~i;::ds~n~e:ro::hherN::l;:::t[fsi:~/~h:';t~)::h; 2% O:a:l::r;mony The ]ihose executive and coercive means KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS, ARK~ ---'~:- to me, as well as the ones I address-/at all, but absolute constraint. I swear/less regarding this matter s, to may prove most opportune and I .... :cen~mS]m =~dCtf::nuilly:reated]~t. I know it' Irived very late and seemed di:~ua:-te~:Imacmus under the circumstances."I . INCOMPLETE BURSES ght to Proof Held Add uate ed. - obey; that she knew very well I had t "Fur'h ..... q / ..... ICARDINAL MUNDELEIN I ....... ..... . , , ~ dr, ~ne proo~.must be corn-!,,iv*arrmge t~ot .Vahdated Later / PICTURE IN GALLERY Bl3HOl= BYRNE BURSE i;:;~tt:tak:fSe:n h~Shb::dc]]th:t]plete and perfect; it is made so by] 8. The marriage contracted by/ / The B ................ that m.. o .................. i;[the testimony of two entirely un-|Consuelo under grave fear has not] o .......... [_ urge m ,e ~nown a~ me msnop yrne,, z ~pu~m. ruined her neal~n |exce.~tionable wit ............ [since be ........ ,-- I ,~mcago, ~3ec. zm---Atter eonsid- [honor to the float Riah.,, ,, ~,~ ...... . .,..,_ v, and that I could be the cause of ....... ~.,.~eb~es (t~e~, llb.[~. .~a mgn:eo Dy any ra~lica-[erable delay, the nortrai~= af 141~ ~. /. . - ......... ,- ...... ,t,~,=o,= ux ~a~,~ *-" death. There was a terrible seene/ ,v'" :l:. x x, ae,.uivortiis); it is so in/:ln" validation by consent it|inence Cardinal iViundele'h .-bv'Ernst[has a credit deposit of $3,825.57. This burse ealls t when she told me that if I succeed-~ ]~ms case, regarding the infliction of was necessary, m this case, that the Windhoff, the rent Germa z . amount of donation, and its resent t . ~|~ear; ~ne narfie~ t~ ~ ....... /a~,,ella ................ / g n portrait/, _ P sum total l.n saving myself, she would seize the|the witnesses a~'2=-:"e cause anO|w~ nu~ -.,~ow ~na~ ~ne marriage[painter, was hung in the Art Institute]larde and small donations by those interested In . . ~uuceu are entirely - uue ~o tacJ~ o~ consent, and here today the name of Bishop B rue in corm ~st flpportumty to.shoo! my fiance,/trustworthy' according to the deelara ~hat she renew matrimonial ....... ] ........ ~ Y ection with the P: anu ~aa~ sue woum ~nen De imprison-|tion of the ........ -iwhi~ . ......... ~ ..... -~ ] 1he pamung has oeen acclaimed the diocese " ed and hanged, and that T ...... ~.~ ~ | .... ~snop o~ 5ou~nwark, of| ,e m ~ne marneo s~a~e.Further- by critics It wm ~.- ~. .......... ~ which he organized and unto whle.h he responsible' ~.= |~ne ~arls uurm and of several parish Irere, it is unlikely that Consuelo l at st Mar-'~ o ', "go" f* " ua"y|prayers' of his work, and of his life. "This account is confirmed not on IPn,,eThe conclu i | The Bishop Byrne Burse is a popular one, to - s on is strengthened in even donations of one dime or more will be accePt ltYesbYs, t~2 2:th:t'obU:l;1;:rbYul::ts, lthi:rfa:2 ;hfchcde:: l:l :lltg:Yatrh: celve due credit on the Seminary records. so that ~ts truth ought absolutely not lthe Duke ; for concernin_,~.^ ~ I~ HALEY&HORNI~ROO'K ~l;reviously acknowledged ..................... to be doubted, ter of the man the ~ ~,e cnarae Pupils of Sacred Hen "'4 Furthermore the ~-+~._~1 ..... ' appellant has re-[[] V~.~T~ ~J~ J][: rt Academy, ttelena, Ark .... ~. ~ ". ........ ' . "~ ...... /ia~e~ m her sworn declaration: 114 as ~ffi~v~---''='~'~--'u~--a~s~-w--__ J~ [Catholic Daughter~ of America Fo~ Cmi*~. ,.t. a't;'dh;;dauhtme;~innee;it:;loniy separ-[ ,, 'Tb.e arrogance of his character[~l ALL ~ ~" R~F,~I~ . il IThani~,iving' Anonymous, Ho't ~p'~ ......... m ...... g ..... ,y. from the~ereated m me hostile sentiments Hei~ ..... ' ._.__ : .... -- ~. ~ne roved, ~u~ in auokion eom-~had ~-~ ..,.'...--, ~- - " . . / -~- - . ~.~ ~-.,,~.-* ~,*~r-,~, ~. ~. Academy, Helena. ..... ~-~ ~uue oz uespising what--- "Klndl ' ~ne person alt.eges /'ear ~s obhg-] "With this affirmation concerning[i ~=~ ~lAP~'%l#4Jde~ PTql~m m~JL d~m~__ I ]Request of Late Mrs. Bridget Bfnnott_ eu ~o prove ~s existence not mereiylthe Duke's disposition, the attesta-[~ JL %-,0. Anonymous, Hot Sprin bwYi:.~m;:;:: ~oPr:lfC:'rbtutg :;thf:l;i::ctO:g/:;m:ppellent's aunt ~s zr~l~ MAIN AT NEC [l~natlan Kni~ht~, Helena, Ark.__ existence of fear, the appellant in[ '"6 Concernin~" the -ra '" ~ll OND f]C4xildren of Sacred Heart Academy, Helena, Ark. this case has brought forward very fear i ~ g wry o~ LIf"rLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 'P~ ll~ of ~t ' / "n this case, the Fathers have II i] P . Anne s Academy, Fort Smtth __~ many legally proper proofs, which|felt that there is even less room for|~ ---We are a~ent~ for practicallyall the Important 8teauma~ i Ist" Andrew's Cathedral School Children _-~ demonstrate the existenceof fear |doubt Gr .... Id~c, qmpaniu. |l - ........................... . ave ~ear may exls~ in the ---If you a~'e contain latin a trip abroed for buein~u~ ~ or ff ~[[ She has related, absence of threats and blows, and theou desire to undert~e a ;~easure trip, make use ofy ~ Total .......................... "'Itavingdestroyedthepossibilityhndignation itself of parents is cer-ll #inter CYul,e,, do not f~fl ~o call on us of mymarmage w~th the man I loved,|tainly bad even ~r ............. ]~ be cheerfull~ ~ve,, --~ ........ :~or mfo~rnm~whiah ~ i[ ...... ~. , s ~ve~y vao l~ ~ne I~ W . ~- -, ~*~.ou~ c~arge I BISHOP FITZGERALD BURSE my moaner ~oia me that she had chos mdi n " " ' ' -- wish to remind ~o - en a man whom she re " " "~'" I ~g ahon is serious and protracted;it Which is in -ositio~ , yc~aiso.of our Forelg~ .Exeh~ De, artlesS, ~ [VetT Rev. ]b~om~Knor A. P Oal dr. garueo as SUl~- SUCh is the teaching- Of ~ -.-'~--- I m ,.,-~; ,.. ..~. __, ~, ~,~vc~ mercy transfers ~o ~omitm e~u~ i*- ,~ | . lagh . Menu .... able m every respect, that he would and Clericatus (De ~Matri*m= d;;n=~']~ bot~a~eT~t~r--ar~] or Bank Money Orders at ~revmling m~t p~Jeee W= . _ .... arrive in America and stay at her n 24~ weP ..........~,., o-,1~ ,,,,u ,vtt zore,gn v,xcnange, getting quotatio~ heurt'~I/ ST. JOHN'S SEMINARY ALUMNI BURSg ,. , . .... nese woros:[i BANKERS TRUST cOMPAN [ This Burst is a foundation h the o home as her guest, that she had al- Reverential fear is considered to be ready carried on,,negotlat~ons on the of two kinds, either fear with danger i! ...... ~[ ~dained from the -~-~-~, ........ ~ y- -- prl?et8 wh " " " " FOREIGN DEPARTMEN'I peoples m generm as a recognition of the prese oz a marriage. 1 premst in or fear without danger We have the ~: MAIN AT SECOND | | .... , .... ....... ~,~ --.m m open ~o ~ne smung tna~ if I consented to'marry first when a son or a daughter, not t4 tlhe faculty and the students of this important the Duke of Marlborough, it was un- following the will of the father, res- t~on. der very strong pressure from my sonably fears that the parent will be [] IB Previously acknowlod~d mother and according to her absolute rendered hostile, stern, grim of coun- eques~ of Imuts Koer% Little Roeb" will. Among the many threats, of tenet and unpleasant of speech, and Alumnus 1925 which ~there is an account in another much more, etc., all of which a son Friend " " place, was this: :my mother told me conceives to be grave and unbear- C, Little Reek ' many times that if I persisted in up- able ~viis, Search of the evidence position the to her will it would be, con- in this process leads to the plain con- Alumnus, 1923 sidering state of her health, h clusion that grave fear existed Pupil~ of St. Anne's Academy, Fort Smlth_.~ s~eu For On your vacation, if ~eu Mo ~i~. Beque#t of Mrs. Bridget Sinnott, Little Roek._~ a contrariety as could bring abe t all the witnesses testify that to ing, autoinr, canNhlK or emhqdn~ ~ Alumnus 191{$ her death. Such was also the doctor s Charles was wedded a girl whose will friend of my mother, Mrs. Jay, who Cons~ulo had greatly to fear the Travelers Chedlr~, Accident Inmmmmm,Mi~ Bridget Boyle, North Little Reek opinion, of which I was advised by a was subdued by an invincible mother; Baggage Insur~ee mad a ~ Depo~ had the information from her.' danger of the indignationof ~his it Box for yore. valn|kbl~ ~ ~ klumnus, 1928 Evidence of Fear mother, if the imnosed nu ti 1 worry and make vacation a ~ ~ Alumnus, 1917 "I - , p a s n place, then, of the marl that should remain incomplete; especially STEAMSHIP TI~ff Hid I~ the girl loved, the mother chose an- if we consider that the daughter was, other; and since the mother craved a likely to tremble in the presence of port ill the world havi~ ~ Total title of nobility and Consuelo was the mother--a daughter sweet and connectio~ endowed with all feminine grace and meek and accustomed to obey, sub- SACRED HEART BURSE ' possessed great wealth, the mother ject to a mother who, on the contrary had scarcely met the Duke in London, was imperios who would have no con- Grateful Recipient of Favors.. when she forthwith desired him to tradiction, and who made everything ~ ~Morrllt~ Friend be her guest at Newport, so that she suit herself and her unbridled cupi- 201 Wut J~eoud ~ 6ra~ful Eeeip/ent of Favors... might not merely propose hTm to her dity. Insurance Phon~, Anonymous Donation daughter as a husband, but rather ,, Feared For Mother's Life DaT, @1247 "][/mdl~' cur, t],~.assign, him: Add to this that unless Consuelo NIEht, $-I~ P.~dlPtent of Many Favol~ Mel~e, Ark. he said that I ought to obey,,ecame wedded to Charles, she had to Oee~ ~n and fret our Vacation Fol41~. ]~mm G~httafRl Recipient of Favors, Memphis, that sheknew very Well that I had J fear another grave evil and danger, A Brockton Friend no right to choose a husband; that I t namely the death of her mother ac- rhankl~ving, Anonymoue, IA~e Rock ough to take a man of her choice.' ~cording" to the very Opinion of the _ "5. However, although t~e sworn [doctor; the mother very frequently Thanksgiving for Favors Received_ testimony of one who has suffered |threatened the daughter with this, 'Kindly," Cathedral Parish_ fear is considered of highest import-~as the appellant has related in her A.J.P., Morrilton.'_ ance in law when nullity of marriage third interrogatory, thus: Friend from Paris, Ark.__.__ is argued on the ground of fear i~- " 'Among the many threats, of Anonymous flicted, because the one who fears which there is an account in another Whether you ar.e a fool or a wise person can be tested very simply. |Thanlu~ivtng for Favors Received The acid test is tomorrow. That means: Is tomorrow in your I. experiences trepidation of soul and place, was this: :my mother told me thought, dominating all you do today? Be a tomorrow man. The has direc~ cognizanc~ of fear while many times that if I persisted in up- others only know of it by indication, position to her will, it would be, con- money you put in your Savings Account is Tomorrow's Money. I Total such testimony has not the force of sidering the state of her health, such [ proof, unless it is well confirmed by a contrariety as could bring about KNIGHTS UP COLUMBUJ BURJK the deposition of other witnesses and her death. Such was also the doctor's "( G~ew Wit~ Grewh-f B~ ' by presumptions. But that condition opinion, of which I was advised ~by CAPITAL, $00,O0.00 SUIEPLU~. $4~ Arkanus IL of C. CounoilL is~ here 'fully satisfied either by at- a friend of my mother, Mrs. Jay, who testations of witnesses or by pre- had the information from her.' , I sumptions. For the other party to "This sworn assertion has been INFORMATION ANB DONATIOM| the marriage has himself deposed confirmed by Mrs. Tiffany, aunt of R~qu~t for further tmf~O1 r~881'd~r 8~y off d that he was informed by his wife the appellant: OUR ADVERTISERS . about twenty days after'the wedding " 'My sister made seen es continu- " " lJ~eg{be ~u dom8461~ shmdd be N~ tO t~ Rq~k~', that she had contracted the marriage ally with her daughter, and tried to An4~ :lit. Jebl'e |u,e,m~.