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January 8, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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January 8, 1927

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Page Two THE GUARDIAN, JANUARY 8, 1927 I [ : - "-- __ - " .:. lion dollars is no smallsum for th SOCmTY [ A]t| D| Ut DO IIP. Catholic families of Oklahoma 0~ th. moe..e of Arks.., [ [aU~ ~a*tgltlglthlJ~ tlJI~IIUIOIIUIO /'][I]U DIOIIU[ Or lll[ ]]]][They alone did not and could ~a, ....... siders helped generously. Bishc .. oh ,, .. _,,,. CATHOLIC CHURCH IN THE UNITI D STAT N OF the hearts of all by donating /] AMERICA TO THE CLERGY AND FAITHFUL IH .?z i. . u. tbor .ho ld" "2" .:. ,.. ... . men matched his donation as per h - -- u.w H*r.... [ Succ I - - eace and B ...... ess to the Mmsmnary Bmhop. CORaESPO 'n ro enedmtlon m Our Lord Jesus Chmst, tragmg Memco becau ,h ....... ............. ,.^ I$$~r ~.~md~d /or l~ubliaation"in'h'e~uardlan Teacher of t ] . ,. - ................ x. a~.e~ Lnrougn witn U~lanoma may nv, ,~* **~ ~ w .Could r*a~ u he Truth That Makes Us Free. of Chnstend " - __ ed:ne~da morning:. Brief news corrmspond ee om, Pros XI, Vicar of JesusChrist, oorer f . is,' aw~s wlnome. Th. kinde, of ~ne clergy in thi matter -- ." , P ;elds m the Southwest m I. **r- [has urged the faithful of the wholeworld to, tory to do thin s in tho nklahom p ! .... . m M,DZ ' OTT ..................... S m ( astmal m Fu!l.) . umte w th hma m sympathy and prayer to God'sion) way.--Catholic Bulletin (Cl "-- ................................ - y pathy to those who suffer for conscience!for the afflicted Church. He thus manifests at A~ oommu~Ications about "The Guardian" shoulu be addres0~d to ~--~- 1- . . . .t ~ B v. H. ]t[eDermott. 807 West Second Street.nas never been refused by the great heart once hm deep sorrow over her trials and his ,, o : of the American people. They, almost instinct-[keen perception of the danger that this perse-I NO VEIL OF SECREC ffhie Gmardta~ i. the official organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, ivel , 4~ ~ri~_~: ~t~_. that may be an earnest champmn of t .e. cause of . y' sense all opp essmn to be a destroyer of lcuhon threatens to 'the Deace of Christ i e ' ..... o- ,] of- he faithful everywhere, but more especially to form t ain ........... , " u,m euucare her o~,Vll clergy, to Ii] T " , upon those of the United States hax e INFLUENCING OTH ] he Golden Rose is an orna enr. hlo~od ;~,,[ ~ ~ _ a sufficient numbe of them fm the ~ m ......... r . . . " care helP0 eul:d:;Yi:7:nt; L:det:::t Sotmd:Yon(athelt Pa:i:nls: :ege:u[e ths. h;g h: fel: )u Ol ks fi:ldcm: n:v/ h::supp:toft:hda:" ,, Says Archbishop McNicholas, Of " o ereigns, male or fem ,le : "" " " [" y and enlightenment, and to aDDlv the t " P " " ^ to Catholic s v Y of c uty to those p]mc ples upon which all ust , It has been my singular r wlege , , ..... . each- churches and sanctuaries, to ........, ..... tgove nment must be founded, prmc ples whmh!ings of the Gosnel to the for ^* ..... the feet of four Popes. I recall on o to illustrious Catholic cities ...... /guard r ghts conferred upon man, not by states,!conscienee Sad exDeri, oo ...... when the late Holy Father, Bene o " [but by God H mself. None, much less Bishops re~an ~l] ....... h~+ ...... , ....... speakmg of the Holy See he thr OK t nmcn noms spiritual allegmnce of expressmg h mself m these terms LAHOMA CHALLENGES ] ,. , ! such an attempt, and what it would mean tol ... " - a most theentire Mexican population, can Church as well as to State ]es ning you can do for the HolY It is a real --I ....... ........ [be Indifferent when these vital principles are ............. ]its position better known and to s ' v announce 1;lie wonGer-~_~ . . . , .... , lviexlcan wnurcn nus con r ll , ,,, e: : aeiheT! GOk:dh::aoCmamp::ge'd oS :/!i:;! !ifl:is :!dniY :!hprU!;u:t ;:fh!:b ni!ib nUdn ear,s tnh:m llypWegh ebkS stepCa ttrd1, bidr h d{:uP:i}idsbi{e :gwhffec: :: ifis P p p e of the Diocese and State of! ....... really would be a denartment of " " "t n the indivi , . . . recogmzea oy the isnops of Mexico themselves .... ..... Oklahoma who so enthusiastically undertook ............. [maehmery of the state. Her dignities and o- greatly brmg about thm de., del In a(lmlraDly wor(le(1 peE1Ylons agalnsl; oppres - - ,, this campaign to raise funds for the work of the sion as -- " ............. "]rices would be the perquisites of politicians; her and every Catholic can do his e, L me y, em ymg ana muma e eral knowledge of thmgs Church throughout that Diocese. voice the changing voice of political action. She " But it is very well worth our tribute to them to know that the people of Oklahoma not only put on this campaign, but put it over and over- topped the mark they set for themselves. Now that the Catholics of Oklahoma have the mark it remains for the res of us to congratulate them and pay tribute to their fine loyalty to the Church tha inspired their gen- erosity and self sacrifice It should be an in- spiration to the Catholics of the entire South boldly and publicly on the religious persecution people. letters to their flocks. Their action may well be would be despised by her faithful and justly seconded by us, their brothers separated by na- mocked by her enemies. Her bond of unity tional frontiers, but nevertheless bound to them with the Church Universal would first be weak- in the bonds of a common faith, as well as by ened and then snapped asunder. The Mexican ties of fraternal charity made stronger in mu- Government asks the Church to accept a slavery tual understanding, esteem and friendship, that could mean nothing today but an infection We Speak in the Interests of Both caught from evil surroundings, and tomorrow Church and State. a decline into mortal sickness inevitably ending All the more do we feel an obligation to speak with her passing from the life of the Mexican to hear of this magnificent display of loyalty and devotion expressed in terms of self sacrifice by the Catholics of Oklahoma. We have all spent too much time however admiring the achievements of others and done too little ourselves The people of Oklahoma (Continued next week.) ing countries. President Diaz declares that no Central American republic will be safe if the Mexican government succeeds in destroying re- publican government in Nicaragua. "The United States government is fully aware tical life can do much more than thinks. The up-to-date, active fluence many hearts to which a even privileged to speak. The lumbus, Ohio). O~ WLWL of the danger that is developing to the south- " " , ", " " _ stations, is doing much good if we very much hike ourselves as .far as worldlyt fth:t :ddb:ndh:cgeO: ward. They will be compelled to face it sooner the Catholic News. A Jesuit l)::sessmns go, but w;th.thm difference they N caragua. The movement was exposed some or later The United States government would structing a class of converts f,,u have the courage to sacrifice what they ha eIweeks a o The Calles overnmen n . be supported by every citizen in its opposition for the good of the Church When one little]t g g t de ied tha to communism if the people knew the truth. Too gation that a dozen or fifteen had to the Church by listening over W country mission without a priest or a churchl" was involved in the affairs of Nicaragua But much consideration has been shown to the corn- age has its particular vices, but it raises nearly a thousand dollars for general[this denial was mere mendacity, and now i,t ap- munists who constitute the government of Mex- that as each new form of iniquity Diocesan Work, it is time for those of us who pears that the aggressions against Nicaragua ico. The brutal truth has been withheld, for is foundnear at hand some dart enjoy fully the blessings of the Church to take are becoming still more bold and formidable, fear of offending a government with which the pierce the armor of the most ser)ous account of ourselves. Having recognized the Diaz government in United States is trying to maintain peace It Observer, Pittsburgh. is late indeed to think of this, but a New Nicaragua, it is the plain duty of the United cannot continue that course with safety, be- There are great possibilities of effected by Catholic radiocasting der. Well prepared, thou courses can reach the attention who would be ashamed to be seen church and would not care to buY logetical literature. The Paulist passed in power by only three Year is at hand and all of us, who cherish the States to befriend it. This duty rests not only cause it runs the risk of being faced with a sud- .o-- only sure thing in our lives, who regard as val- on moral grounds, but upon the practical ground den crisis hile American citizens are almost "TIME MAY COME.' table the only certain consolation for the diffi- of self-protection. American life and property entirely in the dark concerning the cause of It would be well to keep in mine eulties of life, the only answer tha God gives the European Catholic dailies as to the riddle of the world, should make some earnest and seriol s effort to help the work of what might be done here, that the" Church. There are numerous activities to owe no small measure of their hinder this work, and unfortunately the ckil- fact that they are the or ns of dren of the Church take its existence and labors ical parties. Had we a for granted, l in the United States, daily The achievement of the eo le of mumsm m os "A come as a matter of course If we " p p Oklahoma " " p sble. They cannot exist side by l full exposure of the Russo-Mexican com-the creation of such a political is a challenge to the loyalty of the Catholics of side. A clash with Mexico itself is one of thelmunist movement and its aims should be made]the comin- of the ....... lies, the South and it cannot be ignored F. inevitable events of the incoming year, as a re-]by the administration The ..... t atnonc - o sult of the ast " . ...... ......... we are very much mistaken aboU . capture of the government of Mex-] ounded by the revelatmns. [ ............. THE MEXICAN NICARAGUAN QUESTION. ico by communists [ __ American t:a nohcs there w]ll U ,, ............. my. A time may come when Cat -------- our opmmn epartmen nas t ___ forced to form a political party .* The following editorial from the Washington made a mistake in failingto enlighten the Amer- |EDITORIAL BROADCASTSI I ust as has happened in countrieSt ' thePSt' December, 13, 1926, gives the opinion of ican people as to this situation. Many Ameri ..... t clencahsm and socmhsm have soUg Capitol s leadg newspaper on the situa- cans look upon communism as a mere political ..................................... Ilreli-ig on, ....... presen any tmn just to the south of our country. While doctrine, and with customary liberality they . HEAVEN AND EARTH , T Thh Guardn" does not a ssume respons blhty" " " concede the right" of Mexico to adopt commun- i ngeles).]wuld be doomed to failure.--The for the exactness of the facts revealed, the ism as a political creed. They are unaware Two Canadian boys saw the light of day first] o Washington Post as the leading newspaper of of the fact thatcommunism as it is developed in the Prince Edward Island province of Can- SPREAD-EAGLE TALE' the Capitol should be in a position to verify in Mexico is a system of spoliation in[ada. Both grew up in the Faith and became the its statements. Therefore The Guardian is of which Americans are to be the first vic-[first presidents of the Catholic Church Exten- ........... the opmmn that a statement from such a source tiros, and that the system is now being ex-Islon socxeties, Msgr. Alfred Burke in Canada'in hatred in ...... oeO m worthy of respect and conslderatmn tended and M " ** .............- " " to other countries by tactics which arel sgr., now Bishop Kelley, in the United upon the diffident manner in which Communist Aggression. nothing else than war. Communism is not a]States. A decade ago they took the opposite " , ,, ..... bflhons. Can we wonder at the The fact that the government of Mexm stan o m mere abstract theory It m a new and extreme-!d m the Mexman anti-religious question, ions they have of golden streets making war upon Nicaragua is officially an- ly dangerous method of destroying free govern- t The former averred that it was not so bad, while mansions in the nations beyond t nounced by President Diaz of Nicaragua. He ment.' It has annihilated freedom in Mexico the latter painted indelibly in his book, "Red broad expanse They never see gt:te:inthatant :xpM:d i:: ve::la:ntn; edfr = igUnnt hV:hY:ahceh:samf::n od:::;e:bs::nc e- anM:g:l.l[urke died in Rome the other day, : hthr hd:u::nthes r houTsh: s Puerto, Mexmo, against the Atlantm coast of hty of contract, the rights of property, the sa- where he was for some t me" , and will, very like- cies and asylums in'the United Nicaragua. He appeals to all Nicaraguans to credness of marriage, and the equality of men ly, spend Christmas in Heaven. Bishop Kelley unacquainted with the sorrow unite to repel this invasion and to block the el- before the law. Therefore, communism attack- will enjoy a veritable heaven on earth this business methods--monoy forts of the Mexican government to establish ed religion in Russia and in Mexico. It will ut- Christrhas as his first big drive for funds has sure, and low wages.--Uni( communist regimes in Nicaragua and neighbor- terly stamp religion out of the hearts of the been oversubscribed. "Three quarters of a rail- falo).