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January 6, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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January 6, 1923

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Seve,nty-two THE GUARDIAN BISHOPS ASSIST AT FUNERAL OF HANNIS TAYLOR Witty and eloquent in a very high degree, he never failed to lift his voice for every good cause. One of his last public utterances was the magnificent discourse in favor of Ire- land delivered at an immense meeting in the Washington Liberty Hut during Eulogy of Life and Character of the Great War. Hannis Taylor would Noted Diplomat and Lawyer By have graced the Supreme Court of the Bishop Shaha. United States, to whose practice and procedure he wrote a valuable guide. (By N. C. W. C.'News Service) He was an old-fashioned American, Washington, l)ec. 29. Funeral and incorporated in himself the great services, for Hannis Taylor, former l plitical virtues of the man who laid the foundations of this mighty state. Minister to Spain, and noted Catholic] From George Washington and Pela- lawyer and author of works on inter-', national law and jurisprudence, were l tiah Webster to Thomas Jefferson he held at St. Matthew's Church today. I knew them intimately as to the.Jr 'ideas and merits, and he rejoiced ill t The Rt. Rev. Thomas J. Shahan, rec- ] depicting for posterity, truthfully and tor of the Catholic University f I l eloquently, these giants of our con- America; the Rt. Rev. William T., stitutional thought and life. Russell, Bishop of Charleston, and the Admired and Trusted Rev. Edward L. Buckey, rector of St. "Cardinal Gibbons admired and Matthew's, conducted the services, trusted greatly Mr. Taylor, and con- Diptomat sidered him in every way a reliable At the close of Mr. Taylor's diplo- mouthpiece of the Fathers of the Re- . I matin career, he accepted the chmrl public..May he rest in peace, in the of international and constitutional law ! light of the Sun of Justice, and may at Georgetown University and was in- i the rich example of his long and ternationally known in this field. He, beneficent life spur future genera- had been active in his profession up tions to imitate the faith and the to a month ago, when he xva, taken'learning ' the virtues and the wisdom iIl. An operation attempted as a last of this great man." resort proved unsuccessful. Minister to Spain CAUSE OF THE WINDS Mr. Taylor was a graduate of the: University of North Carolina, and Wind is caused by differnce in tern- held honorary degrees from the Uni- perature or by the rotation of the versities of Dublin, Edinburgh, the i earth. AlL area of heat will cause the Catholic University of America and atmosphere to rise and create a vac- several other institutions. He was ap- t uum into which the cooler air will pointed American Minister to Spain I rush. At the equator, the earth ro- I by President Cleveland in 1893 and rates at the rate of 1,000 miles an t held that post for four years. Later i hour towards the east. It would seem he served as special counsel for the ithen that the atmosphere ought to United States Government before the blow toward the west at the rate of Spanish Treaty Claims Commission in 1,000 miles an hour. But as a revolv- 1902 and before the Alaska Boundary Iing rod in a glass of soda gradually Commission in 1903. sets the surrounding liquid rotating at Well Known Author a like speed, so the atmoslhere al- Some of Mr. Taylor's best known, most gains the speed of the earth and works are: "Jurisdiction and Proced- ure of the Supreme Court of the[ the' air is practically calm. However, a slight difference in speed cauls the United States; "The Science of Juris- I so-called trade winds that blow some- prudence," his most ambitious book, lwhat steadily toward the west. At a which is a comparative study of E g- high altitude the winds blow at lish and Roman law as nosy admin- 'about 70 miles an hour.--Current istered throughout the world; "The, Opinion. Origin and Growth of the American l Constitution;" "Cicero---A Sketch of l You ought never to speak without His Life and Works;" "International weighing well beforehand what you Public Law;" and the "Origin and are going to say, and recommending Growth of the English Constitution." it to God, in order that you may sa Bishop Simhan's Tribute nothing displeasing to Him.--St. Te- Rt. Rev. Thomas J. Shahan, D. D., resa. rector of the Catholic University, paid ! the following tribute to ,the former I minister: "In the death of Ml'. Hannis Taylor of Washington both the Catholic Church and our countT have sustain- ed an irreparable loss. Born in North TO BE SERVED WITH THE NUTS AND WATER A speeding auto knocked a messen- ger boy senseless in the street and the first to reach him was a daintily dressed girl who knelt on the muddy pavement and tenderly ministered to him, his bleeding head in her lap, un- til the ambulance arrived. God bless her, and may her tribe increase! The Opportunity School of Colora- do Springs, Colo., will teach children, among other things, how to sleep in bed, an accomplishment hitherto sup- posed to wait on healthy fatigue. The average school-boy could qualify for an A. M. degree, without previous training. The dead-tired little girl who ad- mitted that ler legs were sore but the picture in the paper, muttering: "I left my glasses at home, so I can't read his name or what he was arrest- ed for, but l'll swear he's guilty." The waters of a lake in lreland have the .power to petrify any substance that may fall into it. A chance for some clever American physician to prescribe bathing in it for our spine-] less politicians. [ The woman who invented the sur- I geon's curved needle, the rubber-eov- I ered button for garters, and other useful implements is wandering about the streets of Philadelphia, selling neckties, her 85 years winning no pity, while many a useless dog has thou- sands willed it for a life of ease and plenty. Memories of the giant, Ursus, in Quo Vadis were sharply revived in that her body was awfully glad for Rochester, N. Y., when an h'ish pa- the good ride it had, will make a won- I trolman grappled a wild bull and over- derful wife if she preserves her pres- I powered him, saving a brother patrol- ent sense of compensatory bie,sings. I man and a crowd of children Making More power to Mr. Peel, the Eng- bulls, or mastering them, it's all in the lishman who raised q25 pounds of po- I day's work for the standard Celt. tatoes from one pound of seed. But he I One guess is as good as another in got th-e seed from Ireland. ' forecasting the return of good times, A brother columnist, of rather un- but one Irishman's dictum contains at prepossessing appearance, stopped  least a grain of comfort. "Will it ever runaway lmrse and was snapped by a ciear up?" asked a friend, during a passing reporter. The next day he protracted rainy spell. "lt ginirilly saw a near-sighted ne!ghbor stare -t does," was the philosophical rejoinder. m THE ARKANSAS TRUST COMPANY Capital, $100,000.00 Surplus and Profits, $150,000.00 HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK ARKANSAS THE WAUKESHA HOTEL Hot Springs, Ark. I Carolina, but long a resident of Ala- COMO TRUST COMPANY bama, he was our foremost constitu- tional lawyer. By his profound dis- / cussion and exposition of the govern- Hot Springs, Arkansas mental systems of England, the United States and France, he bstow- Capital and Surplus, 75,000.00 ed a priceless boon on all legal and historical scholars of the civilized world. His repute in the domain of VISITORS' ACCOUNTS SOLICITED / international public law was also very great, and in all higher public tri- bunals the world over his opinions were treated with utmost respect. None surpassed him in lucid analysis and logical exposition of the great no- , tional system s of law and administra- tion by which .modern civilization is I .... i,: safeguarded, His Gret Works on Law "His legalscholarshipwasmostva- St. Joseph's Infirmary fled in its range and scope, but he excelled particularly in the sense and grasp of historical, development, and ] lived to see his great works oh con- H O T S P R IN G S , stitutional and international law used . I as manuals by the most profound and ( brilliant minds at home and abroad. The South's Most Famous Sanitarium Under Cleveland he was Minister to Conducted by the Sisters of 'Mercy Spain,; and later represented the United States government before the highest tribunals of arbitration. At THIS TELLS THE WHOLE STORY OF EFFICIENCY -- WITH his death he was counsel for the State SUCH CONDUCT ST. JOSEPH'S HAS MADE GOOD FOR YEARS of Colombia, and had always a select AND WITH ALL CLASSES. 'international practice. Foreign uni- .' zersities and courts honored hirn with their degrees and their praise. Under DEVOTED SISTERS ,h' , r'Zover of biographies of Ciecro and ' bemosthenes he gave the world a EXCELLENT STAFF MEMBERS . ' luminous account of the laws and ad- COMPETENT NURSE CORPS i, ministration of Greece and Rome .... while yet at the zenith of their power. "This great American lawyer was a Well Equipped Building--Of Prominent Location convert to the Catholic Church, led Care in Appointments--Every Room Outside Room thereto by the relentless logic of his powerful mind and by his keen sense Well Ventilated and Lighted of historical justice. Despite his vast ':'!' learning he was ever an humble and Hot Baths Affiliated With U. S. Reservation modest man, and had a clear sense of the true nature and the right uses of 'the holy faith which sustained him INFIRMARY--SANITARIUM--REST HOME amid the trials of age and illness, and which he always professed witli the  Professional Attendance simplicity of a child. In early youth friend and admirer of Father For Reservations Apply to Ryan, and it is to him that REV. SISTER SUPERIOR FI the Southland owes the publication of that good priest's peoms. St. JoSeph's Infirmary, Hot Springs, Ark. Old Fashioned American . "Mr. Taylor was for. many years an  .... II figure of the political and  and was A dog patient in a Kansas veteri-  handwriting reveals our nary hospital receives a letter each lwe may soon write letters day from his mistress, which an at- selves, consult the key-booL tendant reads to himfor a considera- charge the doctors. tion. And we laugh at the servility of the British flunkey. "How many pecks ill a bushel " asked little Tommy, playing school- master to his younger sister. "Eight," came the prompt, confident answer. "Fine; let's play store, and l'll be store-keeper," suggested the embryo diplomat. J COULDN't LIVE "I hope you are not crobes," apologized the as he cashed the school with soiled currency. "Don't worry," said "A microbe couldn't live on If, as scientists now declare, our ary." Arkansas National HOT SPRINGS, ARK. Capital Full Paid, $100,000.00 Surplus and Profits, $315,000.00 We offer and furnish every one dep in this bank 50 YEARS experience in bank: ing, and 100 PER CENT SAFETY. and always with STRENGTH and ITY to take on any busi.ness requirement, and SERVICE that is lnodern and our patrons. Chas. N. Rix, President Robert Neill Vice President F. C. Stearns, Vice President L. W. McCrory, Cashier . ti" PATRO,,NIZE "O.UR in ,,r , . i ,1 l . Company Wisconsm & Arkansas Lumber MANUFACTURERS OF Arkansas Soft and Hardwoods Malvern, Arkansas