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January 6, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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January 6, 1923

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He called the attention of the House to other provisions "out-Lenining" Lenin, confiscating church property in the name of the state and suppressing re- ligious freedom in harmony with th communistic theory upon which the document is drawn. Patterned After Bolsheviks "I say this," declared Mr. Hudspeth, "that the property of churches and religious institutions is under this con- stitution confiscated and declared the property of the nation. Some of my colleagues look a little skeptical at this unusual and astounding state- ment. I will read you the exact lan- guage and let you draw your own con- clusions. Before I do let me state that it was my understanding that this constitution of 1917 was pattern- ed largely after the Bolshevik con- stitution of Russia. I do no know that to be a fact, but I do know that the true theory of Bolshevism is dia- metrically opposed to all religion and all religious exercises. Now, read this constitution as to ministers of reli- gion, as to religious meetings, as to schools under religious institutions and as to churches acquiring property and draw your own conclusions." God Left Out "In the very first preamble of the constitution of 1857 we find these significant words, 'In the name of God and by the authority of the Mexican people.' Not the slightest reference to God in the Carranza-Obregon consti- tution of 1917; and the failure was not unintentional, as I will show later. I believe in the Christian religion; so do you, I trust. In Article III, clause 2, of the Carranza-Obregon constitution of 1917 I quote as follows: "No re- ligious corporation nor minister of any religious creed shall establish or direct schools of primary instruction.' Does it stop there ? Oh, no! In Article XXIV, clause 2, Carranza-Obregon constitution of 1917, I quote the fol- lowing: 'Every religious act of public worship shall be perforated strictly within the places of public worship, which shall be at all times under gov- ernmental supervision." If I inter- pret correctly, it means that no reli- gious service can he conducted outside l of a church, no religious service in the I home or on the street, and the Mexi-I can Government will demard and di- rect the kind to be conducted And is that all? Oh, no! We read on page 19, clause 2, of the latter part of Ar- ticle XXVIII, as follows: Legal Capacity '"II. The religious institutions known as churches, irrespective of creed, shall in no case have legal ca- pacity to acquire, hold, or administer real property or loans made on such real property; all such real property or loans as may be at present held by the said religious institutions, either on their own behalf or through third parties, shall vest in the nation, and anyone shall have the right to de- nounce property so held. Presump-i tire proof shall be sufficient to de- clare the denunciation well founded. Places of public worship are the prop- erty of the nation, as represented by the Federal Government, which shall deternine which of them may con- tinue to be devoted to their present purposes. Episcopal residences, rec- tories, seminaries, orphan asylums, or collegiate establishments of religious institutions, convents, or aDS other buildings built or designed for the ad- ministration, propaganda, or teaching of the tenets of any kteligious creed shall forthwith vest, as of full right, directly in the nation, to be used ex- clusively for the public services of the Federation or of the States, within their respective jurisdiction. All places of public worship which shall later be erected shall be the property of the nation. !: "'III. Public and private charitable institutions for the sick and needy, for scientific research, or for the dif- fusion of knowledge, mutual aid so- cieties or organizations formed for any other lawful purpose shall in no case acquire, hold, or administer loans made on real propert Y, unless the mortgage terms do not exceed 10 years. In no case shall institution of this character be under the patron- age, direction, administration, charge, or supervision of religious corpora- tions or institutions, nor of ministej's of any religious creed, or of their de- pendents, even though either the for- mer or the latter shall not be in ac- tive service.' Churches Property of Natian. "You will see that all places of re- ligious worship are decltrcd the prop- erty of the nation, likewise all char- itable institutions for the sick and destitute, scientific research, and of learning are prohibited from acquir- ing or holding property for a period exceeding 10 years, and in no case can these latter institutions be under or directed by religious institutions. Now, it would seem that this would be 'out-Lenining' Lenin, in blotting out religious freedom, for we find as a part of article 130 of this Magna Charta of Mexican liberties the fol- lowing: "'The law recognizes no juridical personality in the religious institu- tions known as churches. " 'Ministers of religious creeds shall be considered as persons exercising a profession and shall be directly sub- ject to the laws enacted on the matter. "'The State legislature shall have the exclusive power of determining the maximum number of ministers of religious creeds, according to the needs of each locality. Only a Mexi- can by birth amy be a minister of any religious Creed in Mexico. "'No ministers of religious creeds shall, either in public or private meet- ings or in acts of worship or religious propaganda, criticize the fundamental laws of the country, the authorities in particular, or the Government in gen- eral; they shall have no vote, nor be eligible to office, nor shall they be entitled to assemble for political pur- poses.' Ministers Curtailed. "And in pursuance of this clause in this constitution, in the State of Oaca, in the southern part of the Republic, the number of ministers of religion has been curtailed to six in the entire State, having a population of at least a half million. The humblest citizen of our country can criticize its laws and its rulers without let or hindrance, but a minister of the gospel can not do so in Mexico. If he does, he goes to jail. And you will find in other parts of this remarkable document that only a Mexican by birth can be a minister of any religidus creed in lClexico, nor can any minister vote, hold office, or assemble for any politi- cal purpose." Much has been said of the national pride which prevents the Mexican gov- ernment from modifying Article 27 or declaring it non-retroactive, but in view of the Bolshevist character o the constitution as a whole the con- clusion is justified that President Ob- regon either does not want to modify Article 27 or is afraid to propose it for fear of stirring the wrath of the radicals, There is not much doubt that it is the view of the United States government that it is the latter reason rather than the former which stands in the way of an adjustment. Faseisti Movement. The problem has its domestic as- pect in Mexico. According to reports reaching Washington the anti-radical element in the republic, profiting by example of the fascisti of Italy, are organizing a fascisti movement of their own which is gaining adherents by the hundred daily. Sooner or later, if the movement continues, they will come to grips with the radicals who have been in virtual control of the govermnent since the days of Car- ranza. This might, at least, have the effect of disclosing which side Obregon is on. There are no illusions in the House of Representatives or elsewhere in Washington as to the true purpose of the constitution of 1917, as Rep. Huds- peth has shown, and there is not like- ly to be any recession from the stand taken by the administration in Wash- ington. Until there is clear and def- inite understanding that the confisca- tory clauses applicable to American- owned property have been eliminated or will not be retroactive talk of rec- ognition is futile. 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