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January 6, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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January 6, 1923

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THE GUARDIAN CALLED BACK ,11 M'Gee was worried. His I as that? To sing in your own smile had given place to [ church ?" expression, especially evi- I "My own church, yes, but not our this season of Christmas. Mrs. chmTh, and there is all the difficulty. 0a noticed it immediately when I am so glad you came tonight, Josie. e-statute him to get the names of 1 have been doubly unhappy this Whom she was to make glad j evening, and it is a comfort to me to 3oyous time. I have a friend of the old days to con- look worried, Father," she fide in." , , be was about to go on her There were tears in her eves as she of mercy, aro :lad brought her chair close to me, and it is so evident? In-] Mrs. Dillon. am wmTied, and yet to you it i "Why are you so unhappy, Alice? s trivial matter. It's about You have everything to live for." Y;t: k::x;, the] "Yes, and still nothing to live fo r. _ _ e s c -I I have fame, wealth, a devoted hus- may be my punishment--' hera -- ", . . [ band, and yet unhappiness. Your ts':s?;orKed at it, and ! pre.nce intensifies it, by contrasting, lent most of the , I are -.'- : [ the present with the old donvent da s. rocK, and it's too late tel D . ' rs. ,a ." . I ear Slster--imw often she told me] , -u so on. And that's my t ^, - . ' , that Mm had tears for me on account k;:'b:st baci as a fire or an I of my voice; but God gave me that Daft enough, and the I re so - [voice, and when I saw how people used to a beautiful pro- J Christm ,, J were charmed by it my soul was fn'ed as Dill^- .7 f with an ambition to make the whole _ m smiled. 'Tin so glad w " liste ....... * sTea* ...... . . I Ol'lCl ." n Xou (io not Know wnat or trOUble is mpendmg lit .... " " "]'ambition is, Josie. re me it wast Jur music. Do you know w 1 fan " has el ..... I eath, ' m, everything earth can raakfterecl my !mad this In-[ give, and it inspired me to study hard. I i;, ' your musical progrmnl You remember when.1 went to ltal , me city. You know Dr xi .... Y ,.ofW t . . . . " to study 'th l,ustnm. A dear friend me h melel street ? Of course of my fatl er made it possible. Anoth-I .  only a month ago ' Is a boa ....... " er pupil was Mrs. Johnso n , my hus-I uum stager, m fact band's first wife, a beautiful amiable tions do not come from sinners." "I do not so classify you." "But I do; a Catholic who is false to her conscience can hardly be called a saint." He laughed, but there was no ring of merriment in the sound. "These are serious thoughts for a merry Christmas, Alice But really your voice will astonish today. I'd like to see your triumph." "Why not come, then ?" sire asked, timidly. "It's against my principles, dear. But here's your car. Good-by." He stood at the door till the car disappeared down the long driveway. Then he returned to his study, and again took up the book that fascinated pew; he did not come to court notice, and besides he would have a better vantage ground to observe the effect o his wife's solo. He sat stolidly while others knelt, an unintentionally synical smile upon his handsome face at all this apparent mummery and hypocrisy. He smiled as he heard the unmusical voice of the priest--poor Father McGee was never noted for his musical attainments--he mered at the efforts of the small choir to ren- der Gounod's great Mass, he thought the sermon long and tedious, yet he was conscious of little till the offer- tory, and then he was all attention, for she wa' singing. J It was the "Holy Night," with the Latin words which old Lustrini had him. It was Father Faber's "Bethle- arranged to tim beautiful melody. It hem." was her voice, beautifully sweet as l "Whatever Marx told me to read ever, and vet so unlike. There was a l this for, it beats me," he said to him-] sentiment in it, a passion there he] self, "yet I confess I am interested, had never heard bcfore. He had heard ] What should she say if she knew that: her in operas, on the concert stage, two atheists like Marx and myself i anti he had wondered at her talent. I were reading pious literature? Well, I Then it was the voice of an artist, butt it's peculiar." He read on from I here in the little chm'ch it seemed like I where he had stopped when his wife t the voice of an apgel, with a joy, a I came to make her strange request, but I pathos beyond description. A sigh es-t his heart was running after a car, caped from him as the last notes (tied bearing to a despi.ed temple all that h.e held dear. In vain he tried to be interested in the hook, and after a lit- tle while he dropped it, and summon- ing a servant, asked: "Has Jones re- turned from the church yet? Yes? Well, tel, him to drive around for me. CAP F BOURLAND 'Adeste fideles' "--unconsciously lie * the first magnitude up to woman who took a deep interest in sang the old hymn as he plpared to away; he was trembling, lie knew not why. Her voice had gone down into his soul with a pleading, a touch of heartbreak in it that filled him with a dread, a fear lest he had been un- just to her, unjust to himself, unjust Fifty-tdne She was kneeling with her head bow- ed on her hands, andit smote his heart to see it--she was. weeping. "Alice." The woman started at the half- whispered sound, and looked in aston- to the dead child, in all his pride of ishment at her husband, who came life, in his disdain of such common nearer and took her trembling hand in notions as the existence of a Creator his. and the responsibility of a creature, bl"Alice!" There was an inexpressi- He smiled at his thoughts, but there e tenderness in his voice. "You are was no longer a sneer upm his lips as the bell of the sanctus sounded, and he knelt with the others to await the great Mystery. Dr. Johnson paced up and down the vestibule of the church after the con- gregation had dispersed He had been oblivious of the glances of the happy weepingwhy?" "For all the past, Herbert, for the peace of Christ. He has brought mc here today. He der rounds my heart. You won't take peace from me?" "God forbid, Alice, for that peace is mine, too. Do not question me. I can't explain it. I only know that I throng 'dmt had passed him as he sat was blind and now I see. Come, let in the last pew, wondering at his own us thmk Him for it." heart and all that had transpired And united indeed, a man and a there within the last hour. He was afewWmantknelt in th place where but waiting for her, as impatient to see e noments before a woman had her as if they had been separated for sung like an angel.--The Mnitor. years. Yet she did not come. She had ' not gone home, for the car was still Prof What insect requires the outside. He would go for her and least nourishment , surprise her. He ascended the dark Bright PuPil--The moth. It eats stairway quietly. Yes, she was there..holes! " .... HENRY BOLLINGER MUSIC STORE " SEL I,S BRUNSWICK PHONOGRAPHS AND RECORDS EXCLUSIVELY Sole Agent for the Autopiano, Choice of Our Navy ago when he married her. me, and made her husband also inter- go out. know her as the famous of song?" Father Me- the prospect. known in all the civil- ou think she would sing for if I ask her. She and at Notre Dame and for years." then ?" Y so. I fear the practical Dr. Johnson--enor- you know--is an st, a sort of iconoclast, an and I fear that Alice raany of his ideas." suitable person to sing at think so ?" but then--it may I Who knows ?" Dillon. Dear me, what body you are! Always are needed most. See if YOu will. We'll have in the city." that Mrs. Dil- the celebrated singer from destruction of a poor parish that she had a good and Without a fear of mmediately to the the doctor had built of his celebrated sat in the reception e entrance of her old not help contrasting mgaificence about her little cottage in which had grown to maid- SimPle rooms of the r School days In the had imagined so luxurious, her mind was upon could fancy the into the exhi- graduation (lay an angel and of an outside world. y Alice had and how she mant- el returning after novitiate. The dear her impulsiveness, be .different when poor child. Some- for YOUyou are so Alice had fears, and then entered the room. returned my call doubly a stranger are almost uext n there,, reasons, neglect Alice, for And yet I Will say when you COUrse. They tell me [est WOman in town, COmpared to you call you a lmm- , ,    I Fifth and Garri,m Avenue, Fort Smith, Ark. ested himself. You know my leap to 'qo St. Jerome's Church." "Yes," II "L II ' . ' 1' - ,'e: eat ,,t to th, man w] stood ,ti , I -A ', ' " ' -" '- :" "" ' raze l, c: )ubting i he hear, a 'ight. v  :an't a r an go to hurch if  cants I' Dt',.q,ir tvl,'rtln , to?" But he was forced to smile FOlt' Slr't - '- ....... i  - " .......... "" .......... ........ when he entered the car, as he reeall- -. 11 I,, 2-FKalla:S 1 1 "" " tk 1 " ,   ed the expression on the cha,ffeur's  In d a ' ' But there[ fac;. ' . . JI. II I! ./l. LU . ,$ u ss "or ] i No one noticed the wealth Dr '"  ' . f " Y " ' H ''N Y " ,' " r 'h. d( Johnson as he took a seat in the last  B I . OUI COMECOME TOTO IFOBTORT SMITHSMITH 's t th, ] '" " [$ : li bu I' f We carry a select stocnery Goods, Ladies' [ , y ,per,}  Ready-to-Wear, Gentshings:t3oys' Clothing, a: 7I ...... .. ....,  Household Goods and at goes to mulct  ! uomptee ADsnacts of ilue :,e On;[ ' I up a first-cl,ss depo/'e. Giveus a look. ::' " I For the Finest in from the original records  , ' il 1 ( d-- , I ' C ' ' 31a ;up.[ Mens Wear The Standard Abstract of[ PRENDERGAST & MCSHANE '  )u no t I n, her --- , Today and the Future t - -  .... . .... ".' ....... - W A lflBMqflM P/NTInUt, ,'"" ..... .--- . * -.. o.aalqvll IlzlJlllll]l.l Accepted by All Financial Institutions,--------------- ................................................. -,=.=, " :e sist- I COMPAI ", Experienced Abstracters I = - " - " --:-- - - " " ' "-: aly av I gh Quality FACE BRICK, , w ,n Fort Smith, Ark. LhND TITLE ASICT CO. let us tiure with ou  : . g - , y t Telephone :,, t ,ec us ngure wn;n you CO.' r at her ort Smith, Arkansas Way I . ii u] 'iSl WHOLESALE HARDWARE I1 7 We manufacture the ver , e :" '' k t nall[ AGRICUUIURAL IMPLEMENTS [ I i quality feed, flour, hay, grain, etc, . M_., ' , |  ..d right here at home, at your owa door!  _ AUTOMOBILE A E r Why order from a foreign source [ I  f P Y reandpav freight, too, when  I e, you CC SSORIES AND TIRES : a moi -- " " i  unay[ Melchant , q ...... [ ll , we can effect Untold saving for y0uT m. ' } r ars. [ " s us hess OllCll;e(1 |  ' I  , i : | I can furnish a complete ,, , . I  stock of feed in one car ., ,'   ' ' ' . II II for a retail store! " '. !1 '  Trace facilities on four railroads, with ,' I track rom for 20 cars, and a storage  , ' I ::paity of 150 cars. Quick delivery .  ' " n the freshest merdtandisel United States k'%od Administration License Number G.03939 $ ' ,, i , ' Bowen'Oglesby W. J. Echols & Co. Mdl00ng Co. ' : g ,. Fort Smith, Ark. $ ,,' : :,-$  fame, nay debut, my laurels every-.[ he repeated to the man who stood where. The Johnsons were as pleased t amazed, doubting if he heard aright. as 1. Mrs. Johnson died the next sea- "Can't a man go to church if he wants son, when I sang at the Metropolitan. Two years after, he asked me to mar- ry him, and I did willingly, for I had ed the expression ov the chauffeur's come to love him dearly. was a cloud over nay lmppiness, for 1. had filarried out of the Church. t did not mind it then, my heart was in the world. He had been a Catholic, but now was an atheist, I pratically a per- vert. But when our child was born and he refused to have it baptized nay slumbering faith began to rebel. One night 1 came from the theater, after a grand success, to find my child dead-- and unbaptized! That was my last ap- pearance. 1 became ill; he would not let me return to the stage--and here ] am." "But does he not relent?" "On the contrary, he is more insist- ent. I argued at first, finally gave it up, and am now settled down into an obedient, loving wife." "But your soul. Alice." "Never at peace,J'osie, and that is why I am going back to the stage. My voice is better than ever, and it will give me something to think about. But ] detain you, l will ask my husband, though I fear he will refuse." She ascended th----' stairs slowly;] thinking deeply and formulating her[ argument. Dr. Johnson ,,'as reading] when she entered his study, but[ quickly laid aside his book as if to[ conceal it. "Oh, it's you, Alice. You startled me." "And now I will startle you a little more. Mrs. Dillon, my convent com- panion-you remember our charming hostess at Naplescomes to press me to sing." "Sing where, Alice ?" "At St. Jerome's church." "Roman Catholic, of course." "Yes." "You know, dear, I do not approve of such things. How can you desire to mingle with such people?" "You are so proud, Herbert, this is the season of humility." "Of humility ?" "Yes, it is the season of the Babe of Bethlehem.", She wondered boldness as she spoke "It is Christ- mas, when all differences should be forgotten. You have given me man gifts. Herbert, may I not ask a small favor from yOU no'w ?" "For this once, Alice, yes. I see you are still sighing for Egypt. You may tell Mrs, Dillon yes." She could scarcely b'elieve her ears. Was he relenting? Or peresence in his house of Mrs. Dillon and the fear that he would seem big- oted? She could not tell. She only knew that hitherto he had railed at God and religion as hypocracies, and new--she could not explain it, but a ty tonight, when I smile was forced upon her face as she Sing for charity."[ rejoined Mrs. Dillon. granted. I ' it is only o omething for are going to have I presume." I want you to ass at Christmas." blushed and looked Josie, I am u seeMr. John- have to consult lo not mean that Such a service To Alice Johnson it was the most beautiful Christmas morning she had seen for many years. She was in feel- ing a girl again as she stood waiting for the car to take her to church. It seemed to Dr. Johnson as he came down the stairs that she had never looked so beautiful, so happy, since the gala night at the Metropolitan when a great city gave homage to the American Nightingale. "I wish you a great saccess this morning, Alice. The revelation will come from the wrong part of the church today." "Thank YOu, Herbert, but revela-i m t -II