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January 6, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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January 6, 1923

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t EIGHT I that nNhlng h more that CathoU paperu should lava so that cvry Irfery day good read. and warns, and premetea the ChrlJ- PP. XV. [l'he Official Organ of'the Diocese of Little Rock Arkansas" Ir ................................................................................................................................ " " OF C. SCHOLARSHIP I00IMINATIONS WILL BE HELD APRIL r14 ST. JOSEPH'S ORPHANAGE SPECIAL D. C., Dec. An- corn petitive examina- graduate scholarships estab- Knights of Colmnbus at University will be held on 1923, was made this week the Right Rev. Mon- A. Pace, director of must be filed be- 15. 1 I PICTURESQUE ARMY OF THE,VATICAN TO BE REORGANIZED BY PIUS XI [ I exan]ination is open to male I Who have received the bach- in arts, science or letters Who tire now in the se-] in college. Students who, K. of C. scholars, to enter] or the University must received the degree of bach- o [ are required to take in English, llistory ar, d Each is further requir- examinations in physics, biology, and in Latin, of the modern languages. ate selects the science and i in which he desires to ration. I PAPAL GENDARMES on full-dress parade in the Court of S. Damaso. They m-e the policemen of the Vatican, and are on duty in the palaces and in the Vatican gardens. To qualify for membmnthip mu must be at least S ft. 9 in. in hoillht, and mutt have omvleted his service honorably In the Italian at;my. entitles the holder' and tuition in the cious films that have harmed morally KU KLUX KLAN ring the academic year. so mmly of the people of today. "Find for the minimum pe- out something about the 'movies' your] TO HAVE A LOBBY or attaining an advanc- children attend," he said: "Do not is one year for the think that the salacious pictures make i n arts, two years for the no impression upon them. Their young ] IN WASHINGTON Philosophy and three minds are easily inflamed. Many par- doctorate Of philosophy, ents who are careless about supervis- Washington, D. C., Dec. .--Agents I ff information, giving full ing the amusements and the associa- of the Ku Klux Klan will be sent to specimen examinations, tions of their children learn all too operate at the capitol and in the exec- application to the di- late that their children are wiser in urine departments of the government at the Catholic Uni- evil than they, the parents ever that may be in.quiring into the opera-. dreamed." tion of the organization, it was an- Spoken Newspaper nounced following a meeting of Klan A spoken newspaper is the latest officials hehl here last week. innovation in France. The Parole Li- "This town is full of lobbies aml we MASS bre, formerly the Idbre, Parole, hs,'opose to have a body of our own," Ca given up its type and presses and:iilaid W. il. Evans, Imperial Wizard of FOR .LOR COOK present its news orally instead of]the Klan, in announcing this policy, typographically. Subscribers are wel-]which, it is declared, ,,rill be f,o,r the come to semi-weekly lectures where [purpose of combating l, ederal inter- W. News Service) c . ' ' . I, .... urrent events me read off by the ed> ! fmence. Uncle Tom" Mul- tors. Experts and men in the public I "I will not say," he continued, colored cook at St. eye discuss questions of moment This I whether our lobby will operate secret- ary, was buried from discussion is considered a substitute ly or whether we will have Ku Klux church here today for the editorial page. The staff is Klan written on the door. 1 will not honors in the power paid on a time basis; even say that there is not such a h)b- to bestow. Solemn Re- by already established." Was celebrated by the Rt. PATRIOTISM It is understood that the Klan of. Tihen, Bishop of Den- --.--- [ficlals who heal several sessions i a priests and laymen Patriotism, it has well been said[lcd: hotel this week, have left for New Ymk the diocese attended, is something more than love of coun-[fir e ' where the Klan is umler this was the first tryit is the love that serves. Blind ...... I Mayor llvlan of New York has sent rs have been accorded love can not serve. Only mteingeni ". . Tom's" race in love can serve, vresident Harding an appeal for the 'church was crowded of the dead man A true patriotism will see and suppression of "Colonel Mayfietd's Weekly," regarded as a semi-official only negro present, cherish every fine and beautiful thing organ of the Ku Klux Klan in the ice offered r , s atl::: state of Texas and the matter has l ..... " ' . " . Ibsen referred to the postoffice depart- gory m ts acluevements, t will, and the asmospbere "" 'meat and the department of justice ve froth m its posstbfll- Officials here have expressed the opin- same as for the so- {ib:? e all, h a ..... is refreshing to know lion that no action wouhl be taken there is a Power that _ioAreth: P:t:':n wfl].,see .and de-]against the publication until i,westi- man is worth just so Vl ". ........... ncl evils in lS own [ gatiml had been made by those depart- his fellow man ; po- lana., it .will no3 .flemcm .itself ,lto be-iments and that President Harding of no consequence . vmg tna aii. is good; it will give lwou M probably await reports from At- odd' itself to. corlectmgwhat is wrong and [t0i'ney General Daugherty and Post- Was a slave in the promoting tnac wnicn makes for the]master General Work before replying. Civil war. He came common welfare and prosperity. [ ........ 15 Years ago and for A true patriotism will display the i THIS WORLD FIRST. Years has been chef at flag, but it will not clothe a disregard I 'erainary. for its country's laws or an exploita- ] There is au English church where a tion of its fellow-citizens in the folds I box hangs in the porch. It is used for IN THE HOME of the flag. It will regard the con-I cmmunicatins for the pastor. Cranks servative assailant of human rights lput their notes in it, bt occasionally c00;Y, addressing a with no less indignation than it holds I it does fulfill its purpose. Recently the in Baltimore re- for the radical assailant of property minister preached, by request, a" ser- the necessity of obedi- rights, mon on "Recognition of Friends in of children. Heaven," and during the week the for impress upon their RIGHT DIRECTION lowing "note was found in the box: of obedience," "Dear SirI should be much obliged have no control over If the captain of a ship in mid- if you could make it convenient to their little boys and ocean were to keep changing his preach to your congregation on 'The now in their course every day, so that today he'Recognition of Friends on Earth,' as can they expect the headed east, tomorrow west, the next [ I have been coming to your church for daughters to give day south, and so on day after day, i nearly six months and nobdy has tak- and respect heading today in a different direction en any notice of me yet." parents. The par- from the day before, his ship would ripen obedience never reach any port. will learn to re- Neither will he reach the port of of authority. Self- success who is constantly changing his children, become plans and occupation. Columbus reach- and women, who ed the shores of America because he moral restraints. It kept his ship sailing in the right di- many of our boys rection until he sighted land. obedience So you must keep going in the right They have re- direction, holding to your course un- of things. We see tlie 'til your objective has been reached. a reversal all around Certain it is that you will never ar- rive, if you work at this today and at the parents to that tomorrow, and never at any one have good corn- ' thing long enough to master it. ", and that the l are not the sala-I PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS, JUST CHICKENS One night an old negro heard a flutter among his poultry. "So I takes dow my gun," he says, "an creeps 'long in de dark. De doah of my chic'n-house is wide open an' I sticks de revolvah inside an' says, 'El yo' don't come outen dat, yo' low- down, thievin' niggah who's in dere, I jest blow yo' black head to pieces." "He don't let on, an' I shout out agen', 'Who's dah ?' "Den I hea'd that erim'n'l niggah say, squaky, like 'e was jest gwine to cry, '.It's only US chickens!'" THE EVERY DAY DRESS of the Swils Guard. The coat of mail (shown below) is reserved for dress occuions. The uniform it black red and yellow, and has not chengad in centuries. PROTESTANT SECTS MAY COMBINE IN CLEVELAND Cleveland, Dec.--.--A joint com- mittee representing the" Presbyterian and the Congregationalists of Cleve- land has under consideration the con- solidation of these two religious bodies in Cleveland and in Cuyahoga county. This is the most important 'step in he way of reunion among two Protes- tant bodies in local Protestantism. The Cleveland Presbytery has thir- . ty churches in' Cleveland and twenty in tlie county. Congregationalists have twenty churches in Cleveland and nineteen outside the city. The com- bined membership would total not nmch in excess of 25,000. Both religious bodies are said to view the proposed union favorably. : The initiative was taken by the Pres- byterians. DIGGING SCHOOL FOUNDATION, STRIKE OLD GRAVEYARD - ' " z New(BY ...... N. C. W. C. News:2. Service) ' POPE nrcn to throw awav. ' ihliJO ........ " ........ r xorK, Dec. zz.'rwo headstones 1 IIC elf| la(ly tOOK Lrle flowers, lOOK" f.. ' , . . [ " . t rom an utmost Iorgotten burying YT ing as if she did not quite know air  ground were unearthed s TO E END CATHOLIC who.her ,-h-,,;.s ,t-i ...... * ...... 1 ..... ] - " ye, terday by ..... orkmen dggmg the foundatmn for cepting one, but evidently feeling too DI?I 11217 IH DITOOI& , ]the new school of the Church ' lF.dAEdg lrt lU001fi of the delighted to trouble herself over that]Transfiguratio n on Mott street, China l fine point. And the girl whose tact town. One of them was inscribed: "In (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Moscow, Dec. 20 (By Cable).Dr. :Edmund Walsh, head of the Catholic mssion which has been co-operating 'for some months with American Re- i lief Administration in its feeding op- l erations in Russia, was notified today I by Cardinal Gasparri, papal secretary [had been more than a match for the other's pride left the car carrying away a nxemory even sweeter than the fragrance of the lilacs. WHAT StlALL I. 'PEACH MY 1 AUGHTER memory of Catherine, wife of Adam Hyler, w]!o departed this life May 27, 1810, age 31." The other iflscription was: "Wife of George Sparling, who died October 7, 1809." The stones were well preserved. The Church of the Transfiguration i one of the many lamhnarks of old New I S of .'tare in Rome, that lope Pins XI! has acceded-to the request of the Soy-] let Government for a Catholic mission tad conduct feeding in Orenburg prov- ince. Dr. \\;Valsh has arranged for a feed- ing program caring for 20,000 persons in tle Orenburg district, which will be started as soon as possible. The cablegram to Dr. Walsh also stated that tile Pope has made a per- 'sonal gift of a million lira for medical i i supplies with which tlm Catholic Mis- men will co-operate in the A. R. A. program of medical assistance an( in- noculation against the spread of epi- demic disease. ONE WAY OF I)OING A FAVOR. One clay in spring a young girl, who had been visiting friends in the country, stepped on one of the elec- tric cars which pass a great railway station. Besides her suitcase and a variety of parcels in all shapes and sizes, she carried a bunch of lilacs, tim frogrance of which pervaded the cal'. A little woman in black sat beside the girl, and she looked at the flowers with eyes that seemed to be looking back into bygone years, ht spite of an aiI of refinement, her dress showed poverty and the girl knew that here was one whose circumstances had been better. Notwithstanding the wistful- ness with which her seat mate looked at the lilacs, the girl (lid not venture to offer them to her. The sensitive pride in every line of the delicate old face forbade it. But the generous impulse in the kindly young heart was too strong to be thwarted, and in a minute or two the girl had formulated a plan of action. Turning to the old lady and holding up the lilacs, she said: "It seems too bad to bring them so far and then have to throw them away, doesn't it ?" "Throw them away?" the old lady repeated in shocked tones. "My dear, don't think of it." "But I've got so nmch to carry," said the girl, gravely, though her eyes twinkled under the long lashes. "My cousins came down to the train with me, so I did no mind it much at the end,' but when I got off the train here I dropped these things and the brakeman had to pick them up for me. And when I leave this car I don't know how I shall manage it with such a load. 'Would you mind," she hesitated a minute. "Would you care for the lilacs? I'd be sorry to bother you with I them if it were t, rouble, but realtythey're too pretty Some time ago at a social gather- i0rk:. The first building, where the ing this question Wis proposed. lhe church now stands, was erected in 1797 as the Zmn Luth following are some of the replies ' eran church. Iu 181{} han(ed in: i was changed to Zion Epsieopal 1. Teach her that "Modesty is the] church. It was burned in 1815; rebuilt flower in her dower" and that she [in 1819, and sold in 1853 to the Church . of the Tansfguration which must by example wage war against[ . " ." , had re- wous to that date been on Ch the shameful immodesty of dress, loss l " ' ambers of maidenly reserve and false theories street. The church of the Transfig- of life. uration wasfounded in 1827 and is I 2. Teach her that if she Ires her the fourth oldest church in the diocese. own welfare and the welfare of.others t00IRIS00iAN POPU-00TION whom she can influence at heart to become a Handmaiden of tile Blessed OF INDIA f00lINS 22 Sacrament, and to live the true Hand- maiden's life. ,' 9. Teach her. to say "No" 0ad PER IN 10 YL00S mean it, or "Yes" and stick to it. 4. Teach her how to sew on but- tons, darn stocldngs and mend gloves, (By N. C. W. C. News Service) ' Calcutta, Nov. 12.--There has been 5. Teach her how to dress for health mad comfort as well as for ap- a decided increase in the Christian pearance, population of India during the past ten years, according to statistics of the 6. Teach her how to arrange the 1921 census, just published. The total rooms, number of-Christians is given as 4# 7. Teach her to regard morals and 754,079 as against 3-876,203 in 19t:r, habits, and not money in selecting her or an increase of more than 22 pet- associates, cent. : 8. Teach her to observe the rule: ' ' " The Hindu population has shown a "A place for everything, and every- decided falling off, according to the : thing in its place." same statistics but the Mohammedat , 9. Teach her that music, drawing popuation increased three per cent. and painting are real accomplishments The shrinkage of the Europeans ad in the house, and arc not to be neg- the Anglo-lndian community has,been'.' r lected if there be time and money for marked, especially in the Madras Pres--t ,. their use. idency. The Indianization of the civil'! I0. Teach her the important tru- service is expected to accelerate this ism: "That the more she lives within condition in the future. . . ,, . her income the more she will save, and the further she will keep fl'om MARYKNOLL T0 HAVE the poor house." 11. Teach her that a good, steady MISSION DIS1ICT Catholic mechanic, farmer, clerk or 'i teacher without a farthing is worth IN NORTH .,,.t, more than any selfish, irreligious drone, no matter how wealthy, well- __ ' dressed or handsome. New York, Dec. 21.The Saered 12. Teach her to love flowers and Congregation of Propaganda has trivia- to arrange them tastefully, ed the American Foreign Missions 6 13. Peach her to embrace every Maryknoll)to inaugurate work in'Ks- , opportunity for reading, and to select rea. Bishop Mutel of Seoul has at-' such books as will give the most use- ready outlined the district which later ful and practical information in ear- will become the American vicariatv. 'It" "' lier as well as later home and school is ituated north of the capital anffex - life. tends to the Manchurian.l 14. That the best ornament in a excellent railway line traverses the dining room is a well-cooked and th'e region, the center, of wldch will , :.' daintity-rved dinner, be Ping Yeng, the eeond largest eitdr in Korea. CAME TO Th Very BLOWS. Rev. Patrick J. Byrne lts beene Superior iof tim" ,. .4. "discussion over the number of new mission Jews who should be permitted to en- country about the ter Hngarian colleges "recehtly going to the Far Est 1 reached a climax with a chailenge for rope. Father B a duel between two educational dtgni- St, Mary's taHesDr. Meny, rector of Szegedin until rcently, has and Dr. Barsony, rector of Buda- knoll Preparatory Pest university ........... Summit i, the,diocese