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January 6, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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January 6, 1923

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: Fifty-six THE GUARDIAN i l :/ i i!v  g l EMPEROR CHARLES' DEATH DESCRIBED BY CONFESSOR Hapsburg Monarch Showed His Deep Religious Convictions in Last Mo, ments. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Vienna, Dec. 12.--In a recent issue of the Hungarian Church publication, "Egyhazi Lapok," there was publish- ed a part of the diary of Father Paul Zsamboky in which the priest, who at- tended Emperor Charles during his last hours at Madeira, reveals the Christian fortitude and true Catholic piety with which the fallen Hapsburg monarch met his end. Prayed for His Enemies According to Father Zsamboky, the physicians stated on March 27, at eight o'clock, p. m. that the Emperor suffered from a double-sized inflam- mation of the lungs, and that they expected the crisis in the course of the next twenty-four hours. The Em- peror wanted to confess to Father DE BONS & CO. Tinners and Sheet Metal Workers 107 W. Highland Street Phone 145 Paragould, Arkansas When in Paragould look up KIRCHOFF & SONS Retail Grocers Corner Truett and Highland t PARAGOULD TRUST CO. Sends its Greetings to the many readers of The Guar- dian and invites them to Make This Bank Their Depository when convenient. Zsamboky in order to prepare for the last sacraments. "As he was shaken by a violent cough at every word," says Father Zsamboky, "I assisted him by putting questions. The Emperor made the con- I fession with the devotion and greatest spiritual composure and calmness. H.e sI/oke German and tIungarian, by turns. After confession he assured me, expressly, that he forgave all I those who were at work against him, , adding that he wa: praying for them. iHe had settled all important affairs. t rarely have been at as quiet ann elevated a death-bed scene. The pa- ]tient received the extreme unction most piously. "On the first of April, after the Holy Communion. His Majesty said to the Empress with an expression of t [unspeakable sadness and longing: '1 wish they would let us return home, you, myself and our children.I pray to Thee, my dear Saviour.' He then said most devoutly the prayer of re- pentance, again commending his chil- dren to the Lord: " 'Dearest Saviour/ he prayed, 'pro- ect our children, guard them from every evil--body and soul,' and he added emphatically, 'let them rather die than commit a great sin; Amen!' "Then, suddenly, the dying man cried aloud, praying most fervently: 'O, let me be well again, my Jesus, when i is Thy will, but only Thy will be done!' "All this time the queen supported the dying Emperor, to make him sit a little higher. Meanwhile, the patient had lost consciousness, but upon the queen's asking him: 'Are you tired; don't you want anything?' he replied I quite tenderly: 'Sweetheart, youare you not tired? Take a rest!' "I had placed the Holy Wafer on a little table near the death bed, and was wiping all the time the damp forehead of the patient. Repeatedly he closed his eyes from exhaustion, repeating the little prayer: 'Jesus, my life is yours. Dear heart of Jesus, I put my tst in you.' "At last the successor to the throne, the young Archduke Otto, was called in. His father,, however, had concen- trated his thoughts on God. With deep grief Otto looked at his father and cried bitterly, kneeling at the death- bed. Again the patient started pray- ing: 'My Jesus have mercy on me' and 'Come my God. Thy will be done. Most sacred heart of Jesus, I put-my I trust in Thee.' , "When he was being placed a little higher in the bed, I started saying the wonderful prayer for a dying per- son, with the beautiful text: 'Set out on your journey, Christian soul.' "As Otto began to sob, his mother. THE HENRY WRAPE COMPANY Manufacturers of TIGHT BARREL STAVES AND CIRCLED HEADING Paragould, Arkansas SECURITY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY All That the Name Implies and SERVICE too PARAGOULD, ARKANSAS A. Bertig, President; H. $. Trice, Vice President; S. Bertig, Vice Presi- dent; J. M. Lowe, Cashier; E. W. Gardner, Asst, Cashier. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF PARAGOULD Capital, $50,000.00 Surplus, $50,000.00 PARAGOULD, ARKANSAS Condensed Statement of the Condition of the BANK OF FORDYCE, FORDYCE, ARK T THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS, NOVEMBER 13, 1922 As made to State Bank Commissioner LIABILITIES Capital Stock ............ $19Q,000.00 Surplus ................. 60,000.00 Undivided Profits ........ ,18,392.15 Reserve for Contingeffcies_ 220.32 DEPOSITS .............. 619,17.36 RESOURCES Loans and Discounts ...... $514,102.16 Overdrafts .............. 5,391.66 County, City and School Warrants ............. 30,142.63 Banking House .......... 10,000.00 Furniture and Fixtures .... 3,029.00 Cash and Sight Exchange_ 235,122.38 TOTAL .............. $797,787.83 TOTAL .............. $797,787.83 ii i ii  i i ,! SENATE CONFIRMS PIERCE BUTLER AS ASSOCIATE JUSTICE Opposition to Him Based Largely on Fact That lie is Catholic. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Washington, Dec. 22.--The nomina- tion of Pierce Butler of St. Paul, to be an Associate Justice of the Su- preme Court of the United States was confirmed yesterday by the senate. despite an eleventh hour drive on the part of the Ku Klux Klan to prevent his confirnmtion. The vote was 61 to 8. There have been objection to Mr. Butler's economm and sociological tendencies and tp his previous legal l activities, but it developed that the mare source of the opposition to Mr. ]Butler lay in the fact that he is a Catholic. It was freely admitted by a number of :enators, particularly those from the South, that their mail has been flooded recently with Klan protests against Mr. Butler's con- firmation. The Vote on Confirmation Those who vot2d against approving the President's action in nominating Mr. But!er are: LaFolletbe (Wiscon- sin), George (Georgia), Norris (Ne- braska-, Brookhart (Iowa-, Norbeck (S. D.), Trammell (Florida), Sbep- pard (Texas), and Heflin (Alabama). A motion to, send the nomination back to the commitVee with instructions to reopen the hearings was defeated. Those who voted for the motion are: I Harris (Georgia), Heflin (Alabama),i LaFollette (Wisconsin), McKellar ! (Tennessee), Norris, Sheppard and Trammell. Senator Brookhart was ab- sent from the Senate Chamber when the vote was taken on this motion. I The senate was in executive ses. II sion debating Mr. Butler's nomina- I tion from 2:00 until after 5:30 p. m. [ Tlm new member of the Supreme Bench is a Democrat and succeeds Justice W. R. Day who resigned re- cently. severely admonished him: 'Control yourself, Otto!' "The palpitations of the heart now were slower; now quicker. The pillow, with which we supported the patient, was drenched with perspiration. I whispered once more some prayers in his ear, but he did not repeat them any more. Then I heard him say again quite under his breath: 'Yes, Jesus, my Jesus, yes, Thy will be done.' The Final Moments "Three last sentences were but frag- ments of his colloquy with the Savior. The world had ceased to exist for him. Poor Otto was so greatly af- flicted that he could not speak to his father any more. Her Majesty, the queen, convulsively clasped the head of the dying man in her arms, saying short and fervent prayers all the time, deriving .strength and comfort from her glances upon the Holy Sac- rament. The Emperor-King got paler and paler, his voice was hardly audi- ble. His lips still whispered prayers, but his look already was into the dis- tance, as if he would see already an- other world. In spite of very acute pains the expression of his face was peaceful and mild, such as one was wont to see on His Majesty's counte- nance in his best days. "He drew a deep breath two or three times and the noble heart had ceased to throb. Deep silence reigned in the death chamber. Instinctively I burst forth: 'Lord, grant him his eter- nal rest, and I repeated aloud the Lord's prayer. "My soul was deeply afflicted by this death," Father Zsamboky's report closes, "yet I reniained as quiet as I had been before in similar cases. My I heart was full of gratitude for hay- ling been granted by God to have wit- nessed such a death." CARDINAL LOGUE SHOWS PARTITION IS ACT OF FOLLY (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Dublin, Dec. 18.--The day after the Constitution of the Free State came into operation the Belfast Parliament decided to cut the Northeast corner adrift from the rest of Ireland. Al- though both houses were unanimous in taking this step still some of the members evidently felt a little pertur- bation. The Finance Minister, for in- stance, "hoped that economic unity would be maintained." The only way by which economic unity can be maintained is by pa- litical union, that is, by having one Parliament to manage all common na- tional affairs. Cardinal Logue is convinced that progress and prosperi- ty shall never be realized to the full extent, till peace is established and until Irishmen of every class creed and political affiliation work together cordially for the general welfare of the country. 'While partition remains as an open sore it is hard, he says tb expect peace .and cordial  cooperation. LEGACY OF HATE SPAWNED BY WAR SAPPING MORALS ties is thriving and comnmnding un- I wittingly the support of some of the most level-headed citizens. This up- I peal to prejudice has a deadly aim,] and the Advocate warns us: They Bear Watching. l "Watch the man or the organiza- t . Outspoken Condemnation of Religious l tmn who appeals to your prejudices. Intolerance by Methodist Journal. They will bring a poison into your .... soul that will rob you of your friends The hatred and prejudice spawncdl and take away your peace of mind. by war have so sapped our moral vi-] They will in the end becloud the face tality as apparently to destroy the I of Jesus Christ and turn your path spirit of good-will which it was so fer- I into spiritual darkness. No man can vently hoped would follow the advent afford to sympathize with or encour- of peace. After the great conflict was age in the least any man or group over and the soldiers were returning of men who appeal to hatred and home, says the Western Christian Ad- prejudice. The ministry must be free vocate (Mctlmdist), which thus con- and quick to see. the peril. Keep fesses its alarm at the situation, the] themselves aloof, and in the name of "blasting plagues of a reprobate I Jesus Christ save the members of mind" were released among us, and] their flocks from the evil that walketh the aftermath or war is as much to be at noonday. regretted as the day.' of carnage "And now abideth hatred and themselves. Even good men, we are prejudice and violence, these three; told, are victims of this spirit of Iheibut the greatest of these is preju- age, and, instead of peace for which ] dice."--The IAterary Digest. the worhl had hoped, we have race. prejudice, religious intolerance, group ItISTORY OF A I)OLLAR BILL arrayed agaim,t group, mad a spirit of Americanism which i: the very anti- I am an old, worn-out dollar bill. thesis of that which animated the I traveled all over the world. I have founders of the nation. Hardly had I the War ended, we are tohl, than the ] been handledby youngby andClean old,handS'richdirtYand evil of race prejudice began to rear I hands' its head, driving ( cleavage through ] poor. I am now in the hands of a rich boy whom I was given to for a pres- the social and even the political life'ent. He did not care for me because I of the nation. Anti-;emiti:ma demand- I was too small. ed a hearing, and, exclaims the Advo- cate: I One day he put me in his pocket where a hole happened to be. As he Imps of Hell Rejoice .... was waigmg along I slipped out lit- "It drove home with a prejudice[tle by little. I was trampled on by against the Jew that was frightful, many feet. No one saw me, although I violent, without reason and with a am sure many wished they had. All blindness that delied the Spirit of at once I was picked up by a poor Jesus Christ and suspended the appli- boy who took me home. He put me in cation of all his teaching. It came his little bank very carefully wih the with a narrowne.s; it blundered for- rent money. This was the first rest ward with :a blindness; it acted with I had in my life. In a (lay or two the the violence of ignorance and sought to encourage the Spirit that rules in the depths where desnair and dark- ness dwell. Hatred and suspicion of the Jew have beel: a bugaboo of the twilight after all wars for almost 2,000 years. It eame upon us during the last three years as a thief in the night. It sought to work a cleavage from the highest economic realms of the nation to the lowest and most humble unit of the community circle. But when Christians ha'e the imps of hell rejoice and rise to claim a place in the little world drama of tragedy and comedy upon which all the com- pany of the damned are witnesses. Jew and Negro. "With this hatred of the Jew has come a dislike and distrust of the Negro. Violence has broken out against him in different parts of the country that has staggered the con- science of the best citizenship. In- deed, mob aggression bus nullified the Constitution and desecrated the most sacred principles of our liberties. We have had to hide our faces in shame at the ruthless manner in which the Negro has been dealt with during the past four years. That ugly, diabolic thing, 'ace prejudice,', would scourge the Sp rlt of Jesus Chrmt, and when aroused would spit in his face if he should presume to protest against its actions. It would again press down upon his brow the crown of thorns. It would again crucify him amidst fire and tlame on a wicked cross; for there is no restraint to human wick- edness when it is commanded by race prejudice. Hatred of Foreigner. :: ' ti} e!o:teehiih il t m Iht:i r !els: iii Ai!! sons.' It calls for 100 per cent Ameri- [ canism; it wants to close the gates of l the country against immigration; it is fearful and suspicious; it is pa- triotic; it is narrow and blundering. If it had its way it would undermine all our national liberties. It would restrict free press, free discussion, free speech, free assembly, free reli- gion, free development. It is having its way in a most unusual manner. Who will rise to call its regime to an end ? Activity Against Catholics. "In the face of these statements, do not forget that hatred and preju- dice have also shown their presence and activity against the Roman Cath- olic Church. There has been sent forth for public consumption propa- ganda against this historiC commun- ion of such violent character as to stir into action age-long ill feeling and of such ugliness as to blot out the face of God in the life of any man who makes place for it. The deadly opiate for the Christian con- science is hatred. One should fear it as fire and deadly explosives." Adding fel to the fires of hatred and encouraging race animosity is a fraternal organiaztion which "up- :peals to those fundamen.',al human prejudices that can never be:released or encouraged without great loss to the Christian spirit. It "announces that it is against the Roman Catholic Church, against the Jews, against the Negro, against the alien, and stands out and out for Simon-pure American- ism." Yet, we are told, the organiza- landlord came after the counted out to him. ! That night I was taken and spent for a ticket. The l I was taken to a great big drive was on, o buy milk )per sick children, so me to those people for now in the secretary's tin will be given to the milk sac ELITE CAFE C. P. MULLER, Phone 206 Everything in Served in Best .7 Your Patronage will : Be Appreciated FORREST CITY, Save It With Icei': FORREST CITY COAL CO. Forrest City, hr J. R. Grobmyer, President Gazzola Vaccaro, VACCARO-GROBMYER COMPANY Lumber. 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