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January 6, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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January 6, 1923

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THE UARDIAN ,o T OUR OLD SINS AND OUR NEW YEAR THOUGHTS By John B. Kennedy Columbia--January It was that friend of all men who knew him and needed his friendship, Joyce Kilmer, who wrote the famous "Ballad of New Sins." Finding him- self, on a lecture tour, in one of those dismal and distant towns where stern lee;  :::h es: :'nngfl::: ed he: nt 1: : lg : he attempted, on the Sabbath day, to procure a shave and a shoe-shine and (it being in ancieni times) a cheerful cup of brew with his meal at a mis- erable inn. He was regarded by the barber, by the shoe-shiner and by the innkeeper, who scowled at him seria- tim, as a dangerous anarchist seeking to undermine all government. He re- tiredan d composedtO his damPhisandbauaddraughtYof therOOmnew[ sins that he had been unable to com- mit. Headache Resolutions This baleful ballad might be taken as a text for the thoughts of all men who face the new year uncertain of what strange phenomena they may see before it ends. Of old it was cus- tomary, even for the riotous folk who made the dawn of the New Year sim- ply an occasion for carrying over the / truly earned headaches of the old, to solemnly pronounce resolutions for better conduct and fairer ways. Of late it has become fashionable for others to do the resolving. There are, unquestionably, large numbers of folk who have dwelt long and deeply upon the lamentations of Job and Jeremiah and Leah, without paying the slight- est attention to the philosophy of these unquestionably historic exam- ples of human misery. Job, in the ut- most depths of affliction, yet pro- nounced his hardy faith in God; but the new race of the unco guid begin their philosophy with a pronounced lack of faith in man. Now there is no thereaSOngeneralWhYexperienceany men, ofjudgingmen, should frm have faith in other men--life as it i lived is too alarming an experience of false friendships and intimate treach- eries. Faith in Other Men But there is i'eason why men who are not born cynics, which is equiva- leint to saying that they are born de- mons, could not have, at least, prelimi- nary faith in other men. There is, per- haps, an element of reason in the act of a village father abolishing the vil- lage inn because he disapproves of the fantastic conduct of the village drunkard; but there is no extension of reason in the proposition of the vil- tolagethefatherStemperateeXtendingmen theirof theinhibitintown s because his act is mechanically simi- lar, though morally dlssimlar to that of the village blubber. The Matter of Resolutions It is an old and a very true adage that, men cannot be made good by act of Parliament. Once it is enacted by law that all citizens shall be saints, or rather must be saitlts if they are to be truly citizens in the full legal sense, we are likely to find that men have a strange predilection for being in a state of sin. We cannot easily deprive men of the privilege of mak- ing New Year's resolutions without encouraging, them in the pastime of reviving old bad habits. It may not have been very convinc- ing to have a certain Mr. Jones (which is a popular name of a popular fami- ly always safe to quote for purposes of illustration) awaken on a certain New Year's morning in a re- flective mood and swear with his hand upon his breast, or across his equally throbbing forehead, that he would thenceforth lead a safe and so- ber life. But there is some doubt whether it were not better for the pop- ular Mr. Jones to thus serio-comical- ly resolve than to very seriously con- clude that it was futile to make any moral resolutions because Congress or the state legislature had already made them for him. Exaggeration and Abuse When the bold English barons at Runnymede forced King John to ab- stain from his peaches and ale long, enough to sign Magna Charta the chief object they had in mind was to liberate, in acts, the conscience of all men and not to make plain the way for the enslavement of all men ac- cording to the conscience of some. Mr. Wilbur Glen Voliva, the rather Span- : lab-sounding gentleman who presides ever the moral progress of Zion City and who wears a large black hat and a poetic black necktie as a symbol of his supervision, has decreed--accord- austere town with tobacco smoke shall rnake this ridiculous declaration are Circumstances that the barons at to create: Their exaggeration and abuse are regretta- bly manifested in the fact that the smoking stranger, quite literally, would prefer to smoke in the outer d?rkRn:;:l:i:n inoffsetsZin CitY'Resoution Recently we read with something approaching glee, which is a very dif- ficult and dangerous approach in these days of enlightened tyranny, the rec- ord of a traveler in Ireland,. who was amazed to find the village green on Sunday morning after Mass occupied by healthy lads vigorously indulging in wholesome games. The traveler, who, quite obviousl:, had gone to Ire- land with the express purpose of witnessing half a dozen or more day- light murders, was frankly disappoint- ed, and he blamed what he termed this Sabbath laxity on the Church au- thorities. The reader was left with the impression that the observer condemn- [ ed as abnormal the sight of young Irishmen kicking about a football on the Sabbath, but that he would have youngCnsideredirishmen quite nrmatkicking theon e Siagnhotth: about on the Sabbath. He professed to be shocked at the continental Sun- day as practiced in Ireland; but I be- lieve that is because he lacked knowl- edge ot Ireland, of the Continent and of Sunday. For the strange and Catholic peoples who inhabit the Con- tinent and Ireland have maintained through centuries the tradition that the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath. se:h traditiOnfor it embraces is braderthe wholesome than it and obvious doctrine that institutions are meant for men and not men for institutions, Civilization will never progress if a very savage and practi- calthe hhYPesCrilWbhihy,eemSis permittedtO ride Onto govern simply because, through emo- tional excitement, it can summon enough votes to control. If the con- science of any country, disturbed and discouraged by in its inability to check and prevent old sins, finds consolation in the definition of new sins, it is bound to discomfort itself by the dis- covery of new sinners. i s ,Owne i:h: ? phelmd i ::ible N: hoY: at i [ there ]nay advance among us the old philosophy that the extremes justify the happy medium, that the convic- tions of the few cannot, by mere legal enactment, become successfully trans- formed into the consciences of the many, that the more men are enabled to resolve better conduct for them- selves the less it will be found neces- sary to regulate their conduct for them. WHERE ALL ROADS LEAD (G. K. Chesterton, in the November Catholic World) m::rs ff t hleto7 tan famo:U:l philoso, mdern phy, perhaps the most famous of all, was once listening to a discussion be- tween a High Church curate and my- self about the Catholic theory of Christianity. About half-way through it, the great novelist began to dance wildly about the rom with character- istic and hilarious energy, calling out; 'Tm not a Christian. r I'm not a Chris- tianI" flapping about like one escaped ing an encircling movement, and head- ing him and herding him in the di- / SECURITY BANK AND TRUST CO. 4% Paid on Savings i Safety Boxes for Rent Cherry and Elm Streets HELENA, ARK. i i i i HUDSON AND ESSEX MOTOR CARS Cunningham & Co. Dealers Helena, JCANDLE WEIGHS A TON-- Made in. New York, this candle is being shipped to Pompeii, Italy, where it will burn on AH Souls' Day each year in memory of ]ftrico Caruso. Burning 24 hours a year it would last 18 centuries. (Under- wood.) air of one delightfully doing a bolt, before anybody could say to him: 'Why do we not join the Catholic Church ?" Now, I have loted first, this com- ]non consciousness of the challenge of the Church, because I believe it to be connected with something else. That something else is the strongest of all the purely intellectual forces that dragged me towards the truth. It is not merely the survival of the faith, but the singular nature of its surviv- al. I have called it by a conventional phrase, "the old religion." But it is not an old religion; it is a religion hat refuses to grow old. At this moment of history, it is a very young religion; rather especially a religion of young men. It is much newer than the new religions; its young men are more fiery, more full of their subject, more eager to explain and argue than were the young Socialists of my own youth. It does not merely stand firm like an old guard; it has recaptured the initiative, and is conducting the counter-attack. In short, it is wha youth always is rightly or wrongly; it is aggressive. \\; THE CATHOLIC FRESS (From The Catholic Standard and Times) I am the right arm of the Church. I am the best friend of the State. purest I ampatriotismeVer the ; exponentloyalty to flawthepf God and law of comtry. I stand ever ready to defend the teachings of the Church; always on guard to promote her welfare and do not suffer her to be slandered with immunity. I am the means of making the Church better known and more re- spected by those who know her not. I am the mirror of moral philoso- phy. I am the friend of the poor. i am not the enemy of the rich. I am the bride of truth and cannot be the friend of wrong, injustice or tyranny. ! I am the guardian of the home. I am the power that supports the work of the pulpit most directly. 1 carry the sermon and words of ad- monition into the homes and to the masses of the people. I am the exponent of religious edu- cation. I am tlle one who is always ready to applaud every and any man who stands up for what is right and just. I give you the news of the world. I keep you posted on the current events. I give you variety, entertainment-- but no scandal and pagan example. A la llnf et,h th:] eml b:at h::t brightenradiates Catholic tone in your home. Will you let Christmas go by with- out doing your part in opening at least one new mind and home to me? Do it now. LEGEND OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT ment to a-sick man residing in the country. The weather was very inclm- ent and torrents of rain were falling. He started, notwithstanding, but after a wearisome journey of some miles he reached a spot where the little path was covered with mud and the ground around was converted into a disagree- able marsh. He felt himself so imped- ed that he tripped and fell. In his fall the little "Pyx" opened and the Sacred Host was thrown down into the mire and disappeared without his being able to discover any sign of it. Profoundly afflicted at his loss for whichhe threw he f]ntsl]?::lfkrn::P:n:ibLe e midst of the mud, and sobbing out his complaint, he said: "Oh, my God! Have pity on me, ] will not arise from here until You show me where I will find the Blessed Sacrament." To so humbl'e a prayer, dictated by so ard- ent a faith, God was not indifferent. In the midst of the mud there appear- ed a plant whose head seemed crown- ed by a little button; it grew rapdily and arose to such a size that the eye of the priest was surprised, and after a'time it opened slowly, little by lit- tle, and transformed itself into a grand flower which, without doubt, the angels opened to honor Him whom the Scripture calls the Flower of the Fields and the Lily of the Valley. It was noticed with what joy the priest gathered up the Blessed Sacrament thus miraculously preserved and then pursued his way towards the residence of the dying, who was delighted at the heavenly consolation brought to him. MOTT MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Sales and Service J, [] FORD--FORDSON Phone Main 167 511-513 Elm St. HELENA, ARK. 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In the short time the society has been in existence, its officials have been pleasantly surprised at the num- ber of Catholic seamen who have been located, and the willingness with which they respond to attempts to aid them in the performance of their re- ligious duties DR. WIIAIELM CUNO, NEW GERMAN CHANCELLOR, try of finance in an advisory and held a responsible post during the war up to he left the government cepta position with the American line. hater he general director of that In 1920, after the fall of Dr. Cuno was ter of finance, but declined. was then assumed by Dr. Cuno has now is rather well known in to his activities at the cloSe war when he undertook the bringing about a resumption tions between German and shipping companies. NOTHING LEFT TO "Cheer up, old man! Dame] IS MEMBER OF CHURCH l finile 1 daysknOck at your door one i (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Cologne.--Dr. Wilhelm Cuno, the new German chancellor, is a Catholic, although not a member of the Center party. In fact he was not an active member of any party at the time he was asked to form a new government, a situation believed to be unique in constitutional ministerial government. He was a member of the German Peo- ple's party up to the time of the at- tempted Kopp monarchist coup, but since then has not been affiliated with any political organization. The fact that he is not a member of the Cen- ter explains how it is possible that a Catholic has become chancellor, since the Center supported the Wirth cabi- net to the extent of refusing to al- low any of its members to assume the chancellorship upon the downfall of the Wirth ministry. Dr. Cuno is a native of Suhl, near Erfurt, and is 47 years old. Before the war he was connected with the minis- "She'll jolly well daughter, Miss Fortune, ,has the bell."--Boston PATRONIZE OUR HELENA MARKET QUALITY Phone 678 409 tl Helena, Ark. BUY YOURLOTHES AT WARE & SOLDMON'S Helena, Ark. 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