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January 6, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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January 6, 1923

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Fifty-two THE GUARDIAN ir MARRIAGE IS DIS- TINGUISHED FROM TWO STANDPOINTS Peculiar Views Taken by Anglican Clergymen in Canada--Church and Civil Marriages. (Catholic Herald,London, Ont.) A dispatch from Ottawa last week was carried in all the newspapers and doubtless was seen by all our readers. It appears that we prisoners, mar- ried some time ago, were remarried by a Catholic priest in order that the pre- vious legal marriage might be made valid according to the law of the Cath- olic Church. One might have thought this was quite a natural and praise- worthy thing to do; or, whatever one&apos;s own views might be, that it was a matter that concerned the parties themselves exclusively. Not so thought two local Anglican clergymen who made it the subject of a fiery pro- test to the county council. "They were married," the Councillors were told, "according to the civil laws of the British Empire and this second mar- riage was nothing more than a moc- kery." And the Ottaway Citizen quotes the Rev. Mr. Steacy as asking the grave and reverened seniors in whose charge is the county jail, "is the King the center 'of authority in this land, or is it the Pope sitting on his throne?" Perfervid Protest While such perfervid oratorical protest does credit to the reverened gentlemen's sentiments of loyalty and patriotism, a little clear thinking ad and cool reasoning will convince him that he has rushed to the defence o King and country when no attack was made on either; and that the po- sition he takes involves princip}ethat as a Christian minister he must utter- ly repudiate. hardly think Mr. Steacy would go so far, and if he should he would be placing himself in opposition to the stand taken by thousands of clergy- men including many bishops, of his Gwn Church. There is of course no civil law of the British Empire governing marriage; the civil law varies in var- ious parts of the Empire. But even if there were one uniform law the British Empire has just the same pow- er over marriage as the United States, Russia, Turkey or Japan; no more; no less. The state has the right and the duty to legislate governing mar- riage as a civil contract; there its jurisdiction ends. Two Viewpoints What Mr. Steacy has failed al- together to grasp is that marriage must be considered from two distinct and separate points of view: the civil and the religious. Themarriage of a man with two or more women at one and the same time is in some parts of the world perfectly legal from both the civil and religious points of view. That is the case with Mohammedan marriages. Even within the limits of the British Empire, it may surprise the Rev. Mr. Steficy to learn, a man may by "the law of the land" have four wives at one and the same time! This is of course a concession to His Majesty's Mohammedan subjects. These favored fellow-subjectes of ours are not rigidly limited to four, but if one of them marries a fifth a judge may annul this marriage on the ap- plication of the woman.'But up to four wives to one husband these marriages are just as "legal" as those solemnized by the Rev. Mr. Steacy in Carleton county. So the civil law of the British Empire, so sacrosanct in the eyes of our reverend friend from Westboro, can hardly be imposed on all loyal consciences as the law of God govern- ing Christian marriage.. No, Mr, Steacy, we Catholics take from the Catholic Church the law governing what we hold to be one of Stuttgart, States Power l the seven comandments; and who are The first of these is that Christian i you, Sir, that you assume to dictate marriage is purely a civil contract{to your Catholic fellow-subjects what governed exclusively by civil law. We they shall think and how they shall act with regard to marriage as a scra- ment ? Must we accept your pronounce- ments as our infalliable guide in re- ligious matters ? " As to Valioity No Catholic denies that a marriage contracted anywhere according to the HANNON & SELIG civil law of the land is a legal mar- riage; but no Catholic is bound to consider such a marriage to be a valid GENTS' Christian marriage. And any Catholic who has contracted a legal marriage FURNISHINGS that is not a valid Christian. mar- miage in the eyes of the Church has the undoubted ;right o have such INTELLECTUALS SHOWING TREND TOWARD CHURCH Catholicism Continues to Claim Master Minds of the Nations--Logic is so Convincing. The souls of Kings and peasants are of equal value in the eyes of the Catholic Church, and the conversion of a litterateur means no more to her than that of a laborer," says the Freeman's Journal (Catholic) of Sydney, Australia. "If Mr. G. K. Chesterton has returned to the Faith of his fathers he alone is to be congra- tulated. But there is a lesson for those outside the Church in the steady stream of intellectuals who are pas- sing from doubt and darkness as they follow the lead of the 'kindly light." It is a complete answer to the silly charge that Rome only flourishes where ignorance and superstition I abound. Master Minds of Nations. "Of course, educated men know tha the Church has claimed and con- tinues to claim the master minds of the nations. They know that right through history marches a magni- ficent procession of Catholic geniuses. They know that art, and science would be poor indeed without the Catholic Church. They know that Europe, out- side Germany, is nothing if it is not Catholic. Chesterton's Lead "The conversion of a Chesterton, who has followed the lead of his de- ceased and distinguished brother, again recalls the towering English minds which of recent years have decided against the claims of the Protestant Church, born of the refor- mation: It is a long llst, if we begin only with Newman, and we have the curious spectacle in England, a Protestant country by law established of a Cathoiie aristocracy in the higher walks of intelectual life--an aristoc- racy daily being added to as thought- ful sons of Oxford and Cambridge seek the safe haven behind the Rock of Peter. In America, too, cultured con- verts are also seeking new and per- manent moorings so numerously that the non-Catholic Churches show dis- may. Much to Loose How: we wonder, would those who decry our Church explain these ex. more or less so in either case. Nor does the fact that the parties con- cerned are prisoners affect in the least Arkansas marriage validated. Any interference I degree the question Mr. Steacy has so by State or individual with the ex- clamorously raised. ercise of religious liberty is intoler- We boast of freedom of conscience ant and intolerable, and freedom of worship in the British BANK OF BRINKLEY Brinkley, Arkansas MONROE COUNTY BANK of Brinkley, Ark.. The Distinction It is because our reverened friends Empire. Yet Mr. Steacy insinuates that we Cathoics are disloyal to the have failed to make this plain dis- tinction between marriage as a civi contract and marriages as a sacrament that they have put themselves in the unenviable light of mischievous med- dlers in matters that do not and can not concern them. His Own Business It appears no that, contrary to King, that we are unBritish, when [we exercise these boasted rights! Cherished Rights If freedom of .conscious and free- dom of worship are cherished rights of British subjects the charge of dis- loyalty of being un-British, recoils on those who would interfere with the full and free excersie of those rights the dispatch as it appeared in the l which we enjoy as British subjects. pr s both of thes f .  I They are the loyal defenders of British e s,  un ortun,,s ,u, . rt ..... 1 hbe y who mmst on exercmmg it and Cathoics; a any rate the Sheriff l has made known that the supposed ] who ...... resist encroachment by State or inulvlaual Protestant is registered in the jail as a Roman1 Catholic. Whethe he is Broad Based Principle really e Catholic or not we do not The fiery and impetous clergyman OFFICERS T. T Bateman, President Ben]. Emmo, Vice President I,. W. Brown, Cashier Carter Chaney, Asst. Cashier F00'S <,,!.O00@ROTiVE WORKS  New and Rdmilt Locomotives, Steel ',lllo, Iglml Cam, Flat Cars, 8kldde m, Hetzting En- m iltatlauary Eo DOflors and Mill 8appllaJ. Brinldey, Arkans H ,i ii ii i r know. But it makes not the slightest difference in the world. If he is a Protestant and wishes to set at rest ,any scruples of his Catholic wife by having their marriage regularized by the Church, is not that his own busi- ness ? If they are both Catholics it may be more manifest to some minds that the interference by Protestant clergymen in the matter is intolerant and intolerable. Feedom of Worship To our mind it is not a particle m i , who so valiantly rushed to defend the King and save the Empire on this oc- cassion, might render the cause they have at heart better and more intel- ligent service if they tried to rememb- er that Catholics as well as Moham- medans have rights that should be considered and respected; that if the Empire is to last it must be bread- based on principles of liberty that they, when their zeal outruns dis- cretion, would deny to their Catholic fellow-subjects. MERCHANTS AND PLANTERS BANK CAMDEN, ARKANSAS t / / Henry L. Berg, President M. E. Fahy, Cashier C. H. Murphy, Vice President John M. Lide, Asst. Cashier No. 4066 CAMDEN NATIONAL BANK The Oldest Bank In Southwestern Arkansas Capital $100,000.00--Surplus $12,500.00 U- CAMDEN, ARKANSAS ...... ,,, ,  u 1 , i .......... , ' , , ., t , , #f traordinary happenings? No matter how they slander the Irish people they can hardly charge a Manning, a Lucas, an Aubrey De Vere, a Benson, a Burnand or a KKKinsman with mental darkness. Most of them have much to lose socially and sentimen- tally, if not financially, by 'going over.' It was the urging of an earn- est spirit, after the fullest and most complete enquiry, which brought men like those we mentioned into the Cath- olic fold. Logic convinced them it was the Catholic Church or none which was founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ. They were given the grace to recog- nize the divine marks. The Only Claims. We would like some of our local politicians to recall the intellectual eminence of these latter-day converts to Catholicity before they again speak evilly and blatantly of Catholic ideals. For if the Catholic Church is the Church of the ignorant and unillumi- nated, as some of these sectarians infer on the platform, how comes it, we ask again, that the brightest minds of the age are voluntarily seek- ing sanctuary there? DEEPLY DEPLORES DOCTRINAL EXCESSES The Rev. Harold J. Hamilton is one Protestant preacher who deeply de- plores the doctrinal excesses of the modern Protestant pulpit. Speaking in the First Baptist Church of Roch- ester, on last Thursday, he declared "It is time for the Protestant churches to clean house and banish every mod- ernist minister from its pulpit." Some job,--or, to use a Virgilian expression, hic labor, hoc opus est. "Our churches/' continued the indignant preacher, "have become hotbeds of in- fidelity, higher criticism and evolution. The monkey gospel is today predomi- nant in the Protestant Church. The Bible has been reduced to a classic. The blood atonement is called a slaughter-house religion and a religion of gore. Men are taught today that a Saviour is not needed, that their good works will save them." But how is the Protestant pulpit to be purged of this "modernism ?" Where is the mighty Hercules to be found who could clean the Augean stable? And if, perchance, he should be found, who is to hire him to do the impossible job and who is to prescribe the method of operation? It seems to us that the Rev. Mr. Hamilton is a hopeless Protestant reactionary. Why does he not, like those whom he con- only a highbrow form of demns, flirt with the modern Protest- pretation. Mr. Hamilton ant flapper, "Science?" Even if she zealous Protestant, is making monkeys of them, there is a ical one. n he certain glory in being a monkey principle of the among the simian intelligentsia. Why he cannot complain of its shouldn't a preacher be up to date in astorus effect on the a religion that vaunts its ability to Protestantism needs far keep abreast of the times? If tim preacher wishes to flap he must travel with the flapper. But what meaning after all has "infidelity" in Protest- ism? Does not "private interpreta- tion of the Scriptures" connote the toleration of all ldnds of religious abberrations ? ':Higher criticism" is house-cleaning. The falling to pieces and ruin on the unstable its foundation.Transcript. J Nature is a mutable always and ever the same. CARSON DRY GOODS COMPANY ADOLPH FELSENTHAL, Manager Wholesale and Retail CAMDEN, ARKANSAS i|.l New Prices on Stude F. O. B. FACTORY STUDEBAKER BIG SIX Touring ................................... $1750 Coupe, 4-passenger ......................... 2400 Speedster ................................... 1835 Coupe, 5-passenger ......................... 2550 " " Sedan Special .............................. 2750 STUDEBAKER LIGHT SIX Roadster .................................. $ 975 Touring ................................... 975 Coupe-Roadster ............................ 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