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January 6, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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January 6, 1923

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THE GUARDIAN Fifty-one 1111 i ii i AS UNDERSTOOD -BY RABBI WISE is a Conious Vigilant Unwearied Creator of Ideal as Yet Unful- .----..___.. S Wise, in a recent Daily News, a Yid- which goes into the ome 30,000 foreign-born in New York, asked and an- n question of far reaching im- "What is an Ameri- is part of what he says: Not Americanism rne answer the question by and answering yet another-- not Americanism ? American- a matter of birth and an- the American is self-nmde, Americanism, being ever in , is of present content and ent context; is not a birth- but a lifelong respon- I Is not a place, not a re- Ocahty; America is an at- ideal, a vision as yet un- America First m an American who does first, before him- faust serve America; Ameri- lot serve him .... He is no Who eherises prejudices, .hese be social, or racial, or this is only another that an American is a vigilant, fraternal, un- "rator .of America who ,ion that America bears and that democracy, it be of the American the automobile so- problem .... for Americans, but :,,America, and America ERROR FOR BILLY SUNDAY majorqeague company, Epworth Herald, as outfielder, must have thinker, but as evangel- "hush-league" play caught "a fifty dol- Klux bat, and, in- it home, held on to other words according story, the appeared at s naeeting at Richmond, with the usual with a letter i I}AI00 & LEINHART Meats and GrOceries 36 Free Delivery " lrrilt0n, Arkansas r S. J. Laux !+P00rmm,00 utm Fancy Groceries our and Feed Phone 338 ARKANSAS Repairing Alterations RIGHTWAY ealA \\; "Dyers N, ARK. quick rvtee " IOME FOR CHRISTMAS-- Father Denis Nugent was given a short vacation after ten years' work on the China missions, and sailed half way round the world to visit his boyhood home at Kinsale, Ire- land. He first visited relatlve, in Masuchutts. giving the Ku-Klux impriiratur to his sermons. Billy Sunday accepted the money and has since given it to char- ity. In the meantime the Ku-Klux players scored their two runs, cheap advertising and the desired psycholo- gical effect. On which the Methodist editor, taking up the Ku-Klux mes- sage comments. If Brother Sunday had used his baseballer's head while that fifty-dol- lar fly was coming his way, he wouht have remembered that 'the teachings of the Christian religion' are squarely against private and secret tyranny in the name of justice. He would have seen that 'white supremacy,' whatever it is, is no part of the Christian faith. He would have known that American institutions cannot he upbuilded, nor law and or(ter uphehi, by men who hide behind bed sheets and bad spell- ing. He would have realized that free speech and clandestine 'justice' are in- compatible." So in fine the Epworthian editor, who apparently is as familiar with the twirling sphere as with twirling edi- I AGNOSTICS AND ANTI-CLERICALS FALSE PROPHETS 11 They Failed to Prevent Great War Prophesies There Would Be No War--Cannot Blame it on Prince of Peace. (By Gilbert K. Chestertan) Writing in the "New Witness" re- garding a politician's recent allega- tion about "the failure of the Father of Christianity to prevent the Great War," Gilbert K. Chesterton, said: "That many may still be saying this is but another evidence of how few of them ever think of thinking what they are saymg. To begin with, of course, no authoritative Christians ever dreamed of saying that wars would now cease, an(] the wilder sort of Christians were always saying that wars would now be multiplied, being among the apocalyptic portents of the last days. Anii-Christians As  matter of fact, the people who really did prophesy that wars would now cease were not the Christians but the anti-Christians. The people who really did say that war was a thing of the past were generally the people who also said that Christianity was thing of the past. It was agnostics and anti-clericals of the type of Car- negie who said in so many words that there would be no more wars. It is they who were false prophets, if any people were false prophets. Marxian Materialists It was the Marxian materialists who were always telling us that a general strike, among the proletarians in all nations, would prevent any conflict between those nations. It is they who failed, if anybody failed, to prevent the Great War, It was they who claimed to b.e able to do it, and they who showed that they couhi not do it. Church Never Boasted Nohody had ever claime(l that a combination of bishops and curates all torial words, compares Sunday with a over the world could do it. And those l)layer who lost u world series by fail- [ who boasted, and failed, then had the ing "to touch second." Now that op- [ impudence to turn round and attribute portunity for reflection has 1)een given I tim failure to those who had never hini, after having accepted the verdict I made the boast. of those self-constituted censorof pa- Simple hnpudcnee triotism, creed and morals, he 'prob- But the impudence involved here is ably knows how Fred Merkle felt even more simple and startling. In when Johnny Evers put the ball on him." CHARLES SCHWAB ON IONEY The world is always eager to hear from a man who has made good. Charles M. Schwab is one of the most successful of present day Americans. He has made money, but we believe that he is sincere when he says that money is not his chief delight He finds greater satisfaction in the thought that he has done something worth while. This is how he puts it: "Money is often a matter of chance or good fortune, and is not the mark of a successful life. And while I have some money--not much since I paid my taxes, boys--it is not the thing that brings a throb of pleasure or a thrill into my life. And I would not pose as a successful man if that was to be the measure. But when I look about me and see the multitude of friends that I have after forty years of business associations with men, when I see the great lines of smoking stacks and blazing furnaces that have com into being because of my interests and activity in life, and when I see a work that I set ou to do successfully accomplished and meeting the approval,of my fellow men, then a real thrill comes into my heart and I feel that I have done something worth while The money one doesn't think about as long as you have enough to pay your bills and keep your business going." any case it seems brazenly irrational that because people have failed to be Christians they should say that Chris- tianity has failed It might be mild- ly suggested to them that they need not look quite so far afield for the failure. My mother tells me not to climb a certain tree to steal apples, and I do it in spite of her. A bough breaks, a bulldog pins me by the throat, a policeman takes me to pris- on, whence I eventually "'return to shake my head a'eproachfully at my mother, and say in a sad and media- 'tive manner: "I had hoped better things of you." Alas, there is some- thing pathetic about this failure of motherhood to influence the modern mind; I fear we muse all admit that maternity as an institution is barren and must be abandoned altogether. TERROR RENEWED IN ULSTER COUNTIES TO OVERAWE CATHOLICS (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Dublin, Dec. 18.--The Orangemen have less than a month to determine whether they will remain witlin or contract out of the Free State. Their parliament is to meet at once to de- cide the question, and it seems a fore- gone conclusion that it will cut the northeast adrift from the Free State. In. that event the Boundary Commis- sion shall be set up.. The present trick is to thwart the establishment of the Commission, or if it sits, to overawe and intimidate the Northern Catholics in order to re- tain the counties of Tyrone and Fer- managh within the Belfast jurisdic- tion. Already a reign of terror exists in Clady village, County Tyrone. No Catholic sleeps in the village at night. For safety the Catholic inhabitants have to flee to Southern territory. No protection whatever is afforded by the Belfa/t' gbverJment to these citizens! whose homes are subject to ceaseless attacks and looting. J .... young children and by various bland- ishments seek to induce them part with the custody of the infants. The object, of course, is to bring these children up as Protestants. Fifty years ago St. Brigid's orphan- age was established in the city to combat this glaring evil. Commend- ing the orphanage to the Catholics of Dublin as deserving of their support Rev. M. Phelan, S. J., described it as the fortress and Verdun of the Catho- lic children against the insidious over- tures of the proselytizer He said it had saved tens of thousands of chil- dren from the hands of the spiritual ghouls engaffcd in soul-snatching. Catholic citizens are making a good response. POOl{ AND SICK MOURN LADY ESMONDE'S DEATII (By N. C. W C. News Service) Dublin, Dec. 18.--There is general regret at the death of Sir Thomas Grattan Esmonde's wife. Lady Es- monde was the daughter of a Catho- lic merchant in Tarlee, County Kerry. For nearly 20 years she had been b] member of the Gorey Board of Gust- I dians. She took a parental interest in[ the sick, poor und children .in the workhouse. She was the foundress of the Gorey Nursing Association, and during the occupation of that institu- tion by Belgian refugees she was a generous benefactress of the strang- ers. Next to the care of her home and family her life was devoted to chari- table work. Sir Thomas Esmonde's baronetcy is one of the oldest in Ire- land: He is a great grandson of Henry Grattan, one of the most distinguished Catholics in Ireland, and a Chamber- lain to His Holiness, the Pope. THREE CATHOLICS iN NEW GERMAN CABINET (By N. C. W. C News Service) Cologne, Dec. 14.---Out of the per: plexmg situations that develop from day to day in the German political arena, one thing stands as a certainy and ttmt is, ttmt under the Socialist regime, Catholics have considerably nmre influence than they had under the domination of the Kaiser. Distinguished Men The cabinet recently appointed by Dr. Cuno includes among its members several distinguished Catholics. Dr. Brauns, a priesL is minister of labor, Dr. Harmes is minister of finance, and Dr. Carl Muller is minister of food. Dr. Brauns and Dr. Harmes held seats in previous cabinets. Dr. Muller is a Rhinelander and a very young man, having been born. in 1884. After studying at the University of Bonn he was occupied for several yearls with the work of different social and econ- THE STYLERIGHT SHOP PROSELYTIZERS ARE ACTIVE IN DUBLIN Dublin, Dec. 18.--Proselytizers plentifully supplied with funds are] active m Dubhn Th ,' ' " " " eyhave46 Birds [ es " N ts and $500,000 a year at their back. When want or despair enters[ the homes of the Catholic poor these proselytizers haunt the parents of p Blytheville, Ark. "OUTFITTERS FOR MOTHERS AND TH GIRLS" THE PEOPLES BANK BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. III , BLYTHEVILLE COOPERAGE COMPANY Incorporated Manufacturers of SLACK BARREL COOPERAGE STOCK F. P. CARTER, Manager Blytheville, Arkansas + TO WORK IN ROME--Father Edward A. Mooney, D. D., of Youngstown, Ohio, hu been ap- ,Oolnted spiritual director of the rth American College, Rom He was educated there. omic organizations. The Socialists have already begun to attack Dr Mul- ler on the ground that he is alleged to have been a member of the party ] led by Dr. Dorten, who sought to sep- arate Rhineland from Prussia and form a Rhenish republic. IRRELIGION GIVEN AMONG CHIBF CAUSES OF DRUG ADDICTION (By N. C. W. C. News Service) New York, Dee. 26.--Irreligion is one of the important contributing causes for the prevalence of the use of narcotic drugs brought to light in connection with the Wallace Reid case, according to Dr. Carleton Simon, spe- cial deputy police commissioner in charge of the Narcotic division. When asked for an explanation of the in- crease in drug addiction to which he had previously referred, Dr. Simon said: "There are many causes, but from my observation I would say the wave of irreligious sentiment that seems to have swept the country is largely re- sponsible. The people seem to be drifting further and further away from the churches and I am sorry to say that the influence of religion in many cases seems to be waning. "And let me add here that there is no cure for drug addiction possible without spiritual uplift. The statistics in my office show that 96 per cent of the 6,000 drug violators arrested in the last two years owe their addiction to vice and criminal association. The percentage of those who attended any church is less than one percent. NO MIDNIGHT MASS IN CLEVELAND (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Cleveland, Dec. 23.--Bishop Joseph Scrembs has directed the pastors of the diocese to discontinue the custom of midnight Mass. The service was held at the parish churches for the first time last year land called forth congregations that i:axed each church to capacity. [-- J ST. 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