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January 6, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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January 6, 1923

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SEVEN ul that nothing" is mee that CathoLic Papers teratUre should have ttion, so that ever 7 every day good read: UCte and Wsrns, aaQ prometee the Chrlo- L PP. XV. A Cttholic Paper IB a Pertwtual Missiow-- Pope Io XIIL write Guardian" im (very lmme-ur Matte. The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock Arkansas ST. JOSEPH'S ORPHANAGE SPECIAL 'Xll GE,D00M00 ...... TO BE REDUCED AND NEW CHIEF NAMED l-Iisory of the Military Or- of the Holy Se--Now to Gardens and Vatican I By 0reste Deffina Corl'eson, " v trance, NC.WC News Service 20.--There has been in the press of late con-[ incident which arose be-[ Gendarmes anti their ] Count Paolo Ceccopieri ad as a result of the inac- of saree of the newspaper :he public discussion resulted therefrom, it ered necessary to order a Investigation of the entire or- of the Papal Gendarmes 'law of modifying, if need be. and constitution of the or- The investigation has not but information sources indicates that assume that the entire Will be modified, the and the commander and replaced Gendarmes were orig- n as the Carabineers, later after which the present opted. It is one of the best cf the bodies of troops le Holy See. On July 31, Ercole Consalvi, Sec- of Plus VII, issued an sing that in order to'. GENDARME OFFICERThe Papal gendarmes do police duty around the Vatican. There are 62 gendarmes. THE NOBLE GUARD has nominal duties and is composed of members of the nobility. It hum bern 77. .. '' .:: :':'::"',: '!::: :.::' .:': :: . '::: ::.':6'i:: ': :::: ::.:.:.:.::: ! .>::!i:: :::" " ..... '::%.. , ' ::::" ::!'::! :,::?: ! i. ". :'::::i :: :.i::.. ' ii:iiii; ':i;isi!!iiiiiiiiiiliii=:i:  :i!i/i:! |  .' ', >. :::::: ;::::::::::' :::.: ': :::,. i: ::. :. :. :::::'.:: ?.:: ":::: ':. ;::::::Z::: ::: .": ::::: ::':::: '!: 8. ::i. ;!. i i!:ii :! :!![i::ii!:. !. ':: ::, !i ::!:!::i:i :i :/:?.::::::, : iiii::' ::::, !: ?:i:[i :!i .',: : .?i I THE PALATINE GUARD, of which some officers are shown, is now an honorary guard, which performs its duties gratis. In the days of the Papal States it conHoted of a regiment of 748 men, which per- formed military end Bel---:'its in the city. (N. C. \\;Y. C. Foreign Servit. THE SWISS GUARD is the Vatican's studlng army, It was founded in 1505, by a treaty made with Switzerland, which undertook to furnish a bodyguard for the Pope. lt members are all restive Swiss, and they are realnsible for the protection of the Pope and of the Va6can palaces. Lately the guard h consisted of 100 men, including six officers. A Swiss guardsman is retired on full pay after 30 y#ars" orvice, and may retire on half-oay after 18 years' service. organized October 22 Year. saferuarding public this (late, been en- class of public officials, bears sinister reputa- Birri. These, known as barricel- order and facilitate acts ..... bineers. They were later organized. , OI Justice, ne ' , .... , -- -^---*:-.- - --.:: I Cll a rflllCll smaller scale, iOl' tile pur- bU CIIbblLBU , /lUll- , cnPosed of persons of Ipse of pohcmg the Sacred Palaces tlities, to be known as':"d Pontifical Gardens, and many of ,, the old members re-enlisted in the Carabmeers. This new organization. It had been renamed enjoyed many privileges, in 1859 by Pope Plus IX, and has ever that , taking prece-lsince been known as the Papa Gen- ther. This corps was darmes. After tile entrance into Rome of the Itslian troOps, the Colonel of the Pa- pal Gendarmes, Colonel Evangel- isti, was forced to surrender the flag and no one knows what became of it. Many attempts have been made to find some trace of it,. but in vain. During guarded the streets of he Pontificate of Leo XIII, Major the country roads eli Lambertini had a flag made similar for the purpose of re- [ to the one lost. It is of velvet, of the color known as "gendarme blue" and and misdeeds of bears the Papal coat of arms era- was certainly no bet- broidered in the center, in Mlk and gohl. Replace Militia Tile Papal Gendarmes originally had r suppressing this rail- a band which wa suppressed in 1870. for it the Papal Cara- Plus X ordered its restablishment, a special recruiting and it was organized by the present jurisdiction of the commander. ] The reform has appeared necessary, gregation of which the On October 22, 1916, tile first it is very evident that a military was the head. tennial of the Papal Gendarmes lbody organized to safeguard public or- raen enrolled in the was celebrated, and tile late Benedict XV caused a special silver medal to be struck ill honor of the occasion The members of the organization were :sembled. and the Pope presented one of the medals to each one of them, at the same time decorating the flag with the same medal and likewise with the medal of gold "Benemerenti," an important mark of honor instituted by Leo XIII: Tile Papal Gendarmes is the fourth of the armed bodies of the Vatican, the others being the Swiss Guards. the Noble Guard ant] the Palatine Guard of Honor. Until the present investigation of the Papal Gendarmes is completed and a new commander appointed, the command has been assumed by Noble Pie Franchi des CavalierS, Com- mander of the Order of Malte and privy chamberlain of cape and sword of His Holiness. He is working at the present time to reform the organ- ization amt adapt it to modern needs. der anti execute ac[rs of justice is ,t the cup of health, a trophy that may adapted to duties limited to the super- be won by men and women who are vision of the gardens and palaces of approaching the meridian of life. the Vatican. Frown their former We find chemists complaining now- strength of 2.000, the Papal Gendarmes t adays that the drug store is gradually have been reduced to about one hun-tlegenerating into a kind of depart- dred men. It is therefore logical and inane store. Arguments are not needed natural that the organization should to impress the public that one of the be simplified and rendered more flex-Ibest means of building up health can ible. The complete reorganization and be found in the open air, where God's the appointment of the new cam- I oxygen'fills the lungs, and where ex- mender are expected at an early date. For many years after the opening df the St. Andrew's links in Westches- ter County everyone spoke of it as an "old man's game," but a few years ago when the Appawamus Club invit- ed the men well along in years to a senior tournament golfers from all parts of the country looked forward, strange to say, to the time when they could participate. We no longer say to a patient, "You are not old enough to take up galL" Tile time to learn the game is when we are young, but the goal is not the silver cup. It is ercise of all the muscles of the body come naturally into play, and where companionship and competition make one feel ihat he has come to the "End o a Perfect Day."V. P. Gibney, M. [D., in The Health Guilder for Novem- ber. Mrs. Charles Broker was at church Sunday for the first time since her long illness. We hope she will im- prove much faster from now on,- Burr Oak (Mich.) Acorn. The poor souls cannot help them- selves, so they cry out "Have pity on me, at least you my friends!" were several ex- had fought, under Na- =, ="]]  o We, e thelofore famtl-i    [iS and could enforce the I  ary discipline. They[  ' ,oie assistance in re-I  adage which, durin the I  apoleonic wars, had in-  lal States The records ] [ s. at Rom; tell of many I   ' rl, out by these brave  ,'re 00i:00liYh:dmi00'edfr Remember Our Advertisers, I I GENEROUSLY HAVE THEY ANSWERED THE ORPHAN'S CALL. CO-OPERATING IN THIS WORTHY CHARITY THEY ARE ENTITLED TO YOUR GOOD WILL. THE GUARDIAN APPRECIATES THEIR HELP, PRESENTS THEM TO OUR READERS AS WORTHY OF THEIR PATRONAGE. NOTE THEM BY NAME AND ADDRESS AND CLASS THEM AS YOUR FRIENDS WHO ARE INTERESTED IN YOU AND YOURS. I I en rolled their nl 816. A second regl- ted the following 3,ear. l tt contained three ed into two companies I md its own flag, which at his reel- the senior non- of the first regiment. The Papal days,, hat] a men, half mounted were under the Secretary of by the Governor of a prelate. The quarters in Rome t the Papal the Duckv of Bene- The secondl have writ- I rful Pages of history. called upon to put eCtion of the Legations were active in the victims: The first I .built by the famous l near Porta del Remember Our Advertisers! .... 2 ..... '_ ...................................... temporal pew- the Papal Cara- CATHEDRAL FIRE AT QUEBEC NINTH INCENDIARY BLAZE (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Quebec, Dec. 23.--Fire which de.r strayed the historic church of Notre Dame here yesterday, with a loss esti- mated a $1,000,000, is popularly at- tributed to the Ku Klux Klan or some incendiary band hostile to Catholicity. The conflagration marked the climax of a series at' nine notable fires, all bearing strong evideuce of being of an incendiary .character, which have destroyed Catholic church property (luring the past six months. A letter was rece'ived by Msgr. Laflamme, cure of Notre Dame, threatening the de- : struction of the Cathedra[ on Decem- ber 28. The recent fires included the destruction of.the Shrine of Ste. Anne de Beaupre, the ruin of the town of Terrebonne, the two disastrous fire at the University of Montreal, the de-, struction of the Monastic church at. Oka, and the burning of St. Boniface college. Cardinal Begin is stricken at the loss of the Cathedral, which had re- cently been renovated at a cost of $100,000, and made ready for the Christmas festivities. Discovery of the blaze at Notre Dame was.made at midnight by four members of the Provincial police, at a time when, according to Fire Chief Donnelly, the fire must have been un- der way for full half an hour. Firemen were for a time unable to locate the seat of the blaze, so dense was the smoke. Later it was found that the flames had started between the ceil- ing and the roof. The early report that the blaze was the result of short circuiting has been discounted and Mayor Martin of Montreal, who visit. ed the ruins at an early hour emphat- ically expressed his opinion that the fire was the result of incendiarism and laid the blame at the door of the Ku Klux Klan. The Blessed Sacrament was remov- ed from the church and some of the holy vessels were saved, but many valuable paintings by Lebrun, Van / Dyke and other masters were lost. Notre Dame was established in 1647 . : and the first Mass was said there on Christmas Day 1650. It was conse- crated in 1666 and restored in 1745, since which time it had been altered and renewed several times. TEACHER OF GAELIC FATALLY STRICKEN IN THE PULPIT (By N. C. W. C. News Service( Dublin, Dec. 16.Rev., Dr. O'Toai, C. C., St. Malachy's, Belfast, while 4reaching at evening devotions, eel- lapsed in the pulpit. He was takes in- to the Sacristy where he died aer receiving the last rites. Father O'Toal was a strenuous tem perance advocate, but he was best known to the public by the great work he did in promoting the study of the Irish language. He edited an old Irisl translation of the * "Imitation of" Christ." After great thought and'. study he invented a new method of teaching Irish--the Teal method or" the phrase method as it is also called. This method represented a violent re-. action against the system of teaching which Father O'Toal found in Use in the schools and which had failed to make Irish speakers of the pupils. In- stead of the old book system he tried to teach the pupils by using phrases and dialogues, and was so satisfied with the results that he advocated the phrase or dialogue method as the one only road to Irish. After successful experiments in the north he came to Dublin and explain- c! his system to Gaels in the metrop- olis. Today the system is in use in its entirety or with modifications in vari- ous parts of the country. PRIZE TO ENCOURAGE LATIN IN SCHOOLS Cleveahd, Dec. 23.--To encourage the study of Latin in the public higl ' and junior high schools of Cleveland'' the Academy of Medicine of Cleveland' will award a medal or other suitable token of merit costing up to $100 t the pupil whose examination pqrs : are most meritorious. "1 ..... ' ;!i: