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January 6, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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January 6, 1923

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| Forty-six THE GUARDIAN a brilliant assembly of guests at their annual banquet of the Newman So- ciety, which took phtce after the open- mg of the new academic year. Cardinal Bourne, Lord Justice Sir Charles Russell, Count de Salis, the former British Minister to the Vati- can, the Earl of Denbigh, Mr. Hilaire Belloc anti Mr. Gilbert K. Chesterton were among the guests of honor. A number of graceful and interest- iaag speeches were made. Cardinal Bourne. in replying to the toast of his health, said that Catholicism was the great ideal which created the mighty Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Padua, Prague, Salamanca anti Coim- bra. Anything, said the Cardinal, that could focus and guide opmmv on Cath- olic matters m any university was of enormous importance, not only for the Catholics themselves but for their fel- CHESTERTON ANSWERS BLAME00 PARENTS !MARRIAGE BY RADIO Disregard by parents for the ,nan- DECLARED ILLEGAL COMMENTS RECEIVED her in which their (laughters choose ON HIS CONVERSION I00beir recreat,o,00 is the problem with which Miss Mary E. Heartwel], for twenty-five years superintendent of London--The Catholic undergradu- the Florence Crittendon Home, has ares in the University of Oxiord had had to deal. Hiss Hear,well, after thirty-one years of social service work iv Detroit, resigned her position a few days ago. "Unchaperoned motor car rides coa- stitute one of the biggest factors in the swelling numbers who m,e given aid at the Crittendon Home. During the last year there has been more de- I linquency from this cause than from ]any other source. Heart-to-heart talks with the girls who entered the institution revealed this condition, anti still mothers encourage their daughters to choose the man with the car for a friend." Arguing against a career :for a woman Miss Heartwell declared that success in any line of business is an unnatural expression of the energy that would have gone to make a good home organizer. "A girl should be married at the low citizens through the Empire. age of 23 years to make the best Mr. Belloc in his speech said that wife," said Miss lqeartwell. "When patriotism was responsible for many she is married she shouht give up all divisions. Though unity will not come thought of employment and follow the in the present generation--.he said--- natural dictates of her heart. No it would come when the passion of matter how small the home is, there is patriotism no longer was in conflict always plenty to do after it has been with truth, tidied up. The modern mother can leaH] to Mr. Chesterton declared that the  . ' sew just as well as her grand- mentality of the modern world was mother did, and if she works outside :under the influence of plutocracy and I she .is not able to prepare a good r evening decayed pa liamentarianism--also, he[ meal for her husband. regretted to say, of journalism. He "The home should maintain a eer- went on to speak of his recent con- I tain air of respectability in which the version, and said that he had received husband plays the hero, but if his wife a great ninny letters of congratula- works he invariably loses his self-r'e- tion, and---he added--a great many spect." others. These others--so the speaker indicatedwere on the general theme RIDDLES that he had glv.en up thinking for ' While this book possesses a unique himself by becoming a Catholic. Mr. Why are sidewalks in winter like] interest to those interested in the art Chesterton said that if he wished to music? If you don't C sharp you wil) I of printing, and while its cultural be rude he might reply that the writ- B flat. wflue to students of the progress and era had not begun to think at all! What two letters express the most'develp merit of civilization is very The vast majority of people, he con- important people in the world? U and [ high, its particular and transcendent tinued, had stopped thinking for them- I. claim to attention comes from the fact selves. And the victory would come How does the letter Y work an im-Ithat it represents the achievement of when men were taught to think, possibility? It makes a lad into a an invention which not ouly revolu- / lady. . timfized the craft of printing, and not PSYCHOLOGY Why is the letter R a profitable let- only aided immeasurably in the devel- ter? Because it makes ice into rice. opment of literatm,e, but which also The mience of psychology is derived When does a'blacksmith make a most profoundly and materially aided from the Greek words, "psyche," the row in te alphabet? When he makes the work of the Church in extending soul or spirit, and "loges," a word. It a poke-R and a Shove-L. the knowledge of religion among man- is a science that treats of the soul of What seven letters did old Mother kind. man. First of all, psychology, as a Hubbard use when she looked into the Printed some time between 1450 and reason for its own existence as' a cupboard?f O. I. C. U. R. M.T. 1455 in Maine, Germany, the Guten- science, accepts as an estallished fact Why did Noah obejct to the letter berg Bible is among the very first that man possesses a soul; that an D? Because it makes the ark dark. works of Johann Gutenberg, inventor animated body without that which we Make five less by adding to it? of the art of printing from movable call a soul would not be the body of IV. types. The last complete copy of this a man. The body is of the world of What small animal is turned into a Bible knownto exist was sold in 1911 matter, while the soul belongs to the larger one by beheading it? Fox-ox. for $50,000. If a similar copy should spiritual world. The spirit is an en- turn up today, it would realize an even tirely separate creation from matter, One Portland man has resolved to more extraordinary sum. Although one cannot be evolved from the other, raise a full beard during the coming the Bible printed by Gutenberg was yet both are conbined in the person year, because, as he says, that is about known to exist, for centuries no new of man by the All-wise and Beneficent all that is left to him that a woma:n, copy was found until one was discov- Creator. The study and investigatiqn can't do.Portland Express. 'ered in the library of the great French Cardinal, Mazarin, for which of the power and activities of the .... " i reason this particular edit on of Gut spiritual over the material nature'of Our motto, The Guardian in Every " ' ' " maa is th nurnose of rue nscholo,v. Home." lenberg's work is sometimes c.alled the , , ' [ Mazarin Bible. L. B. Leigh J.G. Leigh Win. W. Leigh L. B. Leigh & Co. General Agents Fire Insurance AND ITS ALLIED BRANCHES Little Rock, Arkansas F. D. WATKINS, Adjmter W, B. KNIGHT, Special Agent J, D. CULPEPPER, Special Agent COMMONWEALTH BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION 210 LOUISIANA STREET LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 7% Interest: Deposits 0f $:t00:00 Upwards y Time on 30 Days Notice ce:I!::!OFFICERS AND DIIEgCTOI' "::" i L. B. LEIGH, President " C. 8, Me0A'IN:, Vice President HERMAN KAHN, : J,"G. LEIGH, Secretary 1. D, WATKINS, Ass't T; E. WILSON, Ass't Sec'y A. BRIZZOLARA, Director $1,200,000.00 Organized 1911 Albany, N. Y.---A marrmge cere- mony performed by radio is illegal, according to an opinion given by State Attorney General Newton when the question of the legality of the radio ceremony was brought up by a pro- posal to have a San Francisco clergy- man broadcast the ritual o tim ctm- tracting parties in the Grand Central Palace in New York City. Attorney General Newon declared that the phrase "in the presence," as contained in the domestic relations law, means an actual and not a con- structive presence. "it is as essential," he said, "that the witnesses and persons officiating should be immediately at hand, as it is that the contracting parties to the marriage should be in view of each othr." According to plans made for tim marrmge which Attorney General Newton declared would be illegal, the bride and groom were to broatlcast their responses to the minister's ques- tions. THE "MAZARIN" BIBLE ' Tim National Musem, Washington, D. C,. lhs bee, ore( a place of pilgrim- age for studious Christians since there !has been deposited there a copy of the Gutenberg Bible, sometimes called the "Mazarin Bible," the earliest and lines, precious piece of printing from moval)le types in the world. The book has been placed on exhibition in the Division of Graphic Arts in the Smithsonian Building, where its own- er. Mr. Gabriel Wells. of New York, will permit it to remain for some time as a loan. A CRIPPLED ARMY The latest plan for reorganization of the regular army--the third which the war depmment has been forced to draft within the past eighteen months--reveals how far congress has gone toward the sabotage of the na- tion's land defenses. So sharply has the congressional axe fallen, plied un- der the specious cry of economy, that the army in a few months will be merely a skeleton army, and there will be virtually no mobile force in continental United States available for the Government's use in an emerg- ency. In its eagerness to destroy the military machine built up at great ..ost to the nation, during the war, 13ongress has ordered a reduction of the enlisted strength to 125,000, or 155,000 less than was provided for bY the amended National Defense Act, which prescribed as the chief mission Of the Regular establishment the training of the two other component parts of the Army of the United Statesv the National Guard, and the organized Reserves. It will be little short of a mir$]zte if the Regular" ,Army, crippled a" s it is today b! con  gressional enactments, performs this mission as it should be performed. NOVITIATEOF A NUN The noviceship proper of a nun be  'ins with the reception of the habit. A novitiate cannot be established vithout the permission of the Pope nd the Bishop. And there may not e more than one of any particular Order in a province. Superiors must place 'in the novitiate only nuns noted for their exemplary observance of the tle. : The noviceship is not only a test of vocation to the religious life, but  it i,S pldcipal'l'a formatory period when ,oung 'ladies are moulded in the re lJaJ01a$, life ..... Hence much time and care is given to that period by com- to uproot the seeds of vices, to con- mand of the Church. trol emotions and to acquire virtues. For a valid noviceship tim appli-I A conference on Christian doctrine cant nmst be a Catholic, sixteen years also shouht be given the novices ac old, single, :free, and otberwi fit, and least every week. t she must spend at least one full and Novices enjoy all the spiritual i continuous year in the novitiate. , graces and privileges of the professed I T he novitiate must be enth,ely done Sisters, -rod if one shouhl die (luring over, if the novice is disinissed and the novitiate, she would be classed as leaves, or if even with permission, she a nun and wouhl forever participate is absen thirty days of the year. The I in the prayers and privileges of the whole novitiate does not have to be community. During the novitiate a novice can- done over, bt{ the days must be made up if she remained outside the house for reason and with permission for more than fifteen days. Absence for less that that is left to the discretion of the superior. But superiors are ad- monished not to grant permission to leave the novitiate except for very good reason. Of course, absence cause'd by fire, accidents, transferring ]to another house does not break the novitiate. The time must be spent in the garb proper to novices. The mmtress of novices must be thirty-Yive ears ohi and ten years Iprofessed, and noted, for prudence, I charity, piety and regularity. She. may have an assistant, and both must be free from all offices and duties [which would interfere with the care and government of their charges; they must be selected with the greatest care, for a definite period, and not re- moved unless for grave reasons. To the novice mistress alone belongs the government of the novitiate, and no one may interfere in it except the su- perior, and she only as the rule pre- scribes for the sake of discipline. Both mistress and novices are bound to obey the superior. The position of mistress of novice is a most serious one, and she is bound to devote her every effort to forming her pupils' re- ligious, discipline and she must report on each one to the superior or chap- ter during the year. The novitiate must be separated as far as possible from that part of the convent reserved to the professed sis- ters, so that there be no communica- tion between th'e novices and sisters except by special and individual per- mission of the mistress or the su- perior. The whole purpose of this year's novitiate under a mistress is to form the mind of the novice by studious application to the rule and constitu- tion, to constant prayer and pious meditations, to serious instruction on the vows and the corresponding vir- tues; to suitable exercises calculated not dispose of her possessions, should she have any, as such disposition wouhl he worthless. I)AILY MASS When we get into the we shall see how foolish we hse not to go to Mass freq (lays. The churches ought to crowded every morning. The 11 one Mass is enough to r worhl. People struggle and -md worry and plot and plan, all comes to nothing. If they daily Mass things would be fea'ent. There simuld be at representative at daily MasS for family of the parish. ,. ,.w' PATRONIZI'] OUR COMPLIMENT OF COATES & RAINES INSURANCE m Make Your Crops Early By the Use of WHITE DIAMOND FERTILIZER I ON ACCOUNT OF THE CAR SITUA- TION AND BIG DEMAND FOR OUR FERTILIZER, IT IS ADVISABLE TO HAVE YOUR SHIPMENTS MADE EARLY IN THE YEAR. WE :ARE LOCATED SO SHIPMENTS CAN REACH YOU WITH LEAST POS- SIBLE DELAY. YOU WILL BE PLEASED WITH OUR FERTILIZER. Arkansas Fertilizer Co. BOX 945, LITTLE ROCK, ARIL i L I "I " * G,,]" , .... 4 THE (',LEANS FROM ATTIC TO NOT ONLY CARPETS BUT FLOORS ASK FOR A FREE ROYAL DEMONSTRATION ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTION CO. Phone 4041 EIGHTH AND MAIN /