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January 6, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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January 6, 1923

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E /: t ,Lit Forty-four GOVERNORS DENOUNCE CREED AND CONDUCT OF KU KLUX KLAN DECLARED TO BE A MENACE TO LAWFUL GOVERNMENT IN THE UNITED STATES. Gee. Parker of Louisiana, Guy. Olcott of Oregon, :nd Gov. Allen of Kan- sas, Speak Forcefully Against In- visible Empire---Take Up Marriage and Divorce. {'Special Correspondence N. C. W. C. News Service') White Sulphur Springs, W. Va.-- Lawlessness, as exemplified by the ac- tivities of the Ku Klux Klan and in widespread non}aforcement of the prohibition laws was the dominant flmme for discussion at the fourteenth annual Governors' Conference here during the past week. Other issues of national importance were mentioned, such as the question of tax exempt securities and their proposed aboli- tion, methods of State governmental reorganization in the interests of ef- ficiency, and legislation affecting the interests of agriculture and other basic industries, but the only issue that proved to be of sufficient interest to THE GUARDIAN ing Congress for the legislation men- tioned were not acted upon by the conference. Prohibition Farce. On the Prohibition issue Governor Parker described the present enforce- ment as "almost a farce," and declared that "men high in State anti nation laugh at tim law." He advocated was to be addressed to men who oper- ,te secretly and behind masks. I Eduactional Propaagnda. I Governor Morrison declared that he] would have educational propaganda I intended to dissuade the Klan -from[ its religious activity disseminated through the pulpits of Protestant churches, and at this point Governor abolition of the saloons, the legal au- Olcott remarked that in Oregon one thorization for the maLmfacture of of the highest officials of the Klan was light wines and beer, governmental a Methodist minister. Discussing his control of the liquor traffic and jail remarks after the session had form- sentences for violatbrs of the amended ally closed, Governor Morrison de- laws. clared that the Klan "is an answer to Oregon Governor's Warning. Governr Oleott's address during the evening session on the opening day of the conference called attention to the perils involved in the spread of the Klan and cited the results that already have become apparent in his native State through the political ef- forts of Klansmen. Recalling that the founders of the nation, warned by the evils of religious strife exemplified in the then recent history of Europe had provided for absolute separation of politics and religion in the United States, but that this precept has late- ly been disregarded in Oregon and other States, the Governor said: "In Oregon we have had an exam- ple of what may become a national crisis We have seen the injunctions of our forefathers disobeyed; we have the Knights of Columbu and similar movements." He said that at one time he had been on the point of issuing a proclamation against the Klaf but had been dissuaded after a delegation of prominent citizens had called upon him. Gee. Allen Flays Klan. The address of Governor Allen of Kansas, the last formal address on , the conference program, was filled with denunciation and ridicule of the Klan. He described the organiaztion as follows: "The new Klan is the old A. P. A., plus the anti-negro, plus the anti-Jew, all rolled up in an American fbag and sold at $10 a throw to the suckers who buy." "It is a clandestine and not a secret society," he continued. "It has been in Kansas for about a year or more God, wily do they have to be masked in his State, as did Governor McCray to stand for that? When has worn- of Indiana. ]he latter added, how- anhood in any State needed to be de- ever, that through an inadvertance a fended by men who work at night with charter had been issued to the Klan their faces covered? When has any in his State without his knowledge brave fight for religion ever been and that it had not been brought to made by terrorists? All down the his attention until a month later. If I corridors oftime, history has been en- riched by the brave Anglo-Saxon who he would have taken steps to prevent has fought for right and for liberty, but they never ,fought in the Klan's regalia. They have fought openly for th, right as they saw it. he had been informed in time, he said, its approval. Wants Names Published. Governor Alien also recommended legislation compelling tim filing of the "Think of Martin LuLher nailing his names of officers of all secret; organi- theses to the door of Castle Church with a pillow case over his head. I zatins with the proper State Offi- cials. Think of John the Baptist standing' by the roadside in the Roman Prey- Maine's Governor Against Klan inee preaching the freedom of a re- ligious brotherhood with a hood upon his face, and a terror-inspiring regalia upon his body. Think of the Man of Galilee walking His Golgotha way hooded and skirted like a circus clown. Pick up history where you will and find me a single man who ever fought a battle for the rights of freedom or f religion with his face hidden from those he fought. There is only one country in the world today where men go to punishment without trial and without the protection of justice and that is in Soviet Russia. I, would as soon be tried and condemned by a Soviet decree of Lenine as I would by a decree of the Ku Klux Klan handed A telegram from Governor Baxter of Maine was read at the close of the conftCrence. Governor Baxter express- ed his approval of the plan of Presi- I dent Harding to call another confer- ence of the Governors to discuss pro- hibition enforcement and added: "You .may rely upon me to do everything in my power to maintain law and or- der in the State of Maine and to see to it that no invisible government (Continued on page 48) provoke discussion by the State ex- ecutives attending the conference, were the Klan and Prohibition. And as be- tween these two topics, the Klan easily took first place. Governors Against Klan. seen class arrayed against class; neighbor against neighbor; we have seen families divided; communities split; we have seen cities where for years nothing but peace and amity had existed between neighboi- and Activities and .aims of the sheeted neighbor torn into con tending factions and I do not know of a single instance in which they have rendered one iota of assistance to any officer of the law. In many cases they have hindered law enforcement." Breeds Violence. After recounting several of tte atrodties attributed to the Klan and Knights of the I'nvisible Empire were where men we ..... vehemently denounced in prepared ad .... n armeu wm guns, where deeds of violence were perpe- dresses delivered by Governors John[trated under " " ;, M Parker of Louisiana, Ben W 01-[ me gmse oi mw emoree- ment, and where all had once been eott of Oregon, and Henry J. Allen Oflpeac e harm ..... Kansas. "Expressions of annroval of[. ': ony ann srusiumess, eth: s::timents voiced by these speak-/urned into suspicion and hatred." S roul e forthcoming from Governors [ Men i Wreck of Its Wake. P of Pennsylvania, McCray of] toning the ostensible laudable i Indiana, Kilby of Alabama, and I purposes of the Klan through which it ] Ritchie of Maryland Governor Cam- [ solicits membership, Governor Oleott I eron Morrison was the only one ell declared: "It is not what this organi-[ the nineteen State executives who l zatin pretends to stand for that lifted his voice in defense of the Klan [ counts. It is the wreck that follows and his declaration was qualified to [in its wake." :the xtent of being merely a disagree- "But we find," he continued, "wher- :ment as to the methods which should ',e used to wipe out the spectre of re- ligious strife raised by the Ku Klux. Two Overhanging Clouds. Governor Parker of Louisiana, who 'recently laid the case of the Klan before the federal authorities at Wash- ington, fired the opening gun of the attack on the Klan during the first day's session of the conference. He referred to "two clouds" hanging over the country, which he said, "make law and order and decency almost impos- sible in certain sections." As the first of these menaces he cited the Ku Klux Klan, "an organization of men ever the Ku Klux Klan has raised its head and become an integral part oil the citizenry of a community, it has come like the blight It has developed those prejudices I have already cited; it disrupts communities; it ever turns brother against brother, and leaves in its wake a trail of dissension, strife, bitterness and rancor that is far from American. No Cmtcealed Faces. "Americans never have been in the habit of hiding their faces behind masks. The men who entered at Val- ley Forge may have been compelled to swathe their bleeding feet in gunny who do not stand up and look you in sacks, but history does not record the eye and say what they think but that they concealed their faces from who work in the dark and behind the wintry blasts or from the British r ,, asks. ] soldmry. The man who stands in the They have arrogated to themselves l hall of 'Congress to assist in the ca- the duties of law enforcement and the[ actment of our laws turns his face to xercise of judicial authority," he said [ the full gaze of an American audience "Their boast is the puerile one of '100 [and says what he thinks. ler cent Americanism,, and they claim " "The highwayman, the ban(it or the that their object is to aid in the en-] thug, used the mask to shield his iden- :forcement of the laws. But since I[tity, that his infamous deeds may not ave been Governor of Louisiana, not[find him out and undo him." in one single instance has the Ku Klux [ The Speaker then referred to, the Elan offered any assistance in enforc-/so-called compulsory school law en- ng lihe law and, as I found upon in-[acted in Oregon by vote of the people qairy in Washington, not a single at the recent election. The law he member of the organization have ever I said was unnecessary and harmful and tendered help to the Department of i an example of what might be expected Justice." in other States if the Ku Klux menace Veteran in' Way' of Klan. [is allowed to go unchecked. "The Ku Referring to some of the outrages[Klux Klan was not openly rest)onsible aattrlhuted to the Klan in the northern I fr this bill," he declared. "The meas- lure was circulated and placed on the ,eited the'f disappearanceLUisiana' GovernOrof an overseasParker 'initiative ballot by a few ScottiSh Rite wetorau with a fine reputation in his Masons, actuated by narrow preju- Io, me community, "because he got in[ dices- Many leading Masons, inelud- me way of the Klan," and an attack[lug past grand masters of the order, upon another veteran of equal good[ denounced the bill in bitter terms. repute who wa beaten and mistreat-I But it was the Ku Klux Klan that ,ed to such an extent that he has suf- eventually made its success at the fered a complete nervous breakdown. 'The Governor declared that he has gimen his solemn pledge to the father 4Dr one of the" 'ictims ahd to the wife .lnd children of the other that "to the lltmit of my ability and to the limit of *he power of the State of Louisiana, P wre will get to the bottom of this mat- ter and punish those guilty." Governor Parker put the Klan issue mquarely up to the assembled execu- times by saying that it was his earnest opinion that the time has come for all /them to express themselves on the immm. He asked them to go on record hat America is to be ruled by our ahtful goverfiment and not by any mcret, masked  organization. His mcond proposal was that the Gover- aors adopt a resolution asking Con- to pass a law compelling every Refer organization to file statements of |ts membership and financial status mmirannually with the Department of polls possible. The Ku Klux Klan worked secretly but effectively in be- half of the bill and its passage by the people was secured by a generous margin." False Literature. Governor'Olcott, referring to the methods used by the Klan, related how during the recent campaign when he'was a candidate for re-election, the Klan circulated literature in which it was stated that he and his wife were Catholics and that their children were being educated in Catholic schools. As a matter of fact, he said, he comes from a Methodist fmily, has no ac- tive church affiliations himself, his wife is a member of the Episcopalian Church and their children are attend- ing the public schools. Governor Oleott's address evoked the statement from Governor Morri- son of North Carolina that in his State the Klan had shown no lawless tend- Jultie This he said, in addition to encies He is opposed to the activities public the names of members, of the organization in creating reli- ef the KI, would also make it pos- [ gious bigotry, he said, but believes the for victims of its outrages to[ m( compensation in a legal] prper method of combatting such a campaign is by ,peaceful. argumen ] r ' 0  Os Sugrestions U [ This drew the inqury from Gavernor I   iord and as to petition- K/Iby of Alabama as to, how argument pointing out that whenever an atroc- ity is committed, "it is only a day or so until they make their appearance irI some nearby church and hand $50 to some loose-thinking minister for a certificate of good character," the Kansas executive continued: "When any organization breeds vio- lence either by the deeds it does or by the opportunity it presents for law- lessness, it gives to the criminal ele- ment of the community opportunities which menace us all. One of the] declarations of this masked organiza-[ tion is 'We stand for Christianity, for l the protection of womanhobd, and for[ white supremacy.' In the 'name of] down by Simmons of Atlanta." Klan in Better Light. At the conclusion of Governor Al- len's speech, Governor Morrison once more took up the fight to present the Klal in a better light by asking the Kansas Governor whether all of the lawlessness attributed to the Klan could justly be laid at its door. Gov- ernor Allen replied by referring to that part of his address in which he had condemned the Klan for offering opportunities for the criminal element to operate by encouraging lawless- ness, and admitted that while some of the outrages were not committed by Klansmen, the activities and example of the organization encouraged the imitation of others In response to further questions, Governor Allen sug- gested that the Klan ,0uld be con- trolled by the various States through thei respective charter boards. 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