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January 6, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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January 6, 1923

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T H E G U A R D I A N;ze illl i i ii i i ii i OF OLD ACADIA &apos; our rallying place. Let us set u,]upo, them. lighting up the greo. there some fitting memorial." And out fiehls that surrounded them, and the ! THAT HAS BEEN REALIZED of this idea, and through the noble l dancing blue waters of Minas Basin, work of a citizen of Wolfville (where land the white wails of the vessels on ........................... once an Acadian village stood) land lit. It was the scene upon which the of Church and Other Restoration Work at Gral]d Pre for ;m Acadian Memorial Park was lAcadians of 1755 had looked, ahnost Accomplished in Short Time. set aside by the Dominion Atlantic urn'hanged. Railway A rustic cross of stone was l A Wonderful Interior C W C News Service) Softly the Angelus sounded, and over reared above the ancient graveyard, I The chapel is built in single Nor- S.I,et me paint for the j'oofs of the village an(] a statue of Ewmgeline by the lman fashion, its walls of stone gatlr out of tile past; a pic- Columns of pale hlue smoke, like roadside, where the men and maideuslered in the vicinity, as the original home. and el: fair clouds of incense ascending, of Grand-Pre came down to church at II prnbably was. But the interior is to I of blue waters beneath a Rose from a hundred hearths, the the sound of the bell. ]be as beautiful as the minds of arehi- lie. in days when homes of peace and content- "This," said the Acadians. as they ] tects and decorators can devise; all of France were yet fr<sh ment. , stood on the hallowed ground but lit-, done in rare marbles ad in mosaics, . of the dwellers in When Longfellow Was Wrong tie more than a year ago, "this must with paintings and sculltures and oth- and when what has been But [,ongfel]ow was wrong in two be only a beginning " And so, under or memorials of Acadian days upon its of the saddest episodes respects; for then in the dy of which leadership of Rev. A. 1). Cormier. par.- walls. Relics of untold value are to the Acadian ex- he wrote, -hich is the day of the pic- ish priest at Shediac. N. B.. they set be assembled here at this great na- he set down in the Lure we draw there was no priest ill to work to gather funds for an Acadi- ti(nml shrine. Conapleted, the strut- w all the Acadian land, and the Angelus an Memorid Chapel, to stand where ture will have cost more than $56,0.00. on a h)w ri(lg'(.-'e-- no hmger sounded. Ill times were at. the (hurch of St. Charles stood in I t is to Fr. Cormicr of Shediac that the south and easl, is the hand. I,awrence. unscrupulous gover- olden days. the raising of the reel ey is chiefly of the Gaspcreau. At nor of Ills Majesty's province of No- When l)ream C, ame True credited. Thousands tf appeals have as we look out towards the via Scotia, determine(1 to do his part A few weeks ago the dream of years Ileen sent out for funds, and from all of Grand-Pre (the to make English and Protestant this (.()N(,IAtNEI FOR CHRISTIANS IN CONSTANT1N(}P1A'%-I)olitical came true. One hundred and s xy quarters o:f the globe the response a small settlement country which ha(I once been French ('omplications iu Europe are a matter of deep concern to the prelates s]lown seven years hfter the destruction of has betm generous. There have been out East and West and Catholic, was planning to drive -d)ove. On the left is Bishop l)apadopoulos, Assessor of the Oriental Congre- Grand-Ih'e of the Acadians, the spire many large individual donations from with double cross- the Acadian's from their lands. Al- gallon: (m the right is the Rt. Rcv. George Calavassy, newly appointed Bishop and cross of a Catholic chur(h "1gain Prote.,tants as well as Catholics. Fr. for the vast and ier- ready he had imprisoned a Halifax of the Greel Catholics in Constntinople. whose diocese includes places in tiw reared itself to the heavens, and the Cormier, in his address at the bless- area of thre-tened hostititi(,., ing of the cornerstone, spoke partic- Which it overlooks. O the chief deputies of he Acadian l)eO- Imy:tica l,amb of God was offered up of it, alone, these same ple and had removed their pries{.s in the sacrifice of the Mitss by an I ularly of tile good work done by mere- from the parishes, might choose? Bul there was no a:- I're of the Acadiaas, has been a ruin. ian Acadiau Bishop, Right Rev. A. E. bers of L'Assomption Mutuelle in the scatteredby a "foretdwellingS'primevalSm: So, if we will look closer upon tbe swer. Appeals were in vain. Winshlw C, ellar gape to the skies Roads -ire Le Blanc, of St. John--a descendant, 1 t United States and Canada in gather- gardens, broad orchard scene before us, we shall se.e that the was but "t soldier, and must obey And in decav. The stones of the church believe, of Rene LeBlane, notary of ling :lunds" Is of young tim- :flag of England floats from tim spire so the Chmeh or St. (',harles became or St Charles -ire c|'uml)led and rank (h'and-Pre, mentioned so prominentl,] So the Miracle. of (r:mtI-Pre has _ of St. Charles, and the church and a i)rison house for those who iu better grass and weeds fhmrish over Aca(tianlin 1,ongfellow's poem. Acadian w)iees been accoml)lished. OwL of the ruin.% y the Willows priest's house and the graveyard are days ha(1 knelt lhere in prayer, i graves. Scarce :m Acadian descend- again bmst orth over the hills and the CImrch of St. Charles has reared side of the village, with enclosed m a rough palisade. Camp- th)w these mete. and bo\\;'s, after a ant now dwells in the homeland of his.the lowlands in the majestic Ave Mar- itself. The willows still keep it corn- down to it, is the fires burn there. Sentries are set. few days, were forced at the bayo- fathers, ix Stella, the anc.i(nt national hymn. pany, and be:dde it still sleep the Aca- From the homes of (h'and-Pre, no net's point down the roa(1 to the land- Until recently there was little to be "Why this emotion that stirs our dian dead. And the day may yet conm with the green it, "rod the priest's longer a peaceful village, timid we- ing place on the Gaspereau, a mile and seen here. The ancient well by the hearts today?" cried the preacher of when Acadians will again dwell in the Well off to the east- men and chihh'en look down upon a la half away, and there placed on wait- tlriest's house--Ev:mgeline's well, they the day, Rev. Thomas Albert of Grand land of their fathers and other and And in the same plot, scene of war, ing transmrts" how the women "rod ('all it--still 1,emaius here , and the l,'alls, Madewaska. as he looked out happier ,vangehes aml Gabricls will to the left. is the bury- On the 5th day of September, 1755, children followed them on that fear- gmrled wilh)ws by the roadside, and over the Acadian band gathered from worship side by side in the church by the willows of the roadside. Where sleep Grand-Pre's at 3 in the afternoon ful march, callinr: out to them, sing" the dikes, which yet shut out the Canada, from New England, even len down beyond the Lo! with a summons sonorous ing the ohl familiar hymns, appealing fierce tides of the basin, and the or- from the Acadian settlement in Louisi- ,, i II and the graves are Sounded the bell from its tower, and to Heaven i their anz, uish; how tbey, chards still bearing fruit; these, and ana. "Like the Hebrews hanishe( tidal mar.hes which over the meadows a d,m beat. too, i, suceeeding weeks, were herded oM Blomidon. standing guard as of from their country, we, the d,escend- WHERE QUALITY have reclaimed from the Thronged ere long was the church on board other ships, until all the vil-lyol, e, have been the memorials of the ants of the ancient Acadians, have !f toil, now brown with with men. Without. in the ]ages of Minas Basin were desolate; , tragedy, wept after the father's homeland; but IS HIGH AND :or it is Autumn. Again, churchyard and how their lovely homes were givenl Iron bands h'tve been laid down happier than the Hebrews in exile, we the fields and of the Waited the women ...... over to the flames--all these things across the fiehls: and today, where have been able to preserve the faith of PRICES LOW been raised along The men and boys from Grand-Pre are history, and need not be written once the songs of the haymakers and the past aud to see again the land of is the great broad and the neighboring villages had here. If you care to klmw more of the lithe of shuttles alone broke the our ancestors. Cros the street to the little Basin, wh.ere the tides gathired here at the summons of the them, Longfellow's "Evangeline" will stillness, steam locomotives rusb and "Let us not here engage in useless shop and save from 15 to 20 per cent on every pair of in from the Bay oT commander to hear the ommands of tell the story, roar, and with groaning brakes come lamentations, Let u leave history women's shoes. The newest tides, that rise the King. More than 400 of them en- Waste are those peasant farms, and to a stop for the tourist to alight. For alone; "rod say to our beloved and models at the lowest prices tered the portals--venerable patri- the farmers forever departed! this shrine is visited by people from glorious dead, 'Behold, we, the Ace- are here. sometimes to archs, the heads of families; young Scattered like dust aud ]eaves, when over the whole worht, dians, are here again in the ancient only to wa00e a " SPECIALTY BOOT the dykes and fall men with the best years of life before the mighty blasts of October . The Birth of an hlea land.' Let us be more valiant in our of desolate flats, theln; even boys of 10 years and up- Seize them, and whirl them aloft, and Then, in the minds of men, a daily tasks and sanctify our lmmes iP. SHOP Basin looms a hilly wards. And theL,e, from the lips of sprinkle them far o'er tbc thought was born. They were the de- the sacrifie.e of the past." away into the Colonel John Winslow, commander of ocean, scendants of the exiles. And they Men and women wept as they knelt Women's Shoes Exclusively New England troops in His Majesty's Scattered indeed, by the wintry thought: "There, ny the shores of there on the grass before a temporary SEVIER & HUGHES off from" view in earer cold headland service, they heard their doom and wind that carried the ransport fleet Minas Basin. is the home of our fore- altar erected at the entrance to the 303 Main St. the doom of their people, out from Minas Basin to the waters fathers---neglected. Let us make it chapel. The warm sun shone down "Your lands and tenements, cattle of the broad Atlantic; buffeted from scene of which Longfel- of all kinds, and live stock of all sorts port to port, ill, destitute, broken- " are forfeited o the Crown," he an-lhearted, cast on unfriendly sbores aidst.of.its farms, re- nounced, "and you, yourselves, are to from New England to Louisiana. Acadian village, be removed from this, ]is province. I Wives parted from husbands, children Were the houses, with am, through His Majesty's goodness, from parents, lov.ers from each other, and of hemlock,[directed to allow you liberty to earr. sonle never to meet agaiu. Andthough THE HOME OF CREAM AND BUTTER NUT BREAD Peasants of Normandy If your money and household goods vang.hnee " and Gabriel were indeed the reign of the Hen- as many as you can, without discern- the chihlren of story, the tale which moding the vessels you go iu. You are the poet tohl was a truthful picture the roofs, with dormer now the King's prmoners." of tlmse unhappy days, and gables projecting, Protests That Were Vain Still stands the forest primeval; but below protected A great cry arose, a cry of protesi; under the shade of its branches the doorway. What had they done to merit this? I)wells another race, with other cus- evenings of sum- Had they not lived in peace with the toms and language, brightly tbe sunset English? Had they not aided and he- Only along the shore of the mournful street, and gilded friended their soldiers even when they and misty Atlantic. oa tile chimneys, had been at war with those, of their 1,inger a few Aacdian peasants, whose maidens sat in snow- own blood? And if they had not been fathers from exile and in kirtles wanted they had not been allowed to V rot(re( back to their native ]and nd green, with dis- depart in peat.e, carrying their govds to die ia its bosom, the golden with them. to dwell elsewhe'e as they l,'or 167. years (h'and-I)r ,. the Grand looms, whose nl ,ll I I I I 11 I I III I I I I I I within doois, with the whirl of LEARN WHILE YOU EARN aad tile songs of the A Rusiness Education Pays Big i)ividends ,and Cannot I, I)isc)unted. Write us for Catalog and information regarding our Went. on to tell of the courses and .easy payment plan. ng up the lane from SOUTHWESTERN EXTENSION UNIVERSITY church, and of the DEI ARTMEN 'F B g :out to kiss his hand 723 West Capitol Avenue 1,ittle Reek. Arkansas fro the belfry WE BRING TtIE SCHOOL TO YOUR DOOR "Where Service Counts"-- N : ___ THESE EIGHT TRUCKS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT r ,00eop'es --_ Savings Bank - AMERI(' N .... - BAKERY Little Rock, Ark. --=_-- , i i _---- Seventh and Pulaski Streets Telephone 4-5300 I :' -----== LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS " I I i i i I i IIIIU IIIIUUlIIMUlIIHUlIUlIIInlnlIHIInlIHIMUlIIIIIIIInlIIInlMIHMMI00] 1 , , ., ,,, , ,,,