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January 6, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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January 6, 1923

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p r " ! L Thirty-cight T H E G U A t'I D I A N ,i i i v l i i ii WOMEN AS DICTATORS Florence Gihnore in "The Grail." In its' September issue the Ladies' than a lit(h; brave cheerfulness. Nor is Home Journal publishe([ aa article en- it true that men alone ane responsible titled "Women as 1 rotators, written ['or the condition of the world in which . by Mrs. Oliver H. P. Bchnont, presi- we live. During all the centuries did l dent of the National Woman's Party, the mothers and wives wiehl no influ- i:', to hold fast to the truth. Tbere are which is of importance because it de- ence? Is there no truth in tim old any number of angles at which one fined the principles and announced th saying, the hand that rocks the cradle [ Imay fall. There 's only one in which general policies of the party, and did is the hand that rules the world? If a person may retain constant equili- so through a medium that reaches al- men are unprineiple(I is it not fair to hrum. But the Church retained this most (ountless readers. The Woman's inquire how e.arefully their mothers t 'one definite stand th]'ough the ages. Party is a power to reckoned with. trained thQm, and whether their wives' I She was not thrown out of gear by Alea(iy large, its membership is in- ideals are higher than their own? Agnosticism arid Pe]agianism in the creasing so rapidly that "the (tay is Her Own I)ivorce early centuries, she was not upset by not far distant wheJ, it will be strong Mrs. Behnont refers to her own di- ] the fal,.;e teachings of Luther and Cal- enough to impose any measure it may vorce and the social ostracism which, vin in the 16th Century, she quitely choose." This, its boast, is not an idle for a time, fell to ber lot because of buried blodernism in the 19th. And one, for it is actually beginning to die- it, and rejoices that divorce is no hmg- Trulh went marching on. late in ninny quarters and e,cerywhere er considere(I a disgrace, or a divorcee An inspiring spectacle this--the receives a respectful hearing and in one to be shunned. She gloats ore1. eo|nbat of the Mother Church against mos cases Is unquestioningly obeyed, the shameful fact that "there is liard- the hosts of error, an(l her ever-re- For instance, it has prepared a "bill ly an influential family ifi omst of the hewed victories against many-faced of rights" to be presented at tim next staves whose women have not deemed fal.,e.hood and herey All the arsen- session of the Ohio legislature, which it wise to divorce their hushands." als of history, phih)sophy and science demands that certain state laws. "un- ly an infltiential family in most of the have been ransacked for weapons 'favorable to women," be revoked. On wonmn who leads the already large' against the Church of all 'l'lth. But October fifteenth the Columbus Even- party which aims to direct every wo- the search was always in vain. Fre- ing Dispatch said editorially, "So far'man, s vote, and in consequence to ira- quently tbose most zealous in the as injustice can actually be shown to pose whatever legislation it sees fit BAMi;OO ORGAN MOCKS SON(7,-BIRI)S--The orgmfi.t of this unilue quest have been led willing captives exist in the laws of the sl:ate there to sponsor! lorgan, which has siood for a hundred years in the church at L-Is Pinas, P. I., ,. to the feet of Christ. Witness the is little doubt that the legislature will  Mrs. Behnont Amusing keeps ;t bottle by his side and pours a little water into the mechanism when lmany illustrious converts--scientists, be glad to amend them.'" The truth is When she comes to speak of religion he wants to produce tbe note of a song-b;rd. 'l'her( ;n'v ?,2 b mboo ,pes hi l historians, artists and scholars--dur- that the politicians will do as they --which she does at some length lhe organ, which was built hy a Spanish friar, who g"lve live years t'} the task. ing the last half century--a veritable are told. Thousands of woman voters Mrs. Belmont is unintentionally amus- "cloud of wRnes.'es" s " for the Church, must not be antagonized, even though ing. Christianity, as she sees it all her associates wm'k their will wo-]Trut', and l'aiselmod know no xrace, the pillar and ground Of truth. there may be wisdom in laws which about her,--"a man-dominated church" make the husband and father the head --is her peculiar abhorrence. She will man's suffrage will heeome a caltuni - [ But the Church slan(Is for the Truth, The arguments launche(t, against of the family. I have none of it, although she pro- ty to this country, not 'on'y for rea- and falsehood ever rear:; its slimy her are now feeble and worn. The same trite accusations, the same hoary Dangerous Prmeipies fesses to love a Christianity of her sons which the conservatives urged head. against the granting of it, but because The early yc n's of the Catholicz calumnies, the same unfounded insin- The pity o1 it is that there is hard- own devising. "We are allowed to sit its power will have been grasped by Church wm'e marked by bitter, some- uations, the same stale trickery. ly a statement made by Mrs. Behnont ifi the pews, but not to stand in the hands utterly unfit to use it well. The times savage attacks, by Grecian and  The early Christian apologists, Min- pulpit. The men of the church accept spirit, if not the letter, of the eonsti- pagan sophists. Celsus. a Platonist uciBs Felix, Tertullian, Cyprian, Lac- in "Women as Dictators' 'to which a Catholic eouht subscribe. From begin- our support, hut are not willing to ning to end the principles enunciated share their exalted position with us." tution will' be forgotten, and Chris- philosopher of the se(mnd century A. tantius, Origen, etc., were familiar are either dangerous in, their tendency Such is her grievanoe; and nnon no I tian principles will be ignored. Mean- D., wrote a book against Christianity with the "stock objections" against re- or radically false; but she is confident other is she more bitter. She and while Catholic women are not united, called the "'lhxm Discourse." It took vealed religion, i. e., against Christi- i are but little interested, and by hun- all the acumen an(L reasoningorce of anity. They. were told that all reli- her friends have determined no longer dreds and thousands are willing sheep- Origen to 'mswer this foe of the gions are really good, that Christiani- of her own infallibility and dogma-it submit to this state of things. "If 1 " -' ..... " ties accordingly. It will be a mis-I man wants to nmke a Ittle god ,f ishly to follow whoever takes the lead. Cmrch ot Christ. ]tus Celsus m the ty is not the oldest religion, that there fortune for the country if the ira- himself he will havo do it by him- forerunner of a long line of opponents I were "saints" who believed other mense power of women's votes is to . ",:. of Catholic truth. be wielded at her dictation, self and for lumself. He may stand THE WARFARE OF creeds, that there is nmch similarity in the pulpit and sit'. in the pew, but CENTURIES AGAINST I The faet that the Chureh of Christ between Christianity and other forms Bitterness Toward Men we also must stand as well as sit." CATHOLIC "] RtT"IH has always, heen compelled to "pre-[of belief, that the Church of Christ I n all that Mrs. Belmont says there There is more in the same strain, fol- sent her credentials" and that she has was a congregation of the ignorant, invariably issued victoriously from etc. These, and many other now hack- is intense bitterness toward men. She lowed by this alarming threat; "Un- Rev. Albert Huntsch. S.J.  . feels that they have always misused less the men of the church, realize dif- Some of our people believe that tbe the fray is. of course, one of her re- neyed objections, were often answered women, always tyrannized over them, initely our claims we shall have to course of the Church through the ages splendent traits in her stormy prog- by the Fathers of the early Church. and exults that their ignominous reign have our own prmsthood." ' h's,, been on the whole placid and un- ress through the ages. Any other in-I And in the course of time the con- s ended. Women have won freedom ] Calamity to This Country [disturbed. "They know perhaps of only stitution, not founded on the adaman- test did not suhside, but. as :ve have and power, and the (lay of man's dora- I Of course it would be unfiar to ex- ] the outstanding periods of opposition., tine pillar of eternal Truth would long seen, it waxed strong and assumed ination is over. "Perhaps," she says, peet Mrs. Belmont, a non-Catholic, to I'['hey have heard of the early Chris- ago have been entirely changed, if not new aspects. Now it is pseudo-set- "there is something very glorious believe that since Christ's Church or- tian martyrs, they know that the so- absolutely swept away. But the ence, false systems of education, se- about being a helpmate, but if so it is dains and has always ordained that I called Refor!nation was a time of bit- ] .;- time some man shared that glory;" men alone shall be priests it is plain ter hostility against the old Faith, and and again, "If men had controlled ,,that such is Christ's will. To quote now they hear of the attacks of mod- things in the right way we might havel St. Paul to her would be equally ern infidelity upon the Rock of Truth. had no complaint. They have not done bootless: He probably did not mean But the fact is that the Church has l so, and we women are full of indigna-!what He said. . ver been on the defensive. She never lion and resentment." Mrs. Behnont. Mrs. Belmont is energetic, and de- experiencd long priods of peace and" i sees no danger in the attitude which! regards men and women as rivals or lltermined' and never discouraged, and calm. Always there were enemies to as head of the Woman's Party she be encountered, false teachings to be even enemies rather than allies. She iwields immense influence. If she and answered, heresie: to be hdd low. fails to realize that war between them[ would make a not very happy worhl T:"" ........... ""'''"-"'-"-'"'-"""-""'""'-"-'-'" .............. :" altogether miserable. Even the mill-i! PXlVAT00 SAHITARIU00 (ant suffragettes sometimes disclaim- ed the reproach that they alin.edwo- men against men. TREATMENTS IN HYDROTHERAPHY ANI) MASSAGE Men Muddled World Mrs. Behnont blames men for every evil that .saddens and debases the world today. "The time has come," she announces, "to take this worhi muddle that men have created and. strive to make it into an ordered, peaceful, happy, abiding place for ht. inanity. In its present condition the world is its own worst indictmenf against the sole dictatorship of men." 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I Chureh survives every eresy, every/cret societies and, a attack, no nmtter how cunning, every ful press that are assault even wl]cn led by wolves in But these four agencies sheel)'s clothing, and of darkness will not I In "Orthodoxy" Mr. Chesterton, who against the Church. the City has "atcly entered the Church. shows hills. Centuries will come and that it is easy, very easy, to swerve from truth and to take a position on the side or' error. The difficult thing ties will rise and decay, institutions will appear oblivion, but the tween Christ and the truth and error will go on. we, that is, the members of Militant. shall win. ,For mighty fn(I will prevail." 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