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January 6, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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January 6, 1923

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!00P00TEnTS nN QUAn00 LITTLE FURNES wondering if they are the descendants of men whom the Flemish primitives, a Metaling o1" Matsys, used as models for their paintings. Very Impressive It is all exceedingly impressive and the crowds that line the sidewalks !testing Medieval Survival Ob- look on in unbroken silence, at times served in Sma41 Belgian City even with bated breath, a the pass- ,?Y Rev. J. Van der Hevden I age o{ the group of the Nativity es- ,,ly N. C. V C News Service I corted by Angels singing the glad al- tUvain .... , . , I , Belgium--Despite the lelum of man s redemptxon or of tile eraizing spirit, little Belgium, group commemorative of Jesus' trium- its numerous ouaint traditional phant entry into Jerusalem, which  us ceremonies, which neither I bursts forth in an exultant hosanna to I^ n0r wars, n(n l" nted condi [the "Bleed One who cometh in the ,,, and Conceptions succeed in elimi- Name of the 1,ord." The words of the g, renains charmingly archaic. [songs and tile dialogues more or les, Penitential Proces[on I modernized, date from the "year 1696. nere is for instance, the peniten-tBoth sougs and dialogues -u'e clearly }Pespion of Furnes, medieval if, heard and understood as they are g, Yet, notwithstanding all the wafld along the course of the mean- :UCles of changing times, re- dering procession to the tbousands of  * m aRer Year with a felwot. Reverential Awe ,e. This famed religious street[ '"Jntratin ...... is . coh;,a,ation of the I e Plays and the penitentiat I , o. of the Middle Ages. The ue m the pageant wear eitber[ us costumes of a dead past or[ ' aded gowns and masks. [e: Id and New Testament [ .._ are groups in line represent- ]veats and personages from the ea, the New Testament; the First h-': all, the Patrim'chs,' the t*,a, John the Baptist,. t]arod's ,,ae Saviour's Entrance into i. era, etc. Then there are floats  tableaux vivants of the Nativity, ' Adoration of the" o; h i t 0 g.. ,,--s,, .-e FI gb  S of t, of Jesus teaching the Doc- ts 7h Law, and of other Biblical  , ae series is closed with the ia ur. Lord carrying the Cross. ! "'Ped by Simon of Cyrene, for t:Sl a, a sturdy Flemish peas- '*r- '  make sure of accomplish- t:PrlY his part in the religious 1. ' s as likely as not, and quite |t, 10us of the anachronism to ne beads of his Rosary. Roman Cohorts s : The campaign committee of Adel- et, not for here comes ROSa warriors mounting phia College, Brooklyn, which has steeds. The horse- been asking subscriptions for a new men from the coun- builhling, has bec(nnc thorougbly con- ease in their multicolored, vinced that Alonzo B. See. of Brook- of rons and lyn, president of an e'evator company, en's heavy thumps, does not care to contribute to their halberds upon the paved fund. easured rat-a-tat oft "If l had my way," Mr. See wrote achieve the realism of in answer to a request for a contri- Panorama heralding the hution, "I would burn all the wom- of the two thieves clad in[en's colleges in the country. The and shouldering heavy the Good Thief, line, stretching as far e eye can see, of gowned figurhs, eacl one catTy- cross; for women as take Part in this peniten- The women wear a hooded gown and the As they,step along, "JYn kruis wel dragen, is "To carry one's cross ,s Pleasing to God." nitive Statues the different living are also statues, and of statues, sculp- primitive of form and scourged at the PiN of Him a soldier with tongue; St. Peter's de- before Pilate, etc. The the floats dragged in mask and cloak. are members of the fore- the city and of the lls along the line of march ask has dropped and back upon the shoul- are startled to see a face, a cropped-hair rigid eyes that recall aw on canvas in the Bruges and You may find yourself TINY CITIZENS DEPORTED ENLIVEN A PATHETIC GROUP THE GUARDIAN Thirty-five ...................................... --/y-, .................................................................................................................................................................... ' The third little American is Cccelia Thomas and John Cochanides, and the NO CHANCE I Turek, whose mother, Rosalie, is m- authorities say that even the anar-[ -- sane and. according to tile law, must chists refuse to talk to these de-I Returning home from the dentist's, go back to Austria. Cecelia cannot portees, where he had gone to have a loose Fifty men, women and children left Chicago last week for New York. en route for various parts of the world, because they do not fit into the Ameri- can plan of life. They formed a palhetic group as they huddled together in the railroad station previous to departure. One's symapthy for most of them was heightened by inquiry concerning them from a friendly officer. This centered upon three small American cigizens who toddled about. The tots were traveling to ltaly and Poland because their nmthers had been adjudged feeble-minded. Stirred by the sentiments expressed No Tragedy for Babies. they fall upo their knees to a man] The tragedy of it meant nothing to when tile long rows of cross bearers/thc children. Neither, so far as an and impersonators have passed and/observer could judge, did it affect the the priest carrying the Sacred Host lmothers, who remained huddled in Ireads ahmg under a rich baltlacbi 'se't covers, quite indifferent to the of gold brocade. Reverential awe holds" hum of life all aboui. tile multitude adoring "the God with The grea majority of this outward Ius." The noise now is of tinkling bound group have been adjudged of bells, and of clinking censers, whence unsound or arrested mentality, we aends the sweet perfume of incense, are tohl. Some of the defectives have i a figure of'the prayers ascending from I)riso records, as have others who the hearts of thousands kneeling to the are supposed to be in complete com- l,ord of Hosts treading among tIis of their minds. Own, mand Tiny Travelers. The tramp of the gendarmes' horses Two of the American citizens who I following the dais rouses from tile ]must go to Europe are tile infants ot" pious reverie recalls to the realitY'Lia l)egli Ardi, a tall, tragic looking I!that the procession, is no more; that woman who, they say, is hopelessly i once again the command issued by insane. The babies are quite content. Baldw n Bras-de-Fer in the year 870 .... s I s '" " Lm Degh F,r(h love. them, and they .,ba: been fulfilled and that you are know it. Nothing else matters to i invited to enjoy witb the Flemish them just now. Sebatino Erdi, the burghers the kermess which is the husband and father, is going along. traditional complement of the reli- He is a big, stalwart chap, who says gious festivity. [that he will take Lia and her babies l back to Salerno and then return to his SEE A GItOUCH job in the stock yards. KEMPNER'S FOR INDIVIDLALITY IN FOOTWEAR Little Rock, Arkansas young women of our country do not need to be educated; the education they need is to leave off smoRing cigarettes, stop using slang, stop their swaggering, give up their bold and brazen mamlers, their paint and [their powder, and tbeir lip sticks and their high-heeled shoes, and to cea to dress indecently. "Of all the fool things in the world the college for women is the worst. When they graduate from the college they cannot write a decent hand; they know nothing of the English lan- guage; they have had their minds twisted with psychology, logic and philosophy and lot of other stuff. "Nothing couhl be better for the .girls now in colleges than to be taken out and put to hard manual labor for a year or so, so there might be put into their heads a little trace of sense." A LIFE PRESERVER Rhoda's father brought an earnest young nmn home to dinner one even- ing. He was pale and intense and had a voice like a fog-horn, And when he lifted his eyes to the ceiling and said, "Every man should have a mission in life," Rhoda said: "What's yours?" "The saving of young men," he an- swered. "Oh," said Rhoda. "Do save me a nice one.'Chicago News. TONY MASSA'S PLACE Home-boiled Hams--Best the City. All Kinds of Lunches--All Kinds of Soft Drinks. Beer on Draught Cigars and Candy Imported Olive Oil and Macaroni 119-121 E. MARKHAM Phone 4-4137 Go to Tony's for Eats and Drinks Aetna Life Insurance Company CAMPBELL & HART, Managers do her own thinking .'et. She is as happy as any other healthy baby of tnilm months. She doesn't understand ] what it all means, of course, so she goes ahead using up about sixteen [hours a (lay sleeping in the arms of her deranged mother. Undesirables.  Pathetic Case. Ina corner was a aii, sonlber Ger- man, Edward Mikilis. tie is classed as feeble-minded, but he is glad he is goig hack to the Rhineland. He is paying his own exImnses, and says that he knbws he is going to die soon after reaching home. A picturesque ] tooth drawn, little Raymond reported as follows: "'['he doctor told me 'fore Among tlle fifty, however, are two figure he made, quite evidently a man 'anarchists and two white slavers, of education and relinement. What little luck has clung to tile three  None of them seemed to have a Will you honor the dead? I)o not tiny American citizens might be sum: friend. They were a silent, brooding spend yourselves i unprofitable la- med up by saying that they will not lot. The children alone showed life mentations: choose rather to sing have to travel in the same boat with and action. This was only the first psahns, to give alms, and to lead a this quartet. Michale Lojan must go consignment from a couple of hundred holy life. Do for them that which bae.k to Jugo-Slavia because he be- such folk who are to go east for de-[they wouht willingly do for .them- lieves that all government should be portation, we were toht. Of course, selves, were they to return again into obliterated and Englebert Preis is not all were from Chicago. They were the world, and God will accept it at bound for Austria because he. too. is R''ouped here by authorities for her- your hands as if it came from them.-- an anarchist. The white slavers are ter arrangements to transportation. St. Chrysostom he began tlat if 1 cried or screanmd it would cost me a dollar, but if I was a good boy it would be only 50 Cents." "Did you scream?" his mother asked. "How could I ?" answered Raymond. "You only gave me 50 cents." ! 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